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 Tales of Berseria

Tales of Berseria

Game: Tales of Berseria (Japanese Version)
Creator: Namco Bandai
Release Date: August 18, 2016
Platform: PS3

Version: 0.1
Last update: - 
Author: Lillian Yeung (shockinblue)

Standard disclaimer: I own no rights to the game, but the game is the basis
of this walkthrough, a guide to help others play, enjoy, and beat the game.
I only own what I've written.



I.   Introduction                                          [INT]
II.  Characters                                            [CHR]
III. Walkthrough                                           [WLK]
		Village that invites nostalgia, Abal	     [001]
		The Quelling Woods				     [002]
		Prison Island, Titania				     [003]
		Snow Fields, Figal				     [004]
  		Quiet Northern Capital, Helvisa		     [005]
		Village Built on Snow, Beazrei		     [006]
		Hadrow Marsh Cave				           [007]
		West Raban Grotto				           [008]
		Brunack Plateau					     [009]
		Vordigan					           [010]
		Zexon Harbour					     [011]
		Danna Highway					     [012]
		Imperial Capital of Glory, Rogress		     [013]
		Gallis Lake Road				           [014]
		Capital's Underground Path			     [015]
		Rogress Palace					     [016]
		Saviour's Throne				           [017]
		Evorock Ruins					     [018]
		Brigette Canyon					     [019]
		Vesta Tunnel					     [020]
		Cadonics Harbour				           [021]
		Waterfront Village, Reneed			     [022]
		Norg Wetlands					     [023]
		Warggs Forest					     [024]
		Brunack Plateau, Revisted			     [025]
		Exorcists' Tower, Lowleine			     [026]
		Capital of the South Seas, Izult		     [027]
		Sounds of Southern Waves, Makril Seashore	     [028]
		Village of the Old Faith, Haria		     [029]
		Maanan Sea Reef					     [030]
		Holy Temple, Paramidis				     [031]
		Fourth Jurisdiction: Unknown Class (Arena)     [ARE]
		Zexon Harbour/Rogress (Revisited)		     [032]
		Prison Island Titania (Revisited)		     [033]
		Banerdia Ship					     [SHP]
		East Raban Grotto				           [034]
		Aldina Grasslands				           [035]
		Pioneer Village, Stoneberry			     [036]
		Helavisa (Revisited)				     [037]
		Fordis Historic Ruins				     [038]
		Tarieshin Harbour	 			           [039]
		Pranaha Lakeside Bluffs			           [040]
		Morgana Forest					     [041]
		Abal (Revisited)				           [042]
		Quelling Woods (Revisited)			     [043]
		Lionel Island Wharf				     [044]
		Bield Marsh					           [045]
		Leylines					           [046]
		The Charis					           [047]
		Curseland					           [048]
IV.  Copyright                                             [CPY]


INTRODUCTION                                                          [INT]

In respects to this walkthrough:

Hey, it's me again, back with another walkthrough. My guides are not the 
best, and they are not 100% complete; I am merely writing down what happens
as I progress through the game myself. Therefore, I will miss things, I
might get some translations wrong, but I am trying my damn best to make
sure people who use this guide can get through the game with as good of an
understanding as possible. Especially if your Japanese isn't very proficient
but you want to play the game anyways. 

I will do my best to cover all the side quests, mini-games, and collections
i.e. Discovery Points if there are such. I might miss some, forgive me in
advance. I will also be randomly naming side quests to the most relevant
title I can think of if the game doesn't supply it. I also tend not to care
for trophies or the EX dungeon, just the storyline. 

In respects to the game:

Tales of Berseria is another mothership title, and a distant, distant 
prequel to Tales of Zestiria. If you've played Zestiria, you will see some
reoccurring themes in this title. Certain logos, concepts, and characters
that were mentioned or seen in Zestiria, but hold a different form in

You can search up the title of the game if you need a synopsis of the game's

The version I'm playing, PS3 Japanese, is available in Japan only. In the
West it will be the PS4 version. Not sure if there are any real differences
as I do not own a PS4 and have no intention of getting one anytime soon.
Do note that this is the last PS3 entry for the "Tales of" series. I believe
one of the head honchos mentioned so.

In regards to translations:

The game is in Japanese, I will be using a mixture of an online Japanese
dictionary and Google Translate to figure out certain kanji, and then I will
translate it into something sensible in English to the best of my ability.

There's a 90% chance I will not be buying the English PS4 version, because I
do not own a PS4 presently, just to update translations in the future. 
Warning you all now.


CHARACTERS                                                            [CHR]


   o  Awesome solo female protagonist 
   o  Has a closet full of skeletons
   o  Wicked (literally) left arm
   o  Her goal: revenge

   o  Swordsman
   o  Suffers from daemonblight like Velvet
   o  Reminds me of Raven from Vesperia, I kid you not.

   o  Exorcist of the Abbey
   o  Vern strict

   o  "Bogus Witch" / "Great Sorceress"
   o  Speaks with a funny accent, extroverted

   o  Malak, the "light" to Velvet's "darkness"
   o  Innocent, like, ridiculously so.

   o  Get this: he's Edna's brother
   o  Part of a pirate crew
   o  Joins the party against the common enemy: the Abbey

   o  Non-playable
   o  Uh, he's the mascot for this game I think?
   o  The masochist to Magilou's sadist


   o  Higher ranked exorcist of the abbey
   o  Dragonia's are aristocrats 
   o  Probably hellbent on capturing Velvet

   o  Oscar's half-sister, whom only shows kindness to Oscar
   o  Nicknamed Ice Queen, seriously
   o  Also a higher ranked exorcist in the Abbey

   o  Rokurou's brother, head of their family
   o  Loves to fight, loves a challenge

   o  Alchemist, elder of the Abbeye

   o  That bombshell Malak chick with the fire powers
   o  But she ain't no Lailah
   o  Artorius' Malak and jumped ship and freed Velvet from prison

   o  Again with the Arthurian legend references
   o  Velvet's personal "big bad", but everyone else's "saviour"
   o  Leader of the Abbey


WALKTHROUGH                                                           [WLK]

Wait for those files to download and then the game will start with the 
opening movie! If you've been watching the trailers, most of the scenes in
the movie were also in the trailers. But this song is love. Absolute

Even the start screen is awesome, what the heck. Start the new game, choose
your settings (I left all on default) and start.

Watch the opening anime movie.

This is clearly part of Velvet's backstory. So basically the village is
under attack or daemonblight, or the Crimson Night, pick and choose the
term you want to go with it. Artorius is carrying a really young Velvet and
Laphi (her brother) to safety but decides to hide them inside a hollow tree
trunk. Artorius gives her an apple and says that he'll come back for them
after he rescues Celica (Romaji: SERIKA). Velvet will protect her litte bro
Laphi because she is Artorius' student.

Artorius runs off and then Velvet will hear Celica's screen in the distance
followed by a beam of light. The kids will then run away from a daemon, 
straight to Artorius who is standing at an alter/ruins of sorts. It visual
flashes briefly and then Velvet wakes up from her nightmare. 

Velvet wakes and fights another daemon, eats it. The world has changed for
her since then. All she feels is the bloody flesh she eats and the hatred
for that man. Back to the past we go!

        ~ Village that invites nostalgia, Abal ~                      [001]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o Apple Gel          o  Resist Ring            

Notice here that Velvet refers to Artorius as Arthur. So he has to step out
on some business, so Velvet decides that she will fight some boars to get
the money needed to buy medicine for Laphi.

The game also gives you a map of the controller. Let's see...

L2 BUTTON: -                   R2 BUTTON: -
L1 BUTTON: Reset camera        R1 BUTTON: Event List
Directional Pad: -             SQUARE: Map
Left Stick: Move character     TRIANGLE: Long Chat
SELECT: Pause Game             CIRCLE: Confirm
START: Menu                    X: Cancel
                               Right Stick: Move camera

For some reason despite that diagram, I'm using X to confirm and O to cancel
my actions, maybe it's because I'm using the North American PS3?

Head outside for a quick summary of the Mini Map, Location Map and Event
List. You'll also find gravestones of Velvet's parents, and her sister
Celica, as well as one for Celica and Arthur's unborn child. So does this
make Arthur her brother-in-law?

Head north, in the next area you can activate a chat for Velvet. She's going
to make some awesome boar stew for Arthur, like her sister used to make.
The girl on the stones will tell mention that Laphicet was seen outside the
store talking to himself just like Arthur does sometimes. Velvet thinks he
must have been talking to Seles. 

Head down the main path and talk to the man crouched down to learn more 
about the past. It's been 7 years since "Kaimon no Hi" or the day the gates
opened and brought daemonblight. All those with daemonblight who turn into
goma/daemons end up going berserk and attacking people.

If you go up the stairs and talk to the little girl, she says she wants
Laphicet to get better so that they can go play again. Head south and Velvet
will say to stock up before heading out. At the south point by the well is
a chest with APPLE GEL. 

Head to the item seller, there's a RESIST RING in the chest beside him. He 
only sells Apple Gel for 100 gald each. And you only have 200 gald. But you
also have 4 apple gels already.

Across from them you'll find the save sphere. The left exit is blocked (it
leads to Morgana's Forest... and again with the Arthurian Legend!). Take the
north path and talk to the granny staring at the tree. She says their
circumstances are a punishment from the gods, or something along those
lines. She also reveals that Velvet is already 13 (Velvet is actually, 16).
Take the exit.

        ~ The Quelling Woods ~                                        [002]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel                   

Take the north turn and follow it east to a dead end for shiny spots.
Backtrack and take the south path to the first gold star on the map to
encounter the first boar. Your controller might shake when it notices you.

Instructions: press the buttons in that order to perform an attack sequence.
Do it twice to continue. Then attack until you deplete soul to clear the
next step.

Head south, you can't jump the gap yet, so follow the path to the next star.

Instructions: fight until you complete run out of soul. Next hold L1 to 
refill the gauge. L1 is also the camera reset button. Do this twice to clear
the tutorial.

Pick up the APPLE GEL. Head north. Can't do much about that boulder yet, so
use the save sphere and continue. Fight the last boar and Velvet will say
that's enough to swap for the medicine. 

Check the grounds around and behind the ruins for shiny spots. Go back to the
front of this ruin and go up the stairs. Look around for some more shiny
spots and then check out the hole in the middle for a long chat. Head back
and just before exiting the woods, there will a horde battle.

BATTLE TUTORIAL: Ougi and Weakness
Instructions: Enter the menu and select artes. But Koukajin (the last arte)
in the X button slot and use the arte twice. 

One of the boars will experience daemonblight and Artorius will come to the
rescue. Velvet cannot see the Malak (Seirei). He comes telling you that his
plans have been delayed, his friend will not make it tonight. He wants 
Velvet to head back first and collect the medicine, he will deliver the
boars. Also there's been daemon sightings close to the village, if Velvet
comes across one, she is to run away without hesitation. 

Velvet asks if she can become an exorcist too, so that she can fight the
daemons. Artorius says that to become one, you need to have a certain power.
But those with the power are few in numbers and rarely exist anymore.

Head back to the village and a scene will take place. The comb will make an
appearance. The merchant will tell you the medicine hasn't been restocked 
yet. You'll get 3 apple gels for free. 

Turn back around and talk to the dogs & Nico. They'll mention that the dogs
have been crying (whining) as of late. Clearly the animals know what's up.
The item shop now carries some weapons and armour.

WIND RING 324 Gald

I have no idea if any of these items will be transferred after this prologue
bit. And you still only have 200 gald.

Head home for a scene. Velvet will visit the grave markers. She will mention
that she forgot to pick up some Princessia flowers for her parents and
promises to get some tomorrow for them. 

Go home. Laphicet will talk about the compass. And he really can hear the
voice of Malaks. Laphicet has the potential to become an exorcist, or so
they say. He also wants to travel the world with Velvet and protect her from
daemons... but... that's not possible.

Star the fire in the fireplace. Check the dining table for two books. One is
Artorius' book that Laphicet was reading. The other is his diary where he
says Velvet should up her feminine appeal. Haha.

Go up the ladder and check the shelf at the end. Go back to his room and
check on him. Go to the kitchen counter and start cooking. In the morning,
run into the village for scene. Laphicet is missing. The merchant will tell
you that Laphi traded a book for something instead of the compass. He can't
tell you much so keep going. 

Turn back around and talk to Nico. She wants to use the dogs to search for
Laphicet, but the dogs aren't willing to go as if they're afraid of 
something. If you talk to the guy at the west exit he will mention that 
Laphicet is exceptionally bright, so much so that he could easily get into
the elite academy and become a scholar. 

If you talk to the guy one the way out the east exit, the guy will mention
that tonight is another Crimson Night. Head into the woods and find Laphicet. 

Velvet will decide to take him to see the ocean. She also warns him the next
time he runs off, she'll tie him to the bed.  Save. Head to the cliff area
for another scene. You will then be attacked by a gouma.

BOSS?: Bloody Wolf
Lvl 4
HP: 1415

None of your hits matter, survive long enough for a scene. Artorius will
save the day. When she wakes briefly she receives the comb and Laphicet says
he will create a world where she can be happy. 

When in control, that clearly wasn't a dream. Head out for a scene, I don't
believe you will be able to fight any of the enemies here, them being gouma
and all that, so just run all the way back to the cliff area. 

When in control you'll be forced into battle against a bunch of gouma. You
can now attack and kill them. Turns out they were all villagers to begin 
with. This only makes her madder. 

And just like that, her world ended. 

Watch the following scene where Seles comes down and forces you into another
battle tutorial.

Instructions: While holding L1, use the left stick to perform around step
whens she attacks you.

BOSS: Seles
Lvl. 5
HP: 1572
Resist: Wind

Defeat her and she will claim that she is no longer Artorius' seirei. She
wants to talk about what's happened in the last three years, but Velvet only
wants to know where Artorius is. 

Seles says the ritual he performed three years ago changed the world, and
now stands at the top of the world as the saviour. But it was entirely 
completed, she can still kill him at this point. Seles will reveal the 
details if they manage to get out of here successfully. 

        ~ Prison Island Titania ~                                     [003]

ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Battle Boots      o  Life Bottle           o  Wind Ring
   o  320 Gald       

   o  Sage              o  Verbena

From your starting point, make a right and check the area for shiny spots,
do so again at the other end. Take the only exit available to the storage

Open the chest in this room to pick up some items. Among them: rope, Gouran
which is a weapon for a certain someone, and things she makes into clothes.
You'll be interrupted by an exorcist.

I'm actually really glad she took the rope. She didn't in the Zestiria 
anime, which was silly. Rope is always handy.

Exit out the other door and use the save. Take the south exit, you cannot
use the north one. You'll be introduced to this... ball of spirit matter.
It comes in handy so pick it up and collect any from now on. 

In the next area, pick up another spirit matter, and then watch the scene up
ahead. The exorcist knows something's up. Take the only exit available.

BATTLE TUTORIAL: Changing Targets
Instruction: Hold R1 and use the left stick to select targets, do this twice
to clear. 

In the next bit Velvet will stir up the other prisoners to escape from the
island. Two names come up that are important Ban Aifread, the only prisoner
to ever escape, and Melchior. 

Check all the halls and cells for spirit matter and shiny spots. You can talk
to the goblin gouma in the back of one cell. Head back out the way you came
for a scene with Magilou. Listen to her self-grand entrance. 

You can now access the other doors. Take the south one and pick up a SAGE. 
Enter the room to the east and search around for any goodies and a LIFE
BOTTLE. Go back. Take the north door and access the stairs to the next area.

Pick up WIND RING, and use the save. Keep going up for another scene and
you'll run into another special guy. That you have to fight. 

Red-Eye Warrior
Lvl 6
HP 2031

He'll run off when you tell him the information for Gouran (that sword in
the storage area). Take the south path until you run into an Orc enemy.
Collect two spirit matters and continue on the only path. After the next
scene there will be another fight. 

Climb the ladder. Chest with 320 gald. Up again! Scene.

Damn it, fine, so the rope was pointless after all. :(

Pick up the spirit matter, and VERBENA. Use the save. Move forward to the
next area. Run forward for another scene. Meet Oscar, resident pretty boy. He
reminds me of Flynn. And Guy. Blondies. Right, moving on.

BOSS: Oscar
Lvl 6
HP: 8215
Resist: Fire

Spear User
Lvl 6
HP: 748
Weak: Fire
Resist: Earth

Staff User
Lvl 6
HP: 781
Weak: Earth
Resist: Fire

Partway there will be a scene. One of the Malak undergoes daemonblight and
turns into a dragon, knocking out Oscar. So not helpful. Seles will tell 
Velvet to eat her and gain her power. She also returns the comb. 

Velvet says she will neither thank nor apologize to Seles, who wouldn't
have it any other way because this is also what she wished for. She really
likes those days of the past, where they and Arthur lived happily. Seles'
memories flood into Velvet. 

Instructions: When you have 3 souls, use R2.

BOSS: Dragon Baby
Lvl 7
HP: 4240
Weak: Wind
Resist: Fire

Watch all the following scenes. In losing Seles you gain Rokurou and
Magilou. You also get a trophy, The Beast Uncaged.

You'll wake up banked somewhere cold. After fighting the gouma, the kid will
have disappeared. With the compass. But you get a map.

       ~ Snow Fields, Figal ~                                        [004]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  320 Gald          o  Life Bottle           

   o  Rosemary          o  Sage

   o  Cowboy Hat

Turn around and pick up 320 gald from the chest. Use the save and move on. 
Hug the right wall and pick up 3 spirit matter. The eagles here will be a

Instruction: Run at the blue line (border of the battle area) until you

Note that Rokurou and Magilou are not part of the party yet, so they're just
tagging along as guests for now.

Along the west wall (edge/cliff) is a ROSEMARY. Head towards the exit and
you'll get a long chat. Ignore the exit and turn around so you can go up the
east side of the map. There's a LIFE BOTTLE in the chest. You cannot reach
the other chest so head back down and come across the Katz.

The Katz will tell you that the spirit matter you've been collecting is in
essence, Katz souls. The Katz want you to collect their souls and use it to
unlock the Katz boxes that have Katz locked inside, or something to that
affect. Opening these boxes generates attachments of the sort. Spirit Matter
will now officially be called Katspi (Katz Spirit, because the Japanese is
NekoSupi). You get a COWBOY HAT to celebrate. 

Move on to the next area. Scene up ahead. The Malak kid will return the
compass and then run off. 

Run after him naturally. When the path opens up, hug the left wall and climb
the vines for SAGE. Follow the main path to a save point and go up the

       ~ Quiet Northern Capital Helvisa ~                            [005]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  480 Gald          o  Life Bottle x3        o  Fire Ring
   o  Blood Blade       o  Amber Fragment        o  
   o  Lavender          o  Verbena               o  Chamomille

   o  Square Framed Glasses

You'll end up in a storage area. Magilou smells Coal Fragments, otherwise 
known as Melchorite, stuff used to make bombs and whatever. 

Pick up LIFE BOTTLE and 480 GALD. Exit and head to the southwest end. Pick
up FIRE RING. In the southeast corner by some barrels is another Katspi. Two
more of those on the ground near the kid with the ! bubble.

At the shorter north dead end is another LIFE BOTTLE. Turn the camera around
and there should be another Katspi by the crates. 

Head to the exit to entire the town. Turn right into the alley for two 
Katspi. Up ahead is the save. Up the steps of the church and turn left for
another Katspi (where the kids are). 

Follow the fence around the north to find another Katspi. Follow the path
behind the house to find another one. There's also a LAVENDER. Take the
ladder up and follow the path for 4 Katspi and BLOOD BLADE and the end.

Now head back all the way to the beginning and jump down. Back out of the
alley and go around this house for a Katz box on the other side. There
should be a scene in front of the house. You need 15 Katspi to open this
box. You'll find a Katz and get SQUARE FRAMED GLASSES.

Talk to the guy with the star on his head to continue. Meet Teresa. The 
ships aren't allowed to run until the Abbey captures Dyle. Velvet evens
fakes a sneeze and plays polite. (Velvet actually can't get cold because she
is part gouma).

Follow along the north wall and beside a horse and cart you'll find VERBENA.
Pass through the the arch and make an immediate left behind the houses for a
chest with AMBER FRAGMENT. These are for strengthening weapons.

Back on the main road, enter the first building on the right. Talk to the
fanboy in the corner to learn about Teresa. Head upstairs and on the balcony
is another Katspi. 

Across the road is the inn. Inside is the save and behind that a Katspi. 
Pick up Rokurou at the weapon store. Magilou will leave. Check out the cow
at the end of the street if you want.  

Head back to where all the ! are. The first is talking about Dyle, gouma, 
and Teresa. The second one by the church is just a bunch of kids trying to
be gangsters. The third one is a lady complaining about the cold. There's
one more at the harbour. Head back out on to the field through the storage

You can now explore the rest of the field and collect stuff. Namely the
abundant Katspi on the west side. There's also a CHAMOMILLE up there. Slide
down the ice to pick up all those Katspi. 

Let's ignore the gold star for now and go north. Hugging the east wall will
lead you to a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. You can't take the northeast path
because the vines are frozen so go north to the !. Check out the flowers for
a flashback. There's nothing in the north so let's go to that yellow star

Beyond that you'll meet another peculiar character, Eleanor Hume. A kid will
come out and tell you the lizard gouma is in the north. In exchange for your
silence, you also get some apples. 

       ~ Village Built on Snow, Beazrei ~                            [006]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  450 Gald          o  Twin Blessings        

   o  Saffron

Go up the hill in the south to the first !, Rokurou will get blasted by
stinky cow breathe haha. There's a Katspi in the empty fireplace beside the
cow. In the chest is 450 Gald. Sweet. Go up the slope beside that for
SAFFRON. In the gold chest is TWIN BLESSINGS, an accessory armour for

There's 2 Katspi in the bushes next to the Katz Box. Spend another 15 Katspi
to open the box. You'll find another Katz but get nothing out of it. Darn.

Back on ground level, enter the inn and talk to the innkeeper for a long
chat. You'll get to see shirtless!Rokurou. Training. You'll get his Jacket
Off costume variation in return for spending 100 gald at the inn. Another
Katspi by the fireplace. Another katspi and ROSEMARY outside the item shop.

If you talk to the other ! guy, he'll mention that this is a village of
outcasts whom the Abbey have chosen not to protect. Velvet also understands
that the Abbey is not absolute or almighty. 

Head out the north exit, the old man there will stop you and teach you 
cooking. Yay! When possible, choose the second option to eat. Follow the
prompts to make Velvet cook. Then choose the first option in the menu when
prompted. At the end of it you'll get some ingredients and the recipe.

Head out and use the save then enter the cave.

       ~ Hadrow Marsh Cave ~                                         [007]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel         o  500 Gald              o  Shadow Knives
   o  Life Bottle       o  530 Gald              o

   o  Rose Corsage

   o  Chamomille         o  Sage                 o Lavender

Collect three katspi dead north, ignore the dead end. Go northeast for a
chest with APPLE GEL.

Head back and take the south path. In the next room pick up a Katspi along
the wall. In the west dead end is a chest with 500 GALD. Turn around and as
you head north. Examine the boulder at the dead end and break it. 

Open and spend 25 Katspi to open the Katz box for another Katz and ROSE
CORSAGE. Take the north path to the next area. Head forward and pick up 2
Katspi and continue north, jumping over rocks and collecting another katspi.

In this next room there's 2 katspi against the east wall. Take the lower
west exit, at the end of this room are some shiny spots 12 Katspi, and a
chest with SHADOW KNIVES for Rokurou. Return to the last room and head to
the east dead end. Collect 5 Katspi and a CHAMOMILLE.

Head to the upper west exit, pushing the boulder into the sludge so that 
you can jump over. Pick up the katspi on the way and exit. 

In this next area there are some shiny spots, and a chest with LIFE BOTTLE.
There's also a bat daemon here with a dark aura. If you feel up to it:

BOSS: Bat Baron
Lvl 10
HP: 9047
Resist: Normal

He's not too hard, I just kept spamming Break Soul.

Go down and around for another long chat. Go to the other room and pick up
more katspi and a SAGE. Take the exit to the next area.

Jump across and collect 2 Katspi. Further up, push the boulder in and jump
across for 2 more Katspi. Another long chat takes place. Rokurou wonders
about her sense of smell after earlier asking about her sense of taste. 

Advance to the last area with the save. Break the boulder to the south and
collect shiny spots, 7 Katspi, and 530 GALD.

Ignore the warp point and use the save. Advance to the upper exit. 

Instruction: Set up your combos to the specific artes mentioned in the
instructions. In the artes menu, choose one button under the first column
and pick the first arte (fire). Move to the next column and choose the 
second arte (earth). In the same row third column choose the normal arte
(Seppa). Execute this sequence to clear. 

BOSS: Dyle
Lvl 9
HP: 9520
Weak: Fire, Earth
Resist: Wind

After the fight pick up the 3 Katspi, LAVENDER, and any shiny spots. Talk
to Dyle. You'll have also received a Denole Bottle, it's for escaping
dungeons. You could use it, or you can return to the last area and use the
warp. It takes you back to the entrance, follow the south exit to leave. 

Return to Helvisa, to the main area with the crowd of sailors. You can talk
to girl with the ! by the church to get some information on volcanoes. Talk
to the guy with the star. In exchange for fixing their boat, Velvet will 
keep the guy's dirty secret safe and leave. 

Rokurou will teach you how to upgrade weapons at the shop. Now head back to
your ship. You'll get two more long chats. Talk to the guy with the star
in font of your ship and you'll find it unfixable. The next scene features
Oscar and Teresa. They are siblings apparently. Poor Oscar with a bandaged
eye. She's borderline brother complex. 

Head back to Helvisa, you'll receive a warning from the guys outside the
city. Velvet wants to steal Teresa's ship using Dyle. So head back to the
dungeon. Make sure of that warp! 

Talk to Dyle and she'll dish out her plan. Since Teresa is holding Magilou
as hostage to lure Velvet into a trap, Velvet has a plan that'll secure
them a ship. As for Magilou, she'll be on her own.

When everyone takes a rest, Velvet will dream of Laphicet. When in control,
return to the entrance with the warp. Save outside the dungeon and then head
straight to Helvisa. Fight the guards at the gate. Head inside and straight
into the main area. 

You'll fight a bunch of exorcists. I just spammed break soul, it's pretty
easy to do. I also got a trophy at this point, Soul Vacuum. Watch the 
following scene, oh damn that kick. But they'll chase after you

BOSS: Teresa
Lvl 9
HP: 4760
Resist: Water

No. 1
Lvl 9
HP: 1657
Resist: Normal

No. 2
Lvl 9 
HP: 1729

Take out the Malaks first, then Teresa. Watch the following scene.

When in control, talk to everybody to continue. Just when you thought you
could get some peace and quiet, you'll be attacked by Aifread's ship. The
pirates make you fight the "Shinigami". Let me just spoil it for you, tis
Eizen, Edna's brother (if you played Zestiria).

BOSS: Pirate Malak
Lvl 11
HP: 8034
Resist: Water

       ~ West Raban Grotto ~                                         [008]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Earth Ring        o  Amber Leaf            o  Life Bottle
   o  640 Gald          o  Mercury Pouch         

When in control, pick up the 3 Katspi behind a rock. Talk to Benwick. One of
them sells items. Talk to Magilou and Dyle, and then climb up the vines and
get EARTH RING and a Katspi. Save. Head into the cave. 

Head forward to the dead end room. There's a shiny spot with SMALL ORE. Go
around the room collecting all the Katspi and then head back and take the
other path. 

At the gold star you'll meet up with Eizen. He explains that he is known as
the Shinigami because of his rotten luck. No matter how many times he flips
a coin, it doesn't land on the good luck side. Velvet says it's useless info
and if he wanted luck, he just needs to turn it himself. 

Take the exit to the next area. Head to the dead end at the northwest side
and pick up AMBER LEAF. Head east and examine the roots barring your way.
You'll be able to burn them down. 

Take the east exit. Head to the southeast end to burn some roots and pick up
a bunch of Katspi. Head north for a scene. Damn, Eizen reveals that the 
Abbey seals away the Malak's free will so that they can be used as tools.
How horrible! Eizen's not sure if it can be undone, because this is the
first time he's met a Malak removed from the Abbey. 

Ignore the west exit and take the east one. Burn the roots. In the southeast
end of this room is a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Return to the last area and
take the west exit this time. 

Spend 35 Katspi on the Katz Box in this area for a Katz. There is no 
attachment. Head north and burn the roots. Use the save up ahead and talk to
the White Turtlez. They are neither Malak or Gouma, just simply Turtlez. 
They're basically merchants. Take the exit. There will be a long chat about
the Turtlez. Rokurou thinks Velvet is scarier than Eizen in a sense. 

You can activate another chat about the name of Turtlez between the boys.
Ignore the roots and take the east exit. There's a warp here and a chest
with 640 GALD.

Head back and burn the roots continuing north. At the north point there are
more roots to burn. Behind that is a chest with MERCURY POUCH. Head out the
exit. There will be a long chat there. Some terms come up, Karlaan, Ragnarok 
pertaining to the original of the coin.

       ~ Brunark Plateau ~                                           [009]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle       

   o  Verbena

That's some music right off the bat. Jump down when possible heading north.
There will be a scene, there's a barrier at the door.

You cannot approach the southern wall but you can fight some of the enemies
here. The flowers are also now enemies too. Head north to continue. Pick up
a VERBENA along the way. Jump all the way to the bottom for a scene. You'll
fight two lizardmen. 

There's a save. Before heading inside, by the water there's a chest with

       ~ Vordigan ~                                                  [010]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle x2    o  Earth Ring            o  680 Gald
   o  Plain Paper Leaf  o  Denole Bottle         o

   o  Verbena           o  Lavender

   o  Blush

Head north to the next area. Go around the west corner for some Katspi. Go
down the other path and up some ladders. Scene. Eizen says some cool things,
which is ruined by his beach DLC that I have on him. But still. Damn, I can
see why he's called Shinigami/Grim Reaper. 

Man that guy was weak. 

Use the save. You came in through the hatch on the floor, so ignore that 
and take the door above it. You can go up the plank and walk along the edge
of the building to reach the other side. Head in through the door. There's
a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Take the ladder up.

There's a VERBENA at the other end. Go down the other hatch and go out the
door. In the middle of this area is another door with a !. You need to enter
this room but it's locked from the inside. You'll have to find another way

Head up the vines beside the door and pick up some stuff. Jump down from the
other side. Open the chest with EARTH RING. Go in through the window. Watch
the scene and then head back to the room with the save. You can exit out the
front door now instead of the window. 

So back in the room with the save, take the south door and at the end of the
hall is a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Head back and go north this time. At the
end behind some crates is a chest with 680 GALD.

Take the hatch down. Walk across and jump over the gap of the planks. You
will need to find a way to remove the boulders blocking your path. Head back
up and take the door. Head up the plank and examine the boulder to push it 
off. Before heading back, walk along the edge and pick up a chest with

Go back down the hatch and across the cleared path and through the door. 
Head out the other exit and pick up a DENOLE BOTTLE behind the crate. Head
south and fight a battle.

Lvl 11
HP 6153

Lvl 11
HP 3000
Weak: Normal
Resist: Fire

Lvl 11
HP 2278
Weak: Water, Earth
Resist: Fire

Take out the summons first and then the exorcist. Watch the scenes and then
head back to the room with the save. Might want to use it too. Check the
door in red for a long chat. Head through the door after.

Pick up a LAVENDER at the end of the walkway and go up the ladders and
through the door. Move forward for a scene with a lever. Time to find the
next one. Up the ladder we go. Go down the hatch on the other side. Lower
the lever here. Watch the gate open.

Go out the door and collect some Katspi. There's also a Katz Box here. For
35 you get a Katz and the BLUSH attachment. Back inside, head up the ladder
for a scene. 

Instructions: Hold L2 while performing a combo, BG must be at least 3.

Boss: Guardian
Lvl 12
HP: 10576
Resist: Normal

Oo, anime cutscene afterward. More scenes after. Laphicet finally gets his
name. All's well that ends well. 

       ~ Zexon Harbour ~                                             [011]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle       o  Denole Bottle         o  720 Gald
   o  Calcite Blade     o  Amber Fragment

More scenes when you land. The merchant will give information to Eizen. 
Velvet will tell him not to bother with going to Titania because they came
from there. Ban Aifread was taken out of there alive, by an old man named 

Move forward for another quick chat. Eizen says the ship you were previously
on has been used by the pirates for exploration. Benwick is in charge of
that. Turn back around and talk to him. 

From the menu you can access the exploration menu. Send the ship out and
wait for the timer to reach 0. You can get items from the explorations. Like
ingredients, recipes, weapon upgrade items, attachments, etc. 

Access the save. On the other side of the stairs is a Katz holding balloons.
You can play some mini-games by talking to him. If you score high enough
you also win attachments/costumes (the Normin ones) for the character you
choose to play with. You can also trade the TL Coins for the same items from
the mini-game menu. 

Head north and talk to the guy with the !. He'll mention that the Abbey 
puts a lot of limitations on ships heading out to see. By doing so they can
control a lot of things, like the flow of information etc.

Head north and down one of the docks is a Katz Box, spend 75 and get a Katz
and no attachment. East of that by some cats on crates is a chest with LIFE

Head south and talk to another guy with the !, the merchant Eizen first
spoke with. You'll get some more information. Head around the food stall and
the other guy with the ! will talk about crabs. The food crabs. The chest
behind him has a DENOLE BOTTLE.

Head south into the last section. Up and around the stairs is a chest with
720 GALD. Head into the inn/tavern and speak to the guy by the bar. He'll
tell you some gossip of the prison escape. Eizen shuts him up pretty quick.

The item shop sells Calcite weapons, which are an upgrade from Amber weapon
and armour. In the west end beside a building is a chest with CALCITE BLADE.
Try to take the south exit and the soldiers will report something to each
other. Exit out the south.

       ~ Danna Highway ~                                             [012]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Calcite Vest      o  Earth Ring            o  750 Gald
   o  Chamomille        o  Rosemary              o  Saffron

   o  Silk Hat

I kind of want to say this is like the yellow brick road from Oz. Look at 
that floor. Anyways. Move forward and along the east wall as you turn there
will be a chest with CALCITE VEST.

Take the lower east exit to the next area. In the south end pick up 
CHAMOMILLE by the tree. At the north end is another Katz box that can be
opened by spending 95 katspi. You find a Katz and SILK HAT.

Go back and take the south exit. Ignore the gold star for now. There's a
long chat on the bridge. That gold star is the capital, Rogress. 

Go towards the middle of the map heading north and then taking a right to
go under the bridge. There's katspi and a chest with EARTH RING. Head to the
north east side and under a tree is some more katspi and a chest with 750

The lower east exit leads to a soldier camp and you cannot advance beyond 
that, but near the exit you'll find a ROSEMARY. Head to Rogress now. Watch
the scene and Magilou will BS her way through the checkpoint. Velvet is not

       ~ Imperial Capital of Glory, Rogress ~                        [013]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  800 Gald          o  Calcite Garment       o  Holy Bottle
   o  Inofle Bottle x2  o  Simple Pendant        o  Life Bottle x2     

   o  Verbena           o  Lavender

Let's explore shall we? Head to the east end for a chest with 800 GALD. Talk
to the old man ! to learn about the Abbey. Talk to the girl ! and learn
about Prince Percival who is an ally of Artorius. Head south to the next

There's a save here. Talk to the girl ! by the fountain, more talk about the
prince and exorcists. Behind the item store is a chest with CALCITE GARMENT
and a ladder. There is a Katz box up there on the roof requiring 95 Katspi.
There's no attachment, just a Katz.

Head back down and take the south exit to the castle gate. The people will
shout and cheer. Watch the scene followed by an anime cutscene. If you've
played Zestiria and know the terms, Artorius is called the Shepherd.

When in control, go around to the south for a chest with HOLY BOTTLE. Go
up the staircase that Velvet did in the cutscene. Pick up VERBENA under the
tree. Head back to the last area and the ! girl by the fountain will fangirl
over Artorius. Head to the inn and check the books by the door. They're
history books. There will be another flashback long chat. 

Basically this person called King Claudine existed 300 years ago and was a
beloved king. This name rings a bell in Velvet. In the flashback it is 
revealed that someone named Claudine taught Artorius, who is then taught
Velvet. She doesn't believe it can be the same person because of the age of
the history written. That would make Artorius a couple hundred years old.

Anyways. Take the exit back to the beginning area and go to the !. More talk
about Artorius. He literally just showed up out of nowhere with a Malak and
kind of took over the place. There might have been someone in the background
making all this possible. Although it's agreed among the people that if
he hadn't showed up 3 years ago, Midgand would have fallen. 

Head south again back into the area with the main square. The tavern is open
now. It's the purple icon on the map. Talk to the guy behind the bar and
Mabo Curry will make its reappearance. She also asks about a guy named 
Baskerville. Damn the madam is very well informed. 

She gives you a list of jobs. If you finish them she'll hand over the info
that you need. Accept the first quest. Watch the following scene. Man talk.
About why they're following Velvet. When in control you'll gain the Mabo
Curry recipe. 

Downstairs there is another mini game you can play now. The waiter minigame.
So how it work is there are three stages, and I assume they must be cleared
all in one go, all in one time without exiting the game. When someone has a
:) bubble above them, it means they're ready to order. Take their order and
then go to the bar. Select the food item from the menu and then take it to
the customer. The order you put it on the list (upper left of menu) is the 
order that it will be served in. So if you talk to customer #1 and #2, but
placed the order as customer 2's item before customer 1, then you must talk
to customer 2 before you talking to customer 1 to deliver to food.

You can reset the list by pressing SQUARE or TRIANGLE. You get a certain
number of chances to mess up, and then if you mess up too much you fail.
You'll start out with the easiest character Laphicet and work your way up to
the hardest even on the first stage. This game can get pretty ridiculous.

For your hard work and clearing all stages per character, you net a waiter
outfit for each one. If you fail, you only get 10 TL, if you clear you get
a couple hundred TL.

Right now you can complete the ones for Laphicet, Velvet and Rokurou.

Anyways exit for a long chat on your quest. For the one we selected, head
to Zexon Harbour. Right outside the capital's gates a woman from the guild
will tell you about some special gouma the Abbey is out to capture. If you
kill it, she will reward you.

You will also receive two Inofle Bottles to be used by pressing L2. They
will take you back to a town.

Job #1:
In Zexon Harbour, head all the way north and into the storage room. Open the 
chest first for AMBER FRAGMENT and then examine the red boxes to set them on
fire. As you run out you'll run into Eleanor. 

Lvl 14
HP: 9250
Weak: Fire
Resist: Earth

Sword User
Lvl 14
HP: 3447
Weak: Normal, Water
Resist: Wind

You'll also meet Bienfu, Magilou's traitor! Apparently, Velvet and her group
just burned down boxes of the Abbey's medicine. Hm. Not that they knew what
they were burning. But eh. Return to Rogress and report. Choose the next

Job #3:
Head back to Danna Highway and make your way to the gold star. More red
boxes. Fight the gouma. Return and report.

Job #2:
accept this last job which takes you to some place we have no explored yet.
From Danna Highway outside Rogress, take the middle north path that was
previously blocked by exorcists. 

In this area as you move forward the party will spot a daemon on the other
side of the field. This is the aforementioned high-class daemons the guild 
wants you to kill. They're like the gigantos of Berseria I guess.

On this side of the area however, hug the east wall, go across the plank and
in the shade of some boulders there's a SAFFRON. Can't go up stream so use 
the save and take the only exit left.

       ~ Gallis Lake Road ~                                          [014]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle       o  Calcite Boots         o  Holy Bottle
   o  Denole Bottle       

   o  Saffron

   o  Angel's Halo

Just because it's a new area I'm giving it its own heading. The annoying
pixies from Zestiria are also back. Never liked those things. There's a lot
of katspi to collect in the south. Head east and then jump up to the
boulder. Burn the roots and then push it into the lake. 

You might even encounter a Wondering (Wandering) Enemy here. They appear
after a battle, on the same field. The one I ran into is:

Lvl 21
HP: 17417
Weak: Fire
Resist: Normal, Earth

Head south and collect katspi, there's more up on the rock formation to the
south. Take the south exit. Go south and burn the roots and knock down the
boulder. Jump across and collect all those katspi. There's a chest with AQUA
RING at the end.

Head back and go up the other south platform for a Katz Box. Spend 75 and
get a Katz plus ANGEL'S HALO. Head back to the last area.

If you take the north exit here you'll find yourself on a map with a moving
red target to the north. That's another on of those giganto, a medusa one
at that. You don't have to encounter it, but if you jump around on the rocks
and go up the west side of that area there's more katspi to collect.

Behind the gigantic on the north end is a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. If you
want to fight her:

Lvl 17
HP: 15718
Weak: Water
Resist: Wind

She's not too hard. She can cast fire magic, but pretty easy to interrupt
when you've got the close rangers stomping on her non-stop. Defeating her
also unlocks EVIL Mode. 

In the south area of the map there's a chest with CALCITE BOOTS. Take the 
south exit. Between the two areas here, you can jump up the rocks and pick
up a SAFFRON. Take the south exit. Jump up the rocks here and get a chest
with HOLY BOTTLE. Head back to the last area.

The only thing in the upper north dead end is 3 Katspi because you cannot
move to that lone island yet so head south to the gold star for a scene.
You'll fight two mercenaries who can apparently summon  half snake half
woman spirits. 

Head around to the back for another chat with the guys hanging out. With 
this all jobs are finished. If you go all the way around you can collect a
couple more Katspi. Jump up on the rocks and pick up a chest with DENOLE 
BOTTLE. You can manual backtrack or just use a bottle to get back to the
entrance at Danna Highway.

While we're at it, I'm just going to backtrack to that gigantic on the other
side of this map. I mean the last one didn't seem too hard...

Lvl: 18
HP: 18112
Weak: Wind
Resist: Fire, Water

My goodness the Wondering Enemies are harder than this guy. You actually
needed to defeat this guy to satisfy Rokurou's curiosity, hence why it was
marked with a !. 

Head back to Rogress and report at the tavern. The soldiers are also done
their practice. If you go up the stairs beside the item stop you can now
walk around the building and pick up a chest with SIMPLE PENDANT. Inside the
tavern there will be a scene. The madam will tell you that Arteries has gone
to a temple north of Danna Highway to pray for a new god, or something to
that effect. He'll be holed up in there for a while. Plus there's a barrier
around the area. In exchange for the "key" to get past the barrier, you will
be given another job, "Midgand Church 'High Priest Gideon' Assassination."

Velvet won't ask for the reason behind this job because she already knows,
the high priest was behind the trafficking/making of the medicine that 
dragged in the Madam's guild comrades and such. The lady reveals herself as
Tabatha Baskerville, the leader (?) of the guild. 

You're given a booklet, with it the members of the guild will help them out.
When in control talk to the madam. Before heading upstairs to sleep, exit 
and talk to the girl standing by the door with the monster icon above her 
head. She'll pay you about 4725 something gald for defeating three daemons.
That's the medusa, the orc king and that bat baron from way, way back.

Go back inside and talk to the man at the counter to rest for the night.
There will be another scene between Eizen and the madam about Aifread. He 
may have been captured and taken away by Melchior because Aifread has a 
certain relic. But the relic itself is a pirate's secret so he can't say
much more. 

Velvet will have a nightmare, that she's just so hungry, she almost ate
Laphicet (her brother), Arthur tells her to give in and eat him. She wakes
up choking Laphicet (the Malak) and tells him off for being near her. Damn.

Outside there's a guy by the fountain selling items and weapons. He also 
sells Denole Bottles. Take the east exit to go the church area (I presume).
Go up the first tier of stairs and pick up a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Head 
back down and talk to the disguised soldier with the red scarf (gold star).

Sewer time! 

       ~ Capital's Underground Path ~                                [015]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel         o  Life Bottle           o  Wind Ring
   o  Calcite Fragment  o  880 Gald              o

   o  Verbena           o  Lavender

Cute scene. Magilou will tell Laphicet that there's giant gators in the
water, and Eizen will tell her that the gators favourite snack is witches.
Haha. Eizen's got this big bro feeling. :)  

There's a save behind you. Head south and take the right exit. At the end of
this path is a VERBENA. Go back to the last area. Take the other south exit,
breaking the boulder along the way.

Go down the straight path. Keep an eye out for a chest with APPLE GEL. Take
the next exit. Go around and take the upper left exit, breaking the boulder
in the way. Pick up a LIFE BOTTLE. Pick up 3 katspi and then examine the
hole to crawl through. On the other side is another one of those daemons.

Lvl 18
HP: 15415
Weak: Wind
Resist: Earth

Crawl back out and head back to the last area. Head south and pull the level
to lower the water. Continue south and get WIND RING. Head back and go west
this time. There should be another long chat triggered part way. Head up the
stairs to the west for a Katz Box. Spend 65 and get a Katz, no attachment. 
Head all the way south for some Katspi. Take the southwest exit. 

Head north and collect a LAVENDER. Head south and take the exit. In this 
room is a chest with CALCITE FRAGMENT. Head back to the last area and press
the lever. The water will move somewhere. Head west and then go north for
LIFE BOTTLE and another lever. Press it and the water up ahead will move.

Go south and collect the Katspi and crawl through the opening. Take the 
ladder up. Follow the path, there is a chest with 880 GALD in the first open
space. At the end is a warp and save. Take the ladder up. 

       ~ Rogress Palace ~                                            [016]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Panacea Bottle    o  Wing Ring 

   o  Rosemary          o  Saffron

Another endearing scene, Velvet just stole a book for Laphicet. Or told him
take it. Rokurou wonders why she just can't be honestly nice. Don't forget
we're here to kill someone, bud. 

It's not worth anything but one of the books along the wall mention the 
names of some of the higher ups. Namely S-3: Artorius Collebrande, S-2:
Melchior Mayvin, S-5: Shigure Rangetsu. This only really has some 
significance if you've played Zestiria. There is also a character in that
game named Mayvin. Just saying. Moving on.

Leave the room and Magilou will be useless. At the south is a soldier and
some Katspi. Follow the path and enter the first room (not the library).
Pick up the PANACEA BOTTLE. Go back and take the last door. This long chat,
Magilou trolling Laphicet and getting what she deserves. Comedic relief A+

Enter the first door ahead for ROSEMARY. There's a save in the hallway. 
Ignore the door across for now. Move on and enter the door south of that 
for a chest with WIND RING. At the end of the hall is SAFFRON. Go back to 
the door across from the save. Inside head through the door on the other
side. Go around the outside of the pews to find some Katspi and then talk
to the gold star. Eleanor will appear to protect Gideon despite knowing what
he's done. 

Lvl 17
HP: 11528
Weak: Water

Sword User
Lvl 14
HP: 3447
Weak: Normal, Water
Resist: Wind

Lvl 9
HP: 1907

Take out the weaker ones first and leave Eleanor for dessert. Afterwards
there is a scene, Magilou will take Bienfu back into herself, making her
strong again. At this point she also joins the party and you'll be brought
back into the battle.

Instructions: When BG is 1 or more, use the UP direction or DOWN direction
to sub-in another character not already in battle. Use the UP button twice 
to clear. 

Another scene will take place again where Velvet eats Eleanor's malaks and
then knocks her out. Gideon then turns into a gouma and runs away. Pain in
the butt. 

When in control head all the way to the bottom. Luckily you won't have to
fight that chimera, but the barrier looks familiar doesn't it? Head back to
Tabatha at the tavern. There will be a long chat featuring Bienfu returning
to Magilou. She will claim that she's a sorceress and not an exorcist, 
despite being able to form contracts with Malaks. Exorcists being the only
ones able to do so was a rule established by the Abbey itself. 

If anyone's played Zestiria, the way she contracts Bienfu is a lot like how
Sorey did with his spirits, the whole true/real name thing at the end. The
girl outside the tavern will give you 1950 Gald for the Pillbug. Head inside
and talk to Tabatha. 

The key to get inside the temple requires an exorcist with 4 A rank Malaks.
Aizen, Laphicet, and Bienfu make for 3, so they're missing one more. Tabatha
wants you to keep the book/membership card. With that the guild will 
continue to support you. Velvet thinks it's crazy the guild wants to support
a killer. 

When in control head outside for a long chat. Velvet believes the saviour to
be a fake. If he was real, he'd at least be able to do something about
daemonblight. If you want to check out the ! in town:

 o  Dog in the castle area: Magilou can apparently talk to dogs. 
 o  Dog north of the item shop: The dogs are having a married couple's
 o  Woman north of the item shop, up the steps: gossip about the medicine.
 o  Traveller by the church exit: Magilou's Troupe talk, the dove trick from 
 o  Dog on the lower east side in the north map: dog's contemplating life 
    and companion ship between dogs and humans, and monkeys.
 o  Guy by the horse and carriage: talk about Artorius. The prayer for the
    new saviour might affect business. The merchant's selling symbols of the
 o  Guy on the west side: Lately without Nectar his body's been hurting and
    it's been harder to find. Eizen tells him to stop taking it because 
    there's a dangerous ingredient in it. The guy thanks you for telling him
    as he won't be looking for it anymore. 

Head to Zexon Harbour. Head back to your ship and talk to the guy with the
gold star. Head to the stairs and you'll hear Rokurou talking to Dyle. They
aren't being very quiet about their secret conversation...

Head towards the inn and Eizen will be giving instructions to Benwick. Go
to Magilou for a long chat that starts with apples. The next gold star is
Laphicet by the Katz box. Laphicet also likes to ocean and is excited by it.
He is a lot of Velvet's brother, who also like the ocean. 

Next to the next gold star, Benwick will tell the informant was attacked by
a Malak using a pendulum. Hm... Eizen will leave the party, go after him.
Back on Danna Highway take the north path uphill and get LIFE BOTTLE. Head
to the gold star for a scene. Eizen is facing off against, well, Zaveid from
Zestiria. So this is how they met, hmmm.

Oh god, I love this theme.

Rouge Malak
Lvl. 18
HP: 15462
Resist: Earth

Lvl: 18
HP: 12132
Resist: Water

I'm not entirely sure if Eizen will also go after Zaveid, so take him out
first and then go after Eizen. He'll introduce himself as Zaveid of the 
Wind, just a yankee/troublemaker. The barrier will go down and he'll leave.
Use the save and advance. 

Watch the following scene. Eleanor interrupts Artorius and asks to be 
granted more Malaks. She also asks about the big gouma at the bottom of the
church. He then asks her why do birds fly, the same question he asked 
Velvet in the past. Given her answer, he deems her unfit to known.

       ~ Saviour's Throne ~                                          [017]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Burning Charm x2  o  Panacea Bottle        o  Cluster Ripper

   o  Lavender         

Go to the glowing mark on the platform and examine it to remove the barrier.
Some of the enemies here are weak to fire, so Magilou is pretty useful here
with about 3 water-based magic/artes. Head to the northwest end and go up a
ladder. There's a chest with BURNING CHARM. A useful item considering the
damn snake Malaks can cause the burning effect on a character.

Follow the path all the way to the end and turn off the symbol to lower one
of 4 points in the biggest barrier. Examine the ladder near there and have
it lowered, you can jump down from there. Head towards the north, opposite
of the big building you'll find some Katspi along the eastern wall.

Head towards the north east. You can search around the north end for Katspi
but the ladder leading to the upper level is near the south section of
pillars. Climb up and get some Katspi. Turn and take the shorter north path
to get Katspi and a chest with another BURNING CHARM.

Go to the grass area and in the south corner behind a big boulder is a chest
with PANACEA BOTTLE. Continue on the path north to shut down the rest of the
big barrier. Take the path beside it to pick up some Katspi and lower the
ladder to drop down. Head back to the middle area. There's a save and some
Katspi to collect at the back before going up the stairs. Pick up the 
LAVENDER by the stairs once you've ascended.

Go up and around the second tier of stairs to get Katspi and a chest with 
CLUSTER RIPPER. At the top if a scene. This place looks -awfully- familiar,
if you've played Zestiria. ;)

Use the save at the end and advance through. Yep, really familiar. Head up
for a scene. Here we go.

BOSS: Artorius
Lvl. 60
HP: 45480

Don't do a thing, not that you can. Artorius will use his hi-ougi on Velvet
and it will cut to a scene. You'll obtain a trophy The Hero's Bane. You
even get to meet Celica and see what she looks like. And a brief flash of

Where the heck are we...

Right, you're alone with Laphicet who is running a fever and useless. Move
ahead and take the warp bubble to another area. Take the next warp bubble.
Use the next warp bubble at the red marker. Basically keep moving forward
and taking the next warps until you arrive at the red marked ones and take
those too. You'll eventually arrive at a gold star.

Eizen appears and explains that you're in the Leylines of the world. You 
arrived in this dimension because Kanonushi and Laphicet's power collided.
You'll need to wake Laphicet up to get back to the real dimension. Eleanor
will also appear. She forces Velvet to let her take Laphicet within herself
with the exorcist's power. Otherwise he becomes a gouma. 

You'll return to where Magilou and Rokurou are. Time to find Eleanor. Velvet
wants to add her to the group. So sinister looking.

       ~ Evorock Ruins ~                                             [018]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Denole Bottle     o  Ancient  Shikigami    o  Panacea Bottle
   o  Budd Thorns x2    o  1050 Gald             o  Ancient Piercings
   o  Life Bottle       o  Calcite Fragment      

   o  Saffron           o  Rosemary

   o  Bangs (Right Side Parting)

Collect the katspi and open the chest for DENOLE BOTTLE. Open the door and
use the save up ahead. In the south room is a chest with ANCIENT SHIKIGAMI,
weapon for Magilou. The north room has a PANACEA BOTTLE. Take the east path.

In the next area, break the wall at the end to keep going. In the next area
move south until you get a long chat. Head to the ! for a white Turtlez.
Ignore the wall behind the Turtlez and backtrack and take the south exit.
Down here in the north corner is a SAFFRON.

The exit at the end leads to a BUDD THORNS, an armour item for the men. Go
back to the Turtlez and open the door behind. 

Take the south path. In the room by the exit to the next area is ROSEMARY.
Head through the exit and get katspi and ANCIENT PIERCINGS for Magilou. 
Return to the room with the Turtlez.

Take the north path and end up in an area with a Katz box. Spend 80 and get
a Katz and BANGS (RIGHT SIDE PARTING). Take the north exit and you'll find
another daemon.

Lvl 20
HP: 20901
Weak: Fire, Wind
Resist: Normal, Earth

Behind her is a chest with 1050 GALD. Head back to the Katz Box area and 
break the wall to the south. Break the wall on the other end and in this 
room collect a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Take the exit. Follow the path to the
next area. Go sout for a chest with CALCITE FRAGMENT. Break the north wall
and collect BUDD THORNS. Go east using the save and exit.

You'll have to take on Eleanor if you want her in your group. And you'll 
have to do it alone.

Lvl. 20
HP: 6671

Not too hard on your own. Scene after. You win the fight and Eleanor won't
be able to kill herself. Laphicet knocks her out. Yay. Talk to all the ! 
then head out to the gold star. Go back inside and check on Eleanor for the
option to rest. 

Eleanor will wake up thinking she's being monitored by gouma. And then be
stupid and try to kill herself again. But she stops and runs off after a
light. Artorius' voice comes forth and orders her to bring Laphicet to 
Rogress. Yeah like nobody would notice that.

       ~ Brigette Canyon ~                                          [019]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Flore Boots       o  Choolate Bar-gami     o  1100 Gald 
   o  Inofle Bottle      

   o  Chamomille        o  Verbena               o  Sage

So you need to 1) find out where you are and 2) find Magilou's friend that
can help translate the book Laphicet has.

Head south and pick up FLORE BOOTS. You should have seen this chest during
the earlier cutscene. Follow the path across two bridges. There will be a
long chat where Laphicet finds a special ore that is not normally found in
Midgand. Judging by that, Eizen says we're pretty far from the mainland.

In this area follow the bend around to the northwest cliff for a CHAMOMILLE.
Before crossing the next bridge, follow the wall around and pick up
VERBENA. Across the bridge will be a scene. You'll encounter someone who is
clearly afraid of you.

Brigette Bandit
Lvl 20
HP: 7763

Afterward you'll find out that you're on Islegand. Your objective is to head
to the port and meet up with the ship. Apparently there's a pretty strong
gouma in the area as well.

Continue down the path and check the end for a SAGE before crossing the
bridge. Once you do, had south for the red marker:

Lvl 21
HP: 23708
Weak: Fire, Water
Resist: Earth

He comes with some harpies as well. He's got one annoying move that can kill
characters caught in it. 

Behind him is a bunch of Katspi and a chest with CHOCOLATE BAR-GAMI, a 
weapon for Magilou. Head north and use the save. The bridge head down west
leads to a warp and chest with 1100 GALD. North of the save down a slope is
more Katspi. Head back and go east for a scene. You'll meet that gouma.

Lvl 20
HP: 17902
Weak: Water
Resist: Wind

Another scene afterward. Rokurou knows of the sword, but Velvet has no
business with it so hurry up and get to the port. Cross the bridge and go up
the vines. There's a Katz Box to the west. Spend 70 and get a Katz, no
attachment. Head all the way west for a chest with INOFLE BOTTLE. Head east
and use the save. Enter the cave. There will be a long chat at the entrance
after the sword you just encountered. Heaven's sword, Seiran, wielded by
a person named Kurogane many hundred of years ago. The sword that defeated
it is the sword passed down in Rokurou's family, Gouran. So chances are you
might encounter it again.

Head inside.

       ~ Vesta Tunnel ~                                             [020]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Slow Charm        o  1200 Gald             o  Panacea Bottle
   o  Succubus Horn     o  Ancient Spear         o  Calcite Fragment

   o  Saffron           o  Chamomille

   o  Earring (Left Ear)

Head west and break the boulder at the end to continue. Crawl through the
open space. In this room there's a chest with SLOW CHARM. Go back to the
last area and head north. Before the exit there will be another long chat.

In this area, follow the path and break the boulder. There's a save here.
Examine the symbol. Examine the lantern looking thing to the side. Examine
it after the note and the fire symbol on the wall will disappear. Move on 
and break the boulder in the north end, crawl through the hole. The chest
has 1200 GALD. As the map denotes, crawling out the other end leads you to
a daemon. 

Lvl 25
HP: 24696
Weak: Earth
Resist: Fire, Wind

Collect the Katspi in the corner and head back to the main path and take
the only exit left. In the next area, go around the bend to the other south
dead end for some Katspi. The dead end south of the Turtlez has one Katspi.
Buy stuff if you have to. 

Beyond the Turtlez is a scene, you'll meet the daemon again and Rokurou's
brother, Shigure. (Is this the same VA has Wakka for FFX?) Oh my gosh this
guy has a cat that talks. You'll have to fight Shigure as Rokurou, and alone
at that. 

Boss: Shigure
Lvl 22
HP: 7395

He's not too hard considering I've never used Rokurou in battle. Using his
hi-ougi helps. Watch the ensuing scene. He'll make you fight the gouma 
before Rokurou can fight Shigure again. He also won't let you leave the
island unless you defeat him too.

Even the gouma, uh, Kurogane, talks. And isn't as evil as we thought. He 
walks off with Rokurou. Presumably to teach him stuff. When in control, 
take the west exit by crawling through the hole. At the other end take the
southeast exit for a room with Katspi. Head back and veer southeast, there's
a hole to crawl through. There's a chest with PANACEA BOTTLE. Crawl through
the hole at the other end.

Break the boulder to the south and go through the hole. Check the dead ends
for Katspi. In the southeast dead end there's a chest with SUCCUBUS HORN.
Go back to the last area and head west. Go through the hole at the southwest
(there's 3 Katspi in front of it).

Head straight to the gold star. There's a save along the way. Kurogane 
forges a short sword out of his head. What the heck. When in control, talk
to all the gold star characters to continue. When in control, head back a 
couple areas to the gold star on the map. Fight some exorcists.

After the scene, when you gain control, head all the way back to Kurogane's
lair and pick up the chest with ANCIENT SPEAR. Head all the way to where
the downed exorcists are and exit to the north. Take the north exit here (it
was previously closed off).

In this area head south and around the square round-about, there's a SAFFRON
on the south side. Take the south exit. Here go down and turn left and 
break the boulder. There's a Katz Box. Spend 100 and get a Katz and EARRING
(LEFT EAR) attachment. Why can't Earrings be for both ears? (sigh)

If you head back near the entrance and go to the east dead end, there's one
of those lamp things you can light. Head through the open door for another
long chat. Check the north dead end here for a CHAMOMILLE. Take the south

Here head forward and follow the bend south. Break the boulder in the lower
west to collect Katspi. Head to the dead end above it to collect some more.
Go through the hole behind it. Get the CALCITE FRAGMENT. Crawl out through
the other end and light the lamp. Head back to the main area.

Go north through the open doorway. Another long chat. Go north and take the
exit. Save and the end of this area and head north. 

       ~ Cadonics Harbour ~                                         [021]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Tranquillo        o  Life Bottle           o  1450 Gald
   o                    o                        o

Head around the east corner for a Katz Box. Spend 110 and get a Katz, no
attachment. Beside the item shop is a chest with TRANQUILLO. Head towards
the star for a scene with Shigure. 

BOSS: Shigure
Lvl 23
HP: 21087
Weak: Fire
Resist: Earth

Exorcists (2)
Lvl 23
HP: 3446
Weak: Earth

He has a hi-ougi that he will use part way against Rokurou (even if he isn't
in the party). Scene. Rokurou's brother is weird. Eccentric, even. All he
cares about is fighting strong opponents. Get stronger and then face him
again, he says. He's nuts. Kurogane is randomly there. Your ship also shows
up. He's even boarding the ship!

The long chat you can watch after this is pretty funny. Eleanor talks to
herself a lot. This time about Velvet's arm that bleeds into her cloak and
among other things. She's also a bad liar. And it's sad because everyone
else in the party notices too. 

Talk to the guy next to the save and get 6850 Gald for your daemon killing
troubles (if you killed all the ones from the last collection till now. The
bandit from earlier will be in front of the food stall. He wants to open a
shop and sell sketchy bandit cooking i.e. a rice bowl with lots and lots of
mountain shrooms. Yikes. The chest next to him holds LIFE BOTTLE.

Go to the inn and sleep there for another long chat of Rokurou training,
shirtless. You'll get nothing out of it though. Talk to the guy south of
item shop. He's a blacksmith of 20 years. More sword talk. 

Near the save you can also talk to uh, let's call them Gamerz (following the
theme of Turtlez and Katz yeah), to play some mini games. The storage room
next to the food stalls has a chest with 1450 GALD.

Beyond the save, the pirates at the ! will say they're pretty surprised you
all appeared in Islegand, so far from Midgand. Talk to Benwick and select
the second option on the list, Izult Harbour.

Scene on the boat. Eizen will tell you to change course, some of the crew
are sick with "Pirate's Disease". Magilou tries to scare them by saying it
turns people into sand. Apparently it only affects people. Which means
Magilou and Eleanor. Meh, no one's going to die here. Detour to find the
herb to cure it!

       ~ Waterfront Village, Reneed ~                               [022]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o   Inofle Bottle    o  Panacea Bottle        o  Budd Thorns
   o   Life Bottle     

   o  Sage

   o  Laphicet - Water Normin Costume

The storage area across the save point has a chest with INOFLE BOTTLE. The !
at the southwest end will gossip about the Abbey and gouma, the situation in
this area. Head east and into the village. 

The first ! to the north talks about the event that happened in the capital.
Apparently the gouma was a three-eyed giant, oh how hearsay has warped what
Velvet actually is. Haha. The guy by the save sphere dishes out rewards for
daemon hunting. The next two are listed. Pixie and a plant. Cool. 

To the northwest of the second ! is a chest with PANACEA BOTTLE. The next !
is the villagers complaining about the high priest not doing his job 
properly. There's rumours that the priest is actually afraid of gouma. The
exorcist tries to calm them. Word from the capital's events have spread all
the way out here. 

South of that you'll find a SAGE. Next to the item shop is a Katz Box. Spend
125 and get a Katz and get LAPHICET - WATER NORMIN (HEAD) and (BODY) 

South of that across the plank is a LAVENDER (the save sphere is within 
sight). Go around the houses to the east and around back is a chest with 
BUDD THORNS. You can play the Chara Fuda mini game with the kid here. Head
south and there's another chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Talk to the guy at the
gold star. Eizen will ask about the herb to cure Pirate's Disease. 

The area where it grows is off limits. That unlocks the exit here, but check
out the ! before you go. The first one with be a father and son. The father
asks if Eleanor wants to marry her son because his girlfriend ran away. Uh,
no. Move on. 

The other ! will be a lady who talks about the gouma that you might be
facing where you get the herb. Take the new exit out.

       ~ Norg Wetlands ~                                            [023]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Paralyze Charm    o   1450 Gald            o  Life Bottle
   o  War Pike

   o  Rosemary          o  Verbena               o  Saffron

   o  Dog Tail (Shiba)

Big area to explore, sweet. The northern exit of this place leads to Burnack
Plateau, that place we went to after Aifread's ship attacked us and mad us
join Eizen. Remember that?

Anyways, the Orc up ahead generates a battle tutorial.

BATTLE TUTORIAL: Commands/Orders
Instructions: Press L1 while holding R3 (press down the right stick) to give
a command. 

Head south and cross the bridge. Eleanor will ask Laphicet about the 
"Shinigami's Curse." Keep going south and get the PARALYZE CHARM. There's a
ROSEMARY on the other side of the crescent. Follow the path for another long
chat. Ignore the bridge (east) and go north. Before taking the north bridge,
there is a VERBENA on the left side. Cross the two north bridges and the
head west. 

Jump over to the other platform and pick up 1450 GALD. Head back and ignore
the north exit, you cannot take it. Go east and ignore the bridge, picking
up a LIFE BOTTLE in the chest. Turn around and take the bridge south. Follow
the path until you're on the platform north of the one with the dungeon
marker. There's a chest in the east end with GLOWING ROCK FRAGMENT. The 
first kanji is actually Hotaru (firefly), so I'll just go with 'glowing'.

Cross the south bridge. Before heading to the exit, on the west side is a
SAFFRON. To the south by the bridge connecting west there's rocks you can
jump over to access the red marker daemon.

Lvl 27
HP: 30527
Weak: Fire

Comes with two witches as backup. Pick up the WAR PIKE behind her. Go back.
Use the save and head out the exit.

       ~ Warggs Forest ~                                            [024]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Panacea Bottle x2 o  Glowing Rock Fragment o  Life Bottle
   o  1520 Gald         o  Paralyze Charm        o  Cassandra
   o  Denole Bottle     o  Faint Smelling Liquid

   o  Sage              o  Lavender              o  Verbena

(Why the heck do these two areas look so familiar.....)

Head around south to pick up some Katspi. Examine the floating switch for a
chat. Examining it will change it from blue to red, also changing the 
corresponding barriers to appear or disappear. Before changing it to red, 
collect the Katspi in the east dead end. Then change it to red.

Follow the new path, the south dead end has SAGE. Follow the south path 
around to the north exit. Head south and pick up a PANACEA BOTTLE. Change
the switch to blue. 

Head to the east side, turn the switch here to red, exit. Go north and pick
up the GLOWING ROCK FRAGMENT. Jump down and take the north exit. Pick up all
the katspi as you move, halfway there is a chest with PANACEA BOTTLE. Take
the south exit. 

Here follow the path that loops around the north. At the north end is a 
chest with 1520 GALD. Take the west exit to pick up some Katspi. Head back.
This also lifts the seal in the last area with the red marker (daemon). If
you want to go back and fight it:

Lvl 28
HP: 30683
Weak: Wind
Resist: Water

There's a LAVENDER and a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Go back to the area in the
south. Take the south exit here, you can go west to collect katspi, but do
not jump down because you cannot climb back up.

The south point has a PARALYZE CHARM. Head back and go east. There's a Katz
box. Spend 115 and get a Katz, no attachment. Head south and encounter some
exorcists. They're pretty weak. After, Laphicet's compass will randomly 
move. When it stops he says he feels a strange power up ahead, like that
time you got sent to the Leylines. Up ahead isn't just a regular gouma it
seems, if Velvet says the feeling is Kanonushi's power. 

In the next area head to the south dead end and pick up CASSANDRA, an armour
for Velvet. Turn the blue switch to red. Head back and along the north wall
is a VERBENA. Continue southeast. Near the save is a chest with FAINT 
SMELLING LIQUID. Make use of the save and exit.

Check the purple flowers at the gold star to continue. This is the herb that
you need. 

BOSS: Grossagito
Lvl 24
HP: 23678
Weak: Fire, Water
Resist: Normal

Scene afterward. Velvet's slowly changing I think. Time to head back to the
ship. The game is cruel and won't let you use a Denole Bottle, but if you
head back to the save, there's now a warp. Which doesn't take you far at all
but hey there's a chest with DENOLE BOTTLE if you missed it. There's pretty
much a long chat before every exit on your way out. And exorcists in the
very last map before exiting.

Haul butt out of there and get through the wetlands and back to the village.
There's a scene part way back and Zaveid appears. He even has Aifread's gun.
Eizen will leave the party again.

Once inside the village there's another chat. Exit to the harbour but before
crossing the bridge, examine the frog on the rock. Head to Benwick at the
dock. Benwick will tell you Melchior has set a large trap in the next
destination. Velvet convinces them to take the medicine and get better
before they head out to save Eizen.

When in control, head back into the village. You'll get a long chat about
Eleanor and the horrid taste of the medicine. Velvet forces Magilou to eat
some of that herb. Haha. The woman next to the item shop will share some
info on your next destination. 

Exit back into the Wetlands and head all the way north and there should be a
long chat near the end. Before leaving, make a right for a Katz Box. Use
145 and get a Katz and DOG TAIL (SHIBA) attachment. Go back and make a bunch
of left turns and gets some katspi. Take the north exit.

       ~ Brunack Plateau, Revisited ~                               [025]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  1750 Gald         o  Inofle Bottle         o  Very Pink Shirt
   o  Peach Gel 

   o  Saffron

Might want to perform a quick save before you attempt the red marker here.

BLEED WOLF (or Breed Wolf)
Lvl 29
HP: 41540
Weak: Water
Resist: Normal, Wind

The south point has a chest with 1750 GALD. Head towards the ! by moving 
along the edge for a chat about rainbows and geysers. Head to the north 
point. Behind a boulder is a chest with INOFLE BOTTLE.

Take the exit and meet up with Eizen. Why is Eizen so cool. And again, men.
"Until we settle the score, teaming up is impossible." Game, stop giving 
reasons not to have Zaveid as a guest in our party!

Beside the tent and the north fence is a Katz Box. Use 145 and get a Katz.
No attachment.

Next area head north. Along the east ledge there's vines going down. Beside
the vines is a SAFFRON. Down below follow the stream to a chest with VERY
PINK SHIRT. Ignore the dungeon entrance and go back up. At the north end by
the gate is a chest with PEACH GEL. Take the west exit.

This place looks darn familiar too. Use the save and head inside. 

       ~ Exorcists' Tower, Lowleine ~                               [026]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Inofle Bottle     o  1820 Gald             o  Halberd
   o  Simple Ribbon     

   o  Saffron           o  Chamomile

   o  Earring (Right Ear)

Go around the eastern area picking up katspi. Take the north path around 
west for a chest with INOFLE BOTTLE. Take the south path. Before going up
the stairs there's a chest with 1820 GALD.

Go up the stairs, there's a long chat on the way. Ignore the gold star and
go into the room in the west. Pick up SAFFRON and HALBERD. Go up the stairs
again for a Katz Box. You need 140 to open this, and you'll get a Katz and

At the very top of the stairs is a SIMPLE RIBBON. Go into the room with the
gold star and find Aifread. Turns out to be an illusion. OOOOOHHHHH. That
brief moment. If you played Zestiria first you'd understand. Oh man, what,
Melchior can turn Malaks into Gouma! What the!

Legend Wyvern x3
Lvl 28
HP: 16832
Weak: Earth
Resist: Normal, Fire

Scene after. When in control collect the CHAMOMILE in the south side. Exit
out the way you came in. In the following scene, Zaveid revealed that he
was being controlled by Kanonushi's power. When Aifread shot the gun at him,
he came to his senses. Aifread left the gun to Zaveid. Now he'll find
Aifread. But his time is limited because Melchior has gleaned the info he
needed here without having to force it out of Aifread. Therefore, he no
longer needs Aifread. I think with this Eizen and Zaveid have come to terms
with their "score." 

The objective tells you to head back to Reneed Harbour and board the ship.
Head out and backtrack, there will be a long chat on the bridge. You can use
an Inofle Bottle at this point to head straight to the entrance of Reneed.

For those that have played Zestiria, if you've noticed this place ends up
being the Tower Town, Logrin I think. Neat.

Talk to the kids at the !, they have a book written in a 2000 year old 
language. They want you to pass it on to a kid named Live who's into
research and stuffs. They can't go near the kid themselves so they give you
the book, go south to the other ! and Laphicet will give him the book. He
tells you hide in his house when patrol comes around looking. He also
becomes friends with Laphicet. He also gives a recipe for the Ultimate
Elixir. Which is an actual item you obtain. 

Talk to the daemon hunt guy by the save sphere, for killing the last two
daemons you get 6150 gald in total.

Head towards the harbour. The pirate ! will mention that there's an island
with a really dangerous daemon that's messing with the waters. There's a
long chat following this. This unlocks a location, Fourth Jurisdiction: 
Unknown Class. 

The ! by the save point will talk about the incident at Warggs Forest, hence
the increase in exorcists in the area. Apparently that dangerous gouma there
has "escaped". Head to the gold star for a scene. 

When in control, talk to Benwick to travel. You can go straight to the next
destination, or detour for that Ultimate Elixir.

  o  Head to Cadonics Harbour and enter Vesta Tunnel.
  o  Go to Kurogane's sword collection liar place for the !. Check the
     rocks to the right of the chest.
  o  Go back to Reneed and talk to Live. He's the ! in town, the bench by
     the inn. He translates two more ingredient names and gives them to you.
     If you care, Live also has a weak body and ill since birth, hence why
     his parents named him Live. 

Can't do much else yet, the next item "Unicorn Horn" is in Figal Snow Fields
which cannot be accessed at the moment. Head to Izult Harbour. There will
be a chat and scene on the ship. We learn that Eleanor isn't afraid of gouma
but hates them because 10 years ago they destroyed her entire village, and
her mother. All that's left is her pocket mirror.

       ~ Capital of the South Seas, Izult ~                         [027]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle       o  Anfillet Fragment     o  Poison Charm
   o  Silk Touch        o  Faint Smelling Liquid o  Inofle Bottle

   o  Red Lavender      o  Red Sage

Eleanor eats penguin meat in Tomato Stew. Just when I thought I could like
her.... just kidding. I like the title of this place for some reason. And 
the music. 

Head north behind some crates, you can jump down and collect Katspi. Head
north to the next area and you'll go up a cliff side collecting more Katspi.
There's also the first red herb, RED LAVENDER. Jump down and go east.

Inside the church is a priest with a !. I think he says something along the
lines of "sinner, pray and repent." Or something like that. Or confess. And
Velvet confesses in monotone, hahaha. You can talk to him a second time for
Magilou's confession. Troll. Rokurou's confession is hurting but not killing
his opponents, so he will kill the next opponent for sure! He's reflecting 
on the wrong point and words it so that the priest should reflect too. 

There's a save across from the church. Take the steps down beside it and go
around the back of the big building for some katspi. Take the steps down to
the beach area. Go north, under one of the huts is a chest with LIFE BOTTLE.

Talk to the guy near there with !. Southgand was renowned for its materials,
the best in ship making. Midgand ended up using those materials to build
ships to take over Southgand. Apparently there's also a place called
Smilegand. Hm. 

Head south and follow the path east. There's a Katz box requiring 170 katspi
to open. Just a Katz, no attachment. Follow the southern curve to end up
back in the harbour area, but on the other side. At the end is a chest with

Head back to the main road at the top most level and head northwest. Take
the stairs down beside the tavern and pick up a POISON CHARM. Go to the
tavern. The guy with ! will ask Velvet how she likes the south island. The
daemon hunt girl is also here. Go up two ladders and on the roof is SILK

Take the northeast beyond the church to get to the next area. Go to the gold
star for a scene. Damn it those siblings are here. Brother complex...

When in control, the item shop here sells Inofle Bottles, Peach Gels, and 
the Anfi line of weapons & armour. Head north down the stairs to the beach
area. There's plenty of katspi scattered around on this level. There's also
a Gamerz and Chara Fuda girl on this level. Along the east wall, north of
the penguins in the shade is a RED SAGE.

Head all the way back to the area where the cutscene took place. Where the
siblings were standing, there's a chest off to the east with FAINT SMELLING
LIQUID. Go around the back of the building with the knight stationed in 
front for a !. Information about an upcoming location.

Take the west path down to a chest with INOFLE BOTTLE. Go south and under 
the walkways, up in the beams is a guy. Angle your camera to talk to the !.
"What does it mean to become an adult?" He's troubled by the coming of age
ritual. Velvet solves the matter in like 3 lines. 

Head back to the last map and go to the tavern area. A woman ! by the food
stall will talk about Teresa and the people of Haria Village. Head down to
the other ! and learn that Southgand's foods are becoming more popular 
around the world. They have a food called Banananuts. It's more sought out
than most fruits apparently.

Head back and talk to the gold star next to the item shop. This guy is 
selling dolls that look like Bienfu. It's the rain god, Amenochi. Apparently
the Grimoire Lady is this Amenochi god based on the only sounds it makes.
With that the exit to the northeast opens. 

       ~ Sounds of Southern Waves, Makril Seashore ~                [028]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  2050 Gald         o  Anfillet Fragment     o  Panacea Bottle
   o  Peach Gel         o  Very Pink Shirt       

   o  Red Verbena       o  Red Chamomile

   o  Laughing Glasses

Go along the north shore, behind a log is ANFILLET FRAGMENT. Follow the 
shore along to the east for a Katz Box. Spend 185 and get Katz and LAUGHING

Go to the south shore and there's a raised area beyond the water with some
katspi and a RED VERBENA. Under the arch will be a long chat. Pass through
and turn north to climb some vines. Collect katspi and then on the other
side climb up more vines. Collect the POISON CHARM. Useful considering the
octopus and nagga inflict this status.

Go back to the main area and examine the penguin ! to the south. A talk 
about penguin eggs... and where eggs come from ;) Poor Eleanor.

In the next area head down for the gold star, you will find the Malak and
a lizard.

Venom Lizard
Lvl 29
HP: 42234
Weak: Earth
Resist: Wind

Watch the scene. Grimoire (which I think is her official name), was Magi's
senior when she was training to be a witch. Rokurou has the gall to ask her
what her age is, idiot. I think her reply is "keep asking and I'll stick
some fireworks up your butt and light em." Laphicet gets her talking.

When in control, head west, on one side of the slope you came down is a 
chest with 2050 GALD. Follow the south bend to the red marker for another

Lvl 35
HP: 41293
Weak: Fire
Resist: Water, Earth

There's a short, small path to the east that leads to a PANACEA BOTTLE. Head
north again, and look around the north point for PEACH GEL. Go to the east
side, in the short chat the character will note Harim is up ahead. Before 
that go north around the bend and pick up RED CHAMOMILE. Before head up the
hill to the entrance, go around the south and there's a tunnel under the 
hill. Follow it to the end and pick up VERY PINK SHIRT. Head back. Save, you
cannot immediately back out once you enter.

       ~ Village of the Old Faith, Haria ~                          [029]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  2250 Gald         o  Anfillet Fragment x2  

   o  Red Sage          o  Red Lavender

   o  Magilou's Water Normin Costume

Climb the vines to the south and pick up ANFILLET FRAGMENT from the chest.
In the mid-south under the beams is a chest with 2250 GALD. North of that
behind the weapon shop is a chest with another ANFILLET FRAGMENT. 

Continue north, between the beams, behind a tree is RED SAGE. There's a kid
behind the tree with a !. Mmm... putting katsuboshi inside chocolate... and
then making that into a gel. Yikes. Kids. Go all the way to the east point

Get up on the second level. Head to the building in the south. There's a 
Katz box next to it. Requires 185. Open it for a Katz and Magilou's WATER

Go inside and rest for the night. When in control, west of the inn there's a
! woman. Talk about Amenochi and priestess that pray to her. Apparently 
Teresa came in pressuring the priestess with nice words. To hear the ! guy
to the east of the inn, move around behind the save until it activates.
He asks his friend if it's really okay to leave the Paramidis as it is. The
other guy says they have no choice if they want to keep receiving protection
from the Abbey.

Now talk to the party members (gold stars). Another scene. Head back to the
room in the inn for another scene. So some basic points gleamed from this

  o  Kanonushi is a god of Malaks, much like the big Four that created the
     world (Water, Fire, Earth, Wind)
  o  Perhaps they fought against each other and Kanonushi was sealed away.
  o  That 8-headed diagram, the top on is the main head, and the other 7 are
     heads that "devour" food bringing it to the main head.
  o  Most likely, these "Kuuma" (gouma eaters) are connect to the main head
     through underground links.
  o  To weaken Kanonushi, Velvet says they just need to destroy the other
     7 heads first.
  o  As for where these 7 heads are located, the group remembers the 
     strong barriers set in place where they found certain gouma (the bug,
     the giant eagle/chimera.
  o  Kuumas can take on different appearances.

Laphicet will suddenly feel the same energy as from Warggs Forest. It's 
coming from Amenochi's Shrine, Paramidis. Outside, save, and head northeast
for a scene. The girl is the innkeeper's daughter. She wants you to look for
a mother and child, the priestess Mahina and her daughter Moana.

       ~ Maanan Sea Reef ~                                          [030]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Peach Gel         o  Anfillet Fragment     o  Expresser
   o  Anfi Garment      o  2250 Gald             o  Life Bottle
   o  Anfi Vest

   o  Red Verbena       o  Red Saffron           o  Red Rosemary

   o  Aviator Sunglasses

Check your party order, your characters might have moved around. 

Not far up ahead there will be a long chat between Eleanor and Velvet. 
Rokurou also comes in and asks Velvet about the Kuuma topic from before. 

Take the path going north and hang left going west for a PEACH GEL. On the
east side, take the south path for a bunch of Katspi and a chest with

Go back and take the north path. In this area in the south dip is a red mark

Lvl 32
HP: 35424
Weak: Earth
Resist: Fire, Water

Behind him is a chest with EXPRESSER. A pendant for Eizen. Continue to the
northeast, before taking the exit check around the west shore for a RED
VERBENA. Take the exit.

At the ! there's a chat about sea cucumbers and corals, don't step on them
as they are living beings! Take the south exit for a ton of Katspi and a 
chest with ASMODEUS. Go Back, take the north exit. Follow the south wall
edge and pick up RED SAFFRON. Continue along and there's a long chat part
way. There's a skit/long chat you can activate about Magilou's book skirt.

There's also a chest with ANFI GARMENT on the other side, again if you 
follow the south wall/shore of the map. Take the other exit. There's a warp
here. South of that is RED ROSEMARY. Take the exit.

Head straight south and pick up a chest with 2250 GALD. At the end of this
path is a Katz Box (might be hard to see because it's on a pink coral reef
thing). Spend 165 and get a Katz and AVIATOR SUNGLASSES. Take the exit for
the last stretch. At the north dead end is a LIFE BOTTLE.

Up ahead is another warp and ANFI VEST. Take the exit to a new area.

       ~ Holy Temple, Paramidis ~                                   [031]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Denole Bottle     o  Life Bottle           o  Dark Bottle
   o  Gruddy-Gami       o  2400 Gald             o

   o  Red Sage          o  Red Lavender

There's a save point nearby. Under a palm tree in the north east corner is
a RED SAGE. Scene at the gold star. Enter. Follow the path all the way to 
the bottom. Take the north west path through a door. Break the back wall for
DENOLE BOTTLE. Touch the giant goblet and it will light red, removing the
one of the waterfalls in the last room. Touching it again brings the water
back. Let's keep it empty. Check the room on the other side and get rid of
the water. 

Outside the goblet in the center is missing the crystal at the bottom. Guess
we'll have to find it. Head back and enter the west room. Take the crystal 
from the tablet. Take the blue warp. Katspi in one corner, LIFE BOTTLE in 
the other. Return to the last area and go east. Katspi and DARK BOTTLE. Head
back down the main stairs and insert the crystal, get rid of the water to
life the waterfall. Go through the new doorway and fight a gouma.

Gouma Mahina
Lvl 30
HP: 18923
Resist: Normal

Take her down. She'll get away. Continue north into the next room. Save. 
Take the west path and enter the door. Go up the stairs and activate the
goblet here to create a bridge. Activate the goblet again to get rid of the
water but keep the bridge. Go across and collect RED LAVENDER. Enter the
room at the end. The goblet here does not have a crystal. However, break the
wall behind it for the crystal and a Katz Box. Spend 200 and get a Katz.
Insert the crystal into the goblet. And activate it. And the south end,
there's a lift you can ride down. 

Go the the east side and enter the room. Upstairs, activate the goblet. Head
out the door and activate the crystal here. Return to the last area and 
enter the room that was blocked off before. Pick up everything here 
including GRUDDY-GAMI and the crystal on the tablet. Go back outside and 
take the lift up. The chest has 2400 GALD.

Head back to the save and check the door to the north. It does not open. 
What you need to do is make sure the crystals under the goblets in the area
are glowing, it doesn't matter if the waterfall is there or not. Check the
areas east and west. Most likely you to reactivate the one in the west room,
and as well as the one in the east room, but not the one in the east hall.

Exit out past the save into the main area and activate the goblet in the
center. Head south and enter the west room, take the warp. If all is well,
make your way back to the room with the save. Go north through the door. 
Pick up RED CHAMOMILE and ANFI VEST. Continue. 

Tree/Person Gouma
Lvl 31
HP: 40116
Weak: Fire
Resist: Normal, Earth
Defeat it. Turns out this Kuuma is Moana, Mahina the Priestess' daughter.
She says the Abbey gave her power, made her stronger... by turning her into
a Kuuma. Oscar appears and gets owned by Velvet, again.

Return to Haria, there will be a scene once you enter. All the villagers are
kind of listless. The impurity's gotten really strong. Eizen says the 
"impurity" coming out of them is turning them into gouma. There's no real
time for talk, save it for once you get back to the ship!

Enter Izult Harbour for a scene. Grimoire asks if Eizen is really going to
do something taboo by telling them. It's not just daemonblight that they're
talking about, it's a lot of things. As seirei/Malak they as a whole decided
to take a step back and let the humans handle their problems. 

Velvet is no longer human and Eleanor does not want to go in without knowing
nothing, deceiving herself. So Eizen spills the truth. Points of this scene:

  o  There is no such disease as "daemonblight"
  o  Any human can became a gouma/daemon if the "impurity" in their hearts
  o  "Impurity" is the darkness in everyone's hearts. 
  o  Humans are moved by karma
  o  It's possible for people to have immense impurity by hide it and move
     as normal humans with enough self-control/rationality
  o  The Abbey created "daemonblight" to avoid mast hysteria among the 
     public if they knew the truth.
  o  To being with "Malaks" and "Gouma" have always existed, they just could
     not be seen by people without spiritual powers. 
  o  Humans, as a whole, had their spiritual powers amplified, but the 
     reason is unknown
  o  The seven heads (kuuma) of kanonushi eat the "impurity" that comes out
     of humans and delivers it to the main head, but because the party took
     Moana away from her sealed spot, the "impurity" is overflowing.
  o  To Malaks, "impurity" is a poison.

Velevet will still continue forward, removing kuumas from their spot and
reducing the power flowing to Kanonushi. It's her only way to kill Artorius.
Talk to the pirate by the save when in control, it unlocks a new area, 
Fourth Jurisdiction: Beast Class.

Talk to Benwick, you will be informed Tabatha wants you go to go to Rogress.
But before that...

       ~ Fourth Jurisdiction: Unknown Class ~                       [ARE]

There's a Katz Box on ground level in the northeast. Costs 115 to open. Just
a Katz. Get up on the platform, the party members will note that this is an
arena, there's a split in the center, there's murderous intent coming from
that split, and Magilou inserts some horror story theory in there.

If you check out the thing in the center, it will tell you that selecting
to fight will bring out gouma, and once defeating one, the next will come. 
The battle ends when you've defeated them all or all party KO'd I guess.
Clearing the first stage will net a reward. 

If you choose to fight, the first battle is hordes of enemies joining the
field, in groups of 3-5, and they're all field enemies that you've faced 
while travelling to areas. They're levels range from 8-28. Not hard at all.

The reward is a Invoke Extension - Ma Fu Shou (Evil Wind). Let's see what
this does. So if you check out the second page in your artes menu but moving
down with the L stick, it shows a new shortcut list using L1 + button. Cool.

       ~ Zexon Harbour/Rogress (Revisited) ~                        [032]

Board the ship to Zexon Harbour, there will be a scene. More focus on 
Eleanor's mirror and Moana scares herself after seeing her reflection. Poor
girl. Eleanor shows the girl her scar, which you don't get to see. But Laphi
saw ;)

The following long chat explains that Kanonushi chooses people and turns 
them into kuuma. So they should not be killed, because Kanonushi will choose
the next vessel. As long as they do not kill the kuuma, another cannot be

You'll arrive in Zexon Harbour. The usual guy refuses to give information
because not only are you a pirate group, you're also keeping wanted person.
Eizen says to pay the guy more, poor Benwick. Thanks for your business~

Talk to the crew by the ship, they're cleaning the ship until it's spick and
span. Just talk about this specific ship being stolen by Aifread and their
loyalty to their captain and Eizen.

The other ! mark at the northern dock is talk about the sea gate, and gossip
bout how the gouma from Helvisa still hasn't been caught, and among the 
other deeds this gouma has done. The storage area/warehouse (is what I 
should have been calling it from the beginning...) is open if you want to
pick up that chest that you might have missed last time.

The ! in the inn talks about the ramifications of breaking the sea gate.
Lots of people are trouble by this, having to detour and such. Oh well. The
item shop is selling some of the newer items like Denole and Infole bottles.
Not sure if that's just because the shop ranks have increased...

The enemies on Danna Highway have changed. They're now level 29-33. The
chests should have also respawned. Head to Rogress. Long chat once you 
enter. Let's check out all those !.

First guy staring at the wall: he feels safe and secure knowing that the
Abbey and Artorius are on top of things. He starts feeling more anxious and
unsecure when Magilou tells him about what happened in Helvisa, Reneed and
Izult. Gossip clearly does not travel fast with this one. 

Second ! by the west side: scene, the guy says they've seen an amazing act,
Majilou! She's apparently an amazing dancer. Magilou meets Majilou. Eleanor
says that Majilou's teacher from her troupe was someone name Barta, but 
because of an injury he could no longer perform. Majilou is performing
living out the dream in his stead. It almost becomes Magilou vs Majilou,
which opens a new sidequest:

  o  Talk to the guy with the ! at Zexon Harbour. The ensuing long chat is a
     flop of a "manzai" skit between Magilou and Velvet. The guy tells you
     not to come again.

Third ! by the chest in the west side: When the woman hears "Majilou" she
thinks of the word "Magiranika" an unseen shikigami that likes to move 
things around. Velvet has never heard about this. That's because it's from 
when this woman was but a little girl. So that questions how old Magilou
is because she knows about it too...

South to the next map.

Fourth ! by the exit to the Church: gossip about the High Priest Gideon's
death. And more gossip about the gorilla-looking gouma that killed him.

Fifth ! by the item shop: talk about Artorius, how he's thinking about the
public in general, not each individual. 

Talk to the monster hunt girl outside the tavern and collect 7700 gald for
killing the last two daemons. Enter the tavern. The madam wants you to get
this person out of the capital. It'll be hard, cause the destination is a 
place where the higher ups can't reach.

Tabatha says that there's a rumour that the Abbey in the capital will be
heading out (?) to the Prison Island Titania. Apparently the prison island,
although controlled and maintained by the Abbey, has lost contact with the
main headquarters. 

There's also a rumour that the Abbey has moved the (probably bird gouma from
the church) gouma to a different location. Not too far, but not too close.
Velvet wants information on that gouma in exchange for helping the cloaked
figure escape. 

Outside, Eleanor remembers Artorius's command to bring Laphicet to the Abbey
headquarters. She suggests they walk around the city. But says last minute
that they'll do it another time. Laphicet smells something nice... in a long
chat, apparently it's coming from the falcon.

Head back to the ship at Zexon Harbour. Save before you head down the dock
though because there's a scene. A spell will pass through the area and
everyone will stand still. Velvet shakes Benwick. The guy will start talking
and then he'll come to himself. Laphicet felt it. North of here a strange
power surged forward like a wave. North would be Artorius's throne. Leaves
a bad taste in Eizen's mouth. 

Before boarding the shop, head up to the ! and the son will tell his father
he was acting strange, but then again so was the son. Everyone was acting
strange, but they remembered that period of time when they lost control of
what they said. Something's happening here. Head to the Prison Island 

On the ship, the hooded man reveals himself to be Percival Mid Asgard, the
crown prince. Eleanor figured it out from his scent, a fragrance only the
royal family uses. The prince says to himself that he can no longer return.

       ~ Prison Island Titania (Revisited) ~                        [033]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Waste Charm       o  Anfi Leaf             o  Arcana Bottle
   o  Anfi Doll         o  Overweight Knives     

   o  Lavender

Not a soul in sight. Hm. Head inside. An exoricst is killed by a gouma. In
his dying breath, he says "headless knight gouma". Fight right off the bat.

Bushy Ape
Lvl 32
HP 9732
Resist: Earth

Eizen thinks gouma ate each other and thus stronger gouma were made. They're
going to find this headless knight gouma. Alrighty then. Start by taking the
door under the stairs and heading outside. Collect all the katspi. This is
the place where we landed after that tower jump. Head back inside to the 
first area and go upstairs and exit. Ignore the rest of the map in the next
section and take the north exit on the other side. 

In this room go up the ladder and collect katspi and WASTE CHARM. Head back
to the last room and go south. The ! is the white Turtlez. South of the
Turtlez is a chest with ANFI LEAF. 

Backtrack to the main hall way and take the south exit (green icon). In this
room go downstairs and head out the door so you're at the south port. Pick
up LAVENDER. Back inside. The door under the stairs leads to a ARCANAA
BOTTLE. Go back and head upstairs into the last area. Back on the map with
the Turtlez, take the east exit for some katspi and shiny spots. This is the
tower you jumped out of.

Backtrack to the Turtlez and take the south hallway and exit. In this area
head all the way south and go through each of these three doorways to check
the cells for shiny spots and chests. There's ANFI DOLL through the west. 

When ready, head back and take the other north exit. There will be a long
chat when you enter the corridor. In the next area take the north exit into
another block of cells. The western hall has a Katz Box that takes 275 to
open. Only a Katz inside. The north hall has a chest with OVERWEIGHT KNIVES.

Return to the last area and take the east path. In the next area, head to
the star for a fight.

Antique Armour
Lvl 34
HP: 22656
Weak: Water
Resist: Fire

After the fight, Eizen and Laphicet feel the leyline point. It's probably
down below where Velvet's cell was. Eleanor will hear Moana's scream. Head
back to the entrance. 

So apparently it wasn't "headless knight... gouma" it was "headless knight
and UMA" which is Japanese for horse. Go figures.

Lvl 34
HP: 38515
Weak: Normal
Resist: Earth, Wind

When he runs out of HP he calls forth two Living Armour enemies. Damn. And
hey, that kuuma from the church in Rogress is apparently, Griffin, the crown
prince's one and only friend!

So the royal family knew what Artorius was up to. They know it all. But the
prince couldn't forgive the Abbey for stealing the sky from his friend. Next
Moana will ask you to find Eleanor. When in control, talk to the party ! to
find clues on Eleanor's location. Or just use the map.

Rokurou's clearly been drinking. Laphicet and Grimoire are translating the
book. Eizen's upstairs, gathering information on Aifread. Magilou has no 
time to care about others' whereabouts, but she looks pretty free to Velvet.

You'll find her on the roof that you jumped off of in the beginning of the
game. Go up there for a scene between Velvet and Eleanor. She's been doing
some thinking. Before she was just believing what she was told. As an 
exorcist, "ignorance is bliss" is a cowardly way of living, she doesn't want
that. She will remain up here for a little longer to think. 

More scenes. Eleanor will return and tell them that she was Artorius' spy 
because of the mission he had given her. She apologizes foremost, and she
has no intention of obeying the Abbey anymore. She will join your cause in
finding the kuuma until she finds the truth and her own way. Magilou 
welcomes to her to the villain's side.

You'll get the trophy The Sower of Strife.

If you been cooking constantly after every battle with Velvet, I believe at
cooking level there's a skit/long chat to view about her cooking. She'll 
get a Jacket Off variation for her default costume. (I'm not really sure 
what the conditions are to unlock the skit, I assume it's the cooking 

Head out the north port and talk to the pirate in the !, another arena will
unlock. Head to Velvet's cell to continue. Apparently Laphicet can feel
leyline points. So he feels them out and can even find some based on their
size. More scenes. 

Kurogane wants to forge a stronger sword from a rare metal called Oriharicon
but no one has actually seen a place with it. Plus Moana is learning to 
speak funny. 

Head out the north port, the ! guy will tell you why the Abbey abandoned (?)
the island. Head back inside to the ! by the Turtlez for a short chat 
between Dyle and Kurogane. One doesn't have a face, the other doesn't have a

If you want to rest for 100 gald, the room before the south port, through
the door under the stairs is a guy with a !. Sleep for a long chat about 
maps and adventuring. Stay again for another long chat about Laphicet really
enjoying reading. A third time about Laphicet and the beetle. 

Otherwise go talk to Benwick. There will be a long chat where Eizen praises
the thing that is a fishing rod.

       ~ Banerdia Ship ~                                            [SHP]

Does this mean we can board this thing as a location now? Talk to the gold
stars, your party members. Rokurou wants to have a fishing competition with
Eizen. Magilou likes fish. Likes eating them various ways. Laphicet and
Eleanor are getting along great, learning about parts of her past.

Talk to Benwick. Laphicet will fish out an attachment from the sea. Eleanor
and Magilou will also find attachments. Laphicet will get mad at Velvet for
mistaking him for her brother Laphi. But we'll be interrupted by Velvet's
rod catching a big pot. With a octopus daemon inside. Then zombies... this
pot is cursed!

According to Eizen this pot is the legendary pot that was lost 200 years ago
and it's apparently from the Claudine Era. Lol Eizen. The pot turns into a

Pandora Pot
Lvl 36
HP: 42606
Weak: Earth
Resist: Normal, Fire

Eizen doesn't want Velvet eating the pot. As if she would! Magilou reminds
everyone that the attachments and pot were all because of the Shinigami's
Curse. Laphicet's new pet name is Fi now. They even find Orihalcon in that
damn pot, that rare metal.

When in control, check out all the gold stars. The second time you talk to
Laphicet, Rokurou will pick up a letter on the floor and start reading it.
When in control head outside to the gold star and find Eizen talking to the
Turtlez. He agrees to let the Turtlez wrap the package in sunflower wrapping
paper, even calls it "cute". Apparently the letter belonged to Eizen.

If you've played Zestiria, you know who the letter is going to ;)

Lots of skits you can watch when in control. Most notable where Magilou 
asks Velvet to give her a pet name and some of them get pretty funny. 
Another one is where Rokurou gives Eizen a special coin where both sides are
"good luck". Eizen flips the first one, to have it taken by crows. He flips
the second one, only to have Griffon eat it. And the third one breaks after
flipping. Poor Eizen. 

Talk to Grimoire at the end of the dock. She asks why an Earth Malak like
Eizen would be out in sea considering how Earth Malaks drown in water.

Talk to Benwick for a long chat. Talk to him again to head out. The 
objective is to find leyline connections in Midgand. Let's see what we can

Head to Reneed, there's a group of people east of the sphere with a ! that
say there's a gouma causing problems in Raban Grotto. Kids are being 
kidnapped, Casperleague of the aristocracy has gone missing, exorcists can't
do much about it because their weapons are being ruined. This triggers a
sidequest: Rokurou's Demon Sword. It requires going to an area we haven't
been yet, so it's going under its own section.  

Head to Burnack Plateau, remember that dungeon entrance opposite of the
exorcist tower? We're going there, East Raban Grotto. You can also find a
Gamerz south of the entrances by the bridge to play a fishing mini-game.

       ~ East Raban Grotto ~                                        [034]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Flore Leaf        o  1750 Gald             o  Panacea Bottle
   o  Life Bottle       o  Undying Diving Protection Charm

   o  Chamomile

   o  Rabbit Ears (White)

In this first area, if you take the first fork south and to the west dead
end, there are thorns to burn. On the other side is katspi that cannot be
reached without the geo/rareboard.

So from the first fork, head straight to the upper east exit. In the corner
of this room is a FLORE LEAF. Head back and take the south exit. The first
south dead end leads to some katspi. Back up and burn the roots to continue.
Take the second north dead end for katspi and 1750 GALD. Head south and burn
more roots. Pick up a PANACEA BOTTLE. The next south dead end has a Katz Box
for 135. You'll get a Katz and RABBIT EARS (WHITE). Take the exit. 

Jump down for katspi, a warp, CHAMOMILE, and LIFE BOTTLE. The next area has
a chest with UNDYING DIVINE PROTECTION CHARM for Rokurou, and a DENOLE
BOTTLE. When ready, face the ! marked daemon. 

Lvl 36
HP: 34052
Weak: Normal, Earth
Resist: Water

Long chat after. Rokurou has a bit of inferiority complex when it comes to
his big brother's sword skills. This completes the sidequest. Head back to
the ship and go to Zexon Harbour. Scene when you arrive. Tabatha has a 
message for you, east of Rogress is a gouma in Aldina Grasslands. A member
from the neighbouring town of Stoneberry witnessed it.

There's a chat to activiate, Bienfu seems to know a lot about Stoneberry
because that's where his first love, a Normin, is from. But apparently the
girl met another boy shortly after Bienfu betrayed Magilou. Awww.

Talk to the old man outside the inn, they say it's possible to pass through
Aldina Grasslands now, and they're happy the man's student in Stoneberry is
safe now. His student has skill but is a little strange. He said he wanted
to "Establish a new city!" and then went to Stoneberry. The gramps is a 
little upset that the kid's stepping out of his bounds. Haha, his wife says
the student was a lot like her husband when he was young. She asks if you
see him in Stoneberry, give him their regards.

Talk to the guy inside the inn, he'll praise the kingdom and the Abbey for
making things better, safer, etc. More praise for Artorius. Magilou starts
stirring anxiety in people again.

Just checked out the item shop. Not sure if it's the new rank of 5, but the
shop now carries Tako (Octopus) and Okonmi Sauce (for Okonomiyaki). For
the Takoyaki recipe. Exit out and go to the next destination.

To go there, get to Danna Highway, on the map with the Rogress entrance. 
Instead of heading into Rogress, go to the east ??? exit. It was originally
barred by exorcists the first time we came here. Just before the entrance
there will be a long chat, Laphicet will get his JACKET OFF costume 

       ~ Aldina Grasslands ~                                        [035]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Soul Bottle       o  Feld Boots            o  Feld Fragment
   o  3600 Gald         o  Feld Let              o  Arcana Bottle
   o  Life Bottle       o  Low Grade Powder      o  All Divide

   o  Red Verbena       o  Red Rosemary          o  Red Saffron
   o  Red Sage

Scene as you enter. That dragon is the gouma, and it's freely flying around.
Laphicet senses a leyline point from that mountain. A lot of enemies here
are weak against fire. 

At the southeast point behind a tree is a RED VERBENA. Head west and halfway
up the map by some big boulders is a chest with SOUL BOTTLE. Take the east
exit. Take the south path. Before climbing up the vines at the end, go 
around the rock and get RED ROSEMARY. On the next level, there's a save,
go around for a FELD BOOTS. Take the vines up.

Follow the wall around to the south ! for a scene about the leyline and
scenery. Velvet will tell you about the white flowers. Follow the wall to 
the southeast point for FELD FRAGMENT.

Go to the gold star for a long chat. There's no barrier and no gouma. Velvet
tells you not to let your guard down, the dragon could have done it himself.
The question is whether the dragon is a kuuma or not. Head to Stoneberry to
find out. Head back down to the main map.

Head north to where that U shape on the map is. North of that U curve behind
a rock is a chest with 3600 GALD. Head north from here and then go east
downhill, follow this bend around back west for a Katz Box. It needs 225 to

Head to the south wall and follow it west, behind the mountain is a RED 
SAFFRON. Head all the way south following the west ball, at the dead end is
a FELD LET for Eizen. Near the red marker, on the map with a crescent shape
to denote a hill, there's a chest with ARCANA BOTTLE. The red marker is...

Lvl 42
HP: 41697
Weak: Fire
Resist: Earth, Wind

The southeast dead end has LIFE BOTTLE. Take the south exit. Follow the wall
around south and pick up LOW GRADE POWDER. Go north past the gold star.
Opposite of the north exit back to the last area, there's a chest uphill to
the west with ALL DIVIDE. Southwest of the north dungeon exit is a RED SAGE.

Head to the gold star for a save and entrance into the next village.

       ~ Pioneer Village, Stoneberry ~                              [036]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Mellow Liquid     o  Low Grade Powder      o  Feld Fragment

   o  Red Lavender      o  Red Verbena

   o  Eizen's Normin Costume

Lots of ! to check out:

Kids in the berry fields: they're collecting berries to feed to the birds.
If the birds have a purple egg, the royalty will come in and by the eggs.

Lady in the south field: so many berries around here being made into jams
and gels. Lots of berries are grown here hence why it's called Stoneberry.
There's a red potato called Radishbel found in a nearby place but apparently
its poisonous.

South of this lady by the barrels is a RED LAVENDER.

Old man on the bench: talks about using certain water to feed the crops,
making them more nutritious etc. 

Guy by the item shop: Not a lot of buyers for Stoneberry, but this place has
potential to grow with lots of natural resources to sell all around. If
they're in trouble, surely they'll be protected/saved. It's also nice and
quiet here, he likes living here. But he does want something that is 
original to Stoneberry to give it recognition. 

Go around the tree behind the save for MELLOW LIQUID. The monster hunt guy
is next to the save. Collect 5350 for defeating the peacock king. The Katz
box here requires 200 to open. Get a Katz and EIZEN'S NORMIN COSTUME.

Last guy north of the katz box: He saw it the last time he went to Rogress,
a giant gouma that destroyed the Abbey's exorcists' swords with its nails
and flung them away with its tail. Apparently someone else was there among

Behind this guy is a RED VERBENA. Head to the upper east end behind the 
house for a chest with LOW GRADE POWDER. South by the pond is another chest

The item shop sells Feld type weapons as well as some new amour like Force
Ring if you don't have any yet. The Chara Fuda kid is behind the food stall.
Head inside the inn and find Zaveid. He's drinking "Ibara's Forest" which is
pretty hard to get. A member from the guild will approach you, the witness.

She says the dragon only returns to the cliff when on rainy days. And it
starts to rain. Leave the village and the Katz will gift you the Rareboard
because he cannot ride it. To use the board, the party needs to invoke 
Bienfu's real name, which is Normin Brave. The party gets a laugh out of his
real name, cause Bienfu isn't very brave. 

To use the Rareboard on a field, it needs memorize/download the map's 
information through a leyline connection of sorts, highlighted as a blue
icon on the map. Head there for a page tutorial. To use the Rareboard, hold
down R2 while moving. 

There's a warp on the west wall, opposite of the Stoneberry entrance. It
takes you back to the western map, which puts you closer to the cliff 
entrance, kind of. Practice using the rareboard, there's a mini-game with 

Head back up that cliff for a scene. Stupid Eleanor.

Lvl 62
HP: 90714
Weak: Normal, Fire
Resist: Wind, Earth, Water

Beat at it until a scene takes place. Zaveid will appear. Apparently 
Shenlong is NOT a dragon, according to Zaveid. He wants to protect it. Pain
in the butt, seriously. Haha the dragon wacks Zaveid and flies away.

So that non-dragon dragon is Zaveid's... special someone/friend that he was
drinking for/to back in Stoneberry. In the following long chat, Eizen says
dragons are basically Malaks overcome with malevolence. (If you played
Zestiria... you would already know that.) Once they turn into dragons, they
cannot become Malaks again, the only option is death like gouma.

Velvet doesn't care what Eizen chooses to do about Zaveid and his friend,
but she doesn't want to be involved in his problems.

Return to Stoneberry and stay at the inn. Velvet will hog the room and bar
Eleanor from going in. Magilou works everyone in to a storm, turns out 
Velvet was just cleaning the room. She just really likes to clean.

Head back to the ship for now. If you use a Denole Bottle the closes you
can get is Rogress.

If you choose to stop by Rogress, Eleanor's turn at the waiter mini-game
is available. There's also a new mini-game inside the tavern if you talk to
the guy by the door. Oji-Men which is basically "Uncle's Face." The target
face is the face you want to smack the other three heads into looking like.
It's pretty hard.

The White Turtlez is outside the harbour entrance, it has a letter for 
Eizen. No idea who it's from though. The Turtlez also has no luck looking
for the Noru-sama Doll, said to grant great luck to the holder (?). It's not
like Eizen truly believes in it, but he refers that it would give "that
person" great relief if it actually worked. He reveals that person to be
his little sister! Laphicet says he'll help Eizen look for that doll.

Take the ship back to Titania. When in control, the rareboard data is in 
the northwest corner, down some stairs. There's a ! at the tower with a 
pirate and Kurogane. He has the wrong priorities when it comes to fixing
things. Go up the only ladder and remember to collect those katspi.

Go down to Velvet's cell for a gold star. Laphicet asks Eizen if there's a
way for Malak to get stronger. Eizen says right now the Abbey are using 
Malaks as tools. But originally Malaks gained strength by having people 
"pray" to them. Laphicet finds a large leyline point near Helvisa!

Return to the entrance for another long chat/gold star. Talk to the ! member
at the port, he's stocked the ship with enough inventory to make people
doubtful that there's anything suspicious going on. 

Talk to Benwick for a scene. This time it's Velvet's turn to comfort Moana.
It reminds her of a time when Laphi would cry like Moana did when he was
younger, despite appearing mature.

Scene when you reach the next harbour. The exorcists are moving north past
the city on a different mission.

       ~ Helavisa (Revisited) ~                                     [037]

Head forward to listen to the same people. Ever since the "calamity" lots of
bad things have been happening. The "calamity" itself involves a gouma 
that's also been going around the world causing problems. They also mention
someone named Medisa.

The other ! to the south talks about the amount of gouma increasing. Head to
the next area. The ! north of the church, the woman says a little girl 
turned into a gouma, she wonders what the cause of daemonblight is. 
Apparently an entire village is Eastgand has perished to daemonblight.

Talk to the gold star south of the church: she's too busy to give Velvet
information, but she'll talk to Eleanor. The lady wants Teresa to return.
Although it was more restricted when she was here, now everything's gone

Talk to the next guy up on the steps to hear about Medisa. Her daughter,
Diana under went daemonblight and the exorcists killed her. Medisa defied
and objected the Abbey saying even as goumas they have feelings. Medisa 
almost got herself executed but was saved by some higher ups in the Abbey.

Talk to the girl next to the inn, she tells you about the next area and a
certain secret. Then talk to the gold star south of that. More talk about
the girl that turned into a gouma, and the mother that tried to protect her.

After all this, there will be a long chat. But in a situation that sounds
similar to Moana's, chances are Medisa and the term "compatible person"
floating around means that Medisa was probably dragged away to become the
vessel for the kuuma. I think.

Go into the inn and check out the bookshelf. Another flashback of the past
involving Artorius and Seres. Go to the tavern, talk to the Teresa fanboy
with the ! for another fanboy session. Press square and check out some 

  o  Talk to the bald guy at the tavern to perform a skit between Magilou
     and Laphicet.
  o  The guy says Magilou's script sucks.

  o  Head to Cadonics Harbour, examine the thing between the item shop and
     the chest for a long chat. You will obtain the doll.

While here, head to the inn and the ! lady will talk about two occasions,
"Rabbit Saturday" and "Rappig Saturday". 

  o  In Helvisa, exit out to Figal through the warehouse. At the ! is the
     unicorn horn ingredient. 
  o  Go to Reneed and talk to Live. He tells you that the elixir is a
     cure to the "12 years old disease" where the illness kills you on your
     12th birthday. The same as Velvet's little brother. Soon it will be
     Live's 12th birthday.
  o  Go to Gallis Lakeroad to find the last ingredient. Enter from the
     Aldine Grassland entrance. In the first area is the rareboard data. 
     Take the upper west exit to the !, it's a shiny spot behind a boulder.

When ready, head out of Helvisa and take the north exit to the next 
dungeon. The rareboard data for Figal is at the top of the ice slide.

       ~ Fordis Historic Ruins ~                                    [038]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Arcana Bottle     o  Runner's High         o  Mellow Liquid
   o  Holy Bottle       o  All Divide            o  Force Ring
   o  Saturn Field

   o  Red Verbena       o  Red Lavender

Head through the north door. In the north area, one room has a Katz Box that
can be opened with 320. Just a Katz. The room next to it has a chest with

In the next area, ignore the north exit as you cannot proceed. Take the east
exit, lighting torches on both ends to open the doorway. In the next area
take the north exit. The rareboard data is here. And two chests with 

Go back and head south. There's a chest with HOLY BOTTLE at the first turn.
Follow the path. At the bottom of the map, head north east towards the 
red exit marker, but not from straight south because there are bars on 
either side of the exit, requiring you to light the torches behind them.
Light the torch on the east side and then head south and go all the way to 
the west end. Light the torch before going up the stairs for ALL DIVIDE and

Head back to the west side of the exit for another torch, which opens the
door behind it for another torch. Take the exit to the next area for scene.
Take out the enemies. 

There's a torch on both sides north of where you start. It unlocks the door
further north. South of the door is a chest with FORCE RING. Take the path
down. In the room at the bottom, both torches are in the south on opposite
ends. There's a save. Through the doorway is a chest with LIFE BOTTLE and a

In the next area, light the four torches in the room. Head forward to the
gold star for a scene. Velvet will break the barrier. Medisa will send 
snakes to attack you (she should be named Medusa, dang it). Defeat the 
sneaks for a scene. Apparently she wasn't forcefully turned into a kuuma,
she willingly did it. Damn she's got a ridiculous rack. I swear if this is
Medusa from Zestiria... 

She'll come at you again with three rock golems this time.

Kuuma Medisa
Lvl 39
Hp: 53550
Weak: Earth
Resist: Fire

She's got the same damn petrifying stare move too. After you take her down,
she will call Velvet the "Lord of Calamity." HMMMMMM.

Laphicet and Eleanor will bring up Moana's case to reason with Medisa. 
She'll faint afterwards. Eizen will use a arte/spell on her just to be safe
while they extract her from this place.

When in control, take the east path and exit out. Light the torches and go
south. Take the immediate exit to go back up a level. Light the torches at
the west end and go through the door. Take the north door. In this area head
east, midway in the north room is a RED LAVENDER. The southeast room has a

The northeast room has 3800 GALD and another normin doll for the LUCKY
NOR-GOD DOLL sidequest. In the following long chat, Eizen will receive 
another letter from his sister. Apparently she's pretty angry in that 
letter. It's derived that his sister loves him dearly. He doesn't think she
would write such a letter. Magilou suggests maybe the letter was meant for
a boy from his sister. This angers Eizen. 

Return to Helvisa. Inside will be a scene. You'll be taken straight to 
Titania. Medisa meets Moana. Eleanor basically wants Medisa to mother Moana.
According to Moana, Velvet and Dyle are scarier than Medisa. What the heck.

When in control head to the roof of the north tower and talk to Grimoire. 
Partway there will be a long chat about the party members' mothers. 
Rokurou's mom passed away a while ago, Magilou doesn't have parents, she 
says she was born from a peach (like Momotarou). Eizen as a Malak was born
from a concentration of spiritual matter. 

In another long chat, Eizen explains that he was born from a certain leyline
point on a certain spiritual mountain. Before he knew it, his sister was
also born from the same leyline point. They ended up living together.
Although they are no way related, they felt a special connection to each 
other. So he promised himself to protect her. They each made the exact same
pendant for the other, and that's when he felt that sibling relationship.

Head up and talk to Grimoire. There's more of the book to translate. In the
second verse, Kanonushi revives and destroys humanity. Apparently this is as
far as Grimoire can translate because it's not the original book.

When in control head outside and Moana will be joyous that she's spending
time with Medisa. She wants Laphicet to join in her bath with Medisa, which
troubles him. Eleanor saves him by saying Dyle grew another tail.

Laphicet will find another leyline point in the east of Eastgand. When in 
control talk to the first ! to open a new arena. Talk to Dyle at the second
! and he says he'll take care of this hideout. Velvet says it's just because
if he rides on the boat with the party, he's likely to meet an unfortunate

That wraps things up here for now. There are some things that can be done
before heading to the next destination:

Church in Helvisa: the priest will ask you to confess your sins. Eizen will
give him the death glare and confess that a long time ago the White Turtlez
had a really beautiful painting which he ended up buying it for a high price
but it turned out to be a replica. He also repents for secretly taking 100
gald from his sister. Laphicet will be next but the priest doesn't think
he's old enough to have something to confess. But he does, he repents for
sprinkling salt on a slug cause he read that they shrink when you do so. But
it turns out instead of salt, he accidentally sprinkled sugar on it and then
ants attacked it. He also poured syrup down an ant hill and repents for that

Inn in Cadonics Harbour: pirates will say gouma attacked Vordigan, you will
hear more about the Casperleague aristocrat, who apparently turned into the
gouma. Apparently this guy's family and the Rangetsu family are connected
somehow. This activates the next part of Rokurou's sidequest.

   o  Head to Vordigan (unless you can warp to a dungeon, you'll have to 
      manually track there from Reneed)
   o  Head up to the rooftop that you jumped off of the first time you were
      here (to get there, head inside the dungeon and take the door beside
      the save and make your way up)
   o  On the roof you'll fight:
      Lvl: 61
      HP: 54942
      Weak: Water
      Resist: Normal, Fire, Earth

When ready, talk to Benwick and (any) harbour and go to a new location.

       ~ Tarieshin Harbour ~                                       [039]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Mellow Liquid     o  Arcana Bottle         o  4350 Gald
   o  Life Bottle

   o  Red Sage          o  Red Saffron           o  Red Rosemary

   o  Soothing Cat

Velvet will dream about an apple, Seres. She doesn't want Velvet forget that
she ate her. Velvet can't forget the taste. In the next long chat, Benwick
will not that the fog was unusual. 

When in control, head to the first north end where that noisy cat is, and
down the steps is a RED SAGE. Go around and uphill, taking the exit to the
next area. Velvet says this place was originally built as a fortress. She
seems to know a lot about this place, it is after all her home.

When in control head south/up the stairs and turn the corner for a Katz Box.
Use 230 to open it for a Katz and SOOTHING CAT. Head up to the main square.

At the ! by the food stall, the guy is thankful for the sun coming out. He
says that Eastgand has the least amount of gouma/daemonblight because 
Artorius saved them. Even if there is, they don't enter town.

The item shop here carries the Quartz series of items and some new kinds of
rings. The girl ! by the fruit stand will ask about other towns and their
state regarding daemonblight. 

Go up the steps next to her and beside the building is a chest with MELLOW
LIQUID. Talk to the guy ! on the other side, he'll ask how you're enjoying
the town. He says the exorcists have gone to Northgand to deal with the
gouma there. Go down and up the stairs between the save and inn, the woman
says someone named Nico is supposed to come and sell stuff. But she's holed
up in her village waiting for her lost friend to come back. Apparently 
everyone in that village is still alive and well. It's gotta be a lie!!!

Take the stairs to the left but keep an eye on the wall there's a crevice 
with a ladder to climb. Keep climbing up until you see the Chara Fuda kid on
the roof. Jump down the other end for a chest with ARCANA BOTTLE. Head back
to the main area. Continue up the steps until you see kids in school 
uniforms with a !. They're talking about the latest festival at Abal. And
Nico's quiche. Behind them is a RED SAFFRON.

Ignore the south and head west. Go down the stairs for RED ROSEMARY. Head
back and go up the stairs. Turn around for the rareboard data. Follow the
path for 4350 GALD and the last !. He says that if there's anything this
city is famous for, it's the stairs! Everyone in this place has really 
strong legs/feet.

Head back to the save. Taking the stairs down beside it leads to the tavern.
Inside is the monster hunt guy by the fireplace. Get 15000 gald for 
defeating Lancelot.

Now that you have the rareboard data, head back up the first ladder that 
would take you to the Chara Fuda kid. Instead after the first ladder you'll
see a blue glow on either side of the ground. Use the rareboard to fly to 
the other side. Take the ladder down and get LIFE BOTTLE. 

Take the southern exit we ignored earlier.

       ~ Pranaha Lakeside Bluffs ~                                 [040]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle x2    o  Beast Ring            o  4350 Gald
   o  Mellow Liquid    

   o  Red Sage          o  Red Lavender

Halfway down the first area, along the west wall is a LIFE BOTTLE. In the
next area climb the vines to get a BEAST RING. Go south hugging the west 
wall until you can see vines. Climb up and get 4350 GALD. Slide down the
stream at the other end, pick up the katspi and rareboard data and then take
the next slide back to the main level. 

South of the vines behind the big tree is RED SAGE. Cross the bridge to the
east for a long chat. Rokurou wonders why Velvet was put into the prison

On the other side of the bridge head north and then walk on to the stream.
Collect the katspi under the bridge and then continue north up the stream.
At the north most point once you hop some rocks is a chest with MELLOW
LIQUID. Head back across the rocks and go up the hill here for another LIFE

Head back. From the bridge, make your way east, up a slope. Behind the tree
is a RED LAVENDER. Head south to the red marker for:

Lvl 44
HP: 63866
Weak: Fire
Resist: Wind

There's also a Katz Box nearby between the red marker and the exit. Open it
for 245. Take the exit.

       ~ Morgana's Forest ~                                        [041]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Runner's High     o  Quartz Doll           o  Quartz Bag
   o  Quartz Blade      o  Life Bottle           o  Beast Ring
   o  Soul Bottle       o  All Divide            o  Grape Gel

Head all the way north and pick up RUNNER'S HIGH. Follow the path to the
next exit. In this next area, the northeast has a chest with QUARTZ DOLL.
Take the south exit. 

There's a save at the first fork. Go east for a QUARTZ BAG. Follow the path
south for a scene and fight.

Lvl 42
HP: 57712
Weak: Fire
Resist: Water, Earth

Meet Nico again. She run on ahead to tell everyone Velvet's back. But Eizen
tells Velvet not to let her guard down, something's off. When in control,
go down the south path for a QUARTZ BLADE. Follow the path to the upper east

In the next area, go directly east to the first exit. This place has katspi
and a chest with LIFE BOTTLE. Head back and follow the path to the next east
point. At the end is a Katz Box. Spend 250 to open it for a Katz. Continue
along the path to the next east exit. Turn south and get the rareboard data.

Go north and over the stream with the rareboard. The area beyond that has a
red marker. 

Lvl 46
HP: 75820
Weak: Wind
Resist: Water

There's a BEAST RING here. Backtrack to the map with the Katz Box and head
out the south exit. This brings you to the south side of that previous two
way split. Follow this path to the end for a SOUL BOTTLE. Rareboard across
the stream on the other side, head south for an ALL DIVIDE. 

Head back to the map with the rareboard data. Continue east. In the 
north east dead end is a chest with GRAPE GEL. Take the east exit. Ignore
the village entrance for now. Go west from it, uphill for a chest with
INOFLE BOTTLE. Save and head inside. You won't be able to leave right away. 

       ~ Abal (Revisited) ~                                        [042]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Old Spear        

   o  Red Sage x2       o  Red Lavender

Inside the villagers will welcome Velvet back who starts spazzing. They tell
her that Laphicet is well and alive at her home. What? 

Head north and towards the east exit, at the steps of the second house is a
RED SAGE. Head back and move past all the gathered villagers for a chest
with OLD SPEAR. Head south for a long chat. Eizen gut punches Rokurou 
thinking this is an illusion, but it fails. Poor guy. The men will leave the
party to look for the kuuma.

Take the exit to Velvet's house. Scene ahead. Her house hasn't changed at
all. Laphicet tries to warn her to be careful. If this is really Melchior's
trap, she cuts herself but it doesn't do anything for her. She won't be
fooled. She'll see Laphicet her brother and cry. He's warm but has been
sleeping since that day.

When in control, the rareboard data for this place is behind Velvet's house.
There's also a RED LAVENDER. The other side of her house as a Katz Box that
can be opened for 250.

Head back to town. the ! guy by the animal pen, he wants to apologize for
badmouthing and not believing in Arthur/Artorius. They were thinking that
her leaving the village was because of them.

The ! lady near the gold star: they say the exorcists periodically come to
take care of the gouma. So well that daemonblight has not affected the

The herb near the northeast exit has regrown, collect another RED SAGE. The
! guy here will be really excited to see Velvet again. Head forward and 
talk to the ! granny. She hasn't changed a bit. This time she claims Velvet
is already 16 years old (she's actually 19). 

Talk to the merchant at the gold star to acquire ingredients. For free!! He
has no uriboar meat, so he tells you to look in Morgana Forest for some.
Apparently Eleanor doesn't like spinach. Hm.

Head out to Morgana's Forest and backtrack to the gold star. Attack the boar
for its meat. Keep finding more gold stars in the forest for boar meat. 
After a long chat, head back to Abal and Velvet's house.

The guys will discover that the other woods are being restricted by the 
Abbey, there's a high chance this is a trap. Eizen and Rokurou will go ahead
giving her time to think and decide tonight on her future actions.

Nico will scream at seeing her arm. She's afraid but Velvet's not scary. She
won't say anything and wants Velvet to live like they all did in the past.

Laphicet will find the original copy to the book about Kanonushi. Velvet
will interrupt and ask to borrow his compass really quickly. velvet will
pick some pudding off Laphicet's face and be able to taste it as too sweet.
Which shouldn't be possible because she has no sense of taste, which shocks

Velvet demands Magilou to tell her if there's a spell to trap someone in a
dream. There is. Velvet, angry, will head to the woods. When in control, head
to the main area of the village. The villagers are not letting the
guys advance. They'll turn into gouma, so fight them.

       ~ Quelling Woods (Revisited) ~                              [043]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Apple Gel          
   o  Red Verbena       o  Red Rosemary          o  Red Saffron

   o  Velvet's Fire Normin Costume

We've been here before. Follow the same path. North of the rareboard data
is a RED VERBENA. Pick up the rareboard data and then use the rareboard to
head west. Pick up a chest in the corner with APPLE GEL. You can go north
and down the stream to pick up some katspi. Head back to the fork with the
rareboard data and continue east. At the save, break the boulder and head
down. In the east corner is RED ROSEMARY. Follow the path west to jump down.

Head back to the save, use it, and head out the exit for a scene and kuuma.
Hm, two headed dogs. Should have known. Oru and Torosu makes Orutorosu =

Lvl 43
HP: 61981
Weak: Wind
Resist: Fire, Water

Scene after. The spell also breaks and so does the book. The real book might
still be there so head back to her house. When in control there's a red mark
on this map.

Lvl 49
HP: 43100
Weak: Fire
Resist: Normal

Go around the outside of this platform, there's a Katz Box on the northeast
side. Costs 250 to open. Get a Katz and get Velvet's FIRE NORMIN COSTUME.

Up on the platform is a bunch of katspi. In the east end is a RED SAFFRON.
Return to Abal and Velvet's home. Check Laphicet's bookshelf and there will
be no book. 

Check out the ! in Velvet's room. She wanted to learn to knit in exchange 
for teaching Nico how to make the quiche, but that was in the past and she
no need to learn it anymore.

Check out the ! by the bookshelf at the end of Laphicet's bed. Laphicet 
wanted to travel the world. Exit for a scene at her family's grave. Melchior
will appear. He has the book you need. A gouma will step in the way of the
party attacking Melchior. Head to the village square for a scene. Laphicet
will find an open book. Velvet will remember how the book landed there.

For now head back to the harbour. Gotta do it by foot since there are long
chats along the way. You can try using the bottles to get to the Morgana's
Forest exit in Pranaha Lakeside Bluffs. Which is as close as you can get.

Most of the chats are about the gouma Melchior was controlling. Head to 
Tarieshin Harbour. Inside, let's check out all the ! points.

Kids in uniform: The kid's sister is going to make uriboar meatballs. It's
not as delicious as before though since that day 3 years ago. At least the
spell broke on this place too.

Guy by the church: There's an annual celebration of the day Artorius saved
the city. He says if Artorius had saved Abal instead of Tarieshin on that
day, it would have been this city that would have been wiped out. 

Guy by the seafood stall: There's never been fog in this city. That fog was
the beginning of Melchior's illusion. 

   o  Talk to the old guy by the ledge for a skit between Magilou and
      Eleanor. Apparently this gramps is friends with Barta.
   o  Reward: Magilou's JACKET OFF and HAT OFF variation costumes.
Collect the reward from the monster hunt guy in the tavern before heading 
to the harbour. 20,000 gald, sweet! At the exit to the harbour is a Gamerz
with the Rareboard mini-game. Just realized he was here.

Talk to the ! pirate in the harbour to open another arena area. Talk to 
Benwick. Go back to Titania. Scene on the ship. Velvet will collapse. Abbey
centric scene. Artorius will cast a spell on Oscar to have him test it out.
An experiment of sorts. Teresa will have her spirit No. 1 taken from her
and assigned to Melchior. Teresa will return to being an exorcists when
Oscar succeeds his mission and returns. Dang.

Left behind, Kanonushi will cast another (or the same) spell on Teresa. Ohh.

Back in Titania, the first ! in this port, the guy says the Abbey has been
very quiet lately. Inside is a long chat, Laphicet will sense out another
leyline point in the northeast in Endgand. In a skit, Velvet confuses Seres
for her sister Celica.

Let's check out these !:

Head outside and talk to Medisa: she wants Moana to listen to her. They're
fighting over the fact that Medisa told Moana to dry her hair right after
leaving the bath. Eleanor ends up spoiling Moana.

Crew member in the hallway: he finds the prince kind of interesting, as the
prince likes to really care for the animals and even Moana. The prince is
super happy to be able to do things of his own free will. Doing these things
makes him feel alive. It almost made this crew member cry.

Moana south of here: Laphicet and Moana wonder if Dyle sheds his skin, since
he is a lizard. 

Crew member in the other port: he asks Eizen about the 4 mysteries of the
sea. Talk about the Queen Squid, the size of a human, when it sees a person,
it latches on and sucks. To the point where you're not sure if it hurts or
doesn't, almost like an actual queen - and that's where the conversation
stops cause it's too adult for Laphicet. 

Dyle down the steps in the same area: He's hiding from Moana. She's been
surprising him making his new tails drop. 

Kurogane in the hallway that leads to a tower: Kurogane is sighing heavily,
Dyle comes in looking for Moana because they're playing hide and seek. When
he leaves, Moana comes out from inside Kurogane's armour. She praises him,
and Kurogane even blushes, haha. 

We're done here, head to the next location by talking to Benwick.

       ~ Lionel Island Wharf ~                                     [044]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Grape Gel         o  Arcana Bottle        
   o  Angel Wings

On the ship, Benwick will find an Abbey ship sending an SOS signal. Eizen
chooses to help them. If it's a trap, they'll just leave them to die. They
board and all the exorcists have undergone Pirate's Disease. Rokurou notes
that it's very little exorcists for an Abbey ship. Teresa's also on this

She tells them that in their destination, there's a kuuma named Deel, and
Oscar is guarding it. About the spell cast on Oscar. She wants you to save
him. In exchange for being able to save her brother, she'll let you take the
kuuma and run away with it. 

Eleanor reveals that Teresa's mother was a mistress. Oscar was born a 
legitimate son and joined the Abbey has his family's successor. She followed
him there to protect him. As of now, No. 1 was taken from her and she no
longer has the powers of an exorcist.

Talk to the guild member to the west of the save. Learn about the situation
of this island. Talk to the other guy by the item shop, he says that there
is an Abbey tent here, not inhabited but well stocked. 

Go behind the tent for a GRAPE GEL. Head west and behind the other tent is a
ARCANA BOTTLE. Next to the same tent on the other side is a Katz Box. Open
it with 275. Get a Katz and ANGEL WINGS.

Head north for a long chat. Talk to the ! at the north exit, he says this 
place seems like historic ruins and he can just sense all the treasure. 
There is also rareboard data here. Take the exit. 

       ~ Beild Marsh ~                                             [045]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Panacea Bottle    o  Life Bottle x2        o  5600 Gald
   o  Grape Gel         o  6000 Gald             o  Soul Bottle
   o  Arcana Bottle     o  Infini Ring           o  Hourglass
   o  Military Hike     o  Bag of Freya          o  Quartz Boots
   o  Summer Waistcoat  o  Valkyria

   o  Red Chamomile     o  Red Lavender          o  Red Sage

First things first, head southwest, across the rocks and change that glowing
spell from red to blue. Head back and start going north. Take the northwest
path, breaking the boulder to get through. Here turn the green spell to 
yellow. There's also a chest with PANACEA BOTTLE on the other side of the

Head back and go north east this time. Activate the spells here before going
to the next area. The west path is blocked by a barrier. The spell to change
it is in the northeast behind the arch. Change it to yellow and pick up the
LIFE BOTTLE. Head towards the west exit, before you jump the rocks, there's
a chest with 5600 GALD to the north. If you keep going it's just katspi and
a dead end.

Head back. Turn the spell back to green and take the northwest exit. Go 
around the barrier and break the boulder north of it to get past. There's a
chest here with another LIFE BOTTLE. Head to the north end. Around the ruins
from the green spell is a RED CHAMOMILE. Change the spell colour and take
the exit. 

Change the spell here to remove the barrier. Hop along for katspi and a Katz
Box at the end. Open it with 300 for a Katz.

Go back and change the spell back to red. Head south and around west for a
GRAPE GEL. Continue along the path changing the yellow spell to green. Ahead
is a scene.Teresa wonders why boys like bugs. She shows kindness to Laphicet
by getting the bug for him. She says Oscar also went bug hunting as a kid. 

When in control, turn around and get a RED LAVENDER. Head along the path and
break the boulder to continue. By the fire spell is a chest with 6000 GALD.
Change the spell to blue and exit.

In this area go around the green barrier and change the blue spell to red.
Head forward and behind the green spell is a SOUL BOTTLE. Ignore the spell
and head on. Head south of the fire barrier and find the spell. Change it to
blue. Move north to the red marker. In the north end is a chest with ARCANA
BOTTLE. When you're ready:

Lvl 52
HP: 74573
Weak: Wind
Resist: Water

Head back and change the spell back to red. Keep going south across the
rocks. Once back on grass, make a u going northeast for a chest with INFINI
RING. Go east of the barrier across the rocks for rareboard data and the 
spell. Change it to yellow. Head back and take the exit. 

In the middle of this area to the north is katspi and RED SAGE. Take the 
west exit. In this area behind the fire spell is a chest with HOURGLASS. 
Change the red to blue. At the save, head north. 

In this area take the south east path across the rocks for a MILITARY HIKE.
Head back and go all the way north east. There's a chest here with BAG OF
FREYA. Return to the last area. Change the spells so that they are red and
green. When possible to go south across the rocks, do so and break the wall
at the end. This gives you a shortcut back to the beginning of the dungeon.

Head to the northwest. There's a silver chest behind a bunch of ruins for
QUARTZ BOOTS. Take the exit. Along the south is a chest with SUMMER WAIST-
COAT. Follow the path until the music stops. Ignore Oscar and head to the
east ledge for a chest with VALKYRIA.

Head to Oscar for a scene. Again he gets knocked out. Instead of taking him
and leaving, she'll fuse with the gouma instead. Lovely.

Kuuma Teresa
Lvl 44
HP: 58757
Weak: Normal
Resist: Fire, Wind

Damn she even has a hi-ougi. But it's not too powerful. Just don't give her 
a chance to go on the offensive. Oscar will comfort Teresa, thanking her for
everything she's done for him. He'll perform the spell on himself as well
but with a spirit. This looks kind of familiar. Kind of like the 
Armatization from Zestiria.

Completed Kamui Oscar
Lvl 45
HP: 51302
Resist: Earth

More scenes, Oscar will go berserk and Velvet will stop him, accidentally
killing him. Teresa will try to kill Velvet, but she'll use her arm and 
kill Teresa as well. Velvet eats the impurities from them. She's still in
shock, she doesn't want to be a murderer like Artorius, by trying to tell
herself they attacked first. She will pass out. 

When in control you'll gain The Transgressor's Chains trophy. Head back to
Lionel Island Wharf towards the ship for a scene. Benwick will get a
message. Abbey ships are headed to Titania to destroy to the Lord of 
Calamity. But this didn't come from the guild, it came from a regular
merchant. It could be a trap. This time the exorcists might be using kamui
like Oscar. 

Talk to the monster hunt knight and pick up 7800 gald. The item shop has 
moved to where Benwick is. Stock up if necessary and head to Titania. On the
ship there will be a scene on the ship. Magilou finds out what the traitor
is actually Bienfu. Melchior attached an additional contract on to her
contract spell.

Welp, it's always nice when they throw Kamui at you. By the way apparently
in its currently early stages, the process could, if gone wrong, make 
people self-destruct. Aren't you glad they fixed that for Zestiria? Anyways.

Earth-Kamui Exorcist
Lvl 46
HP: 14854
Weak: Wind
Resist: Water

Water-Kamui Exorcist
Lvl 46
HP: 9400
Weak: Earth
Resist: Fire

These guys are nothing compared to Oscar. They also self-destruct, knowing
this would happen to them. When in control head back outside and talk to the
!, the guys will guard the south port so the party can do their thing.

Save and head inside. Find the gold star and get there. There will be 
enemies in the halls again since the exorcists are attacking the place. 
The White Turtlez is also back in its usual corner.

At the gold star is Kurogane, Medisa and Moana. He'll also hand Rokurou a
Oriharicon Seiran. Take the path beyond them until you run into the prince
and Griffon. Artorius is also on the island according to him. Head back to
the south port. 

The ships are coming this way, Eizen says they're pulling out. Take care of
the exorcists. Head back to the north port and use the prince as a hostage
chip to snag a ship. 

Scenes ahead. Kanonushi already exists, and apparently, it is also Velvet's
little brother, Laphicet. Lovely. Just lovely.

Lvl 65
HP: 67567
Weak: Fire
Resist: Normal, Wind

None of your hits will mean anything. Hold tight until a scene takes place.
So now Artorius' real goal is to erase human's free wills just like he did
to Malaks. Kanonushi "eats them" to heal his wounds. He says her efforts
meant nothing and only hurt others. Laphicet saves the day. Kind of.
Kanonushi will go after them. Shigure's going to wait to Artorius and Kano-
nushi's kamui. Dang.

More scenes. So apparently Magilou was at one point Melchior's student. Hm.
Velvet's gone crazy. 

       ~ Leylines ~                                                [046]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Life Bottle x5    o  Peach Gel x11          o  Grape Gel
   o  Apad Ring         o  Soul Bottle x3          

Use the save and head north. There are enemies this time. Take the warp. 
Follow the path and go to the southwest side. The south dead end has a chest
with LIFE BOTTLE. Follow the path to the warp, but before you take it,
beyond it to the west is a chest with PEACH GEL. Warp.

Head forward for a long chat. Take the warp at the other end. In this next
area, go west to the next warp but before taking it, there's a LIFE BOTTLE
at the south point and a GRAP GEL at the west point. Take the north warp.

Head forward for a scene. Another illusion/memory orb. Oh when Celica first
met Artorius. Rokurou and Eizen finally join up. Go all the way east for a
APADO RING. Take the south warp. In the next area, go forth for a long chat.
Take the next exit.

At the fork take the north warp for a chest with 5 PEACH GELs. Head back and
take the south warp. Take the southwest path around north, picking up 3 LIFE
BOTTLE along the way. Warp to the next area. 

Scene ahead with another memory ball. This time Celica is pregnant. Arthur
is super happy about this. Exit out. In this area follow the path west until
there's a fork going south. At the end of this path is a chest with 5 PEACH
GELs. Continue west for a long chat. Another memory ball to the north. 

You will see how Celica died 10 years ago. Melchior appears behind him. From
the beam of light Seres and Laphicet are born. Arthur apologizes for being
unable to protect his family and says he will throw the current self away.
He forms a contract with them. 

So basically the human souls of Celica and her unborn baby were reincarnated
as Malaks. Celica's soul into Seres and her unborn baby's soul into 
Laphicet. If the memory is real. Velvet was aware that Seres was truly 

Ignore the warp and continue to the red dungeon marker. Use the save and go
through this warp. In the next area, to the immediate north is a chest with
3 SOUL BOTTLEs. Head to the gold star for a scene. Another memory ball 
between Laphicet and Artorius.

Laphicet asks is sacrificing a soul to Kanonushi will make him resurrect.
In the book, it says if Kanonushi resurrects all the gouma will disappear.
That is the true purpose of the Crimson Night. Laphicet asks if it's 
possible for him to go to heaven, to be sacrificed in the upcoming Crimson
Night. The next Crimson Night after the upcoming one, is in 3 years and he
won't be alive then because of his disease.

He's not afraid of the disease or dying, but he doesn't want to die knowing
nothing. He wants to keep this a secret from Velvet. He's going to make it,
a world where she can be happy. The same words he spoke in the prologue. 

Velvet will freak out, and an ugly chimera will attack the party.

LVL 48
HP: 73846
Weak: Fire
Resist: Normal, Earth

Kanonushi will appear and make Velvet completely breakdown. Forcing her to
have "hatred" and "despair" the final impurities he needed to be complete.
Laphicet's pretty strong for a little boy.

The "despair" will disappear. Seres will appear. Velvet finally understands
her feelings. But she can only fight from here on for herself. You will get
the trophy The Unquenchable Flame.

Back to Melchior and Magilou. He keeps breaking her down and calls her a
failure. The party will burst through the gate. Velvet's back to normal!

Lvl 49
HP: 63474
Weak: Wind
Resist: Normal 

Lvl 49
HP: 17195
Weak: Normal

Take them out. Scene after. Velvet tells him to pass on a message to 
Artorius and Kanonushi. They stole what was precious to her, and she'll make
them pay. He'll summon the gouma, that looks a lot like Aifread, and Zaveid
will come in saving the day.

Zaveid will also bring No. 1. with them. He can't leave the kid alone. He'll
figure out something for the vessel.

       ~ The Charis ~                                              [047]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Peach Gel x5      o  Life Bottle x5         o  Elixir
   o  Arcana Bottle     o  Grape Gel x5           o  Soul Bottle

New area, save. Head down the long set of steps. Pick up 5 PEACH GELs, and 5
LIFE BOTTLEs. Continue, at the fork go south for ELIXIR. Head back and go
north and then at the next fork go southwest. Pick up ARCANA BOTTLE and head
back continuing north.

Most of the long chats along the way about No. 1. Naming him and stuff. Both
Velvet and Eleanor have bad naming sense. Eizen names him Silver after his
hair colour and other features.

Take the warp at the end. Follow the path north and find a dragon, trapped
like a gouma. Velvet informs Zaveid of the situation in the long chat. The
Abbey is using this place as a dragon farm to feed Kanonushi once he eats
all the impurities from the humans. 

Keep going. Pick up 5 GRAPE GELs. Continue to the fork. Go south for SOUL
BOTTLE. Backtrack and go east. Another long chat about Laphicet being reborn
from Artorius' unborn kid. A skit can be activated about that gouma with 
Melchior. Take the warp at the bottom.

       ~ Curseland ~                                               [048]
ITEMS CHECKLIST-------------------------------------------------------------
   o  Red Saffron       o  Red Rosemary

Right behind the pillar where you start is RED SAFFRON. The White Turtlez is
also here. It sells Topaz type weapons and armour. Use the save and move on
to the northwest side, behind the pillar is RED ROSEMARY.

Head south for a scene. Silver will be blasted by Kanonushi turning the poor
boy into a dragon. Zaveid will take care of Kanonushi leaving you with

Lvl 50
HP: 79027
Weak: Normal, Water
Resist: Fire, Earth

Fight partway till a scene occurs, Zaveid will be downed by Kanonushi. You
will be brought back into battle with the dragon, minus Laphicet. And he's
back at full HP.

Around half his HP, scene and he'll recover. Laphicet meanwhile is fighting
Kanonushi. Kanonushi will try  to turn Laphicet into a dragon, but he ends
up burning the impurity and fainting. Run away!

In the following scene, you can assume Kanonushi eats the "reasoning" left
inside Melchior's gouma buddy, whom we can also assume is Aifread.

When in control the party is in Cadonics Harbour. Head to the inn and rest.
Dream sequence where Velvet talks to Seres, and briefly Celica. At some
point she had regained her memories as her time as Celica. As thanks her
older sister for the happy times they had together.

Velvet will start oozing an aura of impurity/malevolence. But Laphicet said
that Velvet is still Velvet whether she's human, gouma, or the demon lord.

In the morning, the men will let the party know that the ship want to meet
up at Lionel Wharf because the received information that Aifread was there.
Of course, Eizen knows that this is a trap and that the gouma from earler
is Aifread. Time to save the Banerdia Ship.

When in control check out the first ! by the steps, the guy will says the
prince is safe back in the capital, that the prince was kidnapped by the
Lord of Calamity.

The next ! by the warehouse, the guys are wondering why there are Abbey 
ships in the "Sea of No Return" where Curseland is. Talk to Eleanor at the
dock. Talk to her again to go toe Lionel Wharf. Head out to the marsh and 
make your way to the gold star.

Gouma Aifread
Lvl 52
HP: 71705
Weak: Normal
Resist: Water, Earth

Take him down, scene after. In a turn of events, Laphicet will use his 
powers to turn Aifread back into a person. But he will not live. In his last
breath, he tells Laphicet that he is a fragment of Kanonushi, if he manages
to seal Kanonushi, something good should happen. Right now he's in the 
middle of a ceremony and cannot move. If the party is going to attack, they
should do it soon by waking the four great spirits.

Zaveid will get up and leave. He says the next time they meet, they'll 
settle the score. Long chat follows. Talk to Grimoire to continue. So the
new plan is to wake the four great spirits of wind, fire, water, earth, to
seal Kanonushi. The party is going to need souls free of impurity to wake
them. Which means using the souls of the exorcists that the Abbey has eaten
i.e. Oscar and Teresa. It could work.

Talk to Benwick to continue. Talk to him again to go to Helvisa. Scene on
the ship. Anime cutscene! Creepy jeebies. The party will pitstop in Zexon
Harbour. Another scene. Yikes, this new pressure is stronger than the last
one, its making people who did bad things kill themselves.

       ~ Zexon Harbour/Rogress ~                                   [049]

Time to check out what's going on. The first ! guy the exit will spill his
dark needs in monotone. Kanonushi's suppressing people's karma (gou) but
also their wills. And this the kind of world he wants to make, gross.

The next ! guy by the inn: be doesn't think the Magilou Troupe is anything
special and doesn't understand why he asked to see their tricks earlier.
He wants to be erased from this world. That rareboard data is on the other
side by the exit. 

There's another ! on the bridge of Danna Highway and one more ! outside the
entrance of Rogress. Everyone's all the same. Head to the castle in Rogress.
You'll find the prince and Tabatha, beat down the Malak. The other two will
have take the prince and the girl.

Go after the prince using the underground route again. Head south and pull
the lever. Backtrack and take the fork to get the rareboard data. Once in
the castle, between the bookshelves is the rareboard data. Head down to
where the party first met Griffon. Just before the room where there is a
slight jut on either wall is a Katz Box, open it for 65 and get a Katz.

Beyond that is a scene. And a fight. The prince will be okay, but the girl
will lose her will. This is the kind of world Kanonushi wants to create.
The prince will tell the party that Artorius's ceremony ends on the Crimson
Night. It's a race against the clock as it whose plan takes place first.
Artorius' or ours.

Exit out of Rogress. Head to the inn in Zexon Harbour for a !. This guy says
he should be running away from his problems with Nectar or alcohol, he 
should go outside and throw it up. Rokurou says that's something you should
do in the morning after getting wasted. 

You cannot teleport to Helvisa, so talk to Benwick. But before we go...

Guy in the tavern in Izult: He tells you guys not to go near Paramidis,
there's a strong gouma there and the Abbey is warning everyone. If Velvet
eats it, she might get its strengths and become stronger herself. 

Head to Paramidis. The rareboard data for Manaan Sea Reef is by the entrance
of the last map (the one that exits out to Paramidis). Inside beyond the
central goblet is a red marker.

Lvl 35
HP: 35828
Weak: Earth
Resist: Fire

Collect 4350 gald for killing this guy. Talk to Benwick at any harbour and
go to Helvisa. 


COPYRIGHT                                                             [CPY]

This file is copyright 2016 Lillian Yeung.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

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