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Walkthrough the Casanova (part one)

1. At the start of the game walk to the Gondolier and 
press space bar to go to 
Piazza San Marco.

2. Once at Piazza San Marco, go to the Cafe Florian.

3. At Cafe Florian, talk to Isabella Grimani. 

4. After the Cafe Florian discussion, you'll find 
yourself outside the Cafe. Isabella will tell you the 
password for Master Tybald fencing school. 

5. Now or anytime during the game you can go to Carnival 
booths and play poker, wheel of fortune, guess the number, 
have your fortune told (hints for the upcoming puzzles!), 
have your clothes color changes, and so on and so forth. If 
you run out of money, look for it on the ground and corners 
of Venice. Once you find some, go and play any of the 
gambling games to obtain more money. You can also play at 
Venetian Games. It's recomended to do a bit of training for 
the Venetian Games finals. 

6. Go to the nearest gondola station (the one where you 
landed), position yourself near the pole and press space 
bar to call a gondola. Go to station Banca. 

7. Wait for the queue and go to the clerk.  
Ask for credit letter realization. 

8. If you talk with the clerk, a robbery will take 
place. Do what the clerk says and strafe to the left, 
get the crossbow, but don't shoot anybody. Just wait for 
the situation to untangle itself. Pay attention when 
straffing to press the appropriate key, since Casanova is 
facing the camera and therefore pressing the strafe right 
button will cause Casanova to move towards the left side 
of the screen. 

8. Go back to gondola station and go to Station Campo 
San Bartolomeo. Once there, go right (screen orientation, 
not Casanova) and under the underpass.  On the other side, 
go right and over the first bridge on the right. 
There you'll meet a lady you can seduce and gain gallantry 
points. You can seduce many ladies you meet in Venice, and 
if succesfull, you gain galantry points. 

9. Proceed towards the red-white flag. Find the entrance 
door and open them by pressing the space bar. 

10. Go to the clerk and answer the correct password. 
Now you can go to the door under the two lions and press 
space bar to open them. 

11. Go to the cross on fencing podium and press space bar to 
start fencing practice. Listen to Master Tybald and do what 
he says.  

12. After the fencing practice, take a gondola and go to 
Station Teatro Grimani (you can also walk there, or to any 
destination in Venice). From there, go towards the camera and then 
right towards Ponte Rialto. Just under the bridge, turn right 
again and go to the Marguerites Fencing Grounds (a red soldier is 
guarding the entrance). Fence Marco Alberegno that you have 
insulted in Cafe Florian. (After the fight you can return any 
time to the grounds and fence noble Venetians thus pracitcing you 
fencing skills.) 

13. Go back to the Teatro Grimani gondola station and go to 
Campo Della Fava. (Anytime during the game, there are possibilities 
of a random robbery attacks) 

14. At Campo Della Fava go right over a bridge through a narrow 
street  and take a left once reaching a channel. On the corner, 
there is a Barber Shop, where you can get healed after a 
swordfight. Enter the house.  

15. Go to the shop owner. A robbery will take place. Now you 
must get back the stolen Vitriol bottle. Simply follow the 
instructions of the bystanders, fight the robber and jump over 
the barrels. 

16. Follow the robber all the way to the three-arched bridge. 
Go over it and then to left. Go under the bridge, examine the 
door and go to the right, to the end of embankment. Press space 
bar to enter the puzzle and click on the handle. Door will open. 

17. Now you are trapped in a secret laboratory. Go to the left closet and rotate 
cylinders so that they face opposite zodiacal symbols towards the camera (top 
left - capricorn,  bottom right - pisces). 

18. Go to the far end of the room and turn off the gramophone. 

19. Go to the cupboard on the right (behind a candle) and open it. Talk to the 
Nephilim inside, take the Vitriol bottle and look at the radiation map. 

20. Go to the pillar near the door and pull it to open the door. 

21. Return the bottle to the Barber (if your lifepoints are low, ask the Barber 
for healing), find the nearest gondola station and go back to the Cafe Florian, 
where you'll get the invitation to the Palazzo Grimani. Anytime during the game 
you can return to your house and aks for hints. 

Walkthrough the Casanova (part two) 

1. Take a gondola and go to the Palazzo Grimani. Show the invitation and enter. 

2. Go towards the camera (right of the main staircase) and find a lady admiring a 
painting. Seduce her and talk to her repeatedly. She wants to be painted by the 
same artist that pained the admired picture. 

3. Go out of the palace and find a madman in the back alley. Talk to him. Go to 
the station and board a gondola to Basilica San Marco. 

4. Go towards the camera and find scaffoldings under one of the Basilica's 
arches. Talk to the painter. 

5. Go back to the gondola station and go to the Emporio dei Sali. 

6. In the big orange building (tavern) you can get hints on how to obtain salt. 

7. Go left over the bridge and to the far left corner of the Emporio dei Sali 
building.  Take the winch and go to the entrance. Press space bar to enter the 
puzzle. Remove top screw and use winch on the bottom one. Drag the winch to left 
slowly not to wake up the guard.  With the bottom screw unscrewed, you can remove 
the escutcheon and zoom in. Again, carefully pick the lock by dragging to the 
right.  Enter the building. 

8. Go to the wooden floor and press space bar when it squeaks.  Remove the board 
and zoom in. You'll see the key on the desk. Go out of the puzzle and of the 

9. Go left to the transport guild building. Go under the ivy-clad wall and climb 
up to the balcony.  Enter the building and go left to the conference room and 
take the fishing rod. Go back to the Salt Guild and look through the crack in the 
floor. Use fishing rod and drag up the key. (Watch for the gray-haired gentlemen 
not to spot you!) 

10. Go to the chest near the door and open it with the key. Take salt. Go back to 
the painter and give him the salt. Return to the ball. 

11. Enter Palazzo Grimani and talk to the lady who wants to be painted. Try to go 
upstairs. Gaetano Grimani has arrived, automatic dialog. 

12. Go upstairs, to the first floor, enter the third door. Gaetano is there 
chalenging you to a verbal joust. After the joust return upstairs in the 
ballroom. Talk to Lucrezia (sitting lady , corner right of the stairs). 

13. Return downstairs in the same room that is empty now. There's a interactive 
object (sound machine) in the distant corner of the room. Just enter and leave  
the puzzle view. Back Upstairs.  Talk to the waiter, ask for a lighter and for a 
drink. Go to the sound machine on the other side of the ballroom and talk to the 
operator. Back downstairs in the puzzle view. Take the cylider marked in. Open 
the container and the tank. From inventory: cylinder in container, close 
container; alcohol in tank, close; use lighter on fire hotspot.  Press the 
direction button and then play button.  Leave puzzle, go upstairs. 

14.Talk to the lady in blue in the garden (she wants a dress). 

15. Go to the gondola station and click on station Teatro Grimani. When there, go 
left to the scaffoldings and climb up the ladder. Walk over to the balcony and 
proceed to the rightmost door. Enter the building. 

16. Go towards the camera and take right to the loggias.  Go to director's 
office.  Go to the far end of the room and open the closet. Open the safe with 

17. Go all around the galleries to the other loggias and find a closet at the end 
of the hall. Open it with the key and take a dress. Go back to Palazzo Grimani 
the same way you came. 

18. In the garden talk to the lady in blue. Go upstairs in the ballroom. Outside, 
go towards the gondola and press action button. Drag the pointer to II. Go to the 
ballroom and upstairs . 

19. Roof: jump on the next building. Walk forward, around the corner (follow 
Isabella). Climb the ladder. Walk away from the camera. Follow Isabella. Walk 
carefully on the right side of the roof. Step forvard to land bellow. See for 
optimal jumping. Jump sequentialy on canvases. Jump on the round staircase. Climb 
up, walk towards the neighboiring (taller) building, try to find the ladder near 
the roof ege close to the camera when you're by the wall. 

20. Ballroom, Iritaded Gaetano. After first fencing avoid bottles. In the last 
fencing (in the garden) just force Gaetano to retreat back enough.

21. Duke Grimani will invite you to his office and reveal you some of the facts 
and thoughts on situation in Venice. After the discussion, go out of the palace 
and speak to the madman in the back alley again. 

22. Board a gondola and select Teatro Grimani. Enter.

Walkthrough the Casanova (part three)

1. You may talk to the servant if you want. He'll explain the presence of the 

2. Go upstairs and to the right. Go to the end of the corridor and enter 
Lucrezia's dressing room. After talking to her go into the secret passage that 
she will show to you. 

3. Unlock the door (space bar). Enter the director's office. Open the safe 
(combination is still the same - 0412). Take the letter. 

4. Quickly go back into the secret passage and then back to Lucrezia's dressing 
room, because guards are just about to enter the office. 

5. Go to the second loggia (the middle one) and enter. Use the rope (strafe keys) 
to go to the other side.

6. Exit the loggia and enter the one closest to the guard. Be carefull not to go 
to close to him.

7. Go towards the ladder and climb down. You'll find yourself in the parter. Now 
go out through the door.

8. There is a guard upstairs. Wait until he stops looking around and run towards 
the exit. Open the door and leave (press space bar). Board a gondola and go to 
station Palazzo Lucrezia. Enter the palace.

9. Try to help Lucrezia, she is being taken away by two Nephilims (on the right 
side) - prepare to fight with one of them!

10. After the fight follow Lucrezia and the other Nephilim into the fireplace 

11. Return to the stairs. Talk to Montoya.

12. Enter the room with the big globe.

13. Approach the boat near the globe, press space bar to enter the puzzle. Turn 
the boat toward the globe.

14. Do the same with the boat on the other side.

15. Near the second boat there is a telescope. Take a look through it (space 
bar). Turn the globe so the island called Reunion can be seen.

16. Go to the clock, press space bar, set it to 12:00.

17. The small globe near the table opens. Enter the puzzle view of the small 
globe with the space bar and pick the key and paper. Leave the room.

18. Go to the right to the music room.

19. Go to the mirror near the painting of a shipwreck. Press space bar. Use the 
key on the lock of the music box. Listen carefully.

20. Repeat the melody on both - hapsichord and harp.

21. The secret drawer in hapsichord opens. Take the paper.

22. Go downstairs to the fireplace room. Read both papers, now you should be able 
to turn the prisms above the fireplace.

23. The basement - prepare to fight another Nephilim. 

24. After the fight and talking with Montoya go to the coffin and press space bar.

25. Return to the stairs (where Montoya is). Wait... What is Montoya up to...? 

26. You leave the basement and... Ooops... You get arrested. Bad luck... 

Walkthrough the Casanova (part four)

1. Remove iron rivet from the cell door, look at the board on the floor and use 
the rivet to open the secret box. Take letter and ring.

2. Take all items from the corner of the cell. Take the bucket from the bag and 
put in it these items (in the same order as itemized here): paraffin, oil, oil, 
oil, straw, iron piece, straw, water, water, tin, urine, and paraffin.

3. Use the compound on the window bars to melt the mortar. Remove the bars. Exit 
the cell by clicking on the opened window.

4. Once on the parapet, carefully walk to left to the far end of the prison 
walls. Step down to fall (jump) in the water.

5. Swim to the big door. There you can notice broken bars. Press space bar to 
submerge. You'll find yourself on the other side. Talk to the gondolier and 
you'll have to give him the ring you found in the cell. He'll take you to Palazzo 
Grimani where you'll have to replace the compromising letter with a fake one.

6. Enter the palace and talk to Isabella. Go to the fountain and press space bar 
to see it closer. Click on the top right and bottom left dragons to close the 
water flow and open the secret passage.

7. You'll find yourself in the cellar. Go left and take a handle from the bench. 
Go to the opposite side of the cellar and use the handle on the door.

8. Isabella will arrive with the forge letter. Go in the water and swim to the 
opened grid. Go to the other side - to the secret laboratory. Take the letter 
form the bench and replace it with the one Isabella gave you. Go back to the 

9. You'll automatically exit the palace. Fight off Gaetano and return to the 

10. Put Condor's Eye to in the clock at 12 hours. Now you can use the Condor's 
Eye for top view of the prison by pressing the space bar. Study the movement of 
the guards and return to your cell (marked with X). Save often. Warning: Condor's 
Eye will wear out, so use it wisely.

11. At the end of Inquisitor's interrogation, you'll find yourself at the Piazza 
San Marco.

Walkthrough the Casanova (part five)

1. After discussion with Isabella, try to finish the Venetian Games Finale. 

2. Carefully listen to the plan of attack.

3. Once at the Arsenal, go to the tower right of Isabella and climb up the rope.

4. The guards should be shoot from behind and as far as possible (there are many 
possibilities for terminating the guards)!

5. 1st guard can see you if you are not in the guard house. Go after him while he 
has his back turned towards you or he is passing the stairs.

6. 2nd gourd doesn't see you in the middle of the stairs, so that should be your 
starting point for going after him.

7. 3rd guard should be shoot from as far as possible. The best place is on the 
top of the stairs.

8. Don't go down the stairs or you will be shoot!

9. 4th guard should be shoot from being a little left of the guard house or he 
has his back turned towards you. Another possibility is that you are hidden 
behind the guard house until he starts walking away from you. Then you can go 
after him.

10. Go after 5th guard while he is heading towards his guard house and 6th guard 
has his back turned towards you. The best starting point is the middle of the 
stairs. After you shoot 5th guard, quickly run back on the middle of the stairs, 
because 6th guard might come and inspect the place where 5th guard was killed.

11. Shoot 6th guard while he has his back turned towards you.

12. Don't go down the stairs or you will be shoot!

13. 7th guard should be shoot from as far as possible.

14. The same applies for 8th guard.

15. After you have shoot 8 guards go down the stairs.

16. 10th guard should be shoot from the middle of the stairs otherwise he will 
shoot you.

17. Descend to the ground.

18. Proceed to the left of the tower, hiding behind 
barrels and crates. Watch the sequence of the two guards 
and kill the one at the Garisson gates when the right 
one is not watching.

19. Go back around the tower and wipe out the guard 
at the main gate.

20. Open the gate and let your comrades in. Go to the 
tower and fight a Nephilim at the entrance to the tower.

21. Go inside and to the basement. To open the door you 
must rotate the word panels to form a sentence that is 
written on the floor. The sequence of pressing 
the buttons is:

3 x top left;

2 x top right;

3 x top left;

2 x top right;

1 x bottom right;

2 x top right;

1 x bottom right.

22. Enter the Nephilii Power Center, aim at the powder 
kegs and shoot.

23. Quickly exit the basement and go up the tower. 
Time is limited!

24. Your comrades will follow.

25. Climb to the hovering ship.

26. Fight the Nephilii soldier and run to the other end 
of the ship.

27. Fight the last Nephilii. Run to the right side of the ship.


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