The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 2 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 2

The Several Journeys of Reemus - Chapter 2


First stage:
-click on the barrel.
-click on the trident.
-click on the barrel again, you'll get a mouse trap .
-click on the mouse trap.
-click on the green moss.
-then, click on the bucket and the mouse will get out of it and 
 fall in the trap.
-then the slug eats the mouse.
-click on the shovel and Liam gets it,
-click on the ladder and then Liam gets over the alien's head.
-click on the hay.the slug gets cuaght and then click on the hay again,
 and Reemus Will appear with the trident on his hands.
-click on the trident and the the alien gets killed.
-End of stage one.

Stage two:
-click on the bird to wake Reemus up.
-click on the ropes taht tie Reemus. he gets hit,but as the alien gets 
 up to hit him, you can click on a bag, and a honey dart will fall from it.
-click on a dart, and Laim will get it.
-click on a samll bottle tah lies next to Liam, it's full of honey.
-click on the ropes again, so the monster will get up to hit Reemus and 
 step on the bottle.
-click on the honey of the broken bottle, so Liam gets the dart on it.
-click on Liam, he will knocnk the monster out and as the monster falls, 
 Reemus will get his ropes cut.
-End of stage two.

Stage three:
-the green creature on a branch asks for help to cath yallerpedes in exchange,
 it will tell Reemus how to get into the forest.
-click on the mint leave.
-click on the peppermint plant and on the dead lung plant.
-you'll get the yellerpede.
-click on the green creature, the yellerpede falls into a hole.
-click on the purple plant, and then click on the lung plant. you'll get the
 lung plant to gve you a blue part, which you can put on the tree  roots by 
 clicking on its tip.
-then, click on the lung plant again, and Reemus will blow, and te yellerpede 
 gets out.
-End of stage three.

Stage four:
-click on the purple bug and reemus gets free.
-click on the pink (strawberry daiquiri) flowers then click on the arrow 
 and go back, give the daiquiri to the orangebeast, so it leaves and you 
 can get a branch.
-beast, so it leaves and you can get a branch.
-click on the branch, then on the arrow and go back to Liam.
-click on the yellow folwers so the bug can drink water
-go back and click on the slug the trapped bird is holding ONCE.
-then click on the electric bug below it.
-go back to Liam.
-the bird gets the slug, and gets caught again.
-go back, then the orage creature is eaten, and you get a bone to keep the 
 shocking plant open.
-click on the purple nest hanging form the branch and when the plant opens 
 click on it. 
-You'll get Reemus to put the bone on it.Then click on the slug and -Liam is free.
-end of stage four

Stage five:
-After dialogues, you will have to disguise Liam as a bee.
-follow the arrows left until you findcheese and click on the plants until 
 they get at the same level as the bird.
-click on the bird so it spills cheese on Liam.
-go leftfind purple fruit. place Liam behind the branches clicxking on them.
-clicking on blackberrys you'll get Liam painted.
-follow the arows to the donnut field, and the clicking on the yellow flower,
 then Reemus gets the antennae for Liam.
-click on the donnut field, and Reemus gets a donnut to attract flies.
-go back to the spider web, and plant the donnut on the floor 
 (in a brown part, click)
-Then a fly comes and Reemus gets its wings.
-Then, go to the bee.
-End of stage five.

Stage six:
-click on the honey hole, the ogre appears, then you have to find something to 
 distract it. 
-reemus will find outside pipe leaf, the brown plant that grows at -the right 
 of the screen. click on it.Then click on the blue mushrooms and Reemus puts 
 the pipeleaf in one of them.
-go back to Liam and click on a stick next to him, and it will reach the 
 mushrooms roots.
-click on the snails on the trees, changing their positions until they reflect 
 a ray of moonlight in the glass  mushroom that lights the pipeleaf.
-go underground. The ogre will somke and get distracted.
-Now you'll need a container.
-click on the pink vine, go underground and click on the remains of a dead 
 animal, so the vine gets on the cut vine. click again on the remains 
 until Liam says he won't do it anyomre, then, clickon the vine, they pass it 
 trough the hole, and get the honey.
-End of stage six.

Stage seven:
-click on the plants, then on the entrance.
-Click on the frog's mouth.
-then on the spears that grow next to it. click on the monster and kill it.
-now go to the big worm. it will eat the guinea pig that goes with you.
-Go back to the entrance of the cave. 
-clicko on the dead guinea pig to put honey on its mouth and tehn click on 
 it again to grab it.
-go to the right the bird will attack you and get your guinea pig, but clicking
 on the cactus  you'll get your hand protected, and will be able to go to the 
 entrance and take a fire bug.
-grab it and go back to the bird, click on it, and it will let your guinea pig fall. 
-Got to the big worm. feed it your guiena pig. 
-now you'll be able to talk to the Parasite.
-End of stage seven.

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