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 Thief - The Dark Project

Thief - The Dark Project

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Lord Bafford's Manor
Using the Sewers to Get In

Use this ladder down to the sewers to get into Bafford’s Manor.
>From the start of the mission, walk forward. You’ll soon be in an
open area with a large building ahead and to the right. That’s the
house  you’ll  be breaking into. If you continue walking  straight
ahead,  you’ll  see  the  front  entrance  and  the  three  guards
stationed there. To find the sewers, though, turn to the right and
walk  around the house. You’ll see an entrance to the sewer, which
appears  as a hole in the ground with a ladder leading down.  Pass
up  this entrance and the one in the distance ahead. When you pass
the  first sewer entrance, keep an eye out for the next left turn.
Take  it  and  continue  walking forward. You’ll  pass  through  a
gateway,  and  to your right will be a third ladder leading  down.
This is the one you want.
At  the  bottom  of  the ladder, turn right.  You’ll  see  several
corridors in front of you. You want the one on the right.  As  you
turn right, you’ll see a door almost immediately. Open it and walk
in.  Flip  the switch on the back wall and leave this small  room.
Walk  out  and turn right, and turn right again. The  switch  just
opened  the  grate that was here. Walk through to the  ladder  and
climb up. There is a guard stationed here. You need to get the key
hanging  on  his left hip. This will open the door he’s  guarding.
Once the door is open, walk in and jump down the well.

The Well and the Basement

Keep  your  eye on this window slit for the guard. When  he  walks
past headed to the right, the coast is clear.
Swim  until you come to the large round area with water  trickling
down  from the ceiling. Continue until you come to an area off  to
the  right  with  dry  land.  Walk up and  into  the  basement  of
Bafford’s Manor. You’ll be in a storeroom. Go to the door, open it
and  proceed  into  the  next area. It’s another  storeroom.  Walk
cautiously in here, because there’s a guard close by. Move in  and
very  carefully approach the window slit at the far  side  of  the
room.  You’ll eventually see a guard walking past on  his  rounds.
When  he  walks by headed toward your right, he’s going away  from
your  path, and it’s safe to move. Go through the opening and turn
right,  walking  all  the way to the end  of  the  corridor.  Take
another right turn, and eventually you’ll find yourself in another
group of storage rooms.

If you look to the left as you enter the first room, you’ll see  a
guard standing watch over an exit in the distance. You need to get
through that doorway. Walk around in these storerooms and line  up
a  good close shot on the guard. An arrow to the neck will put him
out  of  commission permanently and allow you access to the stairs
leading up to the main floor of Bafford’s Manor.

On the First Floor
There are no guards near this first area on the ground floor,  but
there  are  a few servants. Walk out the door and turn  right.  Go
past the first branch off to your right and keep walking past  the
room  with  the sleeping servant. Take the right turn  just  after
this  room and walk all the way to the end of the hall. Once here,
turn left and follow the hallway until it ends in a reddish door.

Head  into  this  next area carefully. You want to  walk  out  the
opposite end of this oddly shaped corridor and take a quick  left.
There’s  an  open  hallway here, with a  set  of  stairs  to  your
immediate  left.  Ignore these and walk forward  until  you  reach
another set of stairs to the left. Take these up to the next room,
and  take the next flight of stairs up as well. This will take you
to  a  tower  room  over the second level.  Walk  down  the  other
staircase from this room to reach the second floor of the Manor.

On the Second Floor
Walk  through the covered corridor to the door at the end. It will
be  to  your  right as you exit the tower. The room  beyond  is  a
library.  Scout around for trinkets, then open the  door  opposite
the  one  you  entered and step very carefully  into  the  hallway

Two  guards  are  patrolling  this  hallway,  both  walking  in  a
counterclockwise pattern. You’ve entered the hallway from  a  door
that they don’t see as they make their normal rounds. Sit and wait
quietly  as the guards pass. Just as the first guard gets  to  the
end  of  the hallway and turns left, the second guard will appear.
You need the key he is carrying on his belt. Whether you get it by
killing  him  or  by cautiously picking his pocket is  immaterial.
When he is dead or when he has turned the corner at the end of the
hall,  move forward to the alcove on your right. Pass by the door.
There’s a set of stairs leading down to a small room with  a  door
on each side. Open either one.

In  the next room, there is a single guard. Drop him with a  well-
placed.  The  scepter  is hanging on a pair of  hooks  behind  the
throne in this treasury.

Getting Out
You’ll leave a different way. Walk out of the throne room and back
into  the  hallway. Turn right and take another right at the  next
door.  This  is Bafford’s bedroom. When you’ve collected  all  the
trinkets, go back to the hallway and turn right again. This  time,
go  past the corridor branch to the left and open the door in  the
left wall at the end of the corridor. Walk to the other end of the

Take the first staircase to your right. Go up, then head down  the
other  staircase once you get there. Head down the next  staircase
back  to level one. Sneak out of the stairwell and turn left. Take
the  next left you can, and walk until you see the switch  sitting
against  one of the pillars. Throw the switch to open  the  nearby
gate back to the outside and leave.

Break from Cragscleft Prison
The Mines
Walk  over  to  the large depression in the ground  and  jump  in.
There’s  really only one path you can swim, so take it. This  will
take  you  into  the mines themselves. You’ll be starting  on  the
level next to the bottom. Crawl out of the water and walk forward,
following the mine cart tracks. Walk around the deadfall and  into
the mines proper.

Ahead  of you is a corpse surrounded by a cloud of insects.  Avoid
both  and  continue to walk straight ahead down the tracks.  After
you  take  a few steps, the corridor will branch. Take  the  short
right  branch, and when it stops, head to the left. This  corridor
opens into a larger area with a pair of corridors running left and
right. Take the closest one on the right.

If  you’re quick, you should be able to jump into the area in  the
right wall before the zombie has time to notice you and react.
You’ll soon come to an open area with a device at the back of  the
room. Move in and, avoiding the zombie, jump onto the ledge in the
wall  on the right. Crawl up this incline until you reach the end.
It opens up into a small room with three bodies, one of which is a

Come out of the tube and go straight ahead, hugging the left wall.
In  the corner, there is another ledge to jump onto and crawl  up.
This  will  lead  you eventually to a high room with  a  destroyed
bridge.  There’s no way to repair the bridge, so you need to  find
another way across. Look to the left and jump down onto the narrow
ledge.  Follow it around the area to the other side of the  broken

Climb up onto the other half of the destroyed bridge, then get  on
the  railing. From here, mantle up to the corridor that lies above
this bridge. Walk up the incline and take a quick look around.  To
your left is a device for calling up an elevator. To your right is
a  zombie surrounded by another cloud of insects. Click on the top
button  of the device to call the elevator up to this level,  then
run  past  the  zombie down the corridor to the right.  If  you’re
quick, it won’t get a shot in on you and it won’t be able to  keep
up with you after you get past it.

Run  straight  ahead until this corridor ends,  then  turn  right.
Follow the tracks around. Keep going straight ahead until you come
to  an  open area with a ladder on the right side. Go through  the
nearby doorway. Jump up on the small rise. Walk to the left of the
fallen beam and onto the paved area. The first right leads to  the
stairway  up  to  the  factory, but it’s  guarded  by  a  pair  of
Hammerite guards. Slay them with arrows while hiding. You must  be
very  careful  moving  through this area,  because  a  few  active
zombies are still on this level.

Sneaking through the Factory
Start  through  the factory by walking forward to the  two  doors.
Move  through  the  door on the right, through the  machine  room.
Sneak by the guard and go through the machine room to the corridor
beyond.  Once you get there, follow the hallway to the  right  and
take  the  first branch to the right. Take this into  the  factory

You’ll  enter the factory from a catwalk above the factory. Follow
the  wooden  catwalk all the way around to the end  and  take  the
stairs  down.  Sneak  past  the Hammerite  that  is  manufacturing
weapons here. Be patient and move very slowly, and he won’t  catch
sight  of you. Beyond him and to the right is the entrance to  the
prison level.

The Prison Level and Cutty
As  you come to the prison level, you’ll hear a pair of Hammerites
talking  about  Cutty in cell block 4. Crouch down and  sneak  in,
staying  in  the shadows. After a few moments, one of  the  guards
will walk past you, giving you the opportunity to steal the key on
his  belt.  Do so, and let him walk on. When he is gone, carefully
sneak  past the guard that is still here and move into the  prison

Follow the sign toward cell blocks 3 and 4. You’ll come to another
guard.  Again, by staying crouched in the shadows and moving  very
carefully,  you should be able to get past him and up the  stairs.
Go left here toward cell block 4.

You’re  on  the bottom floor of the cell block and  must  make  it
inside  to get to the top. Kill the guard with an arrow,  then  go
through  the  cell  block into the corridor beyond.  Hide  in  the
shadows here and wait for the Hammerite to pass, then run  in  and
go  all the way to the back of the top floor. Flip the bottom left
switch  to  open the door to Cutty’s cell. Now get back  down  the
stairs,  again hiding in the shadows to avoid being  seen  by  the
Hammerites. As you leave the corridor, Cutty will be in the  first
cell on your left.

Unfortunately for you, Cutty is in no shape to travel. As a way of
paying you for the Bafford job, he’ll tell you that another thief,
Felix,  has made plans to find and steal the Horn of Quintus.  The
Hammerites have taken his notes and put them in their evidence box
in  the  officers’ quarters. Cutty then dies, and your  objectives
change. You must get those plans to get out successfully.

Issyt and Getting to the Officers’ Quarters
You  now  need to get to the barracks, located the next level  up.
From  the bottom floor of cell block 4, look to the right. There’s
an  open area here with a Hammerite guard. Use a noisemaker  arrow
to  distract him, and when he goes away, go diagonally through the
room  and over to the ground floor of cell block 1. Kill the guard
at the back of this cell block to gain entrance.

Issyt’s remains are in cell block 1 on the top level.
Issyt’s  remains are on the second floor, in the second cell  from
the  back. Flip the switch next to the bottom one on the right  to
open  the cell door and look in. One of Issyt’s hands is your Hand
of Glory, so grab it. Then return to the first level and walk back
as  if  you were going to head back down the cell block.  Instead,
turn  left  and  follow  the sign up to the  barracks  level.  The
stairway is unguarded, so you shouldn’t have much trouble  getting

Finding the Map
At  the  top of the stairs, you’ll find a large open room  with  a
guard  patrolling it. Avoid this for now, instead  going  straight
down  the  hallway.  There  are  two  doors  to  the  right  worth
investigating.  Behind each is a chest. The first holds  100  gold
worth of treasure, while the second holds 10 arrows. Collect both,
then  hide  in  the room to the left to avoid detection  from  the
patrolling guard.

Sneak back the way you came in, toward the main room. Move in  and
sit  tight, waiting for the patrolling guard to wander past.  When
he does, move forward and take the corridor to the right, going up
the  stairs  on the right. At the top are the officers’  quarters.
Move straight ahead until the corridor ends, then turn left. Go to
the  door  here  and open it, and open the door to  the  immediate
right.  Follow this corridor to the door at the end, open it,  and
walk through. Now crouch down.

There  is  a  wandering  guard here who shouldn’t  see  you.  He’s
walking  up and down the path to the left. You want to  steal  the
key  off his belt when he gets close. Grab it, then head back  the
way  you came. Now look around. Explore this office until you find
the  cabinet. Use the key you just stole to open it and  grab  the
treasure here as well as Felix’s notes. Then go back down  to  the
prison level.

Getting Out
Follow  the  signs  back to the factory.  Use  your  map  to  keep
yourself on course. You’ll be sneaking past several guards as  you
head  out  of the prison level. In the factory, you’ll  simply  be
retracing  the  steps that you made going through the  other  way.
Your  objective is to get back to the top level of the mines, then
to  get back to the elevator you called up when you first came  by
this  way. Follow your original path back to the mines,  and  move
past the zombie to get to the elevator. Hit the second button from
the top to drop the elevator down to the third level of the mines.

Now turn left. There’s only one path to follow, so wander down the
hallway until you reach the ladder. Climb down the ladder and jump
down  to  the next level. Follow the corridor here until you  spot
the  switch  on the wall. Flip it, and it will open a  grating  to
your right. Walk through this opening, and you’ll be back outside,
on a plateau just above where you started this level.

Down in the Bonehoard
The First Catacombs
You start outside the Bonehoard with the entrance in front of you.
The  dead  body on the ground is a zombie that will  rise  up  and
attack  if you get too close, so avoid it entirely as you walk  to
the  opening. Climb down here and follow the tunnel  to  the  open
area with the rope hanging down.

Climb down this rope and into the upper catacombs. You’ll need  to
watch out for zombies at all times.
You’ll  have  to jump to this rope and start shinnying  down,  but
don’t  go  too  fast. There is a very active,  very  angry  zombie
waiting  for you on the ground floor, although it doesn’t see  you
yet. If you look around, you’ll see some ledges against one of the
walls.  Jump from the rope to the middle ledge, then hop  down  to
the next one and turn to face the room. You’ll notice a passage on
the  left  side of the room. When the zombie has its back  turned,
jump  down and run through that opening, make a hard turn  to  the
left, and run up the stairs.

At  the  top  of  the  stairs, turn right and follow  the  hallway
around. It ends in a short ramp that will drop you down to a lower
floor.  Slide  down  the ramp and turn left  when  you  reach  the
bottom.  Walk forward into the large room and head to  the  right,
going out the other passage here. Take the first set of stairs  up
that  you find. Continue following the passage at the top  of  the
stairs.  It  branches to the left at one point.  Continue  forward
until  you  come to the crypt area. Get the urn by  crouching  and
crawling forward so the spears that come shooting out of the  wall
will  go  over your head. Now go up the short staircase  here  and
into the next room.

Shinny  down  the rope into a hallway and head to the  left.  Look
into  the  alcove  and open the chest. Then head back  toward  the
rope.  Go  past it and jump into the pool of water. Swim down  and
straight  ahead until you can surface again, then turn around  and
climb  out. Open the chests, but stand next to them when you  open
them up.

Now  walk back around the pool to the other side and turn  to  the
right.  Take  the ladder down into the hole. At the  bottom  is  a
large  pressure plate that releases a boulder from  overhead  when
stepped on. Once down the ladder, you must move quickly to get out
of the way of this rock. Enter the large opening on the right side
of the room. This leads to the burrick caves.

The Burrick Caves
Enter  the  cave and head through it. The first section is  pretty
linear, so don’t worry about getting lost. When you come to  a  T-
intersection,  hold up for a second and wait. It’s likely  that  a
burrick  is patrolling the area. Wait until it moves off  to  your
right, then enter the tunnel and head to the left.

Continue  following this tunnel around until it opens  up  into  a
large cavern. There are many burricks here, but they shouldn’t  be
a problem. Hug the left wall and walk around the room. Eventually,
you’ll  spot  an opening up the wall. This is where  you  want  to
climb  up.  You’ll  recognize this opening by its  greenish  tint.
Climb  and mantle up until you can stand, then walk forward  until
you  reach a huge cavern with a ledge running on your side of  the

Step down onto the ledge and turn left. Follow the ledge until you
come  to  the large, reddish opening on your left. Looking through
it, you’ll see several tombs in the distance. The two gems and the
Horn of Quintus lie through this opening.

Lighting  the torches gives you access to The Mystic’s  Soul,  but
you’ll need to move fast to stay away from the zombies.
 The Horn of Quintus
Walk  forward  into  the catacombs. Take the  right-hand  corridor
every time you have a choice. Use your holy water and water arrows
if  you  need to take out some of the zombies, but don¹t use  your
fire arrows since you¹ll need them later.

Keep heading down these right-hand corridors until you come to  an
open  room  with a lot of zombies. Run over to and head  the  long
ramp  in the center of the room. At the top of the ramp, kill  the
zombie  and walk past the ladder and around to the other corridor.
There are fireballs being launched into the hallway from the  room
here, so wait patiently, timing your passage past the room so that
you  aren¹t  hit.  Move down the hallway, heading  right  whenever
possible.  You¹ll come to a circular room with  a  set  of  stairs
going up. Take them, then walk up the huge ramp that you come to.

At  the  top  of  the ramp, there are more of those  purple  magic
missiles  to deal with. The four posts on the platform fire  their
missiles  at  regular  intervals, so timing your  passage  is  not
difficult.  Make your way around the platform to the  single  exit
from this area and follow the hall until it ends.

Go into the burrick caves and bear to your right through the first
opening.  Head  left then, but keep your eyes trained  toward  the
right  side.  You  should  spot  a pair  of  burricks  guarding  a
passageway  to a crypt. Kill them with your bow, then run  through
when the way is clear.

Climb  up to the third level of platforms. Take the ladder heading
up  to the first platform. Look for a ladder set against the wall.
Jump  to  it  and  climb again, jumping down  to  the  second-tier
platform from the top.

>From  the  second platform, walk around again until you  see  yet
another  ladder  leading  up. Jump over to  it  and  climb  again,
leaping  down  to  the third tier from the top.  From  here,  walk
around until you see the catwalk leading through the center of the
room.  At the far side is the Horn of Quintus, the object of  your


That  arrow  was meant for you. Fortunately, you were  in  another
part  of  the store. Of course, with this threat, you’ll  have  to
cancel your plans to rob the Hammerites tonight.
A pair of men will be lurking in the street. One is confident that
the  person  he just killed with an arrow was you. Naturally,  you
have  to follow them to find out who sent them to kill you.  Stick
close enough to see where they’re going but remain far enough back
so  they won’t see you if they look back or hear you crossing some
of the noisier ground.

>From  the  store, follow the men straight through the opening  to
the left. They’ll cross the metal bridge next, and you have to  be
very  careful when you follow them here. Wait a second before  you
attempt  to follow, because they’ll hear you if you’re too  close.
Keep  your  eyes and ears open and cross the bridge as quickly  as
possible.  Chances  are  good they’ll  head  to  the  right  after
crossing the bridge, but sometimes they do go to the left.

The  two  assassins eventually will come to a wharf  area  with  a
large  wooden  walkway going through it. They’ll go  up  this  and
continue  on.  Don’t get too close here because this  is  a  noisy
walkway,  and following too closely will get you killed.  Continue
all the way up to the top of this wooden platform and take a right
at  the  top.  Your path is basically straight from here,  with  a
slight  jog to the right at one point. You’ll end up just  outside
the  mansion  of the crime boss Ramirez. When you get  here,  your
objectives will change.

The  problem now is actually breaking into Ramirez’s house without
getting  caught. The front gate is heavily guarded.  Find  a  nice
place  in  the  shadows and sit tight until the  guards  that  are
patrolling the area continue on their rounds.

Breaking In
Ramirez’s grounds are heavily guarded in places, so you’ll have to
trick the guards to get in. Once the guards have cleared out, move
through  the  gate and check the area to make sure no  guards  are
approaching. There are some good shadowy areas here to hide in, so
if guards approach, just sit tight and let them pass. When the way
is clear, head down the path on the right.

The  gravel  on this path is very noisy, but for once,  the  noise
will  work  to  your advantage. Directly above you on  the  wooden
platform  is a guard armed with a bow. As you walk down the  path,
you’ll  make  enough noise for him to hear you. Listen  carefully,
and  when  he runs off, hightail it off the path and  run  to  the
right. Get to the corner of the yard and stop.

Go  through the door in the outer wall at the corner here. Head up
the  stairs  and through the door at the top to the ledge  on  the
outer wall. Go up the short staircase and open the door, then open
the  door  to your immediate left. This will put you in  the  same
spot  you would have reached if you had climbed up the ladder from
the pool below. Jump to the roof and slide over to the balcony.

The Top Floor
>From  the balcony, open the door and walk into the library.  Find
the  loose  book in the dark corner to the right of the fireplace.
It  opens a secret panel on the other side of the fireplace.  Walk
through, and you’ll hear a conversation between some guards  about
the  failed  hit on you tonight. Then go back to the  library  and
head  through  the door into the hall. You’ll scare  a  couple  of
people,  so  wait until they leave. Take the first  door  on  your
right and grab everything in the room.

Go  through  the  other door in this room and turn  right  in  the
hallway.  Follow this hallway around two turns to the left.  After
you turn the second corner, take a right down the next hallway and
open the door at the end. This is Ramirez’s bedroom. Make sure you
open  the  chest to get the bronze-colored key. Now fire  a  water
arrow  into the fireplace to douse the fire. Crouch and crawl  in.
To  your  left is a switch on the wall. Flip it to reveal  another
hidden passage.

There  is a door on each side of the fireplace. Investigate  both.
Head  back out into the hallway and turn right at the end. Go into
the  next  two  doors to your right and steal all  the  worthwhile
valuables in these two rooms as well.

Return  to the hallway and go right again. The next door leads  to
what looks like a Hammerite shrine. Walk through it and go through
the  door  on the other side. Take the set of stairs down  to  the
first floor of the house.

The First Floor
Wait  on  the  stairs. The bottom floor of the  house  is  heavily
patrolled. You must be very careful and stay tight in the  shadows
when  the  guard  passes. When the coast is  clear,  go  down  the
stairs,  ignoring the door to the left, and out into the  hallway.
Head left.

Go  through the first door on the right and into Ramirez’s  trophy
room.  Keep the door open and wait. Eventually, a guard will pass,
headed  toward the left. This is your cue to leave. From the  door
you  came in, take the door on the left back into the hallway.  Go
straight  until the hall ends and turn left. Take the stairs  down
and into the basement.

The Basement and Ramirez
Go  straight, following the corridor around until you come to a T-
intersection. Turn right and you’ll see a long ramp with a door at
the end. Use the bronze-colored key to get you through.

With Ramirez this unsuspecting, it almost seems unsportsmanlike to
shoot him.
Go left. The first opening to your left is the room you’re looking
for.  Ramirez is here. If you’re quiet and careful, he won’t  hear
or  see you, and you should be able to put an arrow in him without
much trouble. Grab the key off the shelf and the one from his belt
and use them to open the two chests in the room. Now it’s time  to
get out.

Head  up the basement the way you came in, going up the long  ramp
and  turning left at the top. Keep following the hallway until you
get  to the stairs. Make sure there aren’t any guards around, then
head up, turn left, and continue up the stairs all the way to  the

Back on the top floor, walk clockwise around the hallway until you
come  back to the library where you entered the house. Go straight
through  and  jump  off the balcony and into the  water.  Let  the
current carry you out.

The  current will carry you back to the area with the long  wooden
platform  that you crossed on your way to Ramirez’s  house.  There
will  be  guards  around, so you’ll need to be careful.  Launch  a
noisemaker arrow to distract the guards, then climb up the ladder.
Now  start  running. Follow the general path you followed  at  the
start  of the mission, but when you get to the store, keep  going,
following  the streets to get back to your own neck of the  woods.
Use the map, and keep moving. If you run, the guards shouldn’t  be
able  to  draw a bead on you or get close enough to hit  you  with
their swords.

The Sword
Getting In
To  start, head all the way around to the corner. Arm a rope arrow
and  shoot is straight up into the wooden roof. Climb up and  jump
onto  the  balcony. Head through the doorway to your right.  Climb
down  the  ladder and walk carefully into the next room. Carefully
open  the  door  into  the main hallway and look  around.  Several
guards  patrol this outer hallway, but you’ll have time  to  sneak
down  the hall when the coast is clear. Head into the hallway,  go
left, and enter the first door on the right.

Walk  toward the back of the room you’ve entered and pick the safe
in  the lower part of the pillar. Now go back into the hallway and
head  right, pass through the opening to your left, and go up  the
stairs. At the top of the stairs, you’ll notice that the floor  in
front of you is missing. Jump into the corridor on the right, head
around  the  corner to the left and take the first door  that  you
come to on the left.

Look under the odd wall hanging at the back of the room. Open  the
door  to the left (the one on the opposite end of the room if  you
entered from the hall) and stand back to avoid the trap. Walk into
the next room, grab the loot off the table, and leave, closing the
door  behind you. Then head back into the hallway. Take  the  next
door on your right and open the two chests. Then go back into  the
hall and turn right.

The floor in front of you is trapped. Get a running start and leap
over it, landing on the other side. Skip the next door on the left
and  walk forward around the corner. Investigate all of the  doors
you  find,  picking  up  loot and being  very  wary  of  any  wall
coverings.  Many  of  the chests and items  are  trapped  so  that
opening  them  releases a cloud of magic at you.  Make  sure  that
you’re out of the line of fire when you open any chests. When  you
come to the first set of double doors on the right, open them  and
head down.

There are two torches burning on the first landing. Snuff the  one
on  the  right  and continue down the stairs to the bottom.  Snuff
both  of  the torches here and wait. A guard will wander by  soon,
and  he’s carrying a key you need. Wait until he walks past,  then
snag the key. Wait until he disappears to your left before heading
back  up the stairs to the second floor. Back here, go out in  the
hall  and one door to the right. Open it with the key and head  up
to the top level.

You  must pick the key off this guard’s belt to gain access to the
top floor and the sword.
Nabbing the Sword
>From  the  staircase, turn left and go around  the  corner.  Head
through  the  tunnel directly in front of you and  walk  straight,
bearing  right as the corridor bends. Walk out into the void  room
and  pick up the two gems on the floor here. You’ll need  to  jump
across the void to the other platform. Leave the void room now and
crawl  to  your  left. Take the tunnel leading up. When  it  ends,
you’ll be above a hallway with a patrolling guard. There is a rope
hanging from the ceiling and another tunnel beyond on the opposite
wall.  Jump across to the rope and then jump into the next tunnel.
Follow it up and to the left, where it ends, opening into a  large
area. There are also two guards standing here.

Kill the guards with your arrows, then walk into the hallway. Walk
to the edge of the platform. It overlooks a large, octagonal room.
In  front  of  you,  floating in the air, is Constantine’s  sword.
Crouch  and look up. Shoot a rope arrow into the greenish  ceiling
around  the top of the room, fairly close to the skylight  in  the
center.  Jump over to the rope and grab on, inching down a little.
Reach  over  and grab the sword. Jump back to the top floor  where
you just came from, duck back under the low wall you crawled from,
and head back down.

Rope  arrows  are useful for more than just getting  into  places.
When  there  is tight security, they also provide a way  to  steal
valuable goods.
Crawl back to where you left the void room. As you did on your way
up,  you’ll have to use the rope in the hallway to get  across  to
the other tunnel as you work your way down. When you’re out of the
green tunnels and back in the tiled hallway, stand up. Bear right,
then  head up the short ramp to your left. Keep moving toward your
left  now  until you spot a room that looks like it  came  from  a
carnival  funhouse,  with  the floor  tilting  at  various  insane
angles. Walk through it and straight ahead, taking the next right.
The tunnel here leads back to the stairs you climbed to get to the
third floor.

Head  back to the second floor and walk around the hallway to  get
to  the open spot in the floor next to the stairs back down to the
first floor, and head back to where you came in. Jump back to your
rope and climb down to the ground to finish the mission.

The Haunted Cathedral
Finding the Cathedral
You  begin  in the southwest corner of the map. Move forward  over
the  hill, and turn to the right. Jump over the hill here and work
your way to the back corner. Duck down to find the plate under the
ruined  building.  Now  head back toward where  you  started,  but
instead  of  turning left to get back to your beginning  location,
walk straight ahead from the hill.

Take  the  next left, then follow the road around the  next  right
corner.  Walk forward toward the light on the ground, and bear  to
the  right  when you get to it. Go around the next corner  to  the
left,  and you’ll see a large ramp. There are a couple of  zombies
in  this  area, so you’ll want to move quickly now.  Head  up  the
ramp, and move forward all the way to the wall. Turn right and  go
through  the passage here. Keep moving forward until you  come  to
the  street sign for De Perrin Street. It has been knocked to  the
ground.  Make  a  very  quick left. You’ll  be  facing  a  strange
console,  and a very angry burrick will be coming toward you.  Run
past  the burrick and through one of the two openings on the  back
wall, jumping into the water.

Turn  to the right. Swim down through the underwater opening. Head
through  the tunnel, turning right, then left. Take another  right
up the long tunnel, then go left at the end and break the surface.
Swim over to the pedestal in the middle of the pool and climb  up.
The  walkway around the pool is a good distance from where  you’re
standing,  but  there is one spot that jags out a  little  closer.
Jump to it, then look down and grab the key sitting here. Now walk
into the main part of the room.

Look  up. You’ll see a number of crossbeams above you. Arm a  rope
arrow  and  shoot it into one of the beams, then  climb  up.  When
you’re at the top, mantle all the way up. Walk along the beams  to
the  more solid platform in the back corner, then head through the
ruined house to the door at the back side. You’ll have to use your
lockpicks to open this portal as quickly as possible.

Several zombies are outside here. Kill them all. Once the  way  is
clear,  take  a look at your map. You’ll find yourself  on  Market
Street  now, and you’ll be heading to the far end. Walk  past  the
bridge to your immediate left. Search through the buildings as you
go  down  Market  Street for valuables. Keep heading  down  Market
Street until you come to a large built-up hill. Climb up the  hill
and  jump down the hole at the top. Kill the spider inside. Mantle
back  out and continue forward down the street until you  come  to
the wooden bridge to your left.

Run  over the bridge, flying past the burricks that guard it. Take
the  first  left,  running  through the small  puddle  around  the
destroyed  building, then keep following the only open path  ahead
of  you.  Enter the destroyed building through the open  end  that
used  to  be  the  base and crawl to the back for some  additional
loot. Then move out and head to the left. Again, go straight until
you  see  the  door  way across the street. Go  through  and  keep
walking forward until you find yourself back on the street.

The impressive cathedral holds several surprises for you.
>From  here,  run  straight ahead and take  the  first  left.  The
spirits of a couple of dead Hammers are guarding the area, but you
should be able to run past them. Head up the huge staircase to the
outside of the cathedral.

Following The Eye
When you get to the temple, turn to the right and run all the  way
around.  Keep your ears open because you’ll be getting  a  ghostly
message  from The Eye itself. It will tell you that to rescue  it,
you  must  unlock  the way into the cathedral.  The  Keepers  have
sealed  the way. To enter, you must find the Keepers’ grotto  and,
while  standing on the pedestal there, relight the torches by  the

Now  it’s  time  to  leave. Go back to the main  entrance  to  the
cathedral  and run back down the stairs to the street below.  Turn
right and move into the ruined building you climbed through to get

Follow your path all the way back to the wooden bridge. Before you
get  to  it,  you’ll see another bridge to your left.  This  leads
directly  to the Keepers’ grotto. Move in. Make sure the  burricks
aren’t  around, or they will slaughter you. The spider is easy  to
deal with if you need to kill it.

In  the grotto, fire a rope arrow into one of the beams along  the
ceiling.  Climb up, then jump over to the pedestal. Look down  and
grab  the healing potion and the holy water here. Make sure you’re
standing on the key-shaped area, then turn and look at the statue.
Arm your fire arrows and light the two torches. This will open one
of  the  panels  on  the wall. Jump back to the  area  around  the
pedestal and mantle into the new opening.

You’ll need to weigh down both pedestals to open both the door and
the bars.
Keep  walking until you come to a barred door. There are a  couple
of  pedestals here with ruined statues next to them. Jumping  onto
the  right  pedestal opens the door, while standing  on  the  left
pedestal  opens the bars. Unfortunately, neither stays  open  long
enough  to  allow you to jump across and have both doors  open  at
once.  To  get  them open, pick up some of the statue  pieces  and
place them on the right pedestal. When the door opens up, run  and
jump  onto the other pedestal to release the bars. When  the  bars
open, run through and flip the switch on the right just inside the
door. These doors will stay open now.

Move forward, and quickly go down the stairs and around the corner
to  the  right. A few arrow traps will fire behind  you  but  they
won’t  hit  you  if you run. When you come to the door,  use  your
lockpicks and quickly get the door open. The wall behind  you  has
started  moving in, and if you don’t get the door opened in  time,
you’ll be crushed. With the door open, move forward into the  room

There  is  a  door on each side of this room, but the one  on  the
right is locked and cannot be opened yet. Go instead to the one on
the  left and open it. Read the two parchments and grab the  stone
key off the table. Look around the table as well, and get the gold
key from the floor.

Beyond  this door is a strange, octagonal table and a  book.  Read
the  book,  then  look at the table. Your mission objectives  will
change  again,  this time requiring you to find the Keepers’  key.
This,  as  it turns out, is the stone key you took from  the  last
room. Your tasks are now done as long as you have been diligent at
picking up the treasure you find.

The Lost City
Finding the Lost City
Before  you start the mission, you might want to purchase a breath
potion  and as many water arrows as you can get your hands on.  At
the start of the mission, walk forward and go around the corner to
the  right.  Jump  into the narrow waterway and swim  down,  going
through  the opening on the right. Surface on the other  side  and
take  a minute to get your breath back. The next swim is long  and
difficult, and a breath potion will be a huge help.

Let  the  current  carry you along a little, then  swim  down  and
forward.  Swim  around  the corner to the right,  then  head  down
around  the obstruction. Ahead of you is an opening on your  left.
Take  it,  and swim down and to the right. Then break the surface.
The current here is swift, so swim to the right side and climb  up
on the ledge quickly.

Walk  forward  on the ledge, avoiding the spiders. Jump  over  the
waterfall to the other side, and again walk around the spider.  Go
through  the  opening  and  drop down to  the  next  lower  ledge.
Continue down to the next ledge and go through the opening to your
left. Walk forward to the T-intersection.

If  you  take the right fork at the T-intersection, you’ll  get  a
view of the Talisman of Fire.
Take  the left branch and go through the fire trap ahead  of  you.
Follow  the  tunnels until they open up on the  roof  of  a  large
building. You are now standing on the roof of the library  in  the
Lost  City.  On  your map, this is in the top right  corner.  Walk
around  the roof until you come to the opening. Drop down  and  go
through  the middle door. Pass through the first room to the  next
one  and drop through one of the windows. Walk out the large  door
and  turn  left, then right at the obelisk. You are  now  standing
just outside the residential district of the Lost City.

The Residential District
This area is heavily patrolled by burricks, so you need to get out
of the way immediately. Move in when the burrick is off patrolling
other areas and mantle onto the building immediately to your left.
Again,  wait  for  the burrick to walk past and leave  around  the
corner,  then  follow  it.  Instead of going  around  the  corner,
though,  mantle  onto  the low roof of the last  building  on  the
right. Turn and face the street and jump across, mantling onto the
next roof.

Hop  from roof to roof until you come to the end. When the burrick
isn’t around, jump down and turn to your right. Move forward  down
the street and mantle up onto the first roof on your left past the
arch. Again, jump across the street and mantle onto the roof here.
Follow  these roofs all the way to the back of the cave  and  turn
left.  Keep following the roofs until you find a balcony  with  an
opening to the right. Drop down onto the balcony.

The  path  leads back and down and tends to bear toward the  left.
When it splits off to the left, move forward and get a look at the
town square. There will probably be a fire elemental or two moving
around here, so if you’re confident of your ability with the  bow,
douse  them with water arrows. Then go back and take the branching
passage.  Keep  following it through left turns,  jumping  over  a
small  lava stream at one point, until you come to the roof  of  a
large building. Jump down, making sure to clear the lava. Now head
through  the gateway to your left. Ahead of you is a large obelisk
with  what  looks  like  scales of justice  carved  onto  it.  Arm
yourself with water arrows and step forward into the Civic Center.

The Talisman of Water
In  the front hall of the Civic Center, you’ll encounter two  fire
elementals.  Douse them both. Now take the first  opening  on  the
right  from the way you came in. Go up the stairs and through  the
doorway on the right. Head to the right in the hallway here,  then
shinny  through the hole in the side of the building.  Follow  the
path here all the way to the next giant obelisk.

Walk  between  the mausoleums until the first turn to  the  right,
then mantle up onto one of them. Jump from crypt to crypt over the
lava.  You’ll come eventually to a spot where the crypts are  much
lower.  Keep going, and jump across to the plateau and the  ruined
campsite.  Explore  this  area. The  decapitated  skeleton  has  a
medallion near it. You’ll also find a journal worth reading.  When
you’re done, walk forward to the large crypt

The Crypt
This  crypt  houses  the Talisman of Water. Walk  down  the  steep
staircase and keep going until you find the gap in the floor.  Put
a  rope arrow into the beam across the middle of the gap and swing
across. Continue down the stairs, but go slowly. Crouch down,  and
stay  crouched. Below the first staircase is a pressure plate that
will  cause a huge spiked plate to swing down. Past the trap, move
into  the  room  beyond and drop down the hole in  the  back  left

Go  into  the  room beyond. Go through the last door on  the  left
before the stairs and nab the lever off the pedestal. Head back to
the main room and down the stairs. Jump into the water at the back
of  the room and swim through. The Talisman of Water is here.  Get
it  and  go  back, all the way to the outside of the  crypt.  Some
craymen  will be waiting for you on the way out, but  don’t  worry
about  fighting them. Just run right by. Back outside  the  crypt,
follow your path all the way back to the Civic Center. Once there,
leave  through the main entrance and step just outside the gateway
past the obelisk.

The Talisman of Fire
Head over to the arena area. Past the Civic Center, take the first
left up the large ramp. Continue going down the road ahead of you.
Investigate any buildings you can for additional arrows, and  when
you  cross over the narrow lava bridge, scoot out along the  ledge
and  get the four water arrows. When you jump over the lava stream
using the stepping stones, you will be at the arena.

There  are several angry craymen in this area. Kill them off  with
your fire arrows. Walk down the long ramp and around to the right.
Pass by the risers and enter the doorway. From here, step out  the
next  doorway into the hall. Take the first left here and get  the
loot  from  the windowsill, then go through the doorway  into  the
next  room. Cross the hallway to the room opposite and go  through
the low passage. Drop down to the secret treasure area and collect
everything of value. Climb back up and return to the hall. Take  a
right and make another immediate right and go down the stairs.

At  the  bottom of the stairs, follow the corridor around  to  the
large  machine. Walk up to the vertical slit here and  insert  the
lever you grabbed back in the crypt. Then flip the lever to the up
position.  This drops the bridge from the arena back to  the  main
part  of  the Lost City. Go back up the stairs and take  the  next
short  staircase  to  the right. This leads to  an  equally  short
staircase down. Take it, then make a hard left and enter the  main
arena  hallway. Ahead of you is the bridge you just  dropped,  but
you aren’t leaving quite yet.

Shoot  a rope arrow into the beam crossing this hallway and  climb
up,  mantling  onto  the beam itself. Shoot arrows  into  the  two
craymen here, then shinny across the beam to the main floor.  Hunt
around  for  the third mask and take it with you, as well  as  any
other good valuables you find. When you’re done, go back down  the
ladder, collect the rope arrow, and head across the bridge.

The Elemental Tower
Past the bridge, walk forward, using the railing to cross over the
lava  flow.  Jump up the broken brick pieces to the next  building
and  go  all the way through to the staircase leading down on  the
right. At the bottom of the stairs, step through the window to the
ledge below, then head left along the ledge. Mantle up to the next
plateau,  then  walk to the right, taking the first staircase  you
see.  Walk  out the opening at the bottom, then move left  to  the
ruined campsite. Loot the are, then keep following the path.  Just
beyond  the  campsite,  make a very hard right  and  continue  on,
walking  by the discarded spinal column lying on the ground.  Head
down the slope.

Next you’ll come to an area with a large statue that looks like it
might be sinking slowly into the lava. Jump across the pool to the
far  side  and scramble up to the top. Edge in through the  window
and get to the near platform. Jump across the room to the opposite
platform  and drop down to the ground. Walk through the  door  and
across the open area to the Elemental Tower.

Go in. All you need to do at first is run up the two staircases to
the  third  floor  of the tower. Edge through a window  and  lower
yourself onto the ledge just outside. Now walk around the building
on  the  ledge.  Keep your eyes trained up. You’re looking  for  a
wooden  crossbeam that is directly above a window. When  you  spot
this,  fire a rope arrow into the wood and climb up. You  need  to
jump  toward  the right to land on the upper part  of  the  ruined
stairway.  Take it up to the top and move forward  into  the  room
with  the  Talisman of Fire. Grab the talisman, then head  to  the
bottom of the tower.

The Talisman of Fire in all its glory. With this collected, you’re
almost  done with this mission, and you’re halfway to getting  the
four talismans you need to steal The Eye.
Getting Out
The safest, albeit slowest, way to get back to safety is to follow
your path from the Elemental Tower back through the arena all  the
way  to  the Civic Center. It takes some time to do this and  will
require  that you mantle up on a lot of walls. Still, you  already
know what lies this way, and there will be no surprises if you use
this route for your return trip.

When  you  get  back  to the Civic Center, take  a  left,  heading
through the large opening. Walk straight ahead. This will take you
right  past  the huge obelisk for the market area  (it  has  three
pieces  of  wheat  carved on the far side).  Walk  straight  ahead
again,  bearing right. Through this passage you’ll  see  a  ruined
gate ahead to your left. Jump through the hole in the wall to your
right. Ignore the first passage to your right and walk forward.

When  this  path  ends,  you’ll  be  back  on  a  balcony  in  the
residential district. Mantle up on the building on your  left  and
retrace  your  steps over the buildings back to the library.  Once
here,  head in through the main entrance. Bear left, and when  you
can’t go forward any more, make a left and then another left. Take
the  stairs  all the way to the top floor. From the  stairs,  head
right, all the way to the room with the rubble piled in it. Mantle
up  to the roof. Now all you need to do is follow this pathway all
the  way  back to the waterfall. Once here, you’ve left  the  Lost
City, and the mission ends.

First Steps
You start out in the streets near the Hammer temple. Walk forward,
bearing  left around the corner and then right. When you spot  the
large  archway to your left, go through it and walk boldly  up  to
the  Hammerite at the gate. Hand him the scroll in your possession
(and  take  a  moment to read it as well) and he  will  allow  you
access into the temple.

The  guard  at the gate will let you into the temple only  if  you
present him with the scroll in your possession.
What  you  will discover from the scroll is that any  area  marked
with an inverted red hammer is off-limits to you. Once inside  the
Hammer  temple,  walk  around the gigantic hammer  statue  in  the
center of the room and open the door opposite your entrance point.
This  takes you into the main part of the temple. You’ll notice  a
long staircase leading down, but you aren’t going to take it yet.

>From  where you entered this room, take the closest door  on  the
right. Directly ahead of you, in the next room, are a scroll and a
book  on  the  table. Grab the scroll, which will appear  in  your
inventory as a piece of papyrus. This is the Wallbuilder’s Prayer,
which  you  will  need to get the Talismans from  where  they  are
lying.  Continue along through this room and out the door  on  the
left.  This will take you to a balcony. Walk down the balcony  and
into  the Reliquary, where artifacts important to the Hammer faith
are  kept. You can ignore the conversation, but you should take  a
look  at  the three items on the stands. The one in the middle  is
the  First  Hammer. Don't grab it yet, though. Instead, return  to
the large staircase and head down to the next lower level.

Finding the Five Switches
A  number of Hammer guards are in the area, and you need  to  make
sure you aren’t spotted. From the bottom of the staircase, make  a
right  followed by another right and walk down the  hallway  here.
When  the  coast is clear, duck into the first door on the  right.
It’s  one of those rooms with an inverted red hammer, so you  must
be careful.

There  is a very angry priest inside the room, and he is tough  to
kill.  Instead, knock him out with a gas arrow and close the  door
behind you. With a little luck, he will not have raised much of  a
fuss  and  the  Hammer guards are still unaware  that  you  aren’t
really  a novice. Explore his room, and grab the key off his  back
table  and the hammer on the small shrine. Then carefully go  back
out into the hallway and to the left. Run back up the staircase to
the top floor.

Return  to the Reliquary, and this time, go out the door near  the
artifacts. Continue going through the doors ahead of you until you
reach a locked door. The key you stole from the priest’s room is a
master  key  and will open everything in the entire  temple.  When
there  are  no guards nearby, open the door and go in, closing  it
behind  you. Use the key on the chest here, which will  contain  a
scroll. Reading the scroll will tell you what you must do  to  get
the Talismans.

In  short,  you must find and flip five hidden switches  that  are
dispersed around the temple. One is in the old kitchen, another in
the  Inquisitor’s torture chamber, the third in  the  garden,  the
fourth in the graveyard, and the fifth in the Reliquary. It’s time
to go flip some switches.

The Old Kitchen and the Inquisitor’s Room
Get  back to the large staircase and take it down. Return  to  the
hallway outside the priest’s room, but pass it by, continuing  all
the  way  to the end of the hall. Take the first corridor  to  the
left  and take the staircase here all the way down to the  storage

Now  sit and wait. A guard is patrolling the hallway outside  this
room,  walking counterclockwise. Wait for him to pass,  then  walk
out into the hall. Follow him from a safe distance, and keep going
around  the corners behind him. Eventually, you’ll see a  door  on
your  left  leading into the central area of this hall.  When  the
guard turns the next corner, open the door with the key and go in,
closing it behind you.

This is the old kitchen, which is currently being converted into a
treasure  room. Open the three chests and get all the  coins  from
the  floor. Look around the broken wall and hit the switch on  the
back wall. With the switch flipped, go back to the door and return
to  the  hallway, but be careful that the guard doesn’t  spot  you

Go  around  the  hallway again, staying behind the guard.  On  the
opposite  side  of the hall is a doorway to your right.  Head  in,
being as quiet as possible. The Inquisitor is currently asleep  on
his  bed,  and  if you stay on the carpet, he won’t  wake  up.  Go
across the room and into the torture chamber.

Look right and walk over to the rack. On the wall behind it is the
second  switch. Flip it, then walk past the iron maiden  and  take
the  corridor to the right. This leads down into the  crypt  area.
Down  in  the crypt are two guards. You should be able to  snag  a
couple   of  urns  here  without  getting  caught,  and  a  little
exploration  will reveal a staircase up. This leads  back  to  the
storage  rooms around the old kitchen. Head up, and  take  a  look
around for another staircase leading back up.

The Garden and the Graveyard
>From  the stairs, return to the main hallway and get back to  the
large  staircase. Go through one of the two openings  across  from
the  staircase  and  head to the right. Don’t  worry  about  being
accosted by the Hammers here because this is a place where  you’re
allowed  to be. However, you want to make sure that you are  alone
here  when you flip the switch. When no one is in the garden  with
you,  walk  to the wall across from the entrance and  turn  right.
Move  behind the trees and look up. The switch you want  is  above
you, under the eaves. Flip it, then return inside.

Walk  straight through the training rooms here all the way to  the
other  side. This is the Hammers’ graveyard. Walk in,  and  follow
the path. Go all the way to the back. Again, you’re allowed to  be
here,  although you can’t get too close to the two  tombs  in  the
back. When the coast is clear, enter the second tomb from the back
and  look up. The fourth switch is here. Flip it, and on your  way
out, get the five urns from the tombs as long as it’s safe. Return
to the large staircase and go back to the top floor.

The Reliquary
Go  back to the Reliquary. A guard is standing here, but he  won’t
take  notice  of what you’re doing. Make sure that  you  and  this
stationary guard are the only ones in the room, and walk  over  to
the  pedestal on the right. The fifth and final switch is  on  the
back of this pedestal with a skull on it.

Flipping  this final switch should reward you with  an  odd  noise
that indicates that all of the switches have been flipped. The way
to  the Talismans is now clear. Return to the large staircase  and
go down.

Nabbing the Talismans
Go  back  to the stairs that lead down to the basement,  but  this
time  take  the  corridor to the side and follow it  all  the  way
around.  At  the  back, there is an opening to the  outside.  Step
through, and you’ll be in a large chamber holding the Talismans on
the far side.

If  you’re  carrying the hammer from the priest’s room,  when  you
step  onto  the platform, a bridge will appear from  the  opposite
side of the room. Walk across and enter the cell on the left. Flip
the  switch here to open the bars leading to the Talismans.  Enter
this cell now.

There  they  are,  the  Talismans  of  Earth  and  Air.  Read  the
Wallbuilder’s  Prayer to disable the force field around  them  and
get ready to run.
You’ll notice that the Talismans have a strange glow around  them.
This  force field will strip away your health if it is active when
you  attempt to pick up either Talisman. To get rid of  the  force
field,  stand  in  the  cell  with  the  Talismans  and  read  the
Wallbuilder’s Prayer that you nabbed at the start of the  mission.
This  counters the spell but will also set off the alarm.  All  of
that sneaking has gotten you this far, but you’ll now have to  run
for the exit.

Go  back across the bridge and out into the hallway. Take  a  left
and  follow the hall around. The guards are on full alert at  this
point,  so there may be a few of them in the halls ahead  of  you.
Run  through and get to the large staircase. Run up and go to  the

Get  out  to the balcony and jump over the wall onto the low  roof
below.  From here, drop down to the streets, and the mission  will

Return to the Cathedral
Getting The Eye
Use  the  four  Talismans on the appropriate  statues  around  the
doorway  and  go  in.  Turn right and go through  the  door,  then
through  the other door in this small room. Move forward into  the
long, narrow room and pick the lock on the door to the right.  Get
the  loot from inside and return to the entrance to the cathedral.
Avoid the double doors to your right and open the door across from
you.  Again, go through the other door in this room and  into  the
long,  narrow room beyond. Pick the lock on the door to  the  left
and get the loot. Return to the long room and walk to the door  on
your left. Prepare your flash bombs and get ready to move.

Place  the proper Talisman with each statue to open the  doors  to
the cathedral.
Open  the  door and sneak in. There are three or four zombies  and
three  haunts  in  this room. Creep forward to the  haunt  in  the
center  of the room and get his attention. Hopefully, you’ll  also
attract  the  attention of the other two haunts and  most  of  the
zombies.  When they get close, use three flash bombs to wipe  them
out.  When  your vision returns, run up to the altar (The  Eye  is
floating about 15 feet above you) and go through the door  on  the

Get  the water arrow off the fountain and the holy water from  the
corner.  Get a vial of holy water ready and arm your water arrows.
Open the door back to the main altar area and look around. Quickly
dispatch any undead with holy water arrows. From the room with the
fountain, walk past the altar and open the door on the other side.
Run  in,  past the apparition and open the door. Go up the stairs,
all the way and open the door at the top.

Open  the  door on the right and walk out across the beam.  Follow
the  beams  and rooms here, getting any loot and opening  all  the
chests  that you find. Keep going across the beams until you  come
to  a  locked door. Pick the lock and move in carefully,  grabbing
the loot and the fire arrows from the table. Then walk back out on
the beam and drop down to the platform below.

Pick  the  lock to the door and enter the room. Walk out onto  the
balcony  to  your left and you’ll see The Eye at your  level.  You
must now jump over to the top of the hammer pedestal and take  The
Eye. When you have it, drop down to the bottom floor.

The Spirit of Murus
You  have  The Eye now, and a look at your map will show you  that
you  must  get out the back of the cathedral to find the  cloister
gate.  Go through the door that led to the stairs to the top floor
of  the temple. This time, though, you aren’t going to take  these
stairs.  Inside  the door, turn right and run  directly  past  the
apparition. Open the door and enter the garden.

In front of you is a spirit that looks somewhat different from the
normal  apparition. This is the spirit of Murus. He  will  welcome
you  to the area and will offer to help you if you help him.  Walk
past  him and take the first right. Drop down the broken staircase
to the ground below.

Murus  will appear down here. He’ll tell you that if you want  his
help  in  leaving, you must help him as well. To start,  you  must
locate his rosary, which is somewhere in St. Yora’s. Take the left
path from Murus and walk up the staircase.

Inside St. Yora’s
Open the door into St. Yora’s and walk in. Turn right and head  up
the staircase. Walk forward and get to the large sarcophagus. Snag
the  water arrows, then go through the hole in the wall.  Be  very
careful now because there are a couple of active zombies up  here.
Walk  through  this small chamber to the door. Open it,  and  head
right  through the next door and out into the hallway.  Turn  left
and  walk  around the hallway to the first doorway on  the  right.
Duck  inside  and  walk to the back room. Open the  chest  to  get
Murus’ rosary.

Turn  around and run back through the hallway. Drop down the large
crevice  to  the  ground floor. Steal the healing potion  off  the
table  and  run out of the room through the exit to  the  left  of
where  you  came down. The door ahead of you is where you  entered
St.  Yora’s. Go out the same way and return to the last place  you
spoke with Murus.

He’s there waiting for you again, and he will congratulate you  on
recovering his rosary. He tells you next that you’ll need  a  holy
symbol.  With the number of undead creatures running  around  here
and  the extent of the desecration, the chance of finding  a  good
holy  symbol  is  next  to nothing. Murus  suggests  you  use  the
machinery in St. Tennor’s to create a new holy symbol.

Around St. Tennor’s
Go  through the opening at the bottom of the broken staircase  and
into  the  cloister  area. Make sure there are no  undead  walking
around,  and go left. The first door on your left is the  entrance
to  St. Tennor’s. Go in, and walk through the open doorway to  the
corridor beyond.

Turn left in the corridor and follow it around to the room at  the
end. Inside is the machinery that Murus spoke of. Grab the mold on
the  bottom  right from the floor; it should look like  a  hammer.
Place  it  under  the machine and pull the left lever.  This  will
close the mold and prepare it for use. Then flip the lever on  the
right to pour the molten metal into the mold. When the holy symbol
is  ready, use the left lever again to open the mold and take  the
holy symbol.

Go  back  to the hallway and walk through St. Tennor’s.  Take  the
staircase at the end up to the second floor and jump across to the
ledge  on the other side of the room. From here, jump over to  the
metal chute and slide down to the small courtyard outside.

Take a look at the small shed here. Put a rope arrow into the shed
and climb up, then mantle to the roof. Get the candle, then crouch
and  retrieve  your rope arrow. Then jump back to  the  chute  and
climb  up.  Leave  St.  Tennor’s by  the  entrance  you  came  in,
returning to the cloister area.

Before  going back to Murus, you’ll take a short trip through  St.
Vale’s.  Go forward from St. Tennor’s to the corner and  open  the
gate. Walk through and turn to the right. The large doors ahead of
you  are  the  cloister gates, where you’ll be going  when  you’ve
finished  helping Murus. Walk around the corner  and  through  the
door on the left into St. Vale’s.

Shoot  a  rope  arrow into the balcony on the left and  climb  up,
mantling up to the top floor. Walk around the balcony and get  the
prayer  book, then go retrieve your rope arrow. Drop back down  to
the ground floor and leave. Return to the broken staircase outside
St. Yora’s and speak with Murus again.

Through St. Jenel’s
Murus  will tell you that you have everything you need to  do  the
favor for him, and that he will meet you in the graveyard next  to
his  grave. However, to finish the mission, you have a  couple  of
things to do in St. Jenel’s first. Go back through the archway  to
the cloister and into the building directly across from you.

Walk  forward  inside the building and drop down to  the  basement
level. Press the button to get the elevator back to the top  floor
and walk out toward the staircase. Don’t take the stairs. Instead,
hug  the left wall to the overhanging balcony. Drop down and  open
the blue chest here to nab the cemetery key. Snag the loot off the
table and run past the zombie up the stairs.

Get  back on the elevator and press the button to go to the  lower
floor.  Step off the elevator and into the room beyond. Go forward
toward  the table and take a hard left. Pick the lock on the  door
here  and  go  in, taking the long staircase all the  way  to  the
observatory at the top. If you read the book on the table,  you’ll
discover  that  the  Hammers have determined  that  the  moon  has
mystical  properties. Throw the holy symbol you created  into  the
small  pool  here, then retrieve it. The water  in  the  pool  has
blessed the holy symbol, making it ready for use. Go back down the
stairs now and to the elevator. Take it to the top floor and leave
St. Jenel’s the way you came in.

The Graveyard
When  you  leave St. Jenel’s, take a right and walk to  the  gate.
Open  the gate and walk through. Ahead of you and slightly to  the
right, you’ll see the locked gates of the cemetery. Use the key on
the gates and go through. Arm yourself with fire arrows and use  a
couple  on  the  zombie you find skulking around in  here.  Wander
through  the  graveyard until you find Murus standing  by  an  old

He’ll  tell  you exactly what to do. You must touch his  tombstone
with  the rosary, then place the candle on the stone and read  the
prayer.  Touch  the gravestone with the blessed holy  symbol,  and
Murus’  grave  will have been blessed. With his  soul  finally  at
peace, he can rest easily now.

Unfortunately,  Murus  doesn’t have a key to  the  cloister  gate.
Instead, he gives you a key to the old armory on the top floor  of
the cathedral. You’ll have to go back to the cathedral if you want
to leave in one piece.

As  a reward for giving him eternal rest, Murus gives you the  key
to  the  old armory in the cathedral. You’ve got a few more things
to do before you can leave.
Getting Out
Leave  the  cemetery and go back to the broken  staircase  by  St.
Yora’s.  Reenter St. Yora’s and get ready to move.  Walk  straight
forward into the room where you grabbed the healing potion and  go
left  through the other doorway. Follow the hallway here  all  the
way  around to the left until it ends in a large room. The doorway
to  your  right leads back into the garden between St. Yora’s  and
the  cathedral. Leave by this door, and get your holy water  ready
to use.

The  garden is home to both an apparition and a haunt.  Since  you
really don’t want these creatures following you, use a holy  water
vial and kill them off. When the way is clear, go back through the
door leading into the cathedral. Run around the apparition and  go
to  the  right, taking the door to the staircase. Return again  to
the third floor and open the door at the top.

In  this  room, use the armory key you got from Murus on the  left
door. Inside, you’ll find a parchment, an explosive device, and  a
few  fire arrows. Read the parchment and get the explosive and the
arrows.  Once you have these, return to the garden and  drop  down
the broken staircase again.

Run  out  now  to  the cloister gates near St.  Vale’s.  Drop  the
explosive  device  by the gates and back up  to  the  shadow  area
across from it. Launch one of your fire arrows into the device and
the gates will be blown open. Run out, and the mission will end.

Into the Maze
You  start in the altar area outside Constantine’s garden. Chances
are  good  that you looted this area during the mission  to  steal
Constantine’s sword. When you were here last, there was a door  in
the  room  that you could not open. It’s open now, though.  Before
going  through it, check around the altar area and get the  useful
items  here.  You won’t get any broadhead arrows, but you’ll  find
your blackjack and some noisemakers and rope arrows. Then head out
the door.

Check  the  fires burning here and grab any fire arrows  you  see.
Head  down  the  stairs and go either right or  left.  You  should
crouch  down at this point because there are some nasty  creatures
below you, including a bugbeast and a couple of ratmen. There is a
good chance they’ll spot you if you’re standing, and you’re in  no
condition  for  direct combat. While crouched down,  fire  a  rope
arrow  into  the ceiling and jump off the balcony onto  the  rope.
Climb up and jump across to the small alcove above the floor.  Get
all the goodies here, and lean out and snag the gas arrow next  to
the niche you’re in.

Use  the  gas arrow on as many of the creatures below as possible.
Regardless  of  how many creatures you use the gas arrow  on,  you
should  use it on the bugbeast without hesitation. Slay the ratmen
with  broadhead arrows if you don’t catch them in the  gas  cloud.
Then  drop down to the floor and get your rope arrow back. Now  go
through  the  leftmost exit from the stairs  down  and  take  left
passages  until you come to a dead end with a vertical pool.  Step
into the pool and grab the water arrow, then return to the stairs.
On  your  way back, make sure you get the gas arrow, and drop  the
patrolling ratman.

Getting to the Basement
Now that you’re back at the stairs, it’s time to get serious about
getting  through  the basement and finding some help  for  dealing
with  Constantine.  This  time, you’re going  to  go  through  the
rightmost  exit  from the stairs. Go left in the room  beyond  and
through  the tunnel, getting the arrows off the ground. When  this
path  ends in a T-intersection, turn right. Make sure the bugbeast
and  ratmen  in this area aren’t around, then shoot a  rope  arrow
into the canopy above and climb up. Jump over to the platform  and
explore.  You’ll find some ammunition and supplies up here,  which
should  help you out. While up here, snipe at the ratmen and  drop
the bugbeast with the gas arrow you grabbed earlier.

Go  through  the tunnel. There is a gas arrow at the end  that  is
definitely  worth  having. When you’ve got everything,  drop  back
down to the ground, and retrieve the rope arrow. Go back to the T-
intersection and go forward into the next room. Head to the  right
here, and go through the long tunnel.

As  you  go through this tunnel, you can grab a few water  arrows.
You’ll  also have to kill off a spider or two on your way  to  the
next large area. This path will end on a platform overlooking some
sort  of  shrine on the ground. Fire a water arrow into  the  fire
elemental and take a look around. Use a rope arrow to get over  to
the  higher platform on the left and snag the gas arrows here. You
can  also  put another rope arrow into the ceiling by the platform
on the other side and get the water arrows here. A few more ratmen
patrol this area, and hitting them from above will keep you out of
range.  If  you didn’t drop the bugbeast earlier, there’s  a  good
chance it will appear now.

When  the ratmen are dead or unconscious, drop down to the  ground
and  walk  into the large, open area. Take the tunnel on the  left
until you get to the next large room dominated by the tree at  its
center. Use another rope arrow to get up to the platform and  take
a  look around. Don’t miss going through the opening and into  the
tree.  Get  the arrows here and read the book. It’s a  journal  of
Constantine’s  and it suggests that either he is a  highly  placed
agent of The Trickster, or he is The Trickster himself.

You’ll get very good at sniping at ratmen in this mission. Try  to
kill  them  with your first shot, since arrows will always  be  in
short supply.
When  the ratmen in this area are taken care of, drop back to  the
ground.  Head  up the ramp here and go left at the T-intersection.
You’ll  see  a room ahead that looks like it belongs in  a  normal
basement and there’s carpeting on the floor. Slay the ratman  with
an  arrow  and move in carefully. Three other ratmen  patrol  this

Into the Basement
Although  your  map has shown you to be in Constantine’s  basement
this whole time, you’re now in something that actually resembles a
real  basement and not some evil forest. When there are no  ratmen
around, move through the room and into the corridor beyond.  Douse
the torch with a water arrow and wait.

Eventually, the three ratmen in this area will come this  way.  If
you  can, hit them with arrows when they’re still unaware of  your
presence.  When  you have killed them all, walk forward  down  the
hallway  and  go  right at the end of the hall. Walk  forward  now
until  you get to the wall, then go right followed by an immediate
left. You’ll have to walk across a metal floor here, but with  the
ratmen out of the way, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

Take the first left on this floor and go up the ramp. You’ll still
be  on a metal floor, but there aren’t any enemies close by.  When
you  get  back  to the carpeting, turn right, then take  the  next
left. You’ll be spending a long time in this hallway because there
are a few more ratmen to deal with here. Extinguish the torches as
you go down the hall, then duck into the alcove to the left.

Again,  ratmen  will  walk past on patrols,  but  if  you’ve  been
careful, they shouldn’t know that you’re around. Drop all three of
them  however  you can, but make sure you still  have  a  few  gas
arrows  in  your inventory for the next floor. You  can  use  your
broadhead arrows without much fear at this point because you won’t
have much use for them on the top floor.

With these ratmen out of the way, go back to the hall and all  the
way  to  the corner on your left. Continue around the corner,  and
take  the first left, running past the spider here. Take the  next
two rights until you get to the door. Open it, and you’re at a set
of  stairs.  Climb  up  them to the first level  of  Constantine’s

Getting Out
Unfortunately,  the top floors of the house are completely  closed
off.  You’ll  have to get through the front door to  get  out.  Go
right  from  the  stairs and into the hallway. Go left  then,  and
follow  the  hallway all the way around to the kitchen  area.  You
will  likely run across a ratman, so drop him. You’ll also have  a
run-in with an exploding frog creature, which will probably  strip
away some of your hit points.

If you’re low on gas arrows, you’ll have to make do with broadhead
arrows to get rid of your foes.
At  the  kitchen, shoot a gas arrow at the ratman standing  guard,
then  enter the room. From here, go left into the dining room  and
get  the  fire  arrows off the table. Again, there is  probably  a
ratman  patrolling through this room. If you still  have  two  gas
arrows,  use  one  on  him. If not, kill  him  with  fire  arrows,
broadhead arrows, or whatever else you have in your arsenal. In  a
worst-case scenario, blind this ratman with a flash bomb  and  run
through the room into the hallway.

In  the hallway, arm yourself with a gas arrow and go left. Follow
the  corridor around the corner, and start aiming at the  bugbeast
standing  in  your  way. Launch the arrow at it,  then  run  past,
taking  the  first  door on the right, which  leads  outside.  You
should  have  a jump on the other bugbeast and the ratmen  on  the
other  side  of the hallway, so you should get to the door  before
they  can react and hit you. Watch out for the exploding  frog  by
the door. Once you’re outside, the mission will end.

Strange Bedfellows
The Destroyed Temple
You  begin  in  the  same  place where you  began  the  Undercover
mission,  out  in  the streets near the Hammer temple.  Everything
seems  to  have  changed.  Death and destruction  are  everywhere.
Bodies litter the streets, and everything appears to be destroyed.
The  doors  of the Hammer temple have been ripped off the  hinges,
and no other living soul seems to be in the area.

The  Hammer  temple is in a sorry state after the reappearance  of
the  Trickster.  It’s possible that some Hammers are  still  alive
somewhere in there.
Enter the temple, and explore the two rooms to the side. Grab  the
broad head arrows on the floor. You’ll notice that your objectives
change  as  soon  as  you enter the temple.  Rather  than  finding
someone  in  charge, you must now find whether  the  Hammers  have
survived the assault at all.

Open  the  door into the temple proper and look in. A few  enemies
are  patrolling the area beyond. Step carefully into the  corridor
and  grab the arrows, then head right and open the door at the end
of  the corridor. Grab some more arrows and move through the  door
across from where you entered, back to the balcony.

Now  walk through the ruined Reliquary and move carefully into the
hall  beyond.  You’ll have to pick the lock on the door  here,  so
keep  a  watch  for the patrolling bugbeast in the room  with  the
large  stairs leading down. Enter the chapel area and  again  grab
the arrows from the floor. Walk up to the remains of the altar and
climb down the ladder into the subbasement of the temple.

Finding the Hammers
The  subbasement is heavily patrolled by ratmen. You can kill them
if  you  want to, but with care and patience, you can  just  avoid
them all. If you stick to the shadows and move quickly across  the
brightly  lit areas, you should have no trouble picking  your  way
past them.

The carnage in the subbasement is almost total. The bodies of dead
Hammers  and ratmen, and even an occasional bugbeast,  litter  the
floors.  To  get  to where you need to go, you’ll be  taking  left
passages for the most part. When there are no ratmen in the  area,
move away from the ladder and through the opening ahead of you and
into the tunnel beyond. The Hammers have carved out a few rooms in
this  tunnel  complex,  but you don’t have the  luxury  of  hiding
behind  closed doors. A few barrels here can serve as an impromptu
hiding  place, and you’ll often find a good number of deep shadows
behind the columns holding up the ceiling.

Take every leftmost passage until you find the dead Hammer under a
cloud of insects. If you look beyond him, you’ll see a fountain of
holy water that has been toppled. There’s nothing of value in that
room,  and  a spider is lurking there, so avoid it. Instead,  take
the  next  passage  to  the right from there and  continue  moving
forward. As you exit the room and look down the tunnel, you’ll see
a set of stairs leading down in the distance.

Again,  wait for the ratmen to finish their patrols in  the  area,
then  make  a  run for the stairs. At the bottom  of  the  stairs,
you’ll  emerge  into  a large, circular area  with  three  levels.
You’ll  be  on  the top level along with the bodies  of  two  dead
Hammers.  The  next level down has a cross-shaped  wooden  walkway
spanning  the  center. All the way at the bottom, you  can  see  a
couple of creatures, including another bugbeast, walking around.

Around  to  the right of where you entered this area is  a  locked
door. You can’t open this door with your lockpicks, so you’ll have
to  get  the key. Walk around the upper walkway to the opening  on
the  other side and go through. This leads to a ramp heading  down
to the next level.

You  emerge  on the middle level in a small alcove with  two  tiny
rooms  off of it. In the right one, you can get a few moss arrows,
while  the one on the left holds some fire arrows. Get them,  then
lean  out  so  that  you  can  look at  the  walkway.  The  ratman
patrolling  the walkway must be dealt with. When he is dead,  walk
straight  across  the walkway, avoiding both the  left  and  right

On  the far side is another alcove with two rooms. The right  room
is  a  water area. Jump in and get the water arrows in the central
dry  area. The left room looks much like the void room back in the
mission  to  retrieve  Constantine’s  sword.  Don’t  worry   about
entering, the floor is simply invisible. Snag the gas arrows  here
and  leave,  going through the tunnel that leads to a long  spiral
staircase heading down.

This  Hammer  guard will tell you of the current troubles  of  the
temple, and give you a key and a map to assist you in finding  the
At  the  bottom  of the stairs, you’ll find yourself  face-to-face
with  a  Hammer  guard. He recognizes you and  tells  you  of  the
current plight of the temple. The high priest has been captured by
the  Trickster’s creatures. The Hammers dare not  risk  an  attack
because  the  ratmen would kill the priest as  soon  as  they  are
threatened.  However, someone with your talents seems well  suited
to the task of rescuing the man. The guard will give you a key and
a map and send you on your way.

Finding the Priest
After  you have the key and the map, you need to get back  to  the
top level of the circular area. Retrace your steps all the way  up
to  the locked door at the top and use your new key to open it. As
soon as you do, back up just in case a ratman is patrolling in the
area.  This  next area is quite dangerous and requires  a  lot  of
precision, timing, and patience.

Walk  forward through the door and then through the opening ahead.
Take  an  immediate  left into the corridor beyond.  A  number  of
ratmen  and  bugbeasts are shuffling around in this area,  so  you
must  move  carefully.  When there is  nothing  in  the  immediate
vicinity, shoot a water arrow to douse the torch on the left wall,
and  put the bow away. You’re going to stick to the corridor here,
avoiding the rooms in the middle so you don’t have to worry  about
the bulk of the creatures. Each time you approach a torch, use one
of your water arrows to douse it and darken the area.

As  you  walk, you’ll frequently run across the patrolling ratmen.
You  can get into a fight with them if you wish, but there  is  no
need.  Fortunately, there are a number of privies along  the  left
side  of  the corridor where you can hide when one of  the  ratmen
gets close. Follow this corridor all the way to the end. Take  the
ramp down.

The Priest
There are three exits from the room at the bottom of the ramp.  Go
through  the  exit  on  the  left. This  room  holds  two  ratmen.
Fortunately, they are currently standing with their backs to  you,
facing  a fire. Move in and hug the left wall, going as slowly  as
you  can  to make as little noise as possible. Keep going all  the
way to the opposite side of the room and go through the exit here.
The next room also contains a pair of ratmen. You want the exit to
the  immediate right as you enter the room. You’ll be heading into
a room that has a cloud of insects in it.

The room to the right here, through the insects, has a bugbeast in
it.  Avoid an encounter by going straight through the room to  the
exit  directly across from where you entered. You’ll walk  into  a
room  with  a skeleton on the floor. Turn left and go through  the
doorway in front of you again. This room, like many of the others,
holds  two ratmen around a fire. They’re over in the left  corner.
You  need to go all the way to the back and out the doorway on the

You’re now on the opposite side of the room with the priest.  Duck
in  and hug the left wall. Slide around until you get up close  to
the  priest.  Crouch down next to him and keep your  eyes  on  the
closest ratman. He’ll regularly turn and face the fire, then  turn
back and look toward you. When he turns away, arm a gas arrow  and
drop him with it. Immediately start readying another gas arrow and
aim  for the area between the other two ratmen. They’ll be alerted
to your presence, but they won’t know where you are. As they start
searching for you, they’ll get close to each other. When they  are
near  each other, launch your second gas arrow and take them  both

With  the  ratmen  out  of the way, pick up the  priest  and  walk
through the exit opposite the one you entered. This puts you  back
into  the  first room on this level. Rather than going across  the
room  to  the long ramp up, take an immediate left and go  up  the
ramp here.

You’ll  emerge in a room that has a sort of makeshift  dock  area.
Drop  the  priest on the raft here and climb aboard.  When  you’re
ready,  hit the lever, and the raft will launch and start floating
downstream with the current. Pick up the unconscious priest  again
and wait.

The raft will follow the stream along, eventually dropping down  a
very gentle waterfall. Let it carry you and the priest all the way
to  shore, then disembark and carry the priest over to the hammer-
shaped  window  slit.  Drop him here, and  the  mission  will  end

Into the Maw of Chaos
Down the Slope

Rather  than face the enemies on the path, run past them, and  you
shouldn't take much damage.
Start running down the paved path in front of you, and follow  the
stairs  down When the floor turns from the lighter colored  paving
to  the  stone of the cave walls, take a sharp left turn and  keep
running  past your enemies. Eventually, you’ll come to what  looks
like a room carved out of the rock. Go through the doorway on  the
left and into the next area. Run to the left and drop down to  the
lower platform immediately below. Follow the platforms down to the
next opening and go through.

Keep going forward, but don’t move too fast. There’s a sudden drop-
off  ahead of you that leads straight into a lava pit. You’ll want
to  skirt this along the ledge to the right. Move ahead until  you
start seeing the large blue crystals sticking up from the floor.

The Ice Fields
The  blue  crystals that jut from the rocks here are  nasty.  Just
touching them will strip away your hit points. Worse, you’ll often
need  to  negotiate your way around them while walking on slippery
ice.  Your  first test here isn’t very difficult.  Step  carefully
onto  the  ice  and  collect the water arrows near  the  crystals.
Follow  the ice field down until you get your feet on solid ground
again, then go forward again.

The  next area is quite daunting. You’re confronted with a  large,
steep  slope  of  ice  with blue crystals jutting  from  it.  Step
lightly  onto  the ice and immediately start backpedaling.  You’ll
shoot down this ramp at a high speed, and the narrow strip of rock
at  the bottom is covered with the deadly blue ice crystals.  Only
by  running backwards as fast as possible can you prevent yourself
from being impaled. When you get to the bottom, turn to the right.

Arm  yourself  with a water crystal. There is a fire elemental  in
the next room, and there aren’t many good places to hide. Move  in
carefully  and  stand in a shadowy area, then dowse the  elemental
when  it  gets within range. Check the fire for some fire  arrows,
and  walk  carefully over the lava bridge. Past the  bridge,  head
right  through  the next cave, then left down a very  steep  ramp.
Keep  going  until the path appears to vanish. When you’re  ready,
drop down.

This ramp is effectively a slalom course. The first part is stone,
but it quickly changes to ice. Use your left and right movement to
skid out of the way of the blue ice crystals, and run backwards to
control your speed as best you can. At the bottom, turn right  and
move forward.

Entering Constantine’s Lair
Walk  over  to  the backward waterfall and jump in.  After  a  few
seconds,  you’ll break the surface and will be moving along  at  a
good clip. The current is very swift through most of this area, so
you’ll  have  to  be quick to get where you need to  go.  Continue
swimming forward, ducking down into the water when you run out  of
head room. Again, break the surface as quickly as possible and let
the current carry you.

The  next  part  of this is the most dangerous. You’ll  be  forced
underwater again, and the current will carry you up and  around  a
large  bend. You must rotate around so that you’re facing  in  the
right  direction. Let the current carry you, and swim  forward  as
well.  Around  a couple more tight bends, keep your  eyes  to  the
left.  You should be just about out of air, when there appears  to
be  a  break in the water to the left side. Move carefully out  of
the current into this small alcove. When you get your breath back,
jump back into the current and let it carry you along.

After a few seconds, the waterway will deposit you in a large pool
of  water that is somehow suspended above the ground. If you  look
down,  you’ll  see  the  top of the blue  ice  pedestal.  Position
yourself  directly over the center and swim down. You’ll fall  out
of  the  pool, directly into the top of the pedestal and into  the
water below. Let the current carry you up to the surface, and  get
back onto dry land.

The Tree and the Gorge
Go  forward  into  the large area dominated by  the  biggest  tree
you’ve  ever  seen. Go around to the right, being as  cautious  as
possible.  You’ll need to deal with a couple of ratmen here.  Take
them down, and continue walking around the tree until you come  to
the large, gaping entrance leading into the trunk.

There are several spiders here. Run around them and mantle up onto
the  ledge, then mantle up to the next higher ledge. Fire  a  rope
arrow into the ledge across from you and jump over to it, climbing
up. You’ll have to mantle and climb up the ledges above you to get
to  the top. It’s sometimes helpful to fire a rope arrow into  the
next  higher  ledge and use that to pull yourself up  rather  than
trying  to jump and mantle. At the top, climb through the  opening
and keep walking.

You’ll  come  to a large, long room with purple lights  along  the
sides. These purple lights fire purple magic missiles at you  when
you  step in front of them, so you’ll need to move quickly through
this  next  area. Start running, and take out the ratman  standing
guard at the end. Stopping for too long here is fatal, so be  very
careful about where you take a break to kill the ratman.

Across the Lava Fields
On  the  other side of the large room, you’ll come to a series  of
caves.  All  or most of these caves are large, and the floors  are
filled  with deadly lava. You’ll need to stick to the ledges  that
run along the left walls to avoid falling to your death. This path
is  also  guarded by a number of ratmen. Take them out as you  see
them,  preferably  with  arrows or fire  arrows.  Move  carefully,
because  early  in this series of ledges and tunnels  there  is  a
sudden drop-off where you’ll need to jump across the lava to reach
the other side.

There  really  is  only  one way to go through  these  caves.  The
general rule is to move swiftly after the jump and when there  are
no  ratmen  in  the vicinity. Move slowly only when your  path  is
blocked  by a ratman. Around one corner, you’ll glimpse some  blue
crystals  on  a  distant platform. Be careful  here  because  that
platform  holds  a  bugbeast. Get by the  bugbeast  without  being
spotted, and continue on.

You’ll  come to what looks like a dead end, with a high rock  wall
in  front of you. Look up. Some vines are hanging down here. Climb
up one and jump over to the wall. From here, leap to a vine on the
other side and climb down. This will put you just outside the area
where Constantine is

Replacing The Eye
Ahead  of you is a massive seven-pointed star drawn on the ground.
Constantine,  in  his form of the Trickster, is currently  casting
spells on each of the pedestals at the points of the star. The Eye
stands  on  an eighth pedestal in the center of the platform.  You
must  get  to  The Eye and swap it with the false  gem  you  carry
before Constantine has finished his enchanting.

Watch  Constantine. When he starts walking to a pedestal  that  is
turned away from you, you’ll have a minute to get to The Eye. Walk
carefully because the sound here will carry. You may want to use a
few  moss arrows to help you move more silently. Once at The  Eye,
switch  it  with the false gem, and carefully get back  to  cover.
Hide in the shadows so that Constantine can’t see you, and wait.

With  the  real Eye in your possession, you can hide back  in  the
shadows and wait for Constantine’s doom.
The Trickster’s Demise
All  you need to do is wait. When Constantine finishes his  spell,
he’ll  realize that he has been tricked, the false gem  will  lash
out and kill him, and the mission will end.


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