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 The Hookup

The Hookup

(dating Dylan):
1.)When u 1st arrive into town…n after sara has shown u around n u had the IC 
with stephanie at the pretty vacant…go find dylan n talk 2 him (he’ll be in the
bookstore or standing inbetween magilcutty’s and tracks)
2.)when u talk 2 dylan he will ask u 2 meet him that night at 7:00pm at Tracks 
music store (if u can’t find tracks—ask sara in the beanery)
3.)kill time until 7:00pm then meet dylan n u have ur 1st date with him. after 
u leave tracks he will automatically take u 2 a tatoo parlor n then after that 
he’ll take u home.
4.)the next day…i highly recommend going to find dylan n ask him about claire n 
he’ll give u secrets n rumors to use in an IC with her
5.)u have the IC with her when u go into the beanery n talk 2 sara. claire then 
comes in
6.)after the IC talk 2 sara again n ask her about CLaire’s “harem joke”. sara 
will then tell u 2 talk 2 people around town n ask about dylan the only character 
that gives info on dylan is justin, matthew (not rilly cuz he “doesn’t like 
talking about people behind their backs”—he’ll tell u this himself), and megan 
(save her 4 last…cuz its more fun this way )
7.)after talking to megan n finding info on dylan. go talk 2 sara n ask her 
about dylan n megan’s past
8.)then go back n talk 2 megan. keep talking 2 her until she asks u 2 go 
shopping with her at pretty vacant. when she asks u to go (she’ll say “this 
is akward but my parent’s have a fancy party coming up…)
9.)kill time until u have 2 meet megan the next day. meet megan at 12:00pm at 
pretty vacant. she’ll try on clothes n tell u this n that about her n dylan’s 
10.)after shopping with her, go talk 2 dylan n he’ll ask u on a 2nd date to 
canard fou restaurant. if he doesn’t ask u ryte away…juss keep talking about 
CLAIRE until one of replies to hime is “I’d love to meet u at 8:00pm”
11.)kill time until the date. then when u meet him at the restaurant…finish 
talking to him n he’ll walk u home. after the date is finished…u’ll get a text 
message 4rm him almost immediately asking u 2 meet him at the Cinema at 10:00pm 
that same nite so get there ASAP
12.)after the “movies scene” wait until the next day then go talk 2 sara. after 
talking 2 her go talk 2 megan. after talking 2 her she’ll tell u wut 2 do next. 
she’ll tell u 2 talk 2 every girl in town
13.)then u can go n talk 2 dylan in the bookstore. get ready becuz u’ll have an 
IC with him. (u can also go straight to the bookstore after the movies but it’ll 
be harder to win the IC)
14.)after winning the IC he’ll ask if u can meet him at his 10:00am the next day.
kill time until then
15.)meet dylan at his house the next morning. after talking 2 him u leave his 
house. about 1 game hour…he’ll text u.
16.)after this talk 2 dylan. he’ll ask u if u wanan see his friend DJing at 
the club n say yes.
17.)meet him at the club. finish the scene
18.)after finishing the scene… megan will text u 2 go n meet her at magilcutty’s.
go meet her there n finish talking 2 her she’ll tell u 2 talk 2 people (sara, 
justin, melissa, and matthew)
19.)after talking 2 them…talk 2 dylan . get ready u’ll have another IC with him
20.)after winning the IC… he’ll eventually text u “i tried but it didn’t work”
21.) wait until the next morning n at exactly 10:00am meet Dylan in between 
magilcutty’s n tracks music store (he’ll juss be chillen) then talk 2 him
22.)after talking to him go n talk 2 megan…she’ll be very close by inside 
magilcutty’s or standing outside of it.
23.)after talking 2 her go find Dylan again but not in the bookstore…meet him 
again at about 8:00pm outside of the club. After talking 2 him meet him inside 
the club
24.)this is the MC Tuff Luv scenario that people seem to be replaying…I haven’t 
figured out wuts wrong n I’m guessing is a bug. N e way after u finish the 
scenario….dylan comes out again n u have an IC wit him
25.)after winning the IC he says this n that n blah blah blah…then it’s time 
for the summer party!!!

Second Walkthrough (Dating Matthew):
1.)meet matthew at his work in the art gallery2.)talk n sara n choose the 
question “do u know that matthew guy?” or something like that
3.)meet melissa at the inkwell tattoo parlor—u’ll have an IC with claire—it’s ok 
if u lose cuz i think u’re suppose 2 n e way
4.)finish talking 2 melissa—she’ll ask u if u wanna help her figure out if matthew 
is gay or not—say yes n she’ll say ask people around town wut they know about 
matthew. then exit out of inkwell
5.)in 1 game hour u’ll get a text message 4rm matthew asking if u can meet him at 
his work (egg art gallery)—when u meet him he’ll ask u on a date 2 the great wall 
at the next night (check ur planner 4 more details)
6.)kill time—u can use this time 2 ask the characters (every1 except claire, 
melissa, and matthew) about matthew—then meet matthew at the great wall. finish 
the date scenario.
7.)after the date go n talk 2 melissa—she’ll ask u 2 meet her at pretty vacant 
the next day at 12:00pm
8.)the next day—meet melissa at pretty vacant. after that u 2 will go 2 the EGG, 
then after that the both of u will regroup at the beanery.
9.)at the beanery sara will butt in u n melissa’s conversation n then u’ll have 
an IC with her—this 1 is a little tough n u have 2 win though
10.)after defeating sara she will tell u a secret about matthew.
11.)then go n talk 2 megan. she’ll tell u 2 get matthew an artbook
12.)after u exit megan’s work (magilcutty’s) u’ll get a text message from melissa… 
wut u reply bak in the text is up 2 u. i usually say “she’s says he’s not”
13.)then go 2 the bookstore n get the artbook from dylan. melissa will then come 
in n talk 2 u about this n that.
14.)bring the book to matthew n he’ll ask u on a 2nd date to canard fou.
15.)kill time until the date. then meet him there. the date ends early cuz there’s 
an emergency at his work.
16.)exit the restaurant n u’ll get a text message from sara that matthew has paintings
in the art gallery of male nudes. go 2 the art gallery. after that go n talk 2 sara.
17.)after that go n talk 2 melissa n u’ll have an IC with her. u have to WIN.
18.)after that go n talk 2 matthew.
he’ll ask u if u wanna go 2 the club n see melissa perform.
19.)go 2 the club n finish the scenario.
20.)next day go n talk 2 sara in the beanery. she’ll suggest 2 go n talk 2 matthew 
at the EGG. get ready 2 have an IC with stephanie. u must beat her to move on.
21.)after u WIN matthew comes out automoniously. he’ll ask u 4 a walk in the park.
22.)after that scenario. u’re done! go n talk 2 sara 4 an invite 4 the end of the 
summer party the next day.
23.)the next day—go 2 the club n enjoy the finish!

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