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 Totem Tribe

Totem Tribe


Tetala Island:
-Build a hut
-Build two additional huts
-Build a lodge
-Explore the island and read the guide stones.
-Collect the tear of hevan

Mushroom Island:
-Build a Barracks.
-Build an additional Barracks
-Launch an attack on the mushrooms in the forest to the south.
-Explore further south and destroy the mushroom base.

Dolphin Island:
-Build a scout lodge.
-Explore the island using your new scouts
-Look for guide stones located around the island, and build a tower 
 near each one.

Monkey Island:
-Build a Barracks.
-Build a scout lodge
-Build a hunter camp
-Use your scouts to explore south
-Defeat the mushrooms
-Defend the monkey tribe
-Attack the shade.

Seagull Island:
-Explore the island with your scouts
-Find 5 gears to repair the workshop
-Investigate the crows nests
-Repair the workshop
-Build an archery range
-Hunt the crows and return the pebbles they drop to the hermits house

Red Rock Island:
-Build 10 huts
-Explore the island
-The guide stones around the island will tell you what order the lights 
 go in for the Idol puzzle to the south west.
-Defend your base from the waves of monsters and destroy their base to 
 the north of your village.
-Keep defending against the waves of monsters. You can use the meteor 
 spell from the Idol over and over to help destroy the waves of dragons 

Witch Island:
-Find the Witches Hut
-Search for the 10 roots
-Build a Witch Doctor Abode
-Once your units can move build a barracks and go destroy the tower in 
 the north.

Skull Island:
-Build up some defenses quickly
-build up some offenses
-Attack the North east tribe
-Attack the southern Tribe and then the eastern tribes
-Quickly return your forces to your base and defend from the east
-Launch an attack on the shade

Frozen Vale Island:
-Explore the island
-Locate the 5 pieces of coal
-Get fire towers
-Use your fire towers to destroy the ice blocks
-Find 25 shells and give them to the Idol
-Use the Idols spell to remove the fog of war from the map
-Locate the totem

Island of Yeti:
-Build up your base. you'll need some good offense and defense. 
 From this point on building your base up a little bit is a good way to 
 start off each level (exceptions apply to levels where you don't need/ 
 get to build anything) Also using scouts to explore the island is a good
 habit to get into.
-Attack the two water elemental tribes.
-Attack the Yettis through the canyon and continue on south.
-Defeat the Giant Yetti.

Lonely Iceberg (optional Island):
-Explore the island.
-Find the ice shards to get access to the other parts of the island,
 and obtain the ingredients for the potion.
-Follow the recipes on the guide stones to eventually create the potion
 the alchemist is looking for.

Cradle of the North:
-Build up some forces and explore the island.
-Find all the totem shrines.
-Build up a lot of defenses.
-Place the totems on the correct shrines. The guide stones located around
 the island will give you an idea of where each totem should go. The most
 difficult for me was the Monkey totem, it is located at the top of the map
 in the middle, you will need to build a tower near the mountain to see it.
-Activate the world stone.
-Defend your base!!

Mist Island:
-Use the spheres of light located around the island to remove the mist.
-Locate all the obelisks.

Scorched Island:
-Build up a base.
-Explore north west.
-Find the eskimos defend their tower against the dragons.
-Use the crystal they give you to get the Idol.
-Attack the wolf tribe.
-Defend against the ambush.
-Assault the wolf tribe in the north.

Volcano Island:
-As always begin by building up a base.
-You will want to avoid the pyramid to the far east as it triggers a big 
 boss fight. It is the area with red sparkles around the fog of war.
-Begin attacking the other pyramids.
-You may want to get the idols on this map to help you fight.
-Once you have a large enough force built launch an attack on the pyramid
 to the east, you may want to have some towers around your base incase 
 some shades slip through and attack your base.

Beetle Island:
-If you haven't started building a base yet WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.
-Explore to the east and solve the fire puzzle by lighting up all the 
 maller fires.
-Once you've established your base attack the beetles in the north. To 
 finish this fight you will need to destroy the Giant Beetle. I suggest
 building some towers around one of the holes he comes out of and keeping
 all your units there so when he happens to go near that hole he takes a 
 lot of damage.

Shark Archipelago:
-Collect the shells on the island, and solve the first puzzle to the south.
 to solve this puzzle have all the arrows, (including the corners) pointing
-Move onto the next island.
-To solve the balls puzzle you need to get them all onto the bottom platform.
 I'm not really sure of the logic behind this puzzle but clicking randomly 
 for a while seemed to do the trick.
-Take note of the way the flowers around the guide stone at the bottom of  
 the second island are arranged, as this is the solution to the next puzzle.
-Pop the Dirt Piles around the island.
-Move onto the third island and copy the pattern of the flowers on the 
 lights around the mountain.
-You will need to locate 2 valves if you haven't already, and place them and 
 the energy ball on the third island, this will get you the scuba gear.
 Explore the islands.
-Light the lighthouses.
-To reach the center island you need to time your scouts. The sharks swim 
 in two groups around the center, so if you swim in between them and circle
 around the same direction as they are you can get into the island easily.

Worship Island:
-Seriously, just build up a base already. I don't want to have to tell you
-Explore some.
-Avoid activating the temple for now.
-Find 11 of each fruit for the idols.
-Once you have 11 of each fruit and some good defenses built up near the 
 base of the temple.
-Activate the temple and prepare to fight.
-Collect the last of each fruit from the chest to the left.
-Give the idols the fruit they wanted. You will have to fight monsters on 
 the 3rd idol to activate, and a boss on the 5th.

Ruins of Dream Shore:
-Okay I lied, I am telling to you build again.
-Explore the island with your scouts.
-Build up your forces a lot.
-use your scouts to find the best path for your forces using the black 
 portals. One by one defeat the shade princes.
-Each prince will drop a Dark Essence. Plase these into the lanterns in the
 middle of your base. this will activate a portal to the King Shade.
-Once you are ready move your forces into the portal and fight the king shade.

Comet Site:
-Find a way to break the barrier.
-Use the dark totems to destroy the light totems.
-For the first light puzzle you will need to turn all of the small lights 
 on. To do this you will need to activate the upper 2, and the lowest light
 to finish this puzzle.
-Find the green crystals to get the idol and move on.
-For the second puzzle you need to switch the light and dark lights. If 
 you think of the 7 spaces as number 1 - 7, from left to right the answer 
 is 5,3,2,3,6,7,5,3,1,2,4,6,5,3,4.
-To finish the purple crystals puzzle you simply need to click on all of 
 them in a short period of time. If you click on your mini-map you can move
 the screen to where the crystals are very fast.
-The last puzzle simply requires you to ged rid of all your coins using 
 the wells available.

Lost Temple(optional):
-I would begin once again by building a base. Once you do that explore the 
 island and look for the things that shoot out lights.
-Once you've found all 5 enter the codes by the water, this will show you 
 were the runes are for the doors.
-Each door you put a rune in will spawn a fight from the forest, with each 
 one being more difficult than the last so be prepared!

Inside the Comet:
-I'm having a difficult time trying to figure out a good way to beat this 
 one. The best I can come up with is to have a few temples and use the 
 lightning spell on the boss while keeping my forces in my base to defend
 from his alien spawns, but this is highly impractical, and would take a 
 long time. If anyone knows a trick or something I am missing here I'd be
 glad to hear from you! Either post in the comments here or send me a line
 to Kero (at) Casualgameplay (dot) com, with the subject Totem Tribe.

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