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Detailed walk though

 Detailed Guide

Warning!  All of the sections of the guide below contain major SPOILERS.  If you do not
want the plot/story to be spoiled for you, DO NOT READ FURTHER.  If you want to figure out
how to do things on your own, most definitely STOP READING HERE.

I mean it.

Last chance.

And here you go...

Part 1: Asmo's Lost Apple

When you first start your adventure, you will be taken through a quick tutorial of how the
game works.  Simply follow the steps to proceed.  You will earn a Cookie, which can refill
your energy by 20 points.

After finishing the first part of the tutorial, you will find an Asmo who wants you to
find his apple.

If you go to the Frosty Hill and check out the cave, you will find nothing.  To find an
apple, go to the river and then check out the log.  You will earn an Apple, which can
refill your energy by 20 points, and then you will be sent back to a page where you can
either give Asmo an apple or return to the river to get more apples from the log.  It is
pointless to get more apples because giving Asmo an apple causes you to lose all apples
that you might have collected.

As soon as you give Asmo his apple, you will finish his quest and be unable to return to
the area.  You will go through a couple more tutorial steps.  Then, you will earn 25 coins
and can head to the world map.

At this point, there is only one place to go: Omna.  In Omna, you will have the option to
go to Olbencar.

Part 2: The Stolen Scroll of Olbencar

In Olbencar's main square, there are several places to explore.  To start the main quest
here, go and meet the elders.  After talking with them, you will be sent on the quest to
retrieve a scroll that was stolen from them.

Go to the Market, do a performance, and give a finale.  You will impress a woman named
Angela, who will invite you to her house.  This makes the Green District available in
Olbencar's main square.

Explore the city.  Find a way to acquire a vial, either by pouncing on someone and
pickpocketing them or by playing tag and finding someone to steal from.  Give the potion
to Metalzeus.  Then, try to find a metal carrot.  You will end up talking to someone who
will give you a map to Bseketar.  This is not an actual item.  It just makes Bseketar
available in the Land of Omna.

Explore the city again.  Whenever you have the option to go to the park, go there.  Play
in the sandbox.  When you see a bug, eat it.  When you see a barrel, play inside it. 
Eventually, you will get into a secret chamber.  Pop the balloons.  You will find a
Balloon Key, which will be useful later.  Leave to the main square.
Note: Apparently, at least one person has had to dig in the sandbox instead.  Do that if
you have the option.

Enter the Green District, enter the blue house, and follow the sequence of events.  Once
you are upstairs, go into the first room and jump on the bed.  Make the bed to find a
Large Stamp.  This is an item you can use later.  Go back into the hallway and go into the
second room.  Check the window to witness a crime.  Once done, return to the main square.

Now, go to the Market.  You will see a certain cart.  Approach it, search it, and pick up
the papers.  You now know about the bandit's lair.

Leave the city.  Travel to Bseketar Forest.  Explore the Weaving Path and investigate the
rock.  Choose to be the frog of the mountain.  Check out the vines and clear them away. 
You will see a large chest just waiting to be unlocked by that Balloon Key you picked up
earlier.  Unlock the chest.  Not only will you receive 50 coins, but you will also find
out that the secret bandit password is "Le Bandit".

Exit from the castle.  You can do this by jumping out the window or retracing your steps. 
Go to the Small Path.  You will be able to find and approach the bandit's lair.  Enter the
storage room.  If you peek in the vase, you can find a Cookie.  Now, open the wooden
chest.  If you read through the book, you will find some Bandit Notes.  You do not need
them to finish the Scroll of Olbencar quest, but they do have a later use.  Search the
chest again, open the compartment, and you will find the Scroll of Olbencar.

Return to Olbencar and talk to the elders again.  You will be given a Cookie and complete
the Scroll of Olbencar quest.

Part 3: The Imaginary Duck's Bubble Wand

Leave Olbencar and return to Bseketar.  Once back on the Weaving Path, investigate the
noise.  Choose to investigate closer.  Whichever option you choose next, make sure you end
up apologizing or talking with the woman.  Ask her what is wrong and agree to find the
princess's imaginary duck's toy.  You will now be able to enter Bseketar Castle.

Leave Bseketar and return to Olbencar.  Explore the city and steal another vial from the
rich man or the person you pounce on.  Give it to Metalzeus and hop on it.  If you use the
arrow calvary, you will open up the Loving District.

Go into the Loving District and enter Fred's house.  Go upstairs and into the toy room. 
Slide down the second slide and then search around the pool.  Continue on until you find a
child.  Talk to the child until he hands over the Bubble Wand.

Return to Bseketar and enter the castle.  Then, go up the stairs, and hop up more stairs. 
Visit the Mapmaker.  Give him that Large Stamp you found earlier.  He will give you a map
to Dravnor.
Note: The map to Dravnor is not an actual item; it will not appear in your adventure

Exit from the Mapmaker's room and go into the princess's room.  Return the Bubble Wand.

Part 4: Button Pushing for Socky McPuppet

Return to the area just inside the castle and continue down the hallway.  Go into the
Throne Room.  Keep on choosing the option to do an action there; do not leave. 
Eventually, you will find the king.  Speak to the king and ask him about the castle. 
Continue talking to him until you receive a mission to find a diplomat.

Leave Bseketar and go to Dravnor.  Once in Dravnor, visit the Bronze Temple.  Keep on
talking to the people there until they give you the task to save the temple protector. 
You will open up the area of the Black Cave in Dravnor.  Go back to the main area of
Dravnor and enter the cave.  If you want to see a map of the Black Cave areas, click here.

Explore the cave by going left or right until you see an option to crawl through a small
space.  Do that, and then talk to the Dwarf you find.  Roll the dice and make a Character
Sheet.  Now you can play D&D.  Keep on playing until you complete the task.

Then you can go back and eat a sock puppet.  It does count as another task once you finish
digesting it.  Return to the main area of Dravnor and go to the Bronze Temple.  Talk to
the people there and learn the truth about Socky McPuppet.  If you have not eaten the sock
puppet, you cannot learn the truth.

Go to the Lazy River and play pranks on the sleeping man there.  When he wakes up, do not
admit to drawing the mustache on him.  He will take you around on his canoe and show you
around Dravnor.  This allows you to memorize the city of Dravnor.

Go to the dock.  Talk to the dock master there.  Eventually, you will be given the option
to give the dock master the Bandit Notes.  If you did not get them while on the Scoll of
Olbencar quest, you will need to retrieve them from the bandit's hideout in Bseketar
first.  Give them to him and train the captains to be like bandits/pirates. This is
necessary in order to be able to get to the town of Norvenroth later.

In Dravnor's Haunted House, go to the kitchen and bother Mageus.  Get training from
Mageus.  He says something about "Musical Frog Bricks".

Leave the kitchen, head upstairs, and approach the desk.  Read through the papers.  Keep
on reading until you find a Map to Phone Booth.  

Leave Dravnor and return to Bseketar Forest.  On the Large Path again, follow your
instincts.  You will find a girl.  Either talk to her or sneak up on her.  Go with Pink to
her grandfather's house.  Stick around as she fights off a giant beetle, then take a take
a tour of the House of Jeckle.  Inside Jeckle's house, use the door on the right. 
Convince the man to let you pass using the Character Sheet you made earlier.  Then you
will discover a guarded path.

Return to the Large Path and follow the map.  You will discover the Magical Phone Booth. 
From now on, the Magical Phone Booth can be accessed from the "Land of Omna" page, just
like Olbencar and Bseketar.

At the Magical Phone Booth, call a game show.  You will get asked several questions, all
of which have three correct answers.  For the first, answer sumo wrestler, rock star, or
acrobat.  For the second, say you are a talking burger, have a fro, or are adorable
("adawable").  For the third, answer "PWNED!", "MOO!!", or "Never gonna give you up!". 
Then you will be accepted as a contestant.

Once you are accepted, you have to push people's buttons (in order words, annoy the heck
out of them).  First, you need to go to Olbencar.  Go to "Push My Buttons!", which leads
you to the game show and lets you learn how to play Push My Buttons.

Return to the Magical Phone Booth; it should be located on the on the Land of Omna page
that lists the towns.  Prank call Joe.  Claim to be from Burger Hut and psychic.  Keep on
talking to him until you push Joe's button.

Leave and go to Norvenroth.  Enter the Treetop Village.  Go to the business platform, head
to the tailor and search the old bin in the hideous section.  Search the stretchy clothes,
and then search for green clothes.  You will find a Green Sock.

Go back to the central platform.  Shimmy to the upper floor and talk with the mad
scientist.  When he asks you questions, say that you would be a disgruntled sheep, fall
over, and breakdance.  Next, claim to be a burger.  When he asks you another question,
answer "Musical Frog Bricks" (the words that Mageus tells you).  You will convince the mad
scientist that you are sane.  Now, he will show you his potions.

Look at the Blue Potion to get some Warm Ice.  Look at the Purple Potion to get a DNA

Go to the central platform again.  Visit the residential section.  Enter Brittany's house,
go to the couch, and go to sleep.  Play with the Paww to get a Ball of Yarn.  

Head to Bseketar and enter the castle.  Head up to the third floor.  Visit the Candlemaker
and push his buttons.  You will need to pour the Warm Ice on him and slap him with the
Green Sock.  Continue talking to him and you will push the Candlemaker's buttons.
Note: Some people have reported trouble with completing this step. If you cannot push the
Candlemaker's buttons, try returning to the Magical Phone Booth, get a hint about whose
buttons you need to push next, get the Warm Ice again, and return to the Candlemaker to
push his buttons.

Exit from Bseketar and go to Dravnor.  Enter the Bronze Temple and choose to push Goosey's
buttons.  Keep on talking to him.  Eventually, you will get him to play tag and will have
pushed Goosey's buttons. 

Return to Olbencar.  Go to the Push My Buttons! game show.  Say what you have done and
claim the grand prize.  You will have acquired a ton of buttons and will get the Buttons.

Now that you have the Green Sock, the Red Yarn, and the Buttons, go back to Norvenroth. 
Head to the business platform.  Go to the tailor and talk to him.  Hand over the yarn, the
buttons, and  the sock in order to create the next Socky McPuppet.  You will receive the
item Socky McPuppet.

Now, you need to return to Dravnor and go to the Bronze Temple.  Show your Socky McPuppet
to the temple guardian and claim to be the real thing.  Say you (as Socky McPuppet) are a
guardian, that you don't know what your favorite thing is, and that Goosey should stop
interrogating you.  You have now returned Socky McPuppet.

As of now, that is all that can be completed in the Adventures.  To be continued...

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