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 Ultima 7 - The Black Gate

Ultima 7 - The Black Gate


                  :::  ULTIMA VII: THE BLACK GATE  :::
                  :::      >> WALKTHROUGH <<       :::
                  :::       and other tips!        :::
                  :::                              :::
                  :::       by the Scourge         :::
                  :::  adam @ :::

::: WARNING!! ::: This file contains EXPLICIT instructions on how to finish
Ultima VII: The Black Gate.  It's full of spoilers, so don't read this if
you aren't TOTALLY stumped!

This file is divided into two parts, Helpful Stuff and the Walkthrough.  The
first part contains information on reagents, spells, and other stuff found
in Britannia.  The Walktrough section guides you step-by-step through what you
need to finish the game.

Sorry if this is formatted funny, but hey, life's a bitch.

                     ::::::>> HELPFUL STUFF <<::::::

:: MAGIC ::

Here is a list of all reagents and spells and where to get them cheap.
goes to Joe Himdickel who compiled the original list last month.

Mage       Location   Reagents(price)
---------  ---------  -----------------------------------------------------
Wis-Sur    Vesper     Pearl(34), B.Moss(16), M.Root(32), Silk(20), S.Ash(25)
Mariah     Moonglow   Pearl(8), Garlic(1), Ginseng(2), M.Root(7), N.Shade(6)
Rudyom     Cove       Pearl(5), B.Moss(3), Ginseng(2), M.Root(5), S.Ash(4)
Nicodemus  Yew        B.Moss(3), Garlic(2), M.Root(5), N.Shade(5), Silk(3)
Nystul     Britain    Pearl(10), B.Moss(6), Ginseng(4), M.Root(10), S.Ash(8)
Sarpling*  Terfin     B.Moss(2), Garlic(1), Ginseng(1), S.Ash(3)

* Note Sarpling does not sell spells.

Following is a list of all the spells and where to find them listed from
cheapest to most expensive:

:: First Circle ::

Awaken All        Rudyom(25)
Create Food       Nystul(35), Mariah(60)
Cure              Nicod.(25), Rudyom(25), Mariah(80)
Detect Trap       Nicod.(25), Rudyom(25), Mariah(100)
Great Douse       Wis-Sur(30), Nystul(35)
Great Ignite      Nicod.(25), Wis-Sur(30)
Light             Rudyom(25), Wis-Sur(30), Nystul(35), Mariah(40)
Locate            Nicod.(25), Wis-Sur(30), Nystul(35)

:: Second Circle ::

Destroy Trap      Nicod.(45), Rudyom(45), Wis-Sur(50), Mariah(100)
Enchant           Nicod.(45), Wis-Sur(50), Nystul(55)
Fire Blast        Rudyom(45), Wis-Sur(50)
Great Light       Rudyom(45), Wis-Sur(50)
Mass Cure         Nystul(55)
Protection        Nicod.(45), Nystul(55), Mariah(80)
Telekinesis       Rudyom(45), Nystul(55), Mariah(60)
Wizard Eye        Mariah(40), Nicod.(45)

:: Third Circle ::

Curse             Rudyom(65), Wis-Sur(70)
Heal              Rudyom(65), Mariah(40), Nystul(85)
Paralyze          Nicod.(65), Rudyom(65), Wis-Sur(70)
Peer              Mariah(60), Nicod.(65)
Poison            Nicod.(65), Rudyom(65), Wis-Sur(70)
Protect All       Nystul(85), Mariah(100)
Sleep             Mariah(80), Nystul(85)
Swarm             Nicod(65), Wis-Sur(70), Nystul(85)

:: Fourth Circle ::

Conjure           Wis-Sur(90), Nystul(95)
Lightning         Rudyom(85), Wis-Sur(90)
Mark              Mariah(40), Nicod.(85), Rudyom(85)
Mass Curse        Wis-Sur(90), Nystul(95)
Recall            Mariah(60), Nicod.(85), Rudyom(85)
Reveal            Wis-Sur(90), Nystul(95)
Seance            Mariah(80), Rudyom(85)
Unlock Magic      Nicod.(85), Nystul(95), Mariah(100)

:: Fifth Circle ::

Charm             Mariah(60), Rudyom(115)
Dance             Mariah(100), Rudyom(115)
Dispel Field      Nicod.(115), Wis-Sur(120), Nystul(125)
Explosion         Nicod.(115), Rudyom(115), Wis-Sur(120)
Fire Field        Mariah(80), Wis-Sur(120), Nystul(125)
Great Heal        Rudyom(115), Nystul(125)
Invisibility      Mariah(40), Nicod.(115), Nystul(125)
Mass Sleep        Nicod.(115), Wis-Sur(120)

:: Sixth Circle ::

Cause Fear        Mariah(80), Nystul(145)
Clone             Mariah(40), Rudyom(135), Wis-Sur(140)
Fire Ring         Nicod.(135), Wis-Sur(140), Nystul(145)
Flame Strike      Nicod.(135), Wis-Sur(140), Nystul(145)
Magic Storm       Mariah(100), Rudyom(135)
Poison Field      Nicod.(135), Rudyom(135)
Sleep Field       Mariah(60), Rudyom(135), Nystul(145)
Tremor            Nicod.(135), Wis-Sur(140)

:: Seventh Circle ::

Create Cold       Rudyom(155)
Death Bolt        Nicod.(155), Nystul(165)
Delayed Blast     Nicod.(155), Rudyom(155)
Energy Field      Mariah(100), Nicod.(155), Nystul(165)
Energy Mist       Mariah(60), Nicod.(155), Nystul(165)
Mass Charm        Rudyom(155)
Mass Might        Mariah(40), Nystul(165)
Restoration       Mariah(80), Rudyom(155)

:: Eighth Circle ::

Armageddon        Rudyom(185)
Death Vortex      Nicod.(185), Nystul(195)
Invisibiliy All   Mariah(100), Nystul(195)
Mass Death        Nicod.(185), Nystul(195)
Resurrect         Mariah(40), Rudyom(185)
Summon            Nicod.(185), Rudyom(185)
Swordstrike       Mariah(80), Nicod.(185), Rudyom(185)
Time Stop         Mariah(60), Nystul(195)


Here is a list of all the trainers I found and what they specialize in.
Some missing info came from other help files I found with respect to their

* marks trainers that give you more training for your buck.

Place      Name       Specialization                Cost
---------  ---------  ----------------------------  ----
Britain    Sentri     Dex                           30 (free if in party)
           Denby      Dex, Intel, Magic             75
           Zella      Dex, Combat                   45
Buc. Den   Lucky      Intel, Luck (?)               35
Cove       Rayburt    Str, Dex, Combat              60
Jhelom     De Snel    Combat*                       40
Minoc      Karenna    Dex, Combat                   20
           Jakher     Str, Intel                    20
Moonglow   Jillian    Magic, Intel                  35
           Chad       Dex, Combat                   45
Ser. Hold  Menion     Str, Combat                   45
Terfin     Inforlem   Str, Dex, Combat,
                      Intel*, Magic                 50
Trinsic    Markus     Combat                        20
Vesper     Zaksam     Combat*, Str                  40
Yew        Perrin     Intel*, Magic                 45
           Bradman    Dex*                          30
           Penni      Str, Combat                   35

                    ::::::>> WALKTHROUGH <<::::::

Ok, since I've been getting TONS of netmail asking me to, I decided to write
this to help all you stuck Ultima fans out there.  I've seen a couple solves
floating around already, but they were shaky at best, so here it goes...

: Note :  There are essentially two ways to go about this game.  You can
follow Elizabeth and Abraham's trails and work on solving the murders, or
can cut to the chase and do the important stuff.  I decided to tell you how
chase E&A, which takes a little longer, but gives you more enjoyment of the

::: TRINSIC ::: You appear in Trinsic.  Search the stables and get the key.
it on the chest in the dead guy's house (west side of town).  The scroll is
first clue that the Fellowship is not what they claim to be.  Talk to the
victim's son, Spark, and Gilberto in the healer's.  Talk to the mayor and
permission to investigate outside of Trinsic.  If any of you have "lost"
documentation, drop me some email and I'll send you a patch that will
bypass the protection scheme in Trinsic.

::: BRITAIN ::: Skip Paws and go to Britain.  Talk to Lord British, get the
of the Moons (VERY useful).  He'll tell you to find Rudyom in Cove.  Talk to
Batlin at the Fellowship, and tell him you want to join the Fellowship.
the package to give to Elynor in Minoc.  Also talk to the mayor, Millie,
and Clint, the shipwright.  You will learn the Elizabeth and Abraham have
to Minoc.  Following this little goose chase is a good way to follow through
what you need to do to finish the game.  Also visit the museum and acquire
moonstones (I like Iolo's little comments on this... :)  I would also get
Mark and Recall spells as soon as you are able.

::: COVE ::: Talk to Rudyom, get the wand and 4 pieces of blackrock.  Read
notebook.  If you're a softie, talk to the girl at the shrine, she's a sure
thing. :)

::: MINOC ::: Surprise, surprise, another murder... Go to the sawmill ASAP.
Talk to everyone outside.  Get the dagger from the murder scene.  If you
wanna learn about the Fellowship, open the package before giving it to
You can still give it to her and Batlin will be a little miffed, but he'll
let you join.  Talk to Margareta, learn your fortune.  Most of what follows
help you fulfill your destiny.  You will also learn in Minoc that Elizabeth
Abraham have gone to Paws.

NOTE : Solving all of the little town mysteries is not necessary to finish
game (a couple are, but most are just for kicks).  If you're into maximum
enjoyment, then I recommend you take the time to solve them.

:: PAWS ::  Talk to Feridwyn.  He'll say E&A (Eliz. and Abraham) have gone
Jhelom.  You can stay and solve the little "missing venom" mystery if you
It will give you practice on how to deal with people and get information
them.  Head to Jhelom.  If you can't afford a ship by now, go to the western
entrance to the dungeon Despise (next the Lost Lake surrounded by mountains
of Britain) and get the flying carpet.  Follow north shore of the river that
feeds the lake and it will be sitting there.  Very useful item (and it's
While you're in Paws, buy the hourglass from Beverlea and keep it in a safe

:: JHELOM ::  Talk to Joseph the mayor.  He says E&A have left for Britain
course).  While you are here, talk to DeSnel about the serpentine dagger you
found in Minoc.  You can solve the mystery with Sprellic and the banner of
Honor, but it's not necessary.  Keep in mind that killing townsfolk is ok
if they attack you first.

:: BRITAIN (again) ::  Go to Britain again and talk to Batlin.  He'll tell
to go to Destard and find some Fellowship gold.  Destard is located to the
SW of
paws on the west side of the mountains.  You don't have to go in, just go
it.  It's PACKED with treasure and gems and dragons, so be careful.
(Invisibility is almost a MUST here).  There are also some glass swords in
(save at least one for later...).  Go back to Britain, and join the
at 9pm that night (don't listen to your friends).  There is another
documentation scheme here.  Batlin will ask you 2 of 3 random questions I've
seen.  Ginseng must be boiled 40 times and Mandrake can be found in 2 places
Britannia.  I think the answer to the picture question is 6.  Trial and
will help if that's the wrong answer.  Make sure you wear your Fellowship
amulet, it will effect the way some characters treat you.  Looks like E&A
headed towards Vesper.

:: VESPER ::  Find Auston the mayor.  He's not a Fellowship branch leader,
he has talked to E&A.  He will refer you to Cador, who tells you they went
Moonglow.  This is an interesting town.  Be careful what you say if you go
the gargoyle tavern...

:: MOONGLOW ::  Very important city... Talking to Rankin, the Fellowship
leader, will reveal that E&A have moved on (surprise surprise) to Terfin,
island home of the Gargoyles.  While you are here you need to awaken
who has been asleep since your last visit to Britannia.  Next to the door of
house is a plaque.  By reading it repeatedly, you will learn how to open the
door (by placing a hammer, gold ring, lockpick, spindle of thread, and some
other form of gold next to the plaque).  This will open the door.  Once in
awaken Penumbra with your Awaken cantrip or by using a potion.  She will say
needs some blackrock to shield her room before she can continue to help you.
Well, what do you know?  If you've followed along closely, you should have 4
chunks of it with you.  Put them on the pedestals in her room and talk to
again.  She will tell you to find the Ethereal Ring.  This would be a good
to cast a Mark spell so you can return when you've found the Ring.  Terfin
be a good place to start.

:: TERFIN ::  Talk to everyone, especially Draxinusom and Quan.  E&A have
to the Meditation Retreat.  You can solve the altar conspiracy here if you
but it's not necessary.  You will also learn that the Ethereal Ring is on
isle of Spektran (NW of Terfin).  You will get the ring later.

:: MEDITATION RETREAT ::  If you go to the Retreat (NOT necessary at this
you will return later...) you will learn that Ian will only permit entrance
Fellowship members (which you are, I hope...).  You will learn that E&A have
gone to Buccaneer's Den.  Before you pursue them any further you must find
omniscient Time Lord.  The first step is to go to Empath Abbey west of Yew.

:: EMPATH ABBEY ::  Talk to Taylor the monk.  He will tell you about the
that live in the woods.  If you've seen them, you'll know they won't speak
you (unless you have some honey).  Go to the Bee Cave and get two or three
clumps of honey.  The Bee Cave is no big deal.  I found that you could
run right through the bees and they won't really give a shit.  Use the smoke
bomb if you get in trouble.

:: EMPS & WOODS ::  With the honey, you are able to talk to Trellek the Emp
about finding the Wisps.  If you're having troubles finding the Emps, look
the giant white Silverleaf trees in the woods.  Trellek will need permission
from Saralek who needs permission from Solomon, the Emp leader.  Solomon
give you a written agreement to have Ben the woodsman sign to stop the
destruction of the Silverleaf trees.  Ben's cabin is on the very western
edge of
the forest near the shore.  When you've gotten the treaty signed, Solomon
grant you permission to take Trellek to the Wisps, but Saralek changes her
Instead of going with you, Trellek will give you a whistle to call the Wisps
with (that was easy, huh? :)  Head to Spiritwood to find the Wisps (near
Destard).  They can also be found in the abandoned fortress they've
somewhere near Yew woods.

:: THE WISPS ::  Blow the whistle when you're near a Wisp and it will talk
you.  They will offer you information if you bring them Alagner's notebook.
They will also give you valuable information on the Guardian.  Off to New

:: NEW MAGINCIA ::  Alagner will agree to give you his notebook if you
the questions of Life and Death.  This must be done by asking the Tortured
in Skara Brae.
It might save time if you Mark Alagner's house so you can return his
quickly later.  If you haven't acquired a Seance spell yet, go get one and
towards Skara Brae on foot.

:: SKARA BRAE ::  Use the Seance spell and hitch a ride from the Ferryman.
Destroyed by an accidental fire, Skara Brae is home of the Dead.  Talk to
everyone (especially Mordra).  Make sure you pick up the Mandrake Essence
glowing potion), an empty vial, a curing potion, and potion of Invisibility
Mordra's pad.  Go to the Smithy and talk to Trent.  Take the music box and
go to
the Dark Tower in the NW edge of the isle.  Use the music box near Rowena
take her ring to Trent.  Take the finished cage and go to the Alchemist's.
Caine won't answer the questions until you destroy the Liche.  Plug the
potions and the empty vial into the thingamajig and turn the burner on.  If
did it right, a sparkling blue potion should fill up the vial.  Take that
the cage to the Dark Tower.  Go to the back of the Tower (through the fake
by the stairs) and use the cage on the Well.  Go to the throne room and wait
midnight.  When Horance lies down, plop the cage over him and use the
Horance says you need to find someone to sacrifice.  Talk to Forsythe the
Now you get to find and talk to EVERYONE in the town, including those who
talked to already.  After everyone refuses to sacrifice themselves, Forsythe
will agree.  Take him to the Well and destroy it.  Go to Caine and learn
there are NO answers to Life and Death (you MUST still do this).

:: TIME LORD :: Go to New Magincia, and tell him there are no Answers.  Get
key, find the notebook in his storeroom and take it to the Wisps.  Use your
to beam to the Time Lord.  He will direct you to the dungeon Despise to
the ether-screwing generator.  Before you can follow up on this, you need to
destroy the generator found in Deceit.  In order to do this, you need the
aforementioned Ethereal Ring (ie Spektran!).  If you go to Alagner's to
his notebook, you'll find him dead (very dead, actually).  Use his crystal
and you'll get your first glimpse at the much sought Elizabeth, Abraham,
and Forskis...

:: SPEKTRAN ::  The door to the Sultan's place should open when you approach
As you will see, the Sultan is somewhat of a loony.  You need to kill his
and take its key.  The harpy can be easily killed using invisibility or a
sword (make sure you still have at least one glass sword when you leave
It's ok if you don't, but it will save you much heartache later...).  To
the room with the ring you need to stack the crates on the table (three high
think...).  Now head to Moonglow and have Penumbra enchant the ring.

:: DECEIT ::  This dungeon isn't too tough, but what's inside the generator
Follow all the hallways and find the false walls (try walking into the dark
areas and you'll see what I mean).  You can talk to the Cyclops if you want,
it's not necessary.  Before you approach the generator, drop all your party
members and put on the Ring.  Inside the generator is the ugliest, toughest
fucker in the whole game (he's the one you've been saving the glass sword
I didn't have any more glass swords by the time I got here and still killed
so don't fret.  By cornering him and using LOTS of healing and protection
potions, you can do it with any magical weapon.  Click on the box in the
of the room and watch as the generator collapses.  There should be a
tetrahedron sitting on the ground.  GET IT and get out of Deceit.  Now
(in the "chessboard house" in Yew) is able to enchant your hourglass, which
needed to approach the next generator in Despise.

:: DESPISE ::  DON'T enter the northeastern entrance to Despise.  It's good
experience, but not necessary.  Use the entrance on the Lake (the one where
found the flying carpet).  I won't get into the details of Despise, but you
to get around the teleporters and follow the tunnels east of the entrance.
tunnels will burrow around to the SW side of the lake and you'll find the
Spherical Generator.
You'll find a moongate puzzle inside.  The correct sequence is RED, BLUE,
RED.  Pick up the small Sphere and leave (via Recall if possible :)  One
generator to go!

:: MEDITATION RETREAT AGAIN ::  This place is pretty much a bore, except for
cave that you're not allowed to enter (ooo! are you shaking??).  By this
in the game you should have gotten a feel for what the Fellowship is about
(nothing good, that's for sure...).  In the cave is the Cube generator.  You
won't be able to approach it, but you should Mark it so you can beam back
After reaching the Cube, contact the Time Lord by using the hourglass.  He
tell you to find a mineral called Caddellite.  This is found on the Isle of

:: AMBROSIA ::  This island is kinda hidden.  It's located in the NE sea of
Britannia.  If you've been using the map from the game package or the one
in the game itself, you won't be able to see Ambrosia because it's under the
little compass icon in the upper right corner.  It's a large island and
shouldn't be too hard to find.  Inside a cave on this island is where the
Caddellite is found.  It's guarded by a three headed Hydra.  Surprisingly
Hydra is huge wimp and croaks quickly in combat.  You'll need one chunk of
Caddellite per party member (or just one if you plan on approaching the Cube
alone.  You can't take your party members inside anyway...).  Take the
Caddellite to Zorn in Minoc and he will fashion helmets for you.

:: MEDITATION RETREAT again :::  Beam back to the Cube and go inside wearing
your special helmet.  The puzzle inside involves walking on certain spots of
walkway that trigger the bridges to other parts.  Trouble is, some spots
other bridges as well.  I could go on for a page or two on how to solve it,
it would be easier just to tell you to save the game a lot and do it
It's hard, but not impossible.  Just look out for the fire fields and
Another hint: you'll cover almost 100% of the walkways before you're able to
to the center.  After the Cube crumbles, take the little cube and head to
Buccaneer's Den.

:: BUCCANEER'S DEN ::  Now you're after the ever elusive E&A and the killer
Hook.  Possession of the little Cube forces the truth out of people who
normally lie to you (ie most people in Bucc. Den...).  Talking to Danag at
Fellowship Branch will reveal much about Hook, Elizabeth, Abraham, and the
fucked up Fellowship.  Talk to Sintag at the House of Games and get the key
him.  The door in the Games leads into the mountain passages where Hook's
hideout is.  In his hideout, you'll find the navigational plans for the ever
elusive Crown Jewel, and the Black Gate key used to get past the barrier on
Isle of the Avatar.  Also in his hideout is a list of people the Fellowship
eliminated (with you and ol' LB yet to go).  There's nothing much else in
tunnels, except for a some torture chambers used by the Fellowship and a
worthless prisoners.  Off to the Black Gate!

:: ISLE OF THE AVATAR ::  If you're not 8th level by this time and able to
some major kickass spells, you might want to do some experience-collecting
before going here.  The key from Hook's place will allow you to pass the
on the south side of the island and get into the dungeon.  This dungeon is
rather long and hard.  A couple tips:

     - It is not necessary to kill the dragon.  Lots of
       cool goodies though! (ie a Glass Sword that will be
       handy  soon)

     - The Chair of Change teleports you to one of 3 places
       in the dungeon if you sit in it.  At each location it
       takes you, examine all the walls for hidden passages.

     - Sitting in the Throne of Virtue (or whatever its
       called) will make the Chair of Change take you to a
       fourth place, necessary to get to the Gate.

     - In the "Fellowship Hall" try fiddling with the

     - Watch out for the Paladin guarding one of the last
       doors, he's an asskicker (use a Glass Sword if you
       have one...).

     - Take the mage's spellbook from his room.  It's
       fully loaded!

     - If you still can't find the Black Gate room, try
       looking for any keys you might have missed.  Also
       poke on every wall you see, there's lots of
       illusionary walls.

:: THE BLACK GATE ::  Ah, the gang's all here!  After some little bickering,
they will attack you.  I had troubles winning this battle hand-to-hand until
found a useful little spell called Death Vortex.  If you use it, DON'T cast
on an enemy.  Cast it on YOURSELF.  This spell is useful to say the least.
After everyone croaks (except the little weasel Batlin) you'll be left with
choice of returning home, or using Rudyom's Wand (you still have it I hope!)
the Gate.  The animated sequence at the end of the game is kinda short, but
_completely_ amazing.



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