The Scroll (CD) Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Scroll (CD)

The Scroll (CD)

General tips:

First of all come to grips with the interface; one particular point is that,
as you sweep the mouse around, don't be too hasty or you'll miss something

When handing something to someone, pick it up and click on one of their
hands (in the case of the beggar, on his dish). If you want to take a closer
look at something, pick up the item and click with it in the bottom left
hand corner of the screen, then sweep the cursor all around it to see what
can be done with it. Not a lot, you'll find.

Directions for the first game are identical to those for the second game.


At the start, enter the gate, go into the hotel and talk to the manager in
reception. You might as well go into the inventory (bottom right hand corner
of the screen), pick up the envelope and read it's contents by clicking at
the left center margin of the screen. Leave the hotel.

Outside, click with the legs icon on the bottom margin of the screen to go
to Cook's. Enter and speak to the clerk. To get the map and guidebook, go
into the inventory, pick up a coin, click on the top margin of the screen
and then put it in his hand. Pick up the leaflets from the desk and plonk
them in the inventory. At this point you can read all the information in the
guidebook, if you want, but you won't be able to use the map yet.

Leave Cook's, walk right, note the shop and the stairs going up to the
right, walk right again.

Go through the dark doorway to the right and give a coin to the beggar. Out,
go through right arch and talk to the men twice, so that you know about
Mohamed Awad and where to find him. Go left and talk to the guy - follow his
instructions, get into the inventory and click on the Atlas, find and click
on the Catacombs.

Once there, talk to the guy to the right. Again, follow instructions. Go to
Cook's, right and up the stairs. Talk to the girl.

Now, to pass the time, go and visit the Museum. Go inside, left twice and
click on the door to the right. Talk to the curator. You can carry on your
tour of the Museum, if you like, then go to the Hotel, up the stairs into
your bedroom and go to bed.

When you leave the bedroom in the morning, talk to the manager - you get a
letter from Ariadne. Read it and follow the instructions - go right into the
bar and click on the clock to wait for the right time, then talk to the
girl. Accept her offer, then go to Cook's and talk to the clerk. Ask for
financial help and travellers cheques, give him the leter of credit, take
the cheque and go back to bar, click on the clock again, go to the girl and
give her the cheque. Don't examine closely what she gives you, just put it
in your inventory.

Go to the curator in the Museum, put the sarcophagus on his table and talk
to him. Go back to the hotel and go to bed.

In the morning, talk to the manager and get the letter (read it), go to the
Museum and attempt to visit the curator. Talk to the clerk in the front
desk. Leave and go to the cafe, talk to Abdul and, when taken to her, talk
to the girl.

Go to the Museum and talk to the clerk; grease his palm twice and he'll let
you take the keys. Go to the curator's office and get the file - read it.
Return the keys on the clerk's table and go back to the cafe. Walk through
the back door and use the panel to the right to open the door to Ariadne's
room. Talk to her and she'll tell you about the lab.

Go to the room to the left (lab) and examine everything - you can also go
into the next room to the left and have a look. Out and talk to the girl.

Back in and grab the flask with the powder on the bottom left of the screen
and try it on the apparatus to the right. It won't work, but keep this
flask. Out and talk to the girl.

Go to the Catacombs and talk to the guy on the right, give him a coin and
will send you to the shop - travel to Cook's and go left. Enter the shop and
talk to the assistant. Look at what he offers you and buy it. If you don't
have enough money, go to Cook's and get cash, then come back and pay. Take
the figurine.

Go back to the lab, get one of the bags to the right of the screen, put the
figurine in the flask of the right apparatus, and then the powder, click on
the bellows. Pick up the filled flask at the bottom and put it in the flask
of the left apparatus, click on the bellows. Collect the first bag and put
it in your inventory. Pick up a another bag, put more powder in the right
hand apparatus, click on bellows, collect the filled flask and put it in the
left hand apparatus. Put the filled bag in your inventory. Do the same with
the third bag. The colour of the resulting potions should match the colour
of the bags. At the end, keep the flask of powder.

Talk to the girl (say you'll do it) and you'll end up in a tomb. Go in and
use all three bags, in the order you got them, on the burner in the center.
Talk to the ghost. Leave and talk to the girl.

Now go to the beggar and keep giving him money and talking to him till you
have extracted all the info he has to impart. Go back to the girl and she'll
suggest you go to the warehouse. So, back to Cook's, left, left and through
the left archway. Go through the green door. Left and examine desk, get the
folder and read it. Open the door to the right of the screen and go
downstairs. Go to the chair and examine it and, while there, sweep the hand
icon over the bottom right hand corner of the screen to remove a tile and
uncover and way down.

Go back to the girl and talk to her. You'll be back at the way down, click
on the rope to the right of it and go down. Keep going forth through the
rooms till Abdul says he will go forward to spy the way. You follow him
after a bit and discover him in a bad state. Click on his body for a
gruesome peek. Use the flask of powder on the pit and you'll catch a nasty.
Walk around to the right of the dome and keep going till you come to an
altar. Examine everything. Now you must go to the lab and walk left to the
other room. Look at the pedestal in the middle, click on the center three
times till the stars light up. Go back to the underground temple. More talk.

Go back to the nasty you caught and look at him; talk to him, free him and
pick up the pipe. Go back to where you left the girl, put the pipe on the
floor (click on the bottom left hand corner of the screen), click on the
middle bit of the pipe to open it, exit this screen and watch. The End.


Enter Hotel, talk to manager twice to get a letter - don't bother to ask
about the Museum. Read the letter. Go to Cook's (see above) and get the map
and guidebook by giving a coin to the clerk.

Go to the Museum, talk to the clerk at the desk, go visit the curator. Talk
to him. Use the map to go to Cook's, walk left and enter the shop. Talk to
the assistant, look at items, ask to see the mini-sarcophagus to the left
(don't open it), and buy it. You will need to go to Cook's, ask for
financial help and get a travellers cheque as above. Go back to the shop and
buy the sarcophagus.

Take it to the curator of the Museum, put the sarcophagus on the table and
talk to the curator. Go to the Hotel, left to the bar and click on the clock
to pass the time. Go back to the curator in the Museum, as for his opinion,
then look at the scroll. Use the red arrow to read bits, moving left along
the scroll. Talk to the curator till he sends you to bed. Sleep.

When you go down the stairs, talk to the manager, then go to the Museum and

Talk to the policeman, take the file and read it. Go to the beggar and look
at his hand. Give him money and question him. Go to the Museum and left from
the desk. Walk into the doorway and look at the inscription to the right.
Note the carvings. Out.

Go and look in the cases in the room with the green bull. Go back to the
desk and talk to the clerk. Bribe him three times till he says he has to go
away. Step back and go into the next room, then come back and take the keys
from the desk.

Go to the room with the bull and open all six cases (you can get at four of
them when you are in front of the bull and at the last two when you are
behind the bull) and get the four figurines which match the four carvings in
the doorway. Go to the doorway and step in. Look at the inscription again
and you will ask yourself if you should put the figurines in the carvings.
Agree with yourself, why argue, and the four figurines will be placed. There
is something else to do and, smarty-pants that you are, you'll find the
answer all by yourself and speak the word.

The doorway opens, go through, right and follow through till you get to the
antechamber to the shenanigans and see what's going on. Travel to the
policeman and tell him what you've seen. Watch. Go left and up, grab the
scroll and put it in the burner to the right. It's all over bar the
shouting. Daft, innit?

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