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 General Tips

 Berk will need the help of various monsters and objects to
 complete his tasks of preparing disgusting grub for The
 Thing. The monsters all come up out of the Trapdoor whilst
 the objects are located around the basement. If Berk
 misplaces or loses some of the things he needs to complete
 a task, he can leave that task and arrange things for the
 next one. Objects will always remain where he last put
 them. Alternatively he can hurl himself down the trapdoor
 in desperation and the game will restart.
 Berk can pick things up, tip, carry and push them. But he
 must be in exactly the right position to do so. That goes
 especially for pushing things, where exact positioning is
 very important. Berk can wander around wherever he pleases
 so it's a good idea for him to explore all the locations
 and try to memorise where various things are - he'll have
 to use them all eventually. There are three levels - the
 ground, the balcony and the cellar - and Berk can also move
 forward or back. It's also an idea to practise moving the
 lever that opens and shuts the trapdoor so that you can do
 it quickly in an emergency.
 Berk has two sidekicks, Boni and Drutt. Boni is the talking
 skull who, when picked up, will sometimes give bits of
 advice - and sometimes he won't bother. Drutt, the spider,
 just gets in the way and seems to be of little use.

 First Task - A Can of Worms

 Pretty simple, this one. Make sure you pick up the can as
 opposed to a container that looks like a can. Go back to
 the trapdoor and open it to let out the worms. Remember to
 shut it quickly so that nothing else comes out. Grab as
 many worms as you can before Drutt eats them. There's a
 clever way of getting rid of Drutt using the trapdoor as a
 Remember you can always get more worms by opening the
 trapdoor again. Pick up the can and place it on the dumb
 waiter. Then you've got to find a way of sending it to The
 Thing - should be no problem there. When he's scoffed them,
 he'll say nice things to you. Wait a little while and he'll
 shout down the next order, which will probably be...

 Second Task - Fried Eggs

 Open the trapdoor and let out the giant chicken and shut
 the trapdoor quickly so that nothing else can escape. To
 actually get the monster to lay an egg you'll have to flick
 something (to be polite) up its posterior. The thing you
 need is a bullet - and we're not telling you where to find
 it. If you lose the bullet, another object will do - even
 Drutt. Here's a clue, the trapdoor itself comes in very
 handy here as a flicking tool. Oh, and you'll need a
 container for the eggs.
 You'll know when the monster is ready to lay an egg because
 its eyes get bigger. When you've collected at least four
 eggs in the container (remember that eggs break easily)
 it's time to set about cooking them. No points for sussing
 out that the stove comes in useful here. When you're sure
 the eggs are cooked, send them up in the dumb waiter.

 Task Three - Boiled Slimeys

 Getting more complicated. The slimies are down in the
 flooded cellar. Take the bucket down with you and grab a
 few. You've then got to get them into the big red pot to
 boil them. But Berk's not tall enough to tip them in. So
 you'd better find a higher vantage point. With the slimeys
 in the pot, you can let the flame-thrower monster up from
 the trapdoor - again, you'll know him when you see him.
 Somehow, you've got to use this nasty piece of work to boil
 the slimeys. By the way, they're not ready if the pot isn't
 steaming. It must still be steaming when you send it up in
 the dumb waiter. Remember to get rid of the flame-thrower
 when you've finished with him. But he won't go down the
 trapdoor, so try crushing him - you'll need something
 pretty heavy.

 Task four - Eyeball Crush

 You must be a real berk if you can't suss out which monster
 to use for this one. The real problem is finding out where
 to get the eyeballs. Well, you won't find them anywhere -
 you've got to grow them. That's why there's a packet of
 seeds lying around. Find a reasonable place to plant the
 seeds and watch as they grow magically into plants. The
 plants (surprise, surprise) will produce just what you were
 looking for. All you've got to do now is to collect the
 eyeballs and turn them into the required crush. With help
 from the monster and the vat (the big tub on the stand) you
 should be able to work something out. And then you've got
 to collect the juice in a suitable container and send it up
 to the The Thing - he's getting pretty thirsty. By the way,
 the monster bounces round all the rooms and will eventually
 go back down the trapdoor if you wait long enough.

 Task Five - Tidy Up

 There are many ways to tidy up but the general idea is to
 collect everything movable and chuck it down the trapdoor.
 You need to save one edible item for the ghost to take it
 when he appears. Close the trapdoor. Now it's time to open
 the safe. What safe? You won't find it downstairs. That
 must mean The Thing has it upstairs? When you've got the
 safe, you have to work out a way of opening it. We're going
 to leave you to wrestle with that problem, suffice to say
 that you'll need to use a rather heavy object.


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