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 Pokemon Moon RPG

Pokemon Moon RPG

Table of Contents.

1. Getting Pokemon
2. Battling
3. Making DCs (Diamond Credits; Money)
4. PMs (Private Messages)
5. The cBox
6. News Comments
7. Friends/Blocked Users
8. Trading
9. Buying
10. Selling

[1.] Getting Pokemon

When you first join, you'll login with your username and password for the first time, or
it will redirect you. I can't remember which. But so you're not left stranded with
nothing, the RPG will gift you with your first Pokemon; a starter.

This will be the Pokemon were going to use to help you get started with battling later on.

Now, there are numerous ways to get a Pokemon. These are buying, Legendary areas, Daily
Prizes, Promotional Pokemon, and trading.

You could just buy your own Pokemon, but the cheapest (since user are outrageous) would be
about 200000-300000 Diamond Credits, so lets try something else.

You could go to the Legendary Area Lugias Cave and try your luck at getting a Lugia, but
the chances are 1 out of 1,000. But you can also find DNAs in there, too. Every time you
get five normal DNAs of any one Pokemon, you can get one. You need two Shiny DNAs of one
Pokemon to get that, and one DNA of any Emerald or Crystal Pokemon to get that. Or, if you
dont want to spend ten minutes looking for DNAs, you could go to the Daily Prizes.

But note that Daily Prizes arent necessarily guaranteed to give you Pokemon. They might
just get you Diamond Credits instead. But thank goodness there are promotional Pokemon.

Promotional Pokemon (commonly known as promos) are free Pokemon, usually every week. But
Cless/Klade (the creator) keeps putting them up basically EVERY DAY.

Lastly, you can get some Pokemon by trading. I wouldnt recommend trading away your
starter, or trading when youre a beginner at all, because you might not know whats worth
what. And let me tell you, some people get REALLY angry when someone offers what they call
a noob offer on their very rare Pokemon.

[2.] Battling

Now that you have some Pokemon, we should move on to the most important function on the
whole website: battling.

If you want, you can go to the Pokemon Rankings, where they, well, rank the best of the
bests Pokemon, and try finding a Pokemon that best fits your Pokemon to battle using the
search filter.

Or, if you dont feel like doing all of that, you could go to your Profile (located on the
right side of the screen) and battle your self. I think its really convenient.

When battling, you should press F11 to make the screen higher so you dont have to use much
scrolling. First, you can use an item, or fight. You might not have any items unless youve
been to Lugias cave or any other place, so that might not matter.

Choose and attack, and keep attacking until your enemy is completely defeated. Youll gain
experience, and when theres enough, youll level up. Also, Cless put a cap on leveling so
that you may only level up three levels at a time, so it wont be too easy.

You might have noticed that your enemy is considerably weaker than you (if you and it are
the same level), no Class put a cap on that too, which makes it even easier.

After youre done with the battle, you gain DCs and have three options:

Heal and re-battle Pokemon
Heal and re-battle team
Pokemon Center

If you got seriously mashed, you should go to the Pokemon center for free, or use your
money and heal there so you dont have to make the trip.

[3.] Making DCs (Diamond Credits; Money)

In case you werent grasping what DCs were in my previous explanations, DCs are the
currency of TPM. Theyre rally easy to gain, so dont worry.

There are a few ways: Selling, Quick Selling, Battling, and Legendary Caves.

One way is selling. If you have some Pokemon to spare, you can sell them. Some Pokemon
arent worth too much, so dont go outrageous with the price.

Also, you can Quick sell. Quick selling gets you a fixed amount of money based on level,
but you could get a little more by just selling it manually.

The most common way to make DCs is to battling. All you have to do is defeat a
Pokemon/team in battle, and you get money. Simple, right

The last way is to travel through Lugias cave. All you have to do is search in there, and
youll randomly find DCs.

[4.] PMs (Private Messages)

Private Messages are an ideal way to send a message to someone without everyone else
sticking their nosy selves in the business.

Its located on the right-hand side of the screen.

And just know what some people dont like to be randomly mailed, so be careful. You should
be able to figure out how to use it right

[5.] The cBox.

This is the worst part. The cBox is a little compartment on the left side of the screen
that allows you make a little name and talk to people.

Just click profile on the cBox and make a name. If its taken choose something else. Then
after youve logged into the cBox, you can start blabbing to people about small talk they
wont remember when they wake up. 

Go to the rules section and READ THE CBOX RULES BEFORE POSTING. Half the people on the
cBox DONT read the rules and get banned.

People with Green names are regular users, and people with red names are cBox moderators,
so ask a moderator if you need some help with a user on the cbox or something.

[6.] News Comments

Occasionally, Class posts a news comment about something hes done. You can comments on
this, if you want.

Also, a lot of people go there to chat since there arent any forums and the cBox is
usually going too fast for anyone to read.

READ THE RULES before posting on the News Comments!


Sometimes, there are people we like, or dont like. 

Go to the right-hand side and look under Friend/Block Users to block people, or befriend

To befriend or block, go to the person you want to add to your friend list or block, and
click either option above their avatar.

[8.] Trading

Sometimes, there are Pokemon you dont have, and you want them, right So you trade! Look
Under Trading Section and click Create a trade if want to send one, or Pending trades if
you want to check trades people have sent to you.

Be sure to check the Amount Viewer (under Accounts and Pokemon) to see how many there are;
the less there are, the rarer it is.

[9.] Buying

If go to the buying section under Money Handling youll find something that says Buy
Pokemon. Click it.

It will take you to a page where tons of Pokemon are up for sale. If youre looking for
something specific, use the search filter.

Its recommended that you have ATEAST 10,000,000 DCs before going there; the prices are

[10.] Selling 

To sell Pokemon, go to money handling again and click Sell Pokemon if you want to do the
Selling yourself to other Players, or Quick Sell if youd like to get rid for it for a few
DCs (based on level).

Choose which Pokemon youd like to be sold, set a price, and make it private or not.
Private allows you to sell it to whichever user youd like; you get to choose.

I hope this explanation of TPM has eased some problems.

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