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 Trilby's Notes

Trilby's Notes

Walk to the right door.
KNOCK 3 times.
The room is dark but you can see the window.
Walk to the window.

HOTEL after cut scene:
Trilby will enter the shadow realm.
Go to the bar. (left, lowest right, left, open door up)
Walk to the counter and GET PLIERS.
Go to the dining hall. (open door, left)
Walk to the body hanging on the toilet door.
Walk to the sink and GET ENVELOPE.
(Take a pill and leave the room if you want to leave the shadow realm)
Go to the reception. (right, right)
MANOR after cut scene:
Walk to the shelves and GET GLASS.
Walk to the left door and PUT PAINTING UNDER DOOR.
OPEN DOOR on the right side.
GET MATCHES from the desk.
Go to a halway with hotel room door.
Walk to a smoke detector and USE MATCH ON DETECTOR.
The fire escape doors on the right are now open.
Walk to the fire escape door and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to the table.
Walk to the ladder and CLIMB.
Go to the dining room.
Walk to the boarded up door while in the shadow realm.
While in the shadow realm TAKE PILL and then OPEN DOOR.
You re now in the exhibition room.
(You can pick up a bottle of cola that stands in the courner, but it is 
not essential. Drinking cola will get you in the shadow realm.)
Walk to the table and TOUCH CHISEL.
SHIP after cut scene:
Walk right and walt to the man repairing the boat.
Walk to the ladder and CLIMB down.
Walk to the crate and use USE CHISEL ON WOOD.
CLIMB ladder.
Walk right untill you can't go any farther.
Walk to the door and OPEN DOOR.
Got to bar.
Go to girl and TALK GIRL ABOUT SHIP.
Go to room 2A and OPEN DOOR.
Wait untill the demon kneels and then KICK DEMON.
Walk to bag on the desk and OPEN BAG.
PIANO ROOM after cut scene:
Walk to desk and GET PISTOL.
Go down stairs.

Go to the dining room. (You'll see the agent, and the pills don't work anymore)
GET MEAT from a table.
Walk to the kitchen door and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to the half broken cellar door and OPEN DOOR.
Now you can go to the corner of the celler.
DRINK WATER. (pills work again)
Go to the exhibition room.
TALK MAN ABOUT UNICORN (that's the gray thing on the wooden shield standing 
against the table)

INN after cut scene:
TALK MAN ABOUT ROOM for 4 times.
Walk to the room that leads up and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to a bed and SLEEP.
GET SHEET and walk down stairs.
Walk to the flames and USE SHEET ON FIRE. (you can't get burned)
Go to the bar.
Go to the cellar.
Walk to the singe wine bottle in the upper wall and GET WINE.
Go to the bar in the normal realm. (the professor isn't there)
Then go the the bar in the Shadow realm. (the professor is dead)

(HEAD) Walk to the professor's body and GET HEAD made from porcelain.
(LEFT LEG) Go to the reception and GET LEG from desk.
(RIGHT LEG) Walk to the office door and PICK LOCK.
Walk to the shelf and GET LEG.
(LEFT ARM) Go outside and GET ARM.
(RIGHT ARM) Go to Trilby's room (3C) and GET RIGHT ARM from his bed.
Go to the top floor while in the shadow realm and ATTACH LIMBS to the torso on the wall.

TAKE PILL, leave and enter scene. Walk to the top floor and OPEN DOOR.
Walk to the letter and GET LETTER.
WOODS after cut scene:
Go to the cellar.
Walk to hole under upper wall and GO DOWN HOLE.
Walk to tree stumb and TOUCH STUMB.
HUT after cut scene: (no interaction)
Girl and agent show up.
This is the end puzzle.
Trilby can't move and is about to be sacrificed.
To stop this, Trilby has to die before the demon kills him.
Type MOVE.
Once the demon appears, type DIE.
The end.

PS: Dying in order to save the world makes a lot more sense in this game that 
in the 3rd Matrix movie.
PPS: How did the girl untie herself and how can Trilby come to life again after 
he lost too much blood to keep his brain working?

and finally, 6 Days a Sacrifice, by ?



- Get flyer


- Talk to guard
- Use hands on guard
- Give paper to Sam
- Talk to Sam about the console, then the door in the north wall

- Go east
- Keep walking east until you get to the blast doors
- Go east
- Enter the first door (sleeping quarters)
- Get guns from Janine
- Head east until you see Sam
- Give her the guns

- Talk to Sam and Janine about everything


- Go east (dream)

- Talk to Sam about everything
- Go west
- Get guard to follow you, then enter medical storage room (next to medical room)

- Call Sam and tell her the guard is gone
- Go back to main corridor
- Talk to Sam

- Talk to Canning about everything
- Go west
- Go to sleeping quarters
- Use hands on locker
- Enter the code: 'OPEN'
- Use hands on locker
- Get keycard
- Go to Canning's office
- Use the computer
- Release level 1 security
- Go east
- Take spectacles from near elevator
- Enter security room (symbol is a security camera)
- Use hands on blue screen
- Select camera 4
- Select 'review footage'
- Use lens on big screen
- Go out
- Keep heading east to get to blast doors
- Use keycard in left-hand panel
- Enter code 7759 in right-hand panel (have to have seen it on the screen)
- Phone Janine and have her come help

- Go east (dream)


- Use phone to call Sam (note down numbers)
- Phone Janine and talk about everything
- Go to medical storage
- Talk to Trilby
- Enter far right door in main corridor (now open)
- Talk to Trilby about everything
- Go to security room
- Use blue screen
- Select camera 5
- Enter code 2741
- Download the image
- Call Janine and tell her about the Hub
- Go to the quiet room
- Talk to Canning about John DeFoe
- Tell him Dr. Harty was a cloner
- Go to medical bay
- Search Sam's corpse
- Go to hub entrance
- Talk to Janine about ID card
- Go back to clone lab
- give ID card to Trilby

- Go to Canning's office
- Get pile of documents
- Look at pile of documents in inventory
- Go to security room
- Open fusebox
- Use staple in fusebox
- Go back to the hub entrance

(long cutscene)


- Go out
- Go into medical storage room (door has changed)
- Get pickaxe
- Go back to sleeping quarters
- Enter kitchen
- Stand next to hole and wait
- When Janine is fairly near the hole, use the pickaxe on it


- Wait by the door
- Talk to the man in red
- Interact with the usable wall at the back of the cell
- Wait for the delivery
- Get the parcel from the dropper
- Look at the parcel in the inventory
- Use knife-key in door

- Walk all the way down the stairwell, watching flashbacks
- Talk to the body
- Use the knife-key on the body
- Use life force on dying man


- Go to hub entrance
- Walk through the big door

- Go east
- Get machete
- Go west
- Use the front door
- Go upstairs
- Enter first door
- Get welding mask
- Go back to the foyer
- Use the front door
- Go upstairs again
- Enter far right door
- Get apron
- Back to the foyer
- Use the front door
- Enter west door
- Go west again
- Use outfit on hole

- Interact with tarpaulin three times
- Try to leave by the steps


- Walk east
- Interact with the Arrogant Man


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