Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

Two Worlds II: Pirates of the Flying Fortress

Pirates of The Flying Fortress.

Watch a tavern scene and Jack on an island. Tell him, "Speak it"
then "Where can I meet this....? Wake up in a cell. Tell the
captain "Take what you can". Leave the cell. Go up steps and
straight into Teal's cabin. Keep choosing the top dialogue choice.

To right of Teal, get journal from shelf and read it. On other side
by glass jar, get another journal and read it. Outside on deck
automatically talk to Nicky and choose top answers every time.
Off ship, use the near teleport to Kanger Bay teleport across from
Wandering Wrath ship. Continue NE looking for bear. Kill 3 for
their fat.

Kill any deer that come near you and take their digested grass for
a later quest. There's an old shack in the NE of island, refer to
map and see what looks like the outline of small ruins. Go there
and activate the teleport. Teleport back to the Wandering Wrath.

Go below deck and speak with Cutter between the stairs. Choose
options, top to bottom, but don't say see ya. Say "You're an old
hand at ships....". Then you ask about ships in the sky, an
important clue. Pick up the pirate book to the right. Now get off
ship and talk to Nicky by your new boat. Talk on all options
always at top of list. Sail SW, from other side of ship, to the
middle of NE coast of the largest island. Remember the
following two clues:

1. If you leave the boat too far out and wind is blowing away
from land parallel to it, the boat may drift away. If you make
landfall, you may never get the boat back out into the water. 

2. If the boat is not too far onto land, you might be able to nock it
back out into water by equipping a weapon and using battlecry,
key 1, or just 2 and even 3). When the boat is fully in water, you
can run and push or just bump it a bit.

Find the path heading west, 7_b1  4546 1854 -132 (watch out for
Quercus's). Continue west past a shrine to a 4-way intersection,
then NW path to a teleport. Head back SE to the 4-way
intersection and continue south to a 3-way, then SE to another
teleport, don't talk to woman yet.

Head back to the boat and sail SE to the ship wreck (there's a
teleport just NNW of the wreck. There's several enemies you
must contend with. In one end of the wreck at water's level is a
chest with the Silk Gown. Farther back is a chest with items. On
the other end, run up a slanted rock outside the ship and jump to
the upper deck for an item.

One end of the wreck has a chest under a fallen mast. Through a
doorway is another chest. Continue sailing to NW island and stop
at the Lonely Tree near the NW section of the island. On one side
of the tree, search it for Foliage of Lonely Tree, for a later side
quest if you decide to do it. Sail SW, then just south along west
coast of largest island, stopping out from the large portion that
sticks out in the water at the NW. Head a little inland (watch out
for Olorums and KanJi Ongama big tree). Olorum amblyopic
eyes brew to make invisibility potions. You can now go sail the
boat back to near the Wandering Wrath, or just teleport there.
Later, you will have to get to the small island east of the ship
wreck. You can either swim the short distance from the NE most
island to the small curved island just south, or brew up a water
walking potion.

Back at the Wandering Wrath, go below deck to Cutter's room
between stairs, and put the gown in the chest and take Ox Back.
In inventory, a bronze badge appears if you don't already have

The Missing Chest.
East from shipboard to the island and speak with Jerry in the
storehouse. Accept the chest quest. Pick up the Pirates of Antalor
book. By the door examine the first tracks. Drop a platform just
outside. The next tracks will show as a green dot on the mini-
map. Examine tracks north along the beach. At the NE shore of
the largest island is the next tracks. Swim there, use water
walking potion, or go by boat. Keep examining the tracks till you
find a chest. Attack it, then run after it till it stops. Attack again
and Malvick appears.

Accept his food quest. Drop a platform. Return to Jerry's
storehouse and take apples, bread, and meat. Return to Malvick
and give food. You get a special mushroom for Petey. Go back to
the storehouse, and give it to Petey. You get some items in
return. You should have perfume that Teal gave you.

Teleport to Maren's workshop. Tell her about Captain Teal and
give the bottle. Two chests in the house, one has Exquisite Tilia
Log, a later quest item. Teleport back to the Wandering Wrath
and report to Teal.

Get to the island to the far west with the X. Go ashore at the deep
cut bay  7_a1  3349 3517 -118. Head north to an old watchtower
and look in the house 7_a1 3941 4114 -38, for three chests. Back
down to the bay. Heading inland on the path to 3-way
intersection and go left to Ghost town and a teleport. 5 merchants
with just about anything you want or need.

Go back out to the 3-way intersection, continue north (you run
into three different pair of elementals) and around to the X "The
Treasure" . You begin a conversation with two souls. Agree to
their request. Clear the first cemetery of 4 Black Eyes and search
them for a Proof of Death certificate and read it.

Head to the right NE, up steps and right, unlock a crypt door and
enter. A gate on each side, both leads to 2 chests. Head straight
north, don't talk to creature yet. Go right and enter room. Kill
enemies, go west to other room open sarcophagus, kill more. Exit
to the middle of the hallway and talk to Un-dead Maitre d' and
show him the death certificate.

You can now enter the un-dead bar. Pick up Regulations of
Organ Exchange, from the counter, and read it. Talk to Ghoul on
right side of the counter, to customer Deer Skull at a table NW
corner, and Knuckle at a table SW corner. Each of the three gives
you a note. Read all three. Talk to Un-dead Monger, behind the
bar, and buy a Human Eyeball. Now talk to the following in
order; Deer Skull for a Human Leg Muscle, Ghoul for a Human
Brain, and Knuckle to get an invitation card, read it.

Again talk to Un-dead Maitre d' here in the bar. You can now
enter the un-dead dancing club. Now SAVE game. Get on the
dancing floor and you make a comment. Defeat all attackers, and
eventually a vault door will open to huge amounts of potions and
gold. Now go back outside and continue to the second area and
clear it of skeletons and black eyes. Clear the third area of
Badagris's, skeletons, and black eyes. Talk to the two souls and
enter the tomb at NE.

Wait for the souls to go down the stairs. Go talk to them, and talk
to the tomb. Try again with the different name and Hunn Kanga
appears. Talk to him and accept the quest. Outside, continue
through the stone wall doorway, go to right and open the gate. Go
forward and up towards the cathedral. 

Once at the front of the Cathedral, SAVE before going in. You
have to defeat various opponents, then the Bailiff who seems
invulnerable. Search his body and take everything and search all
other bodies. Go outside.

Before going down and through the gate, go left through break in
wall. Remember when the woman ghost was in a side area
looking at 3 stone sarcophagus? In there is a dungeon entrance,
1400 3811 -4 , with lots of sarcophagus and enemies.

Go back to Hunn Kanga and get family Urn from sarcophagus.
Take it back to the Cathedral and place it in the available
sarcophagus. Hunn Kanga appears and thanks you. Outside, tell
the two souls "I got the location", "He said it's somewhere south
of here" and the password.

Now there's another dungeon, off the circular path of the stone
garden, that can be opened, 1587 3446 -3 .

Now go a good ways SE to the indicated map marker "The
Study" and give the password The Goal Is The Horizon. Go
inside. Find all chests, one behind a bookshelf.

Pick up a package from Nanook and open it. First of three glass
map pieces, and read the note for further clues. Go outside and
teleport to Maren's Homestead. After going inside, a lengthy
automatic discussion. Then speak to Maren and Teal again on

Outside, teleport back to the ship and picklock the captains door.
Speak with Nicky for glass jar and spirits quests. Go down in the
hold and wait for Cutter to leave, then speak with Billy and agree
with the exchange. Teleport over to the island to the east, and
ideally to the Aged Distillery. Open the trapdoor in the old house
there and go down. 

Go through door, in left room get 2 bottles of Birch Water from
locked chest. Room across hall, get Maple Syrup. Through next
door, get Grimoire of Wisdom, from raised area, and read it
completely through. Be certain you read the note from Nanook.
Go outside and head just west to green map pin The Glass
Map Second Piece. In the well defeat 2 Ublarions. Get second
map piece. Outside, go south and swim to the small curved
island. Now SAVE!

If two Meenguls are close together, try to separate them. Often
when you kill them close together, one of them might not be
searchable. Kill 5 Meenguls and take their Midguts
(qitem_6234). Find 3 bundles of Horse Radish (qitem_6235). 

Teleport back to the distillery. Put 5 midguts in the cooking pot
and pull the lever. Take residue from pot. Put 3 horse radish in
the indicated container and pull lever. Get horse radish extractor.
Put extractor and the residue in indicated barrel, pull lever, get
moonshine. Deliver it to Billy below decks and get glass jar.
Speak to Teal in his room. Outside, teleport to Maren's
Homestead and talk to her. You get a book and a magical flat
stone. Read Kaglivor Spirits . Talk to Edwin on all.

Outside. First up, go to the X to the SW, The Glass Map third
piece 7_b1 1986 639 -74 . Lots of fighting. Enter the house ,by
the teleport, and down the trapdoor. Through door to couple of
olorums. Continue east and 2 more. Continue north and cross
bridge. Head east to olorum rex and olorum. Go down and
destroy all for a cut-scene. Back up and to right through new
passage. Go right and use teleport.

Many olorums. Go up steps, keep going up till you get to south
steps and north steps opposite one another. Go up north steps and
continue up east steps and use teleport. Get third map piece.
***In inventory, click completed glass map for clue to
destination. Head out south to exit. You're close to the X Spirits
of Nature. Approach the wall between 2 poisoners, and go
through opening to many wardens.

Continue east to wolves and wardens. When all are dead, go
through opened passage to east. In the first area you soon find the
first ancient Ongama with Raglivok Spirit bug. Go up north and
through tunnel, then down long winding path. Don't go down
into water, continue up north and through bushes, bearing right
through bushes. Keep wandering the tunnels till you find the final
area with 2 ancient Ongomas with spirit bugs. One of the
ancients has Ancient Ongama Wood, a quest item.

Go back up and SW through new passage, down and south to
exit. Now return to the Wandering Wrath, Nicky on deck looking
out at the water or scrubbing the deck.. Speak with Nicky. Go
below and get Billy who sleeps near the cage. Follow him outside
to others. Talk to crew and wait for others to arrive. Talk and
wait for message to switch jars. Get journal on other side of room
and read it. Once done, back on deck Teal briefly talks to you,
answer top to bottom.

Now teleport to Maren's homestead, talk to Edwin on all for
important clue about moon door being a trap. Tell Maren, "All
right, fine". Then talk on all. You now have a sight steeler, a
quest weapon. You now have two new quests, Needle In a
Haystack and Casqet of Embers (a helm). Head SW towards
Sanerk and the X.

TIP: to make a later quest easier, kill any Zygophylla you see,
some contain Saltpetre and you'll need 3. A Zygophylla looks
like a poisoner, except Zygophylla are open till you approach
them. Also you'll need "Digested Grass from 3 Deer that jumps
around a lot and are difficult to chase down and kill.

Once at the Sanerk X marker, enter the tomb by the shrine and
fire. There's 2 chests and 2 olorums. Just south out of village and
west into revealed area to Casqet of Embers.

Fight Olorums and continue out north. Up steps and on to chest.
Back down steps, go west and down, defeat all. New door opens
up north, go through and down stairs. Through north door. Defeat
all, then you can defeat the ringleader. Search it for Casqet of
Embers. It gives permanent light while worn.

A new teleport has appeared, use it (Back to Wandering Wrath).
Go below decks, talk to Billy, agree to find him a companion. Go
to X on biggest island to Pirates Don't Cry. Several Hamadryad
women to fight.

The house you need, is near the end of path in village and slightly
SE, house has side entrance 7_b2  4211 2356 68 , but the door
won't be accessible until you've pretty much cleared the village.
     Inside kill Hamadryads and pull lever on the east wall to
free Pat. Her ring is at the blue map pin south at the Wrecked
Raft. Two enemies have it. Return and give ring to Pat. Tell her
about Billy. Return to the Wandering Wrath and tell Billy. Read
Billy's brochure, and drink the pink Concoction of Awesomeness
he gave you.

Head SW towards the X on the SW island. Just east of it is a
short path to the north. Go speak with Gayar Orkso at 7_a2 3665
3919 -52 , you get a note, read it. Speak to Orkso again. Fist
punch the varn, then talk to it. Talk to it again, then punch it
while it is taking a wizz.
Talk to it again. Talk to it one last time. Talk to Orkso. Read
note. Talk to Orkso one last time. Loot the doghouse.

Back south a little and take the west path to the X. Your target
moves to the SW. Go towards the X, follow long road all the
way, don't miss any Zygophylla's Saltpetre and a teleport station.
Before getting to the X, in the circular path, on it's north side,
pick up the Hunter's Diary, next to statue ( 7_a2   2012 1553 -55
), and read it. Continue towards the X and you automatically
hide. SAVE game!

Use the Sight Taker to control it. Fly it to the Basilisk, target its
face and fire with attack button to blind it. Then start fighting it.
It eventually releases three different groups of statues while you
keep fighting it. Once you destroy all three groups, you should be
able to eventually kill the Basilisk. Search it for a powerful
Basilisk Eye Ring, and Basilisk's Claw (useful shortly). Enter the
newly opened large crypt doors in the deep alcove.

In the first round chamber, get diary from table and read it.
There's three sets of armor lying about. Continue NW to more
armor. Put basilisk claw, on the rocks next to the tea kettle, to
open a doorway. Go through and get a helm from the table. In
east room get 3 Silas's Tears. In north room, armors. Back
outside at the green pin map marker Needle In The Hay, put a
tear at feet of shaman statue feet, he's holding a staff forward.
Quickly step back and wait. Talk and say you want to do Maren a

Ask what he wants from her. Say .... Agreed. Now ask all top to
bottom, the last two options, select the bottom one ..... All right.
Teleport back to the Wandering Wrath and get bottle from water.
Uncap the bottle and read the Message From Bottle. Now talk to
Cutter who's sweeping the deck. He tells about an inventor
(another statue back in the stone garden area).

CRITICAL: This next part is necessary to get some Clay for a
later quest.

Go to the X on the south tip of the largest island, follow road for
any Zygophylla or teleports, fight in the village. Between shrine
and teleport, enter the dungeon.

WARNING: It is critical that you do this dungeon exactly as
outlined below. After getting the clay, DON'T teleport out of this
dungeon, it breaks the quest.

     In the NE section upstairs and through door. Straight
across, stay around right and through a door. Continue east and
down, Olorums. Around left and through door. Around right and
down, move small lever to drain water. On down and south.
Swim to lantern over on right, through, go right and get Karaska

Continue east and swim over south, up through door, up winding
path, straight across west. Around left through door. Work your
way up to exit, jump over to NW stairs. Go left and up south to
exit. Go to the X Message In A Bottle 7_b1  2245 2107 -63, in
the north part of the largest island. A small lake has an entrance
to a cave with a huge cache of weapons and 3 chests.

After getting what you want, exit the lake and teleport to
Southern Sauwok on SW island, back to the Stone Graveyard on
the SW island to Scientific Revolution. At the gap in outer wall
of circular walkway, on north side a statue stands with arms
raised up  7_a2  1998 1535 -50 . Get close, use a Silas's Tear,
move away and wait. Speak to Grim Grimdahl, say "Big plans"
and "You've got my attention".

Teleport to the Southern Sauwok, go left and head towards the
green pin on map (Scientific Revolution). Kill any deer and take
digested grass from them. They jump around a lot. You need 3
digested grass for Grimdahl. At his camp 7_a2  4339 987 -104 ,
clear it out and Grimdahl appears. First he wants 3 digested

Along cliffs west of his camp is where some deer hang out. After
a failed experiment, Grimdahl says to get him 3 saltpetre from
Zygophylla. Zygophylla are similar to poisoners but they are
usually open. Not all of them have saltpetre.

First, though, go down NE and activate the teleport. Teleport to
Southern Sauwok and head due north on the road. The first one is
likely to be where the road first heads back SW. Try staying away
from the huge enemy camp and go around the outside of it. At
the intersection, head west away from Gayor Orkso's camp. Near
the coastline you'll find another saltpetre.

Teleport to the southern area of the biggest pirate island and head
due north on the road to find more Zygophylla. Once you have 3
saltpetre, a message tells you to return to Grimdahl. Teleport
back there. The experiment is a success. With the explosive in
inventory, teleport to the NE island to the blue pin Scientific
Revolution and speak with Cutter.

Follow him. SAVE before placing bomb at wall and back away
and wait. Fight 2 enemies and tell Cutter, "I thought this was a
team effort". He says go ahead, but wait for him to enter the
cave. Follow Cutter, fight 4 more, keep following and run past
next group. Cutter must reach the bottom at a big machine. If he
doesn't lead you there, the mission cannot be conmpleted.

Keep following and find a big machine. There's armors and a
chest with Horse Armor. Exit the cave and teleport to Grimdahl,
at his camp, or  jump 7_a2 then jump 4339 987 -104  and get him
to join the crew. Teleport to Wandering Wrath and speak to
Cutter on the upper deck.

Go below the decks and get a Dice challenge from Billy. SAVE
before you access the table. Now access the table and choose
Lucky Throw. You must win two rounds in a row and Billy will
give you a new super potion. If you fail the challenge, reload the
save and try again.

After winning the new potion, Billy challenges you again. SAVE
again before accessing the table. This time, after winning two
rounds, Billy gives you volume III of the Captain's Journal. Read

Teleport to the Drowned Mine, south end of largest island, head
due west on the road, and straight towards the coast, clear area
around abandoned cart. Search the dead traveler on side of the

Examine the dead reindeer bodies to get a message, then search
the cart chest for red clothes and a special staff. Restless ghost
and ghost deer appear. Search sacks on cart and get three letters
and three gifts. Read the letters.

First destination is back east through the village, then north on
the main road to X Restless Ghost. First house, with an old cart
under window. Climb the cart, message instructs you. Put on the
red cape and hat, equip the special staff, enter the window.

Under bed pillow, put Suus's present. Back through window.
Teleport to Sanerk, house directly NNE, on back side ( 2064 933
-58 ) climb 3 ladders and enter chimney. Under bed pillow, put
Little Tom present. Back up chimney. Teleport to Wandering
Wrath, in Cutters room put his present under cot pillow. Ghost
appears, talk to it, unwrap your gift. You get Weasel boots, great
for speed run/jump higher places. Put your regular outfit back on.

Now teleport to Marren's homestead. You briefly talk to her.
Follow her to her workshop. Talk on all, you get a figurine.
Teleport back to Marren's homestead. Go inside and rob the
chest that Edwin prevented before. Go out back door and to left
speak with Edwin on all. Teleport to Wandering Wrath, below
decks talk to Nicky behind the cage. Go speak with Teal on
upper deck, first say that "Nicky has betrayed him", then tell him
to go to the crypt on Tornar.

Down to main deck and get hair sample from Nicky. Teleport to
Old Cemetery on NW island and go to the crypt ( map pin
Lover's Conspiracy ) and SAVE before going inside. It's
important you tell them inside "Stop - This can't happen....", this
option later gets you a magic dagger that gives permanent Water
Walking when it's equipped.

Go inside and the ceremony starts, choose the option "Stop - This
can't happen.... Teal is reunited with his soul and leaves with

Kill everyone and search bodies if you care to. Go outside to Teal
and Maren, and talk on all options. Teal tells you about a key
under a doormat. Talk to Maren on all, always top option.
Teleport to Old Cemetery near Ghost Town and head NE over to
the lighthouse 4218 3939 -26 . Get key from underneath the
doormat, and open the door.

Go down trapdoor, head south down winding stairs to X, fight
past several Olorums, first room pull lever. Out and through gate.
Continue around north. Kill all to open gate. Continue south in
west corridor. More fighting, continue SE to X. Another big fight
to unlock final gate. Operate 4 levers and defeat lighthouse
warden, search him and take all. Go out another gate. Next gate
on left, a chest. Adjacent room has a chest. Continue back up,
operate a wheel and on up to NE small circular room exit.

Go up stairs to top of lighthouse, use teleport to another
lighthouse. Down to another trapdoor immediate fighting and
large rocks being thrown. Navigate circular hall, a small round
east room, take stairs down. A room has two wheel switches and
a lever. Operate them, wait for gate to open, fight lighthouse
warden and take his items. Go back up trapdoor, on to top of
tower and use teleport to third lighthouse.

Go down, outside turn right and turn walk on and keep heading
around right till you get a cut-scene. Downhill defeat Olorums
and search body in cage. Replace your equipped dagger with the
Smart Traveler Dagger to have permanent water walking. Notice
a walkway overhead. To left of there is a low part in wall with a
crack at lowest part ( 7_a2  1154 2388 -64 ).

The boots you found earlier (20 percent speed increase) if worn,
a speed run/jump will get you over the low part of the wall. Over
there is a chest in front of a tent.

Teleport to Old Cemetery on NW island. Follow road all way
down to last intersection south of last shrine and head right (SW),
2 elementals attack. At the small side path, go meet Quercus
Robur Lecterus, a talking tree chopping wood. He wants a salad
made from 4 items you should already have. Read the Carved
Oak Bark, give salad to tree and he gives you a wood bracelet
that you automatically wear.

Swim to the small island off the west coast. Go down the
trapdoor 7_a1 884 1370 -120  to 4 chests. Back outside, swim or
water-walk towards the X "The Glass Map". At the destination
there's 4 to fight and 2 wolves. Pick lock on door and enter.

If you previously told Nicky about the Moon door, he's dead in
that open room, you can safely enter and rob his corpse. If you
had been here earlier, wondering about the Moon door, going
through it would have trapped you inside a blast furnace. Go up
the stairs. Face south towards three pedestals.

In inventory, click the map to separate it. Approach left red
pedestal, access it and place red map piece, wait till it glows. Put
green on middle pedestal and wait for it to glow. Yellow on right
pedestal. Go through doorway. Open door and fight several
Olorums. Continue west. Fight, then open door to east hall and
gate to large round room, lots of fighting. 2 chests on upper
walkway, and one chest below. Back in the hallway, open big
north doors to Olorums, open sarcophagus.

Continue north to stone door, open big metal gate. Forward pick
up Pirates of Antalor vol V and Nanook's Journal. Read both.
There's a chest. Back towards big iron gates, turn right and up
stairs, go around the balcony to a chest. Back a few steps, look up
high to the left and see a shiny plate. Use bow in closeup and
shoot the plate to unlock a door. Back down, go towards desk,
turn right and through new door.

Get Twin Bracelets Users Manual and read it through. You
automatically wear the bracelet (gauntlet). If not, you might have
to un-equip one of your rings or badges, then select the Twin
Bracelets. There's a chest. Just behind you, go up steps and out
door. Teleport to Drowned Mine on south part of largest island.

Go around right and uphill when possible between two large
boulders. Continue north, and fighting to a rocky passage, shown
on closeup map as an upside down U,  7_b2  2292 2422 -5 .
Through the narrow passage to fighting and a teleport.

On left, through broken columns, through stone door with face.
Continue to the X The Treasure.

Take everything from the corpse. Look at sketch for clue about 4
switches around the room. Even walk around the room to see
where the switches are. In inventory, click the harp, then click the
music sheet and just watch the notes drop. They repeat E W R Q
over and over until time runs out.

When you do try playing the notes, don't look at the music, just
look at your keys and start hitting E W R Q over and over
without any gaps. The trick is to synchronize key hits with
sounds. When you have the correct rhythm, the music continues
till the monster awakens.

Quickly run around the room flipping each of the 4 switches.
Before time runs out, start attacking the monster till it is dead.
Search it for some powerful crystals. Go through the east door,
through another door and use the teleport. You're finally on the
Flying Fortress. Go up long steps and listen to the three spirits.
Speak with the woman inside. Speak with the woman outside and
be nice. You get an amethyst rose, a big purple crystal. Speak
with the man, top options always. You get a treating beverage

On up steps and speak with Ulgrim. Over in the south corner
SAVE before speaking with Tengo. Talk and say "Your body
took.... ", then "So this Katana", and "I'll keep your.... ". Get the
weapon Kikuchio from the chest. Go through the door, turn right
and first left in the hall speak with Zygy. Enter captains cabin. He
sends you to a new area. Ready your weapon. On the left open
casket, quickly exit it, turn around and fight. Get lost thought
number 1 and some beverage from the casket. There's 11 more

Warning: Each time you open a casket an enemy appears behind

NW to the floating rock, then down to next area get attacked,
activate the center column to create a shock wave. This is handy
if you get overwhelmed. Lost thought 2 in the casket. Pay
attention to the mini-map. Maybe even expand the main map.

Next platform down north, then SW and fight 2. Loot third
casket here. Go through the amber portal. Go around the area till
you kill 7 beasts. Continue up steps and talk to nameless guy on
all. On up steps to 3 portals. Use the SW portal on other side.
Fight, go through amber portal, fight 2. Through NW amber
portal to casket 5. Back SE and continue SE through amber
portal to casket 6.

Back NW through amber portal, then SW to casket 4 on left.
West through gate and defeat large beast, then small beast. Go
through blue portal. Go through north red portal, casket 7 on left.
Down SE, then SW and fight. Up south, straight across to casket
9. Up SW and fight, up SE, then up south to casket 8. North
through gate, destroy opposition. Through blue portal, then
through remaining red portal. Casket 10 on left.

SW and fight, north, then west to casket 11. East, NE and fight.
South to final casket 12. Read all 12 thoughts. North, then east
through gate. Kill all, then through blue portal. Down NE steps
and on down. On the left side at door speak with Geoffrey.
Through the door and next left, speak with Nanook's
Consciousness. Out to deck, forward and down NE steps to next
level. Go down wide SW steps and through door to get Nanook's
Map Book.

Back up to Geoffrey in Nanook's chamber. Read the map book.
Talk to Geoffrey again. Back down to the very bottom deck and
use SW stone doors. You're in a large room with north, east, and
south doors.

To your left, go through the north door and straight to wall.
Weaver appears, ask for anything, then ask for a door. Ask for
any of three more options. Go out the door, up steps on right and
straight east all the way to fence, then slightly left and
immediately right go just east to middle of 3-way plaza, and right
(south) to double set of stairs.

Once inside the University, go to other side and downstairs. Go
through east door, turn left in hallway to room and pick up New
Ashos City Development Plan and read it. Leave room, take first
right to main hall and through west door. Head right into lecture

After cut-scene speak with Nanook on all options possible. On
west wall get Misty Seashore art. Exit straight south to end and
right into another room. Pick up Pine Wood Couple art. Outside
the university, go to the X Pieces of Art, just north of the
University. Once inside, go straight into art room to a couple of
sparkling wall plaques. Place Misty Seashore on east wall, and
Pinewood Couple on north wall. Back outside, go out north exit
and follow the path west, then north to the X.

Along the way Weaver appears, ask for Water of Coal. Choose
any weapon he offers. Immediately drink the Water of Coal.
Continue the road NE to the green map pin location, get
Belgurak seeds from the giant mushroom.

Head back to Nanook ( 9_a1  2380 2327 -2 ) at the X. Put
Belgurak seeds in the square patch of soil. In talking further, you
get a quest for 12 baboon dung. Head back out north exit, follow
the path west, then follow it south to the X, kill a huge Droser.

NOTE: After picking up 1 baboon dung, you can cheat to get 11
more without looking for them:

ec.addobjecttoinventory qitem_6973 11 

Once you have 12 baboon dung, return to X near the well.

Look into the mushroom and place 12 dung (click your supply 12
times). Get a quest for water. Head due east to the X
Subconsciousness on the map. Weaver appears, ask for 2 rags
soaked in oil . Put one in nearby well. Go south to green map pin,
in front of the University, and put oil rag in well there. Go back
north, then west back to X and pull lever on back of column.
Talk to Nanook. You get a quest for 2 Violet Fire Elementals.

Head due east out of town and take the path that swings north,
back south and back north again. Follow it all the way up to the
estate, 9_a1  4120 3691 135 , in the NE and Weaver appears. Ask
him for fireproof clotches 2 of them (dome shaped containers).
At front entrance defeat 3 Fire Elementals (they have
inventories). Before going inside, SAVE!

Once inside, forward and go right, then immediately right again
and upstairs. Defeat a fire elemental. Go left, then right, un-equip
weapon and talk to the first violet elemental to capture it.

Go left, and left again, downstairs to first floor and head left.
Defeat fire elementals and capture another violet elemental. You
witness a door open for you. To the right of that door, search the
chest of drawers for the Bleak Moonshield art.

Through that door to the hall, turn right, and out the main door.
Return to town. Right after entering, head north to the map pin
marker "Pieces of Art" and enter the art gallery. Put the Bleak
Moonshield art on the west wall space.

Go out doorway, and go right to a chest under a little Buddha
statue, get several new pigments.

Return to Nanook, at west part of town at mushroom, and talk.
Put a captured wisp in the NE outer brazier. Put second wisp in
brazier directly opposite the mushroom. First tell Nanook any
option, then say "Little guy just needs love", then tell the
mushroom "You've got a big heart", then say "Your origins are
pretty exciting", and finally say "Spending time together is what
makes this friendship great".

Head due east in town, then south to the University. Downstairs,
take the east corridor, turn left to Rector Veneficus and talk. You
automatically return to the mushroom. Listen to all the
conversation and you talk to Nanook. Read all the map book to
see the present consciousness written to get teleported. Directly
enter the hall with three doors.

Now go through the East door to a shack. Go outside and head up
to the X where Weaver appears. Ask for a ladder. Go to next X
and talk to Nanook, agreeing to do his chores. Go SE along side
of house, to the field, destroy all Zygophylla. Tell Weaver you
want a Hoe and gather 8 bunches of potatoes. Back to Nanook
and talk. Go around back to the field and kill all wolves to save
the cows. Tell Weaver you want a bucket. Milk the four cows.
Tell weaver you want a replacement piece for the fence. Put it at
the gap in the fence on the east side.

Go speak with Nanook. Wait till he returns and quickly follow
him. Go through the rock gate. There's some powerful nasties on
your way to the next X. Once there, you get another task. At the
next destination witness an argument. After speaking with
Nanook, enter the house. After speaking with Nanook, keep
following him till he stops. Talk, open kitchen door and kill giant
ants. Now Nanook wants a recipe.

The important cabinets have sparkling effects on the doors. Get a
bread recipe and read it. Now find salt, whey, honey, and flower.
At the bowl on the furnace, put salt, whey, and flower. Ask
Nanook to mix the ingredients. Click on bread in inventory to
apply the honey.

Click the switch on the wall to start fire. Put honey/dough on the
stove and wait for message. Put logs on the stove and wait. Take
bread from stove and Nanook really likes it.

Follow him to the bedroom, and ask Weaver for a key. Unlock
the door, go in and examine the wardrobe, kill the monster. Find
a sextant in cabinet by bed and give it to Nanook. Follow him
and unlock another door, speak with Kanga and choose any two
answers. Follow Nanook outside and to the next destination. Ask
Weaver for a boat. Talk to Nanook. If you have the Smart
Traveler dagger equipped, run on the stream SW, NW, and west
to the next destination. There's elementals and others along the

At the destination, witness one more argument. Get Nanook to
make up with his father, and run behind him. Defeat three
different mini-bosses along the way, talk after each fight. At next
destination witness conversation between father and son. Read
the map book and you'll return to the main hall of three doors.

South Door.
Exit the shack and go to indicated location. Ask Weaver for a
bridge. There's several of all kinds of enemies on your way to the
destination. At the house, try to enter. Nanook's wife needs an
herbal solution. Head due SE, following the road, then to the
indicated destination. Weaver creates herbs.

Collect Hop, Melissa, and Chamomile. Ask Weaver for a
cauldron. Put the three herbs in there and take the potion.

Return to the house, 10_a1 1884 2995 -42 , and Denia will come
outside. Accept her request. Go to the indicated location to the
far NE, just follow the road that eventually curves back around
left, and get remains after fighting many baboons and sneaky dog

Return to Denia and agree again. Go to next location at the west,
examine grave and put remains there. Nanook appears, listen to
the conversation, then read the map book and appear at the hall
of three doors.

Step to the middle of the hall and fall through the floor. SAVE,
then head west to next large room. Fight the beast till he loses
health. He summons altar guards. Ignore the huge beast, first
destroy the 4 altar guards and the 4 altars before time runs out.
Continue fighting the weakened beast and you can eventually
defeat it. Take the map book and read it completely.

Use the teleport that Weaver creates. Go up the steps to the top
level and to Nanook's chamber. Speak with Geoffrey. Before
talking to Nanook, SAVE. There are 3 different endings. Not
choosing happiness allows you to give Laura and James a map to
their body's.

After starting the conversation, choose "I came to talk to
Nanook". Then the following options in order:

NOTE; Choosing just options 2, 3, and 4 are to help James and
Lora find their bodies.

1. "Help me find happiness". You get the ultimate treasure map.
2. ...About the spirits Lora and James
3. to free them, the ones outside.
4. ...There has to be another way.

If you're starting the game with the standard TwoWorlds2.exe,
during the destruction of the Flying Fortress, sometimes the
screen goes black and the game freezes. Hit Ctrl Alt Delete all at
same time, select "Start task manager" and select "Applications"
and select the game, then select "End now". Restart the game,
restore and speak with Nanook again. Or you can start the game
with TwoWorlds2_DX10.exe

You finally end up on a beach. There's a brief conversation  and
you wonder off.

Now for your personal search for the ultimate treasure. Go to the
ruins in the middle of the largest island with lots of fighting.
Using the teleport there gets you to the top of towers at the small
circular island to the north. Navigate the tops of the towers and
start down spiral stairs.

Run downstairs and, through the small, flooded tunnel you find
below, reach the hole in the wall and open the hidden room to
finally approach the mysterious chest, open it   and collect your
reward... but what is it really? After a tavern cut-scene.


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