The Several Journeys of Reemus Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 The Several Journeys of Reemus

The Several Journeys of Reemus


First level:
Click on the compass thing in the top left. Click the brown brush on the top of 
the carrot thing. Click the battery-fly. 

Click the rock between the two middle rasberry things. click the battery fly. 
Click the compass to close it. 

Click the compass to change the season. Click through them to spring. Click the 
plant thing in the bottom right. 

Go to summer. Click the rock at Reemus's feet. Click all the rasberry's. Click 
Reemus. When the brush burns away... your going along fine. 

Click to winter. Click the tounges. Click Reemus. End of first level. 

Second level:
Click the small balls on the branch beside Reemus. Once the flowers show up, 
click the Horned worm. Click Reemus. 
In the bottem left you see an orange bug. Click it. Click the root right below 
the Orange bug. 

Click the "straw" over the orange bug, to the left... then click the giant 
mosquito that appears... to fill spurt water and get the large rock spongy. 

Click the long... thing, beside the fire bug, to get it to point straight up. 
Click the fire bug, to get it to fire at the large crystal. 

Click the fire bug once more to fire at the spot where the large crystal was. A 
shard will fall, creating a way to blind the giant eye that opened. Click 
reemus. End of level 2. 

Level 3:
Before I get into the spoiler, Make note of the ant carrying a rock across the 

Click Reemus, to get on the slug. Click the slug to move it across the bridge, 
which will collapse. 

When the ant starts at the middle of its walk, click the large bat like thing on 
the right side. The bird will make an egg, and an arm will reach to grab it. 

Once the arms' hand opens, click the rock the Ant was carrying, to drop it into 
the hand. The hand will feed it to... something, that will shoot it across at 
the bat, knocking it down, causing the platform to fall. 

you might think the bat is dead. Nope. Click Reemus, then when The bat grabs 
Reemus, click the rock the bat was hanging from, to knock it unconcious... 

Level 4:
click the cake the ant is carrying. quick. 

Grab the unlit torch beside Reemus. Light it from the unlit torch. 

There is a small Water bubble right above Reemus. Click it to boil it, and steam 
bathe the ant. 

Click the ant, to cause the dirt to fall (can't explain) and have the ant head 
and spear now beside you. Put on the ant head, and grab the spear. 

This is where the path diverges. Path 1:
Click Reemus. When he walks up to the blue toad, click the ant by the button to kill 
it. Continue on to the next scene. 

At the next scene, the ant queen will look at you. Click reemus to jump in its mouth.

Path 2:
This is more complex. Click Reemus. When he walks up to the blue toad, click the 
crumb that the ant dropped. You will feed it to the toad, who the ant says "ok" 
your able to walk past. You should still have the spear. 

In the next scene, with the Ant queen's open mouth, click the Sponge rock in the 
bottem right. you will pry it loose with the spear. 

Click the firebug 4 times. This will feed water to the sponge rock. 

Click the Sponge rock to feed it to the ant queen. Enjoy the ending. 
There you go folks.

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