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 Toonstruck - Complete Solution

Toonstruck - Complete Solution

A gentle start
After the scene-setting intro sequence, walk down the grand staircase and wander
into the room on the right where you'll find the royal scientist, Bricabrac.
Talk to him to discover that he's lost his glasses and, as he's as useless as a lace
bucket without them, nip back out again, run up the stairs and go into the trophy
Here you'll find the king's footman, and a brief chat will reveal that
Bricabrac always loses his glasses in his coat pocket. Armed with this information,
return to the lab and talk to Bricabrac again. He'll now find his glasses and explain
the 'tippety-top' secret mission that you've agreed to undertake. Grab the
bottomless bag and the blueprint and then leave the palace.
Outside, speak to the guards and watch the key that one drops when they
perform their dance. Speak to the guards again and as soon as the mouse cursor
appears, click on the key to pick it up. Head back into the palace and unlock the
door on the left with the guard's key. The door will open to reveal King Hugh's
Get the music box from the chest of drawers and use Flux to search the bed.
Get the voucher that he finds and then roll back the rug on the floor. Read the
note stuck to the mirror and solve the draw puzzle to open a secret passageway
(this will be revealed when both the top draw and the bottom draw are open and the
others are closed.)

My lord, I have a cunning plan...
It's not important yet, but you need to get your hands on the fish and the
gold-plated watering can in the trophy room. It's time to get shot of the
Making sure the rug is rolled back, enter the secret passageway and use Flux
on the loose floorboard. Next, click on the floorboard with the cursor. This
catapults Flux up to the trapdoor so he can unlock it. 
Return to the bedroom and click on the rolled-up carpet to replace it over the 
trapdoor. Pull the large cord next to the bed to summon the footman. After the 
footman has been disposed of, return to the trophy room and get the red fish 
that hangs on the wall. Forget about the watering can for now.

Next, leave the palace and head for the town centre (notice the round indentation
in the ground — it becomes important later). Walk into the tavern (the one
with the beer sign), watch the mouse annoying the customers and then talk to the
barman. If the mouse isn't already standing next to the mousetrap, manoeuvre
it cunningly towards the trap by trying to pick it up. When it's in position,
use the organ and, while the mouse is dancing, use Flux on the mousetrap to stun the
bothersome rodent. Get the battered tankard from the barman, pick up the
mouse and then skip merrily back to the trophy room. Picking up the watering can
causes the door to close, trapping you inside. But to escape, simply plonk the
tankard on the pedestal. It's the same weight as the watering can and so the door will
Return to the town.

Ooh, suits you sir
Now enter the arcade at the bottom right of the screen. Speaking to the cashier
will reveal that you can play two games; Wacman and the Strength-O-Meter. If
you can beat the cashier at Wacman he'll give you a 'practically gold chain'
Unfortunately, you won't be able to win the Strength-O-Meter game just yet.
Especially not with the rubber hammer that the cashier insists you use. So forget 
about the 'fine wine' prize for the moment, leave the arcade and pop into
Miss Fit's Costumerama. Talk to miss Fit to reveal her passion for books.
As there's nothing you can do here yet either, leave the Costumerama and
head for the bakery. A quick chat with the bakers will reveal that they can't
make any dough. Examine the piano and grab the two loose piano keys that fall off
when its  ivories are tinkled. Leave the bakers and head south towards the meadow.
Talk to Fluffy to discover (a) her hatred for cotton candy (candyfloss to you and
me) and (b) her love of popcorn. Again, all you can really do now is move on. At the
farm, chat to the Carecrow and take a corncob from the field. Go to the barn on
the hill

My, what big teeth you have
In the barn, speak to Marge the cow about the Churnatron. Not even Flux can
find the missing part of the machine in the haystack, so console yourself by
filling the watering can with fertiliser and then return to the Carecrow field. 
Heading west again, you'll come across an angry squirrel, a tree and a pile of nuts.
There's also a red pepper hidden in a briar patch but this, like many of the objects 
you' ve seen so far, is unobtainable at the moment. So, continue west until you 
encounter B.B.
Wolf. He's looking for a bottle of wine. If you haven't got one (and you haven't)
you can't get past into the Malevolands.
The only option left is the path to the north which leads to the Zanydu
Shuttle. To make the contraption work, you must first use the stunned mouse on 
the empty yellow hand (that's the one on the right). Next use the watering can 
filled with fertiliser on the mouse to wake it up, then hop into the shuttle and 
push the lever forwards. Next stop Zanydu Central.

Is fish-flushing legal?
At Zanydu (notice another circular indentation in the ground here), start by taking
the path to your left. This leads to Jim's Gym and Zanydu Fish-Flushing
The guard bars the way into the outhouse, but by speaking to him you can
discover what time his shift ends (6 o'clock) and that he won't leave until the
Zanydu clock strikes the hour. Unfortunately, the guard times his shift by the
Zanydu clock, which is broken. Look at the flyer outside the gym that advertises
the phone-in quiz. Remember the sequence of colours (blue, purple, red, orange,
yellow, green, orange) for later use.
Go into Jim's Gym. Look at the Pump-O-Tron and then talk to Jim about his
athletic prowess. Watch Jim's impressive tumbling routine and then return to the
Zanydu crossroads. The middle path leads to the Way-Outback, where you'll find
a vulture perched on an arrow sign. As for the right-hand path, this leads to the
WACME building and the Zanydu clock. Enter WACME by going through a door
with a light above it and talk to Woof. When he demonstrates the contents of the
show cabinet, collect the floating stars and ask about the Gift-O-Matic machine.
Look at the portraits on the wall and note down the phone number on the security
guards ID badge (purple, yellow, yellow, blue, green, red, orange).

It's good to talk
Return to the tavern in Cutopia and use the phone on the bar. Phone the outhouse
guard (using the colour-coded number above) and listen to his answerphone
message. Next, phone the Zanydu quiz line. You must answer six questions
correctly to win a can of WACME jumping beans. The answers to the questions
are listed below:
l The fish on the top of the outhouse are YELLOW
l The fish on the guard's right shoulder is RED
l The fish on the guard's left shoulder is YELLOW
l The arrow pointing to the gym is BLUE
l Woof's dog collar is GREEN
l Woof's fur is white and PURPLE
l The floor tiles inside the gym are BLUE
l The rocky mountains of Way-Outback are ORANGE
l The plant pots outside WACME are PURPLE
l Jim's fur is BLUE
l The arrow pointing to WACME is RED

If you get all six questions correct, leave the tavern, pick up the package
and then
make your way back to WACME.

WACME? I'll smack your face in!
At WACME, use the jumping beans on Woof to prove you are a paying customer.
Activate the Gift-O-Matic machine to get your hands on the magnet, the rubber
glove and the mallet. Next, head for the barn. Use the magnet on the haystack to
find the missing piece of the Churnatron, use the part on the machine and then
take the two sticks of butter that are produced once Marge is plugged in. Now
return to Jim's Gym. Use one stick of butter on the vaulting horse and then speak
to Jim again to get him to perform his tumbling routine. When he slips and ends
up in the far wall, use the Pump-O-Tron to become stronger.
Return to the arcade and use the new mallet on the Strength-O-Meter. When it
breaks, pick up the bells and get the wine that the cashier gives you as a reward.
In the meantime, Nefarious has zapped the barn and Marge is strapped to the
Wheel O' Love enjoying a good whipping from Punisher Polly. Fill the watering
can with the gunk (weed killer) and then walk towards the squirrel's tree.
Use the weed killer on the briar patch to get the red pepper and then hand over 
the wine to the wolf. When you're captured, click on the left and right edges of 
the cooking pot to rock it and tip it over. Use the corncob on the fire to make some
get the roasting spit and grab 'The Mating Habits Of The Malevolent Squirrel
that lies on the bookcase.

The not-so-fabulous Baker Boys
Head back towards the palace, stopping to give the popcorn to Fluffy — she' ll
give you her cotton candy in return — and to refill the watering can with weed
killer in the barn. When you reach the palace, use the spit on the locked cabinet
(specifically the hole on the side) and get the stuffed cat that you find in there.
Your next stop is the bakery (if the dreaded Pencil Test Patrol appear, hide in 
the pantry to escape them*). Give the second butter stick to the bakers and they
will make some dough. Take the dough with you to the wolves den and, using the
spit, cook it over the fire. Take the roll from the spit and put both in your
bottomless bag. With B.B. out of the way, you can now enter the Malevolands (again,
notice the circular depression in the street). Talk to Slab the bouncer about the
dress code for Seedy's Bowling Club. Pick up a lump of meat from the street and
then head towards the Zanydu Shuttle.

* If you are captured by the PTP at any point, you'll get thrown into prison. To
escape, walk around the cell to charge yourself up with static electricity. Touch 
the Years-Left-O-Meter to decrease the length of the sentence. Repeat this
process until the time remaining is zero, whereupon the cell door automatically
opens. To retrieve your belongings, examine the picture on the wall and then complete
the sliding block puzzle to open the safe.

Love is blind
Use the weed killer with the lump of meat, take the middle path towards the
Way-Outback and give the poisoned drumstick to the vulture. When it dies, get
the arrow sign that it was perched on and pluck a feather from its body. Head
back to the shuttle and then to the barn. Give the feather to the animal S&M fans
and take the tube of glue that they offer you.
You should now have all the items to make a convincing squirrel decoy. Use the
glue on the cotton candy and then use the cotton candy on the cat. Dab some glue
on the two piano keys and attach them to the stuffed feline too. Lastly, use the
jumping beans with the cat to give it a bit of life. When the decoy is complete, use
it with the squirrel's doorstep and then send Flux up into the tree to get the nuts.
Go to the Malevolands.

Harlequins? I'm a Bath man myself
Enter the PTP prison office, examine the picture on the wall and complete the
sliding block puzzle to open the safe. Take the cartoon hole from the safe and
the inkpad from the desk. Leave the prison office and use the hole with the
circular dent on the ground to travel to the nexus. Transport to the Cutopian town
centre, use the inkpad on the music box to create a stamp and then use the music
box on the costume voucher to validate it. Nip quickly into Miss Fit's (hide in the
changing room if the PTP show up) and give her the voucher. Take the free fly
suit and then choose the Harlequin costume from the catalogue. Give the costume
to the Carecrow in the field and he will give you his cloak.
Return to Seedy's Bowling Alley and use the cloak to get past the bouncer. Talk
to Seedy (if the PTP arrive try to hide in the room on the right) to learn the rules
of hare-pin bowling. To get a lane, use the glue in the bear's ball when it arrives
back at the top of the lane. To get a strike and win the golden pins, use Flux with
the lane. After this, cross the road and visit the robot maker. Talk to him and note
the plunger on his counter.

The curtain falls on Act One
Go to Miss Fit's and swap the Squirrel book for the Enigman book that she's
reading. Return to the robot makers and ask him a question from the Enigman
book. When his head blows off, take the plunger from the counter and head for
the WACME building in Zanydu. To get rid of the Fish-Flushing guard, use the
two levers to set the clock to 6pm. Now go to the Fish Flushing Facility, examine
the toilet paper and the toilet. Use the plunger to unblock the toilet and
then drop the red fish into the bowl. Flush the handle again to catch another fish.
You need the Sole. And that's the green one. Finally, when you've got the fish,
return to see Bricabrac in the palace. Enter the room on the right and plug the 
components into
the Cutifier. They are:
Roll (rock); cloak (dagger); stars (stripes); sole (heart); bells
(whistles); spit
(polish); pins (needles); nuts (bolts); chain (ball); arrow (bow); pepper
Cue Act Two...

The dungeon, the stupid guard
When the guard's back is turned, at the moment when he's about to sneeze, pick
up the welcome mat on the floor. Your first attempt will reveal a crystal, but the
second will be successful. To escape, use the mat on the bars of the cell to create
a dust cloud. This makes the guard sneeze and releases the key which you can use
to unlock the door. Grab your belongings and listen carefully to the Mynah bird,
noting down its babble carefully. Leaving north, examine the Climatron then 
retrace your steps and go up the stairs to the first-floor landing.
Examine the fish bowl then click on the large clown face in the eastern end
of the room. Complete the ‘Simon Says' game to open the door, talk to Spike the
clown and then return to the Climatron. Open the iris door by pushing the button.
Put on the fly suit and climb the air vent. In the bathroom hide in the shower or
nip back in the vent to avoid the curious gators. If you get caught, you'll get
thrown back in your cell. Although the guard is wearing a gas mask this time, 
talk to him to get him to take it off and then repeat the mat/dust manoeuvre 
to escape. If you do manage to hide, open the cabinet and take the chloroform 
wipes that you find there.

How do you like your fish?
Go to Spike's padded cell and when he removes his nose to powder his face, wipe
the red nose with chloroform. When he passes out, pick up the pin and a balloon.
Return to the Climatron room and, by using the pin as a lever, set the heat output
to ‘extremely hot'. After a cut scene shows the fish being boiled out of its bowl,
walk up to the first floor landing to find Buster on the floor. As the water is
boiling, return to the Climatron, set it to normal and rush back up again to reach
the bowl before the fish dives back in. If you don't make it, simply repeat the
boiling/cooling process until you do. Grab the treasure chest and open it to find a
Walk up the stairs to the second floor landing and take note of the layout of the
guardroom and the dumbwaiter. Now return to the bathroom and fill the watering
can with tap water. Go to the first floor landing and walk west into the kitchen.
Tip the water over the robo-chef to disable it. Wander to the second floor landing
again and use the doorway to the east. In here, you'll find a knight in armour and
a pressure pad, but the doorway to it is barred by a gate. A bookcase near the
doorway has books which can be pulled out. If you didn't note down the Mynah
Bird's riddle, go back and do it now.

It never works in real life
If you pull the books out in the correct order, the bookcase slides back to reveal a
doorway that leads to the surveillance room. Use the music box to send the guard
to sleep, then examine the security monitor until you get a picture of the knight in
the room above. Use the magnet with the riveted ceiling panel to move the knight
over the pressure pad. As this tile goes down, another pops up and as the knight is
moved over this next one, yet another pops up in its place. After the fourth tile,
the gate opens and you can explore the room freely. Get the knight's gauntlet as
you pass and then head through the doorway to the north.
This leads to the armoury, where the PTP are playing cards. Before you touch
anything, return to the Climatron and get the pin. Go back to the armoury and
open the nearby crate with it. When the crate opens, Ray Frog is released. He'll
give you a crystal before escaping unnoticed by the PTP. To get to the handy pile
of TNT, jump into the crate and close the lid. Move towards the explosive, grab it
and then move back. Go back to the kitchen.

Anybody got a light?
Grab a turkey and use a stick of TNT with it. With the explosive firmly wedged in
the bird's behind, open the stove door and light the TNT's fuse. Put the turkey-
bomb in the dumb-waiter and then send it up to the guardroom. When the guards
start fighting over the turkey, it explodes, killing everyone and blowing the room
to smithereens. Walk up to the second floor landing and enter the room that
you've just blown up. Grab the pool cue that survived the blast and examine the
heads on the banisters. At the end of each is a gargoyle head and the one on the
left opens like a giant PEZ dispenser to reveal a crystal.
Go back to the bathroom. Open the door, peek at the guards and then hide in the
shower when they spot you. To lay a trap for them, push the plug into the sink and
turn on the tap. When the sink overflows, use the fly suit to climb down the air
vent to the Climbatron room. Put the pin back into the Climbatron control and
turn it to ‘extremely cold'. Climb back up to the bathroom to see that the floor is
covered with ice. Now open the door to attract the guards' attention. When they
rush in, they will slip on the ice and go sliding out of the window.

Ms. Fortune. Geddit?
Leave the bathroom and return to the gargoyle heads. Push down the horn on the
left head and instead of moving over to the right head, walk up to the third floor
landing. Now head towards the bathroom, slip on the fly suit and descend down
the air vent. Go up to the first floor landing and then up to the second floor. You
should be standing by the right gargoyle head. Open the head to reveal a crystal.
You should now have four, each one a different colour. Don't go up to the fourth
floor just yet. The evil Ms. Fortune is waiting to hypnotise the unwary adventurer.
The jail cells beckons again...

* If at any point you get caught again, you'll get thrown back into the dungeon.
This time the guard is taking no chances and he's hoovering the whole place
trying to get it dust-free. To escape, switch off the vacuum cleaner when the 
guard has his back to the cell. When he looks quizzically at the nozzle, wondering
what is wrong, turn the vacuum's dial from 'suck' to 'blow' and then switch the 
power back on. Hello dust-cloud, bye-bye guard. (It's either this or he leaves a
short note saying that he's given up and that the key is under the mat.)

The accident-prone hero
The only place left unexplored now is the room on the third floor, and the door to
it can be opened using the treasure chest key. Climb up the side of the bookshelf
to try and get the cool sunglasses. Flick the switch on the wall that has been
revealed by the falling bookcase and then, after the mayhem, use a chair to try and
get the glasses from atop the stuffed ass. When they then fall onto a Venus Fly
Trap, slip on the fly suit and try speaking to the ravenous plant. This doesn't
work, however, and the glasses finally end up in a rather tasteful-looking vase. 
By now the whole room should be a mess. Get the sunglasses (which have mirrored
lenses) by smashing the vase with the mallet.
Now for the fourth floor. Put on the mirrored sunglasses and enter Ms. Fortune's
room. When she tries to hypnotise you, the hypnotic beam is reflected back at her
and soon she is under your control. Tell her to follow you out to the landing and
to place her paw in the hand-recognition security device. With a click the door
will open and you can tip-toe quietly into Nefarious' HQ.

So this is it then?
Pull the lever on the wall and when it jams halfway, place the four crystals in the
four empty sockets in the wall panel. Pull the lever again to open the hatch and to
reveal a trigger device. Grab the trigger and then flick the switches that control
the lights, the door between the HQ and the launch room, the force field surrounding 
the Malevolator and the launch bay itself, so that you can get to the craft and fly 
it safely away. Walk through the open door, sit back and enjoy the smoothly animated 
finale. That's it. There is no more. Thank you for flying the
PC Gamer Toonstruck Solution, we hope you had a pleasant journey.


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