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 Tottemo Pheromone

Tottemo Pheromone


By Ecchifan

Tottemo Pheromone is copyrighted by Trabulance, and distributed by  All rights reserved.  For more information on this game, 
please visit


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough—characters, first half walkthrough, second half walkthrough, 
special character route, additional special events.

3. Credits


Version 1.0 	2-27-03

Tottemo Pheromone has an in-game Hints command that provides you with hints on
the consequences of choices you make.  This walkthrough guide supplements the 
hints system by providing the gamer with a “big picture” perspective of the 
game, and what choices lead to which girl/ending.


Tottemo Pheromone is a fun, light-hearted game with a lot of replay value.  
There are five regular endings.  Once you finish all five, there is an 
additional character route that opens up when you restart the game from the 

1. Characters

Tottemo Pheromone has five possible regular endings with these gals:

Sana Matsubara—your co-worker at your cousin’s bakery shop “Sakuragi.”

Ayumi Wakabayashi—Sana’s best friend, and classmate.

Kumi Yamashita—a frequent customer at Sakuragi, and who works at a shop 

Kaori Miyasaka—a frequent customer at Sakuragi, and who works as a hostess at
a nightclub.

Silk—a visitor from another world who suddenly appears in the living room one

2. First Half Walkthrough

Tottemo Pheromone can be viewed as a two parts game.  In the first half, 
you’re given an opportunity to sleep with Sana, Ayumi, Kumi, and Kaori, under 
the pretense of helping Silk gather magical powers, according to the story.
Once you go through the opportunity to sleep with each girl (you don’t have to
sleep with any of them to reach the next half of the game), you’ll be asked by
Silk who is your target.  Your choices are the four gals, plus Silk.  To get 
the ending with any of these four gals, you have to have sex with the gal at 
least once during the first part of the game.  To get the ending with Silk, 
you have to sleep with all four gals, and meet additional requirements, which 
will be explained in detail at the end of this First Half Walkthrough section.

First Half Decision Tree:

a) 	Don’t—--event over and SKIP to (d)
	Ask her out---Sana event

b)	I can—--Sana, Silk, and Ayumi Route
	I can’t—--Kaori special event

c)	Care for Silk—--Silk route
	Blame Silk

d)	Non-committal answer--—Kumi event
	Honest answer—--event over and SKIP to (g)

e)	Accept offer—--Kumi and Silk route
	Reject offer--—Kaori special event

f)	Flatter Silk--—Silk route
	It’s my ability

g)	Go to work—--event over and SKIP to (m)
	Lunch with Ayumi—--Ayumi event

h)	Give up—--Kaori special event
	Look for Ayumi—--Ayumi and Silk route, Ayumi special event

i)	Thank you--—Silk route
	Leave Silk alone

j)	Can’t remember--—event over and SKIP to (m)
	You mean Kaori--—Kaori event

k)	Leave
	Stay--—Kaori and Silk route

l)	Did it for Silk--—Silk route
	Didn’t do it for her

m)	Peep—--event PLUS BAD ENDING!!!

n)	I choose: Sana, Ayumi, Silk, Kumi, OR Kaori

PLAYING TIPS: If this is your first time playing Tottemo Pheromone, and you 
want to get all the endings, I suggest you have sex with all four gals, don’t
peep, and then save multiple times before choosing your target.  Decision (n)
is the point where you should be continuing from over and over again when 
you’re trying to get all five regular endings.

For the first half, there are two bad endings that you can get.  If you peep,
you’ll jump to a bad ending.  However, you need this event to get 100% CGs.  
You can get the second bad ending if you refuse to sleep with ANY gal.  It 
doesn’t matter who you choose to target in (n), because Silk will be 
transposed again.

To get Silk's ending, you have to make the following decisions:

c) Care for Silk
f) Flatter Silk
i) Thank you
l) Did it for Silk

3. Second Half Walkthrough

Once you have sex with any of the four gals (Sana, Ayumi, Kumi, and Kaori) in
the first half of this game, you can basically not do anything else and end up
with the gal.  The remaining decisions decide whether you unlock the gal’s sex
events or not. 

Here are the decisions to unlock each regular gal's sex events:

a) Sana

---Make love to her
---Pull her to you
---Why not

b) Ayumi

---Don't have plans
---Play with her

For the third decision, you're given the opportunity to try a threesome with
Ayumi and another girl (I won't spoil the surprise here).  If you decide to
"Go with the flow," you'd get the dreaded bad ending instead of Ayumi's 
ending.  But then again, you need to do the threesome to collect all the CGs.

c) Kumi

---I'm free
---Say it sternly
---Take the stairs

d) Kaori

---Go with the flow
---Kiss her
---Kiss her

e) Silk

---Don't make love to Sana (SPECIAL NOTE BELOW)
---Hold still

For the second decision, you're given the opportunity to cheat on Silk.  If
you decide to "Make love to Sana," you'd get the dreaded bad ending instead
of Silk's ending.  However, you need to cheat on her in order to collect all
the CGs.

4. Special Character Route

Once you finish all five regular endings, if you replay the game again from 
Start, you can access Erika’s route.  To unlock her sex events, you have to
make the following decisions:

In the first half, choose Make up mind after decision (l), and choose Erika
for decision (n).

In the second half, choose:
---Don't say anything

5. Additional Special Events

To unlock Kaori's special event, you have to sleep with ONLY Kaori in the
first half, choose Kaori, and then follow my second half walkthrough for

To unlock Silk's last sex event, you simply have to finish all six endings,
including Erika's.  After the credit rolls are over, you'll automatically go
to Silk's last event.


I’d like to thank the support staff at for their generous
assistance when I couldn’t figure out how to get Kaori’s special event.

Please direct all comments, questions, corrections, etc. to Ecchifan at

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