Tex Murphy - Overseen Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tex Murphy - Overseen

Tex Murphy - Overseen

Submitted by: Dj Simo


A Tex Murphy Mystery
A Walkthrough
P. Hart

In  Overseer - and as in many adventure games of this type - there
are  many items to take into your inventory. In Overseer, whenever
your  cursor goes over something it can interact with, the  cursor
will  turn  into a crosshair. So whenever you see the  crosshairs,
check  it  out.  Also,  check out items  that  you  find  in  your
inventory. Examining items will sometimes yield more items.  There
will  also be times when you need to combine certain items to make
another  item.  So  search around your environment  carefully  and
meticulously.  Open  doors, drawers, and cabinets.  Sometimes  you
have to get down low in your elevation and look under things.

In  Overseer,  Tex  has the Vid-Phone on his  desk  that  has  the
feature,  the  American Information Database (AID).  Whenever  you
find out some new information, new name, etc., it's a good idea to
enter  it  into the AID. Then Tex's fax machine will automatically
spit out the information requested. Read these in your inventory.

Also  in the game, there will be times where you have to choose  a
conversation  path from three choices. In the early  part  of  the
game,  it doesn't really matter what choices you make, the outcome
is  the same. I offer, though, the choices I made. There are times
later, though, where you must choose the conversation paths I give
in order to complete a scene. In a certain instance, if you don't,
Tex  dies.  Also,  when  you get to the  "Ask  about"  list,  it's
advisable  to  ask  characters about everything that's  available.
They  may  not always have information on what you ask,  but  it's
better  to  be  safe  than sorry. Besides,  sometimes  it  can  be
humorous  to  hear  some of the responses. And don't  worry  if  a
certain character or two becomes impatient or angry while you  are
asking them things; you will not get cut off no , matter what they

This  walkthrough can be used for the Entertainment level  or  the
Gamers  level, but especially the Gamers level. There are  no  on-
line  hints  in the Gamers level, or the ability to  type  in  the
"911"  code  to  pass  over a given puzzle  as  there  is  in  the
Entertainment  level. So here goes. And remember  to  search  your
environment thoroughly and carefully.

  After the opening movie sequence, choose the conversation  path:
Give  fair  warning. Then choose conversation path:  Chuck  Heston
humor. Then choose conversation path: Show Chelse the goods.  Then
choose   conversation   path:   Sibling   reverly.   Then   choose
conversation path: Apologize. Then choose conversation path:  Real
Beatlemaniac.  Then choose conversation path: Lovers  Lane.  Then,
when  you  are  in Tex's office, you can take from  his  desk  the
Little  PI's  Red  Book  of Rules. You  can  examine  it  in  your
inventory,  but  you can't actually open it. In the  black  filing
cabinet  next  to the desk, open the bottom left  drawer  and  get
Raymond,  the  wind-up  toy mouse. Then go to  the  single  filing
cabinet across from Tex's desk and open the bottom drawer and  get
the  Colonels  note; read it in inventory. Then  go  over  to  the
bookshelves  and get the tape measure. Then go over to  the  front
door,  look  down, and get Boyd's Life magazine off of the  floor;
examine it in inventory. Then go over to desk, tur!
  n  on Vidphone, select AID, and ask about Tex Murphy. Go to  fax
machine, retrieve and read it in inventory. Then go over  to  door
that  leads to Tex's small bedroom and enter. The only  thing  you
can  really do in here is click on the Parchesi game on the table.
This will trigger a movie sequence.

  After  the movie sequence, Travel to the police station and  see
Eve  Clements.  Choose conversation path: A lesson in  good  form.
Then  choose  conversation path: A quick change of  subject.  Then
choose  conversation path: Make an offer she  can't  refuse.  Then
choose conversation path: Resort to the Good Book. Then Ask  About
all topics. Then Travel to Carl Linsky's house.

  Ask  Sylvia about all topics. In Linsky house, go over to coffee
table  and  pick  up  note. Examine it in inventory:  Blackjack  &
Dominoes. Then pick up the domino set. Examine it in inventory  to
get  the domino puzzle interface. The idea is to get it to add  up
to  21 every way; up, down, across, diagonally. Top row should be:
4,11,6.  Middle  row is: 9,7,5. Bottom row is: 8,3,10.  Then  make
note  of the sequencve: 4,9,8. Then go to the kitchen and get  the
case  next  to  the  refrigerator. Examine ti in  inventory.  Open
refrigerator and get the bananas. Turn around and go across to the
door  to  the  bedroom. Enter, go to the desk and read  the  "Dear
Jane" note in inventory. On the right hand side of the desk,  open
the  middle  drawer and get the letter; examine it  in  inventory.
Look at the chess set on the stand to the right of the bed. Go  to
the  nightstand on the left side of the bed and open  the  drawer;
get  Linsky's address book. Examine it in inventory to get Dolores
Lightbody's address. Th!
  ere is nothing to be had in the chest of drawers or the wardrobe
closet. Next, Travel to Dolores Lightbody's house.

  Choose  conversation  path:  Get  back  on  track.  Then  choose
conversation  path: Get down to business. Then choose conversation
path:  A  show  of good form. Then choose conversation  path:  The
circumstances? Then choose conversation path: Who gets  the  cash?
Then  choose  conversatiuon path: Get the skinny on  Sylvia.  Then
choose conversation path: Refuse to speculate. Then Ask About  all
topics. Then Travel to Carl Linsky's house.

  After Sylvia leaves, examine the manila envelope in inventory to
get a wallet, two keys, and Linsky's suicide note. Examine them in
inventory.  Then  go left and left again, open  closet  door,  and
climb the ladder to Linsky's attic. In the attic, make a right,  a
left,  and left again at the deer/moose head. Open door and enter.
Go to filing cabinet and open the third drawer from the top on the
right  hand  side;  get the hand written note and  examine  it  in
inventory.  Then open the top of the roll-top desk and get  Sylvia
Linsky's  credit report; examine in inventory. Go  to  the  little
corner  table and turn on the tape recorder. Then, use  the  small
key  from inventory to open the credenza drawer and get the lease;
examine in inventory. Then, Travel to Carl Linsky's warehouse.

  In  warehouse, go over to the filing cabinet and open the middle
drawer;  get the fax. Examine in inventory. Then open  the  bottom
drawer  and  get the project note; examine in inventory.  Then  go
over  to  the  drafting table and open the  top  drawer;  get  the
newspaper  article;  examine in inventory. Then  open  the  middle
drawer  and  get the direct deposit slips; examine  in  inventory.
Then  turn right, go over to the cork board, and Move it. Retrieve
the  note and examine in inventory. Then turn right, look down  to
desk,  and  get  note  from Wanda Peck  in  the  box;  examine  in
inventory. Then go over to the cot, Move the pillow, and  get  the
bottle of sleeping pills. Then go over to the box that's near  the
fork  lift;  open box and get circuit kit. Then  go  over  to  the
ladder, get behind it, and open the first aide kit. Get the  Heal-
Aide  can;  examine in inventory to get the security card  pieces.
Examine  the  pieces in inventory and note one piece  is  missing.
Then climb the step ladder and Move the!
  boxes there to reveal the calendar. Move the calendar to see the
safe.  Bring up the safe interface and enter the numbers from  the
domonoes  puzzle: 4,9,8; press enter. Take the items  and  examine
them  in  inventory; it's a passcard reader and Linsky's insurance
policy. Then, Travel back to Tex's office.

  In office, answer the Vidphone. Next you'll be at the North Hill
Clinic.  Choose  conversation path: Good natured beauracacy.  Then
choose  conversation  path: Get right to the  point.  Then  choose
conversation  path: Loosen him up. Then choose conversation  path:
Linsky's  work?  Then  Ask  About  all  topics.  Then  Travel   to

  Choose  conversation  path: A flattering question.  Then  choose
conversation path: A heart-felt proposal. Then choose conversation
path:  Love bug. Then choose conversation path: Clever word  play.
Then  choose conversation path: Refer to your clients father. Then
choose  conversation path: Looking for a lead. Then Ask About  all
topics. Then Travel to police station and Eve Clements.

 Choose conversation path: Slight exaggeration. Then Ask About all
topics.  You can then Travel to Dolores Lightbody's.

  Choose  conversation path: Sort of grateful. Then Ask About  all
topics. Then Travel back to Tex's office.

  Turn on the Vidphone and the AID. Ask about Sonny Fletcher.  Ask
about  Law  and Order Party. Ask about Capricorn. Ask  about  Rona
Morgan.  Ask about North Hill Clinic. Ask about Dolores Lightbody.
Then  go to fax machine, retrieve and read all faxes in inventory.
Then Travel back to police station and Eve Clements.

 Ask About Sonny Fletcher. Ask About Sonny's criminal record. Then
Travel to Sonny Fletcher's apartment.

  Choose  conversation  path: On a hunt  for  clues.  Then  choose
conversation   path:   Make  a  reasonable   deal.   Then   choose
conversation  path:  Fraternize. After the  long  video  sequence,
Travel to Linsky's warehouse.

  In inventory, examine the bishop chess piece that Sonny gave  to
you.  You get the remeining missing piece to the passcard. Combine
it  in  the  inventory with the rest of the pieces.  Complete  the
puzzle to get passcard E. Then attach Linsky's passcard reader  to
the  computer. Then scan the passcard on the computer.  Enter  the
password: Bishop. Then, Travel to the Fresno office.

  Find  the  day planner sitting on top of the box on  the  floor.
Examine  the  day planner in inventory and note the  times.  Then,
turn  around,  go back towards the door, look down,  and  get  the
electric bill; examine it in inventory. Then, go over and Move the
bookcase.  Note  the  safe  connected to the  commemerative  plate
display.  Then, click on Move on the commemerative plate  display.
For  the First setting, enter in these times: SF, 6pm; Paris, 3am;
Sidney, 12pm. For the second set of settings: SF, 5am; Paris, 2pm;
Sidney, 11pm. For the third set of settings: SF, 3pm; Paris, 12am;
Sidney,  9am.  Go  now  to the open safe and retrieve  the  Linsky
photo; examine in inventory. Then, Travel to Linsky's house.

  Ask Sylvia about Linsky photo to find out about Klaus. Then, Ask
About rest of topics. Then Travel to Capricorn.

  Choose conversation path: Stick to business. Then Ask About  all
topics.  Wanda will hold onto the Linsky/Klaus photo. Then  Travel
to North Hill Clinic.

  Choose conversation path: Fashion detective. Then Ask About  all
topics. Then Travel to police station and Eve Clements.

 Ask About Val Davis. Then Travel to Sonny Fletcher's.

  You  will pick up a letter that's taped to the door. Then Travel
to Tex's office.

  Read Sonny's letter in inventory. Then turn on Vidphone and dial
AID. Ask about John Klaus, Bosworth Clark, and Val Davis. Retrieve
and read the faxes in inventory. Then Travel to Anasazi ruins.

  At ruins, go straight, then make a left and go up the steps.  At
top,  open  door,  go in, look down and get the brick  behind  the
little vases. Then exit, go back down steps, and make a left,  and
go  back to the Cog wheel puzzle. The idea is to get the red  dots
to  line  up. To solve this puzzle, move the lever above the  left
cog upwards once; then move the lever above the middle cog upwards
three times. The compartment to your right will open; retrieve the
brick.  Then turn around, go forward, then make a left. Open  door
and  go through. As soon as you go through door, turn to your left
and  retrieve the long sturdy poles that are on the ground.  Then,
just  behind the partition there, get the wooden box. Then  behind
the next partition, look down and get another brick. Then turn  to
your right, open door, and go through. Then look to your right and
down;  pick up ther small piece of pipe. Then make your way around
to  the  left  and click on the pot; retrieve another brick.  Keep
making you!
  r  way around and then get the primative fishing pole, which  is
actually  a  vine  on  a stick. You can, if you  choose,  continue
around  and observe the brick altar, but you can't do anything  at
the  moment, because you need all eight bricks. Make your way back
out  and through the door. When out, make a left and start heading
that  way,  but  then  look  to your  left  and  see  the  Private
Property/No  Tresspassing sign; look down and get  another  brick.
Then keep heading down to the far end. By the tree, look down  and
pick  up the guide book; examine it in inventory to see the  brick
altar diagram. Behind the set of steps on your left, look down and
retrieve  another brick. Then, go up steps and go through doorway.
Go  to  the  upper left hand corner and pick up the small  set  of
sticks  on the ground. Then, on the far wall behind you, look  up,
and  retrieve the rope that is hanging down. You may have  noticed
as  you  came through doorway a rattling sound. Look to your  left
and see the snake in the a!
  lcove;  it's  guarding a brick. In order to  retrive  brick,  in
  combine vine on a stick with wooden box. Then combine this  with
the toy mouse (Raymond). You will now have Boy Scout trap. Now get
down inside pit that is in the center. Then go to the side of  pit
that  the  snake  is on and come up just a bit  so  that  you  are
peeking  over  it. Then, click the Boy Scout Trap  on  the  snake.
After  snake  is  trapped, go forward and retrieve  the  unguarded
brick.  Then, exit here and head back out to where you very  first
entered  the  ruins. Go over to the well shaft;  angle  your  view
down.  Note  the bucket w/ brick. In inventory, combine  the  rope
with  the  short  pipe. Click this on the bucket to  retrieve  the
brick.  Now,  go  bacvk through the doorway  that's  near  the  No
tresspassing  sign, and make your way around to the  brick  altar.
Click  one  of  your bricks on the altar to bring  up  the  puzzle
interface. Place the bricks in the following order: 1st  brick  in
first  vertical row, fourth slot from the top. 2nd brick in second
vertical row, top slot. 3rd brick in th!
  ird  vertical row, fifth slot from the top. 4th brick in  fourth
vertical row, bottom slot. 5th brick in fifth vertical row, second
slot  from the top. 6th brick in sixth vertical row, seventh  slot
from  the top. 7th brick in seventh vertical row, third slot  from
the  top.  8th brick in eighth vertical row, sixth slot  from  the
top.  Then  the  big door at the top of the steps will  open  upon
completion  of  puzzle.  Enter  through  doorway.  Head  down  the
corridor, and when you get to the open circular area, look to your
right  and  down, and pick up the leather strips. Then go  up  the
next  set  of steps across from you. Tex will notice a huge  abyss
below him. In inventory, combine long poles with short poles. Then
combine  this  with leather strips. This will give you  a  ladder.
Click  ladder across the abyss. Once on the other side, turn right
and  look down; pick up dime (This will come in handy). Then  turn
back around, look down, and pick up the pocketwatch that's on  the
floor; examine in inven!
  tory to get the spring. Then look on ground over near door;  get
th  Clarks' glasses; examine in inventory to get the tape.  Notice
next  to  metel doors there is a panel with flat-head screws;  use
the  dime  from  your inventory as a screwdriver  to  unscrew  the
panel.  Use the spring in your inventory to repair the  wire,  and
then  the  tape  to  insulate the wires. Doors  will  open;  enter
Bosworth Clark's lab.

  Immediately,  head  towards your left and get  into  a  crouched
position  and look on the left side of the console; see note  held
there  by  a magnet. Take this and examine in inventory. The  word
you  see on the note unscrambled is "checkmate". You also have the
magnet  in  your inventory. Then back up and look up  towards  the
ceiling on the left; notice the smoke alarm. Click on it and  then
examine  it  in  inventory. It turns out to be  a  camera  and  it
contained a disk. Make your way to the opposite side of  the  room
and  turn  right; look down and see the cabinet with the  lamp  on
top;  open  cabinet and get the passcard reader  inside.  Look  at
table beside you and get the ashtray; examine in inventory to  get
the matchbook. Then get down in a crouched position and look under
the cot to get the video disk player. Then if you want, go over to
main console and turn on the switch to activate the monitors. Then
in  inventory, combine the video disk with the video disk  player;
play disk and pay atte!
  ntion to the "tones" that you will hear played by Clark. Then go
over  to  the  computer and click on it; this will  bring  up  the
interface for you to play those tones you just heard on the  disk.
In  order, those tones are: red, yellow, blue, white, red, yellow,
green.  When  the  drawer pops open, take the STG  passcard.  Then
connect the passcard reader to the computer and scan the passcard.
Type  in  password:  Checkmate. Read info. You  are  now  done  in
Bosworth Clarks' lab. Then Travel to Capricorn.

  Find  out  about the photograph you left with Wanda.  Then,  Ask
About all available topics. Then, Travel to Tex's office.

  Turn on the Vidphone, dial into AID, and ask about Jorge Valdez.
Ask  about  STG. Then retrieve and read fax in inventory.  Youi'll
find  out that you need more info on Jorge Valdez. Travel back  to

  Choose conversation path: Stick to business. Then Ask About  all
available  topics. This includes, Gideon Enterprises. Then  Travel
back to Tex's office.

  You will have a fax waiting for you. A fax from "A friend".  The
fax  has  Frank Schimmings' direct line number. Turn on  Vidphone,
highlight  Frank  Schimming, click dial. You have  to  choose  the
following  conversation path, or Schimming will hang  up  on  you.
Choose conversation path: STG reference. Choose conversation path:
Go  easy.  Choose conversation path: Ruggedly independent.  Choose
conversation  path: Aware of the imposition. Then  Ask  About  all
available topics. Then Travel to Gideons House.

  After long video sequence, Ask About all topics. Then Travel  to
the Rank and File Chess Shop.

 Choose conversation path: Narrow things down. Choose conversation
path:  Play it straight. Choose conversation path: refer to a  new
friend. Then Ask About all topics. Then Travel to Tex's office.

  The Vidphone will be ringing; pick it up. You will end up at Val
Davis's lab.

  At  lab, make a soft left over towards the gurney, and head back
towards  the  cabinet that says, Ape Toys. Open  cabinet  and  get
Pepe,  Raymonds long lost brother. Then, go around to the opposite
side,  look  down towards the microscope, and pick up the  post-it
note that's lying there; examine it in inventory. Unscrambled, the
word  is: Queen. There is nothing up the set of stairs that is  of
any use, just animals in cages. By the radiation chamber, take the
pole  that  is  there, or, animal control device.  Then,  go  back
behind  the  stairs and note the ape behind the bars guarding  the
box.  In  inventory, combine sleeping pills with  bananas  to  get
drugged  bananas.  Use  drugged bananas  on  ape.  Tex  will  then
automatically  use the pole to retrieve the box in which  you  get
another  STG  passcard. Next, head over to the  radiation  chamber
doors.  Note:  it is best to save your game here before  entering.
Upon  entering, an alarm goes off. Immediately turn to your right;
note the panel on the wall. Ge!
 t circuit repair kit from inventory and click it on it; this will
bring  up the interface. The idea here is to complete the  circuit
vertically  and horizontily to de-activate the radiation  chamber.
Use  the two short straight pieces to complete the vertical  line,
one near the top and one near the bottom; use the "L" shaped piece
down  near  the bottom right; use the "T" shaped piece  -  in  the
upside-down position - over towards the bottom left. This will de-
activate  the  radiation  alarm. Below is  a  partial  diagram  of
approximate placement of the pieces.

Then,  turn  around and go to the opposite side of the room,  look
down  and get the passcard reader. Exit radiation chamber,  go  to
side of room where microscope is and find the computer. Attach the
passcard  reader  and scan the passcard. Type in password:  Queen.
Note the : QXD7. Then Travel to Tex's office.

  Turn  on Vidphone and dial into the AID. Ask about Robert Knott.
Ask  about J. St. Gideon. Then retrieve and read faxes. Then  turn
towards  door,  look  down,  and  get  the  telegram;  examine  in
inventory. Then travel to Sonny Fletcher's apartment.

 After long video sequence, travel to Big Surf Lodge.

  As  soon as you arrive, Save Game. After gaining access  to  the
lodge,  you  have to be very careful here. You will  be  gathering
items  to  your inventory, but then certain items have to  be  put
back  where they were found, because Slade is still in the  Lodge.
For  example, you'll be picking up a wallet and taking items  from
it,  but then you have to go back to your inventory, click on  the
wallet,  and  put the wallet back where you found  it.  And  also,
whenever you open a door or a drawer to explore, you have to close
it  again  immediatly when done. Now, turn to your right and  look
through open window and notice key out of reach on kitchen counter
top.  In inventory, combine tape measure with magnet; use this  to
retrieve  the  key.  Use  this key  on  the  doors  to  enter  the
apartment. Immediately upon entering, turn all the way around  and
close the door that you just entered. Then, turn to your right and
open the closet doors and enter; click on clothes and examine them
in inventory. You get a!
   post  office box key. Then get clothes from inventory  and  put
them back in closet. Exit closet, but as an exception to what  was
said  previously, leave this door open; you will need to  hide  in
here  soon. Then, on the little table right in front of  you,  get
Slade's wallet; examine in inventory. You will get lottery  ticket
and scrap of paper. Then click the wallet back on the table. Then,
open  and go through the door that's in front of you. As  soon  as
you're through, the door will automatically close behind you; turn
around and open it again. Then turn and see the sofa and chair. On
the  sofa,  behind the right hand cushion, get the  letter  chart.
Then  turn  around and go into the kitchen area. On the left  hand
set  of drawers, open the second drawer down from the top and  get
Gideons Bible; close that drawer. Then pivot to your right and  go
to  the  right hand set of drawers next to the sink. Open the  top
drawer.  Now  be prepared: as soon as you take the  vial  that  is
there, close that!
  drawer, for the phone will start to ring and Slade will come out
of t
he shower to answer it. Quickly, go through the door that you left
open,  go  into the closet and close those doors so you can  hide.
After the video phone sequence is over, come out of the closet and
close those doors. Go over to the bathroom to your left and enter.
Immediately  upon entering the bathroom, open the shower  curtain:
another hiding place. Then turn around and get Slade's coat off of
back  of  bathroom door; examine in inventory to get the  handcuff
key. Then get coat back out of inventory and click it back on  the
door.  Slade will now start to approach. Get into the  shower  and
close the curtain around you; for good measure, get down low  into
a  crouched  position. After Slade has gone, open shower  curtain,
get  out,  open bathroom door, and from the doorway, get  handcuff
key  from  inventory and click it on the briefcase on the  bed  to
retrieve  it. Exit the bathroom, exit the lodge itself,  and  then
Travel to Tex's office.

  Examine  Slade's briefcase in inventory. Using the numbers  from
Slade's  lottery card, enter these numbers to open the combination
lock: first enter, 613, then enter, 222, then enter, 731. After it
opens,  examine  Slade's  case in inventory.  First,  examine  the
grille  in  inventory. Then combine the grille with the chart  you
got  from  behind the cushion in Slade's apartment. Then click  on
this  to bring up the grille and chart interface. You need to find
the  ten  names  on  Slade's hit list. You will  see  numbers  and
letters  on  the chart. Starting with one, manipulate  the  grille
with mouse and keyboard arrows to find the following names:
1. Rona Morgan
2. Val Davis
3. Bosworth Clark
4. Carl Linsky
5. Sylvia Linsky
6. Greg Call
7. Samuel Q. Jones
8. Larry Hammond
9. J. St. Gideon
10. Tex Murphy
Then  examine the hit list in inventory and notice that  when  the
words  are lined up, it spells out Mill Valley. Then in inventory,
combine the Bible and the coded note. Examine this in inventory to
bring up the interface. With the Job quote, it says, 9.25.8.  Look
for  the eighth word; type in Post. With the next quote, look  for
the  twenty-first word; Office. Following this suit, next type  in
,  Box; then Number, then 969. Next, look at the de-coded note  in
inventory. Then, Travel to the Mill Valley Post Office.

 Tex automatically retrieves items while at the post office. After
video sequence, you end up at Law and Order Party headquarters.

   Choose   conversation   path:  Easy  going   approach.   Choose
conversation path: Lighten the mood. Choose conversation path:  No
nonsense. Choose conversation path: Taking care of business.  When
guard  exits, turn to right and examine coffee pot. In  inventory,
get vial of Chloral Hydrate; click it onto the coffee maker. Then,
head  over towards your right, find the mens room, open  door  and
enter.  This will trigger a video sequence where the guard  drinks
the  drugged  coffee and passes out. In bathroom, go over  to  the
lockers  and open #11; pick up the propoganda titled: The Law  and
Order Credo and examine in inventory. Then open locker #5 and  get
the  Law  and  Order  pamphlet. For now, # 17 will  not  open.  In
inventory, combine the coded message with the Law and Order Credo;
examine  it in inventory to bring up the interface. To  solve  the
coded  orders, merely count the letters; for instance,  the  first
number is 19: count 19 letters in and you'll find the letter  "M".
Count 12 letters in and yo!
  u'll find the letter "R", and so on and so on. The final message
will  be:  Mr   Slade  Priority Target  Robert  Knott  His  Office
Password  Piranha. Remember this password. Now exit  bathroom.  Go
behind  the  desk  where the guard is passed out.  Look  down  and
retrieve the keys on the floor. Then keep going forward and make a
left  into the alcove. Inside the alcove, turn left and look  down
at the little table; retrieve the ID badge that you had originally
given  the guard. Then turn around and use the guards keys on  the
door  to Robert Knotts office. As soon as you enter, an alarm goes
off.  Turn  to  the left and click on the keypad on the  wall.  In
interface, enter the password: Piranha and click on enter; this de-
activates the alarm. Then go towards the back of the room and  the
bookshelves.  The second set of bookcases from the right,  in  the
middle,  you'll  notice a photograph; retrieve it and  examine  in
inventory.  Turn around and go behind desk; open left hand  drawer
and get Klauss's file;!
   examine in inventory. Then get the Post-it that's lying on  the
 examine in inventory to get the Mystery Address. Then, go over to
the  lizard  painting  and  Move it;  note  the  safe  behind  the
painting.  Then, from behind the desk, go to the chair  that's  on
your  left; move the chair, look down, and retrieve the key.  This
key is to locker #17 in the bathroom. Travel to Mens bathroom. Use
key  to  open  locker  # 17 and retrieve index  card;  examine  in
inventory.  Then Travel back to Knott's office. Get  behind  desk.
Index  card had said "RK office" which is of course Robert Knott's
office. The rest of the gibberish is actually backwards. It  says,
My telephone, and a number. Click on the telephone to bring up the
interface; use the mouse pointer to punch in that number  you  saw
on the card backwards: 69835374663. Then note what comes up on the
display  screen;  it  is actually "Open Sesame"  backwards.  Using
mouse pointer, punch in "Open sesame" into the keypad;  then  note
what comes up in the other display screen. It will tell you to use
it for safe combin!
  ation. In the window to the left, note the numbers: 67 36 73  72
63. Exit from this interface and go to the safe. Click on safe  to
get  inter face and enter above numbers; click enter. Look up  and
retrieve  the CD and examine it in inventory. Then Travel  to  Law
and  Order  lobby. At lobby, turn around and face the doors.  From
inventory,  use Law and Order ID badge and click it on  the  door.
Move forward and Travel to the Mystery Address.

 After long video sequence, Travel to Capricorn.

 After next video sequence, Travel to Robert Knott's cabin.

  In  the  cabin, turn to your left and head to the fireplace.  In
front  of fireplace (not to the right), take the log. Turn  around
and go to this fishtank. Notice the metal box in the tank full  of
piranahas.  Then,  go  into the kitchen,  and  open  the  cabinets
beneath  the  sink; get the mini-torch. From there, turn  to  your
right,  open these set of cabinets, and get the good old fashioned
monkey  wrench.  Then  go  up to the sink  and  notice  the  water
purifying hose made of the sturdy space-age metal. Then get wrench
from  inventory to unscrew the hose. Then turn all the way  around
and  notice the large cabinets across from you. Open the far right
door  of the cabinets and get the rope hanging in there. Then open
the  door  to  the  right  of here; enter the  small  bedroom.  In
bedroom, crouch down low all the way to the floor and notice  what
looks  like  a blow up raft underneath of the bed; retrieve  this,
but  examination in inventory reveals it to be a blow-up doll.  In
inventory, make sure you exam!
 ine it so Tex will inflate it. Wardrobe closet is locked for now.
Exit bedroom and go back out in front of the fish tank. Above  the
fishtank,  Move  the  horse  painting.  Here,  get  the  nail.  In
inventory, combine bent nail with metal hose. Then use  the  metal
hook  to  retrieve the box from the fishtank. It is  advisable  to
Save  Game  for  what is about to transpire next. Examine  box  in
inventory and you get a level 4 ID badge for Law and Order (Before
attemting to leave cabin, it's advisable to combine the rope  with
the  log in inventory to make a make-shift grappling hook:  you're
going  to  need it). Now attemt to leave the cabin by opening  the
door  and  going forward; select a destination, eg. Tex's  office.
Choose  conversation  path: Innocent bearer of  bad  news.  Choose
conversation   path:  You  have  something   in   common.   Choose
conversation path: A dish called Wanda. Choose conversation  path:
A  common objective. After long video sequence is over, stay  down
LOW to the ground. Go over to Kno!
  tt's body and get the key lying next to him. Then go back to the
om  and use the key on the wardrobe closet; get the coat and  hat.
In  inventory, combine the coat and hat with the blow-up doll. Now
exit bedroom (staying LOW the whole time) and go towards the front
door. In inventory, get doll with the coat and hat on and click it
on the front windows; this triggers a video sequence. After video,
notice  the  switch plate next to the front door; hit this  switch
and a skylight on the roof will open. Then tilt your view upwards,
get  grappling hook you made earlier, and click this on  the  open
skylight.  This  will trigger a video sequence in which  Tex  will
automatically  use the mini-torch to blow the place  up.  After  a
long video sequence, Tex ends up back in his office.

 The Vidphone is ringing; pick it up.

   You   arrive  at  police  station  and  Eve  Clements.   Choose
conversation  path: Slide some information. Then  Ask  About  Greg
Call.  Then  Ask  About Greg Call's autopsy. Then Travel  back  to
Tex's office.

  Turn  on  Vidphone and dial into the AID; Ask about  Jim  Slade;
Larry  Hammond; Samuel Q. Jones; and Greg Call. Retrieve and  read
faxes in inventory. Then Travel to Gideon's house.

  Ask  about Samuel Q. Jones. (You can also if you want,  ask/show
photo  of  Sylvia and Schimming, but Gideon won't want to  discuss
it). Then Travel back to Capricorn.

 Ask About all available topics. Then Travel to the Fresno office.

  Immediately turn around and look down at the floor in  front  of
the door. Pick up the UPEX package; examine it in inventory to get
the  STG  note and the braille alphabet. Examine note in inventory
first.  Then in inventory, combine the braille alphabet  with  the
plastic tag you got from Eve Clements. Use the braille alphabet to
find the word: NEXUS. Then Travel to Gideon's house.

  Choose  conversation path: Where to? Then Ask About NEXUS.  Then
Travel to Greg Call's lab.

  Turn to your right and notice the autoclave. In front of you  to
the  left of the autoclave, pick up the passcard reader. Then make
your  way  all the way around the other side to where the computer
is;  look down and get newspaper article and examine in inventory.
Then  go  around  to  the examination table; get  down  low  in  a
crouched position till you find the clipboard; get the notes,  and
then  get the passcard. Examine in inventory. At the foot  of  the
examination table is a machine; get the syringe lying there.  Then
go back around to the autoclave, get passcard from inventorey, and
scan the card in the reader to the right of the autoclave; all the
doors  will pop open. Go to autoclave: N216, which is on  the  top
right. Take the bottle of Saline solution. Then continue around to
your  left to the alcove where the Implant removal Station is;  in
inventory,  combine  Saline solution with  syringe.  Then  examine
loaded syringe in inventory; this will trigger a video sequence in
which Tex wil!
  l inject himself with the syringe. It might be good to Save Game
here.  Then click on and turn on the Implant Removal Station.  The
goal here is to guide the needle/syringe into the brain which will
then  turn  your cursor into a little blue cross. Guide the  cross
through  the  "network" until you get to the glowing little  green
diamond  in the center. Avoid the other little glowing  orbs  that
chase  you  along the way; contact with these will drain  some  of
your  power. The best entrance for your syringe is down  near  the
front  left  lobe  of the brain. After successfully  reaching  the
green  diamond,  there  will be a long  video  sequence  with  the
mystery guest, Larry Hammond. Afterwards, examine inventory to get
another  STG  passcard  and  an  envelope.  Examine  envelope   in
inventory to get Call's note and chess moves note; examine them in
inventory. Then head back around to where you came in. To the left
of the doors is the autoclaves, but to the right is a light panel;
turn on the switch next !
  to  the  light panel; notice the dark shape down at  the  bottom
right han
d  corner  of  the light panel. Move the light panel and  retrieve
another STG passcard. Then go over to the computer and attach  the
passcard  reader;  then  scan passcard "D".  From  examining  Greg
Call's  letter, and the STG note that you got in the UPEX package,
decipher  Greg Call's letter to get the password of: Gambit.  Type
this  in computer interface. After a long video sequence, you will
end up back at the Law and Order Party Headquarters.

  At  lobby, go forward and get behind the front desk to where the
open  door  is; enter the reception hall. Inside, go all  the  way
around the back to the buffet table and get the chopsticks out  of
the  Chinese food. Then head around to the patio doors and get the
music stand; examine it in inventory to extend the music stand. In
inventory,  combine  the  Law and Order Party  pamphlet  with  the
extended  music stand. Then go over between the two sets of  doors
where  the Law and Order Party emblem is; look above it and notice
the  video camera. In inventory, get stand with pamphlet and click
it  on the camera. You have fooled the guard. Then go to the  side
of  the room where you see what looks like a curtain with the  Law
and  Order  Party emblem on it; when clicking on it and using  the
Observe  icon, Tex will say it looks like a beach towel. Move  the
"beach  towel". Then notice the ozonator next to the door  to  the
right;  use  the chopsticks from inventory to open it up  further.
Then use your top!
   level ID badge on this scanner. When doors open, enter. Inside,
approach  John  Klauss's desk. Get photo of Sylvia and  Gideon  on
desk;  examine in inventory. Then look down on floor in  front  of
desk and get the note from Klauss; examine in inventory: this note
will  be  useful  for  getting out of  the  Law  and  Order  Party
Headquarters. Then go to the opposite side of the room  and  click
on  the tape player on the desk; turn it on,, listen, turn it off.
Then  open the drawer on the far right hand side of the desk;  get
the  cat picture. Then notice the book on the tray that is hanging
over top of the examination table; you can open it up and read  it
but  not take it. Then examine cat picture in inventory; this will
separate  it  and  give  you  a  frame  and  passcard  pieces.  In
inventory, examine passcard pieces and assemble the passcard. Then
exit Klauss's lab. Then go over to your left in the reception hall
to  the  desk  that has the telephone. Then dial in extension  107
(from Klauss's note). T!
  hen  exit reception hall back out into the lobby. In lobby, turn
to fac
e the doors and use your top level security card to open doors. Go
forward and Travel to Tex's office.

 At office, answer the Vidphone. Answer both messages. Then Travel
to  Rank and File Chess Shop to find out about your message.  Read
message on computer screen. After reading message and exiting from
the  computer  screen, you will automatically Travel  to  the  San
Thomas  Mission. Once inside, immediately turn around, look  down,
and  pick up rock that is in front of the broom. Then turn to your
left  a  little bit, and notice the old tool box that  is  on  the
floor;  open it and get the penknife that is on the left. Then  if
you  try  to  operate  the elevator that  is  behind  you,  you'll
discover  that it doesn't work. Instead, go back to the far  right
where  the  shelves are; move the boxes there to  the  far  right.
Behind  the  boxes, open the electrical panel; then  turn  on  the
power  switch.  Then,  before  entering  elevator,  it  would   be
advisable to Save Game. To open elevator, click on buttons to  the
left  side. After the long video sequence, you HAVE to choose  the
following conversation paths to s!
  urvive: Choose conversation paths: Make a last request; Ask  for
one  last kiss; Give penknife to Sylvia; Challenge Slade;  Go  for
the light switch, then hide; Use rock as a diversion; Grab shield,
run  for the landing; Buy some time; Toss STG passcard into  clock
gears. After long video sequence, you will go to Gideon's bedroom.

  Go forward straight in front of you, and on the little bench get
the schematic drawing; examine in inventory. Then, facing the foot
of  the  bed,  go up the left side. Open the box on the  floor  in
front  of the bed side table; get the chess pieces. Go around  the
back of the head of the bed, and on other side, get the barbell on
the  floor. While standing up near the head of the bed,  look  out
onto  the floor area in front of you; you'll notice that it  is  a
chess  board.  And  note the pillars that are  around  this  chess
board,  and the chess pieces that stand atop of these pillars.  So
take  note  at which "positions" that these pillars are on,  which
"square". Now approach the actual chess table in the middle of the
room  that is surrounded by the three little benches. Keep in mind
your orientation; that is, where the foot of the bed is located in
relation  to  these  three benches. Then  get  chess  pieces  from
inventory and click them on top of the chess table; this brings up
the interface. In!
   the interface, drag the appropiate chess pieces to the position
they belong in when you observed the pillars around the room,  and
the  chess pieces that sat atop them. Remember to keep in mind the
positioning  of  those  benches, and where they  were  located  in
relation  to the foot of the bed. The view of this in  the  puzzle
interface is slightly different than from when you were looking at
it previously. When chess pieces have been placed correctly, a big
door will open at the other end of the room.

  Go  through big door, turn around, and you'll see that  it's  an
elevator.  Press  the button on the panel;  you  will  now  go  to
Gideon's Gallery. Standing on the balconey, notice the chandeliers
overhead.  Turn  to your right and go over and notice  the  little
switch  on the wall; click on the switch to lower the chandeliers.
Then, make like you're heading to the elevator, but start to  head
to  the left hand stairway. Click on the brass railing at the top;
you  can remove a piece of it to your inventory. Do the same thing
at the top right hand side stairway; you should now have two brass
pieces of the railing. Then in inventory, combine - one at a  time
- each piece of the brass railing with the barbell; after both are
combined,  you  have one long railing. Then turn back  around  and
approach  the  edge of the balconey. Then click the  long  railing
onto the chandelier; after the short video sequence, go to the far
right  corner of the walkway, turn around, and look  down  to  the
left to see the !
 panel. Click on the panel to open it. It's advisable to Save Game
here  (Now,  remember the schematic diagram from inventory).  Then
push  button  inside of panel to activate the test  pattern.  Then
following diagram below, hop down to the center area of the  floor
below, and go to position "B".

At  position "B", face the doorway to the North. (Throughout this,
it's best to keep your view just slightly downward so as to keep a
better  eye  on  the floor). Watch floor till the 4th  test  phase
ends.  After the 4th test phase, the rear half of the floorway  is
dark  and  unarmed. When the 5th phase begins, the entire  doorway
darkens;  then move forward through doorway to position "C".  Turn
left  and  face  the doorway to the West, but keep your  distance,
because the floor just inside will be armed. Wait at "C" until the
end  of  the  6th  test phase. At the end of 6th, the  floor  just
inside  doorway to the West is white and armed. When the 7th  test
phase  begins,  the entire floor through the doorway  darkens;  go
through the West doorway to position "D". Turn back around to face
the doorway which is now to the East of you. Wait till the end  of
the  9th test phase; the floor just to the East will be white  and
armed.  When the 10th test phase begins, the entire floor  through
the doorway darken!
  s; go back through the doorway to position "E". Again, turn back
around to face the doorway to the West. Wait here till the end  of
the  11th  test phase. The floor through the doorway is white  and
armed.  When the 12th test phase begins, the entire floor  through
the  doorway darkens; go through West doorway to position "F"  and
face  North.  When the 14th test phase begins, the square  to  the
North  turns dark and unarmed; move forward to position "G".  Turn
right to face East. The next phase - the 15th - the ENTIRE gallery
floor is dark and unarmed. Now, hurry to the door at position "H";
quickly, open the door and EXIT (Phew !).

  You  are  now  in  the hallway. Turn right  and  head  down  the
corridor;  a  little of the ways down, notice the  bench  on  your
left:  look down on bench and get the CD. Then turn to your  right
again,  go straight, and open double doors in front of you.  Enter
Gideon's Study.

  Upon  entering, go over into the far left hand corner; find  the
false  section of books on the top shelf of the bookcase amd  Move
them.  Retrieve the metal cross. Then go to the opposite  side  of
the room to where there is a stained glass version of a sword. Get
metal  cross  from inventory and click it onto the  stained  glass
sword; this brings up the puzzle interface. You need to place  the
cross  in  the bottom left hand corner square; this  will  open  a
panel.  Retrieve the little blue security card.  Go  back  to  the
middle of the room where there is the semi-circular desk; note the
Dinosaur/Dime-O- Saur. From inventory, get your coin and  use  the
dime  on  the Dime-O-Saur. Then retrieve the key that the  Dime-O-
Saur drops. Exit Gideon's Study back out to hallway.

  Start  to  go  forward and make your first left.  Go  down  this
hallway  and go left again and approach the double doors. Use  the
key  you  got  from  the Dime-O-Saur to open  these  doors.  Enter
Gideon's Game Room.

  In the Game room, if you want, for fun, go to the far right hand
corner of the room, and yopu can play the video game, Mean Streets
(although,  this is not necessary to the game itself).  Otherwise,
turn and face the pool table. Click on the various pool balls; you
will  be  able to take eight of them into your inventory.  Examine
the  pool balls in inventory; note that the numbers and the colors
do  not  match up with standard pool balls. Also note which  color
goes with which number. Then turn and head for the fireplace,  but
notice  the little table on the right hand side of the sofa.  Look
down and get jigsaw puzzle pieces. Examine jigsaw puzzle pieces in
inventory  to  bring up the interface. Complete puzzle  to  get  a
picture  of Alcatraz. Then, examine this in inventory to  see  the
eight  passwords; make a note of them. Exit the Gameroom back  out
into the hallway.

 In hallway, go forward, make your right, go straight, then make a
left,  and make a left again. Approach the double doors, but  then
turn  to  your  left. Note the access panel. Click on  the  access
panel  to  bring  up  the interface. Using the  pool  balls  as  a
reference, enter this code: Click on colored squares first  -  Red
square,  1;  Blue square, 6; Orange square, 4; Purple  square,  7;
Black  square,  3;  Yellow  square, 8; Magenta  square,  5;  Green
square, 2. This will de-activate the alarm. Turn to your right and
open the double doors. Enter Gideon's control room.

  Upon entering, note the graphic of Alcatraz behind the computer.
Then  raise  your height elevation and get the CD  from  atop  the
computer  monitor  on your right. Then, just below  this  monitor,
notice the little slide drawer; open this up and place in Gideon's
disk  #  1; read all information carefully and make a note of  it.
Then  get Gideon's disk # 2 and place it in the drawer; read  this
information  and make a note of it. Now turn around and  face  the
exit  door. Note the security over-ride panel to the right of  the
door. This will de-activate the Gallery floor so you don't have to
negotiate that again. Get little blue security card from inventory
and  click this on the over-ride panel. Then open doors  and  exit
back out to hallway.

  Go  all the way down hallway and make your right. Then, when you
get  to  the  flower vase on your left, turn right  and  face  the
double doors and open them; go back into Gallery. The floor is now
unarmed.  Head straight up the middle, and then go up one  of  the
sides  to  the  top of the balconey. Click on the  brass  elevator
doors; enter. This will trigger a video sequence. After the  video
sequence, you're in the Alcatraz jail cell.

  Move the cot that's to your left; then Move the loose bricks  on
the  wall. This will bring up the interface. Manipulate the bricks
so  that  you have a perfectly square hole in the center  with  no
gaps all around. Once through to the other side, in the next cell,
turn  completely around and get the loose brick. Then turn around,
notice  cot, and take the hook chain on the right hand side.  Then
look  out cell bars to your left and see the shelf. Use brick from
inventory and click on shelf. After you dislodge shelf, tilt  view
down  and  see  the tarp on the floor. Then get  chain  hook  from
inventory and use as a make-shift grappling hook to drag the  tarp
towards  you. Then get laser torch and electrical tape.  Then  use
laser  torch  on bars. When in cell block "A", immediately  go  to
your  left and get into the open cell on your left (Note: when  in
Alcatraz,  it's  a  good  idea  to Save  Game  after  successfully
completing anything). In cell, while facing rear, look up  on  the
left hand side of the !
  wall  and  get  barbed  wire; examine in  inventory  to  get  it
unrolled. Then turn around and face opening of cell. Then wait for
the  droid to pass from Right to Left; then follow it, BUT,  at  a
respectful distance. Follow it around the corner, but then as  you
do,  start bearing to the right; look through the bars and see the
key  on the floor. Use the unrolled barbed wire from inventory  to
retrieve  key.  Then use the key on cell door to cell  block  "B".
Once  in cell block "B", turn to your left, open the door to  that
cell, and go through to the visiting station. As soon as you cross
through  the  doorway,  look to your left, notice  the  overturned
chair,  Move  it,  and retrieve the gas mask. Then  turn  to  your
right,  go to the end of that cell, through the door, turn  right,
then  use your key to open cell door. Inside cell, look down,  and
get the Gideon security passcard. Then turn around and head to the
double doors; open them and head into cell block "C".

  Once  through the doors, a guard droid heads toward you. Quickly
turn  to  your right, against the wall, and go down to the corner.
For  now,  as  long as you stay in that corner,  the  guard  droid
cannot "see" you. Then, wait for that guard droid to go back  DOWN
that  corridor. Then, follow at a VERY safe distance, then go into
the  empty  cell two thirds of the way down on your left  (if  you
don't feel as though you can make it to that one in time, there is
a  cell  a lttle closer; get in that one and wait till it's  safe.
Then go to that next one). Inside of cell, get the key hanging  on
peg;  this is the key to cell block "D". Turn and face opening  of
cell.  Now,  in  case you didn't notice it on your way  down  this
corridor, at the end - high up on the wall - is a canister; you'll
be  needing to get this later. Facing the opening, again, wait for
the  droid to pass from Right to Left. Then go quickly back up the
corridor  from  where you came. Then go to cell block  "D"s  door,
which is on your !
  left when you make your left at the end of the corridor. Use the
key you get from the peg to open the door.

  Once you enter cell block "D", make a left, and go down the line
of cells; go down to cell 7: this is the supply room. Then go back
to the entrance of cell block "D". Look at the control panel; open
it  and  look  at the directions on the inside of door.  Move  the
right-most handle down to position 10. Return to the now open cell
7 supply room. Enter and look down at floor at the tiny explosives
crate; open it and get the explosive/detonator device inside. Exit
cell  and turn right and go down the set of stairs. Open the  door
at the bottom and enter the Dungeon.

  Upon  entering Dungeon, turn to the right and click on the metal
door;  Tex smells a foul odor. open the door, enter, and  get  the
garbage  bag.  Examine the bag in inventory to get the  dirty  air
filter.  Exit this room, start down hallway, and take  your  first
right.  Go  down to the "strangely ominous door".  Open  door  and
enter.  The droid in here is dead. Look down on floor in front  of
droid and pick up the Tool; it is a filter removal tool. Exit this
room.  Go to the end of this hallway and make a right. Go  forward
and  click on air filtration unit just below the fan but  use  the
Observe  icon; watch the little video sequence. Then make a  right
and  go  down towards the end of this corridor hugging  the  right
hand  side  wall. Move the crates that are against the right  hand
side  wall;  then, get down into a low crouched position,  and  go
around  this  right hand corner. Follow this all the  way  around,
come  up  in  elevation just a little bit, and get the screwdriver
that is on top of the crate !
 at the end. Then Travel to cell block "C".

  And  again, immediately turn right, and duck up against the wall
on  the  right hand side and go to the safety of the corner  (It's
advisable to Save Game here to save the progress you've made  thus
far).  The plan now is to follow the droid again - at a VERY  safe
distance of course - and ducking in to open cell to open  cell  as
necessasary. When in one of the open cells, wait for the droid  to
pass  from Left to Right - and for the droid to be a fair distance
away  - then come out of the cell, make a left, and go to the  end
of  this  corridor.  Up high on the end of  this  wall  is  a  gas
canister; use the screwdriver from inventory to retrieve it.  Then
once again - and quickly - duck in from open cell to open cell  as
necessasary,  making your way to cell block  "D".  Open  door  and
enter  cell block "D". Once inside of cell block "D", you may  NOW
Travel to the Dungeon.

  Once again, it is advisable to save your progress thus far. Once
in the Dungeon, make your way to the air filtration unit. Then, in
inventory, combine electrical tape with the timer/detonator to get
a  taped  explosive. Then combine the gas canister with the  taped
explosive  to make a gas bomb. Then combine the dirty  air  filter
with  the gas bomb to make an air filter bomb. Then use the filter
removal tool to open the air filtration unit's cover. Then use the
air  filter  bomb  on the clean filter. Watch the video  sequence.
Then  make a right down the corridor, heading towards the  crates;
make  a  left,  then  get  behind the guards  desk.  Retrieve  the
hairbrush on the desk; examine brush in inventory to get  Gideon's
hair.  Then  come  out from behind the desk and  use  your  guards
passcard  on  the security card reader to open the set  of  double
doors  with the sword on it. Then go through doors and  head  down
towards  the end to the DNA scanner at the end of the  hall.  Then
use Gideon's hair from !
  inventory on the floor of the DNA scanner; watch video sequence.
Then,  when  prompted,  use each of the  passwords  from  the  STG
A = Queen
B = Draw
C = Castle
D = Gambit
E = Bishop
F = Resign
G = Checkmate
H = Knight
Then  watch video sequence. Then, in order to win the final  chess
match, you MUST make the following moves in the following ORDER :
1 = RD1
2 = RXE7
3 = QXD7
4 = BF5
5 = BD7
6 = BXE7
This  is it : Checkmate; System Overlord - De-activated. You  have
won the game. Watch the end video sequence.

And, there is a very obvious "hint" for a sequel.



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