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 Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Quick Walkthrough for "TRICK OR TREAT"  
(PC game by ACA Soft 1994 & Junkyard Merit Studios 1995)
*+* walkthru by (c).12/13/09.

- WARNING:  You need patience to play this game as it crashes OFTEN!!!  
Use F2 to SAVE game so you can Restore the game from where you left off.
- NOTE:  You can pick up many items along the way that are not needed to 
complete the first part of the game, SO, they're not listed here.  As to 
whether they're needed for the second part of the game, unfortunately only 
the game creators know because the game crashes at the "Eternal Caverns".  
THEREFORE, this is a quick walkthru only for the first part of the game.

1. Go into the LIVING-ROOM.  Talk to John, who will give you the 1st LIST 
of items you need to find (pumpkin, red candles, punch bowl, knife, & 
tablecloth).  Talk to Phillip. 

2. Go back into the HALL and go UPSTAIRS.  Go into Bedroom #2.  Talk to 
Joan. Take HAIRPINS off of the bedside table.  

3. Go out into CORRIDOR and down hallway.  Go into Bedroom #3.  Talk to 
Rebecca.  Open Sewing Case and take SCISSORS.

4. Go downstairs and into DINING-ROOM.  Talk to Peter.  Use HAIRPINS on 
cupboard. Open cupboard and take TABLECLOTHS.  

5. Walk into KITCHEN.  Take KNIFE off table.  Walk into PANTRY.  Take TIN 

6. Walk into HUT.  Open furniture (hair-dryer sits on top of it).  Take 
CHISEL. Use CUP on drum TAP to fill with toxic liquid.  Go back into 

7.  Go to POND.  Use TOXIC CUP with piranha to get key off of rock.  Try 
two times to take object (BOOK) from hole in tree.

8. Go back to Bedroom #3.  Give (use) BOOK to Rebecca. Go back in corridor.  
Use KEY with lock.  Open door.  Go into ATTIC.  Take MISTLETOE off 
Christmas tree.  Use CHISEL with trunk.  Open trunk and take CANDLES. 

9. Walk back midway in corridor.  Take LAMP (punch bowl) off wall.  Take 
GYPSUM (chalk).  Take KEY.  Go to LIVING-ROOM.  Talk to Phillip and John, 
who'll give you a 2nd LIST of items to collect (flowers, black cock, coal, 
chalk, and mistletoe).  

10. Go to KITCHEN.  Use key with door.  Open door and go into BASEMENT.  To 
your left, use DRAWER (which is between shovel & gate).  To your right 
(past the stairs), use LIGHT BULB.  Take OIL CAN.  Take SACK.  Take piece 
of COAL from coal bunker.  

11. Go to POND.  Use scissors on FLOWERS (and you'll get them).  Walk thru 
(and you'll get COINS).  Use TIN OF CORN with CLEARING.  When rooster cock 
starts eating, use SACK on COCK.    

12. Walk back into hall with vending machine.  Use COINS in SLOT.  Take 
SWEETS.  Go into DINING-ROOM and use CANDIES with Peter.

13. Go back in LIVING-ROOM.  Give/Use any one item from the LISTs to Peter.  
You may have to give/use a second item to Peter to get the "Death Sequence" 
to start.  Afterwards, you'll begin to enter the "Eternal Cavern" and a 
password screen pops ups - - - BUT, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO continue the game, 
because this is where it makes a final crash! ("Error #274: File corrupt, 
install again" appears on screen, but reinstalling the game doesn't seem to 
correct the problem, it still results in crashing)(too bad, because the 
game has a lot of humor).
= *+* walkthru by (c).12/13/09.

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