Tracers Sanction Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Tracers Sanction

Tracers Sanction

Submitted by: Dj Simo

talk to man,R,V,R,buy chart,L,look chart,buy oil,500,V,V,look cockpit,
set pointer sonex,push button,A,get all,V,R,A,A,L,V,knock door,
(next stop jubilex,A,R,A,R,V,sell gem,A,L,A.R,wait (4X)cut in line,
(graaf verborgen schat bij mentors castle),L,V,V,buy oil,900,V,V,
set pointer jubilex,push button,R,A,A,A,A,A,take shovel,R,R,V,yell,V,
get diamond,dig,L,enter,L,L,V,R,take battery,L,give spacesuit,V,L,A,
take stick,V,V,talk to bartender,hit bartender,(niemand op aarde mag
het zwaard uit de steen halen),buy drink,take drink,A,R,V,V,buy foil,800,
(sonex),V,V,set pointer sonex,push button,diamand verkopen en terug naar
schip,buy foil,1500V,V,set pointer brenon,push button,R,A,A,L,L,V,V,
shake bridge,V,put battery into egnad,A,A,A,R,R,R,R,R,wear jetpack,turn dial,
V,look bush,V,get all,A,turn dial,A,L,L,V,V,V,set pointer earth,push buttton,
A,drop chart,drop vodka,drop ace off spades,V,R,A,A,L,L,L,V,turn wheel,
look drawbridge,L,A,get torch,V,R,V,R,look books,take worn book,turn dial,
take sword,V,L,dig,get rope,A,R,look bridge,(steek zwaard in deur voor toegang
tot Wing),R,R,R,V,buy fuel,900,V,V,set pointer jubilex,push button,R,A,A,A,
L,light torch,R,V,V,buy fuel,700,V,V,set pointer koranth,push button,R,A,
A,R,A,A,drop egnad,open grating,R,A,L,tie rope to pipe,L,L,L,R,R,R,untie rope,
R,V,L,take egnad,V,V,L,L,A,R,climb tree(banaan),L,V,R,V,buy fuel,800,V,V,
set pointer metropolis,push button,A,drop all,get egnad,ace off spades,banana,
vodka,V,R,A,A,L,L,L,L,L,A,R,give banana,get all,L,V,R,R,R,R,R,V,V,open account,
A,L,deposit 560,R,A,L,A,A,A,A,(driesprong),R,R,A,withdraw 560,V,L,L,L,L,
(casino)V,L,give vodka,talk to bartender,buy drink,buy info,de planeet is
Valkyron,R,R,talk to dealer,,bet 545,cheat,L,A,drop banana,R,R,R,R,A,deposit
1635,V,L,L,V,V,V,V,R,V,L,withdraw 1635,R,A,R,V,buy fuel,1600,V,V,set pointer
koranth,push button,set pointer darten,push button,A,get sword,V,R,A,A,R,
push button etc.. use key,insert sword,R,speak to egnad,follow egnad,drop
egnad,L,L,L,L,speak wing,R,R,R,R,take egnad,speak egnad,follow egnad,A,A,A,L,V


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