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 Wandering Willows

Wandering Willows

First Goal: Patch Basket Hole:
Talk to Debbie Katz
Talk to Art Gunderson. reward: 10 fr, 10 wb
Plant wheat for Art. reward: 18 fr, 10 wb, access to garden 
Feed wheat to the critter following you. 
Get raspberries for Debbie. Plant raspberries in garden. reward: 26 fr (Debbie)

Debbie now wants 4 wheat (garden), 2 raspberries (garden). reward: Raspberry Tart Recipe, 74 fr
Make a Raspberry Tart. Buy butter at store, give to Debbie. reward: 48 fr 
Obtain cotton (garden) and thread (store) so Debbie can make a shirt. reward: shirt.

Talk to Silas Applebee. reward: 10 fr
Silas will help patch basket if you help with newspaper.
Bring Silas dye (dig up with pet)
Bring 6 sticks (ground) to varnish for basket. reward: 10 fr
BASKET HOLE PATCHED. First goal reached.

Second Goal: Reattach Balloon and Basket:
Talk to Silas. Wants 2 cotton (garden), 1 onion (ground). reward: 4 newspaper, 94 fr, 
10 wb. Deliver newspapers to:
Debbie: reward 10 fr, 10 wb 
Art: reward 10 fr, 10 wb
Jeremy Jack: reward 10 fr, 10 wb
Heather: reward 10 fr, 10 wb 
Make hat for Heather. Gives Cowboy Hat pattern. reward: 142 fr.

Talk to Silas. Charm wild animals with pet for wool. reward: 34 fr, 21 wb
Silas wants Grape Tart for Heather. Gives recipe. Pet must climb 12 ft trees to obtain 
grapes. Bring tart to Heather. reward: 38 fr (Heather)
Silas wants Cherry Tart for Heather. gives recipe. pet must climb 13 ft trees. Bring tart 
to Heather. reward: 56 fr (Heather)
Talk to Art. wants a raisin, gives recipe. Make raisin and bring back. reward: 10 fr.
Talk to Heather. She wants 4 daisies. Plant seeds she gives you. Seeds can be planted 
anywhere on the ground, and are dropped by wild animals. reward: 266 fr, Daisy Bouquet pattern.

Talk to Jeremy. Wants 4 dye (ground), and the 4 flares you already have from balloon. 
reward: 130 fr, 4 wireframe sunglasses.
Jeremy needs new shirt. Gives Long Sleeve Shirt pattern. 
Reward: new quest - Jeremy wants bread. Gives bread recipe.
Reward: new quest - Jeremy wants 2 Grape Juice. Gives recipe. reward: friendship up, 
Sword pattern.

Talk to Art - he wants Onion Bread. Gives recipe. reward: 238 fr.
Art's Onion Bread quest triggers Debbie to want a mask for his breath. Gives Ninja Hood 
pattern. Requires wool (animal), cotton (garden). Give to Art. reward: 168 fr.
Art wants to kill termites. For bait and trap, he needs 6 twigs (ground), 1 milk (store), 
1 honey (tree). reward: 1 jar termites, 14 fr 
Talk to Jeremy to throw termites in river. reward: 10 fr, Jeremy uses termites to get your 
Balloon down, and it attaches to basket. 
Balloon and Basket Attached! Second goal reached. 

Third Goal: Acquire Stakes:
Talk to Art. Buy him wrapping paper (store). reward: 10 fr, 10 wb 
Talk to Art. make animal costume. Gives Fuzzie Suit Jacket pattern, Fuzzie Hat pattern. 
reward: 402 fr, Fuzzie Cat Hat pattern. 
Art wants Fuzzie Cat Hat for Debbie. Deliver to Debbie. reward: 140 fr (Debbie) 
Debbie wants Bear Hat for Silas. Gives Fuzzie Hat pattern. Reward: 140 fr. 

Talk to Heather. She wants a Hoodie, gives Hoodie Jacket pattern. Deliver hoodie to 
Heather. reward: 198 fr. 
Talk to Molly Messenger in southeast corner of map. She wants 2 mushrooms (ground). 
Can be found nearby in the ground. reward: 86 fr.
Molly wants to prove existence of sea monster. Needs copper (ground). Can be found 
nearby. reward: 202 fr. She creates transmitter to lure monster out of sea. 
Talk to Debbie. Needs 4 copper (ground) for hair rollers. reward: 202 fr.
Debbie needs hat to cover rollers. Gives Turban pattern. Make Turban and give to 
Debbie. reward: 142 fr. 

Talk to Silas. He needs 2 Apricot Nectar. Gives recipe. reward: 10 fr. 
Talk to Jeremy. Tells you about Professor to the north. Has broken remote to open
 electric gate. Needs 1 quartz (animal), 6 copper (ground).
reward: 424 fr. Opens electric gate allowing access to NE where Professor is. 
Talk to Molly. Asks you talk to Jeremy about school. 
Talk to Jeremy. reward: 10 fr. 
Jeremy wants help with science project: 1 oatmeal, 4 dye (ground). Gives Oatmeal 
recipe. reward: 166 fr, JJ's Volcanic Science Proj. 
Take Volcano to Molly. reward: 10 fr (Molly) 
Molly asks you tell Jeremy he needs extra credit. 
Talk to Jeremy. Needs ingredients to make an Apple Danish: 4 apples (tree), 4 wheat 
(garden), 2 butter (store), 2 honey (tree). reward: Apple Danish Recipe, 550 fr. 
Jeremy asks you take 2 Apple Danish to Molly. reward: 682 fr. 

Talk to Debbie. Wants materials for Festival Baking Stand. Bring her 4 wood (ground), 
4 cotton (garden), 4 wool (animal), 4 dye (ground). Wood can be found near Professor 
in NE. reward: 682 fr. 
Talk to Molly. Wants 6 grapes (tree) and 2 yeast (ground) for Wine. Yeast and grapes 
can be found just N or S of the main town. reward: Wine recipe, 166 fr. 
Talk to Professor Meepole in northeast. Needs 8 copper (ground) and 6 wool (animal) 
for time machine. reward: 538 fr.
Professor needs opal (animal) for Mux Elasticor. reward: 358 fr. 

Talk to Jeremy. He is sick - wants broth. Gives Broth recipe. Requires chives (ground) 
- found near Professor in NE. reward: 10 fr 
Jeremy needs a toothpick now. Bring 4 wood (ground). Wood is in NE. reward: 250 fr. 
Jeremy wants Cream of Potato Soup now. Gives recipe. reward: 10 fr. 
Talk to Heather. Wants 1 yellow sunflower, 1 white daisy, 1 orange daffodil. Plant 
seeds and bring correctly colored flowers to Heather. 
reward: 254 fr, Daffodil Bouquet pattern, Sunflower Bouquet Pattern 
Talk to Silas. Wants Spiced Ale. gives recipe. reward: 1058 fr. 
Talk to Molly. Needs help with Festival pies. Bring her 1 Apple Pie, 1 Vegetable 
Pie. Gives recipes. reward: 972 fr. 
Talk to Jeremy. Wants Ninja Hood. reward: 168 fr. 

Talk to Silas. Wants 1 Wine. reward: 270 fr, 86 wb.
Triggers Heather wanting 1 Apple Raisin Oatmeal for Silas. Give to Silas. 
reward: 10 fr. 
Talk to Professor. Tells you about teleporter - needs 3 machine parts found in 
nearby animals. reward: 3 batteries, 10 fr. Now have ability to transport to the 
center of Grassland from anywhere else.
Professor needs Broom, gives recipe. reward: 182 fr. 
Professor needs 4 dinosaur teeth (ground) and 4 copper. Teeth can be found nearby. 
reward: 4 Balloon Stakes, 202 fr. 
Acquired Balloon Stakes, third goal achieved!

Fourth Goal: Acquire CB Radio:
After giving Jeremy the Ninja Hood, he wants 4 Wood for fireworks. reward: 250 fr. 
Fireworks blow up rocks blocking nw and sw roads. 
Talk to Jeremy. Wants Wizard Hat and Star Wand for a game. Gives patterns. Require 
oil (ground) found in newly opened area to north and south
reward: fr increase 
Talk to Jeremy. Will get radio from crashed plane to the south. Needs 3 sulfur, 
3 potassium nitrate, 3 charcoal. All found in ground in the west. 
reward: 1 Balloon Radio, 10 fr. 
Acquired CB Radio, fourth goal achieved!

Fifth Goal: Patch Balloon:
Talk to Art. Wants Superhero Tights, gives pattern. reward: 186 fr. 
Talk to Debbie. Needs perm - bring her 2 oil (ground), 2 eggs (store). Oil 
in west. reward: 194 fr. 
Talk to Evie Messenger in SW. Bring her 2 wood (ground), 2 copper (ground) to
 fix silkscreening machine. reward: 266 fr.
Evie needs 1 dye (ground) and 1 oil (ground) to make Paint. reward: 
Paint recipe, 126 fr. 
Evie needs 2 shirts and paint. reward: Butterfly Tank Top pattern, Lightning Bolt 
T-Shirt Pattern, Smiley T-Shirt Pattern, 270 fr 
Talk to Bea Messenger. Needs 4 oil (ground) to grease bridge to south. 
reward: 354 fr, opens TROPICS. 

Talk to Molly. Wants you to bring breakfast to Evie and Bea. 2 pancakes, 1 maple 
syrup (tree), 1 honey (tree), 2 orange juice. Gives recipes. Take to Evie and Bea.
 reward: 866 fr each. 

Talk to Art, he wants you to make him Ballroom Gown, gives pattern. Requires Flax 
(garden). Must grow flax in Tropics. NOTE: Yes, he actually puts it on right there. 
My eyes! reward: 918 fr
Talk to Art. Needs new dentures: bring 2 wood (ground), 1 paint, 2 copper (ground). 
reward: 494 fr
Art needs soft food. Bring him 1 Cream of Tomato Soup, 1 Applesauce, 1 Pumpkin soup. 
Gives recipes. Grow pumpkins in garden. reward: 3172 fr 

Talk to Professor. Wants to develop Interknot. Bring him 2 plastic, 4 glass (ground), 
4 copper (ground), 2 paint. Glass in Tropics. reward: 2014 fr
Professor needs Goggles, gives pattern. reward: computer, 754 fr. 
Give computer to Silas. reward: 10 fr (Silas) 
Talk to Professor. Get egg shells to revive dinosaur from charming nearby animals. 
reward: 10 fr
Professor needs 1 opal (animal). reward: 522 fr, new species of critter is now 

Go to Tropics and talk to Nico. Wants Guitar: 8 wood (ground), 4 copper (ground), 
1 paint. reward: Guitar pattern. 1498 fr. 
Talk to Nico (Tropics). Wants 1 pecan (tree), 1 almond (tree), 1 walnut (tree). 
Nuts in eastern trees in Tropics. reward: Almond Bread recipe, Sticky Bun recipe, 
Pecan Pie recipe. 750 fr. 
Nico wants Metal outfit. 1 Skull tshirt, 1 Vest Jacket. gives patterns. reward: 1696 fr 

Meet Maddie in the Tropics. She wants a Kimono. Gives pattern. reward: 1350 fr.
Maddie wants necklace stone. Bring ruby (animal). reward: 1174 fr 
Maddie wants Peach Jam. gives recipe. reward: 552 fr. 
Maddie needs Apron. gives recipe. reward: 864 fr. 

Meet Capt Whittaker in Tropics. Needs 2 plastic to repair spaceship. reward: 578 fr
Capt wants 2 Tea. Gives recipe. Requires tea leaves (ground) found in NE Tropics. 
reward: 806 fr 
Nico's teleporter is broken. To fix it, bring Nico (Tropics) 2 glass (ground), 
2 plastic, 3 battery (store). reward: 1426 fr (Nico). Allows teleport to Tropics.
Capt wants Almond Milk. gives recipe. reward: 612 fr 
Capt wants Peach Nectar. gives recipe. reward: 486 fr 

Talk to Nico. Needs a guitar (yeah, another one, even if it's identical to the one 
you gave him earlier) and material for a speaker - 1 guitar, 1 paint, 1 plastic, 2 
wood (ground). Wood only found in Grassland. reward: 1674 fr 
Nico's music opens new area to the east. 

Talk to Maddie. Wants 2 Chocolate. gives recipe. requires Cocoa Beans (tree) found 
in new area to the west. reward: 1354 fr
Maddie now wants 4 strawberries (garden). Grow in Tropics garden. reward: 666 fr 
Talk to Captain. Wants one Long Coat, gives pattern. reward: 718 fr 
Talk to Nico. Needs a power meal: 1 Pb&J, 1 Lemonade. gives recipe. Requires peanut 
(Tropics garden), and lemon (tree) found in Tropics SE. reward: 2278 fr 
Meet Sally Blueberry on eastern beach. Wants 4 strawberries (garden), 2 walnut (tree),
 2 lemon (tree), 1 lime (tree). Lemon and lime found in nearby trees. Walnut in 
NE trees. reward: Granola recipe, Strawberry Granola Bar recipe, 2002 fr
Triggers Barbara Blooey on eastern beach wanting Broom. Make Broom and give to 
Barbara. reward: 268 fr 

Talk to Captain. Wants 1 pair Rectangular Sunglasses, gives pattern. reward: 360 fr
Capt needs 1 ruby (animal) to fuel ship. reward: 398 fr 
Capt asks you to take Coordinates of Zee to Professor in Grassland. reward: 10 fr 
In Grassland, Professor needs 1 emerald for laser. reward: 478 fr. Laser opens new 
area to west of lab.
Talk to Professor. He wants materials for jet pack: make rocket helmet, space wings. 
Gives pattern. reward: 2028 fr
Professor wants 10 robot parts (ground) from digging nearby. reward: fr increase 
Professor wants remote control for robot satellite: 10 copper (ground), 1 diamond 
(animal), 4 plastic. reward: 2214 fr.

Go to newly opened area to the west of lab. Mr. Zee is there. Explains pyramid scheme.
 Wants you to make Maddie a mug and bring to her. gives pattern. reward: 998 fr 
(Maddie), 720 wb
Talk to Mr. Zee. Needs sapphire (animal) for terraforming ray. reward: 314 fr.
 Builds a ramp back to central grasslands. 
After giving Maddie mug: wants you find a take a diamond to Mr Zee for her.
 reward: 492 fr. 
Talk to Maddie. Wants 1 white chocolate, gives recipe. reward: 644 fr, 609 wb.
Maddie wants Greek costume: Greek Armor, Greek Armor Skirt. Gives patterns. reward:
 2062 fr 
After bringing Zee diamond: Zee wants 6 oil for welding torch. reward: 526 fr
Zee needs 1 wrench. Gives pattern. Requires iron (ground) from SE Tropics. reward: 
922 fr, Med Energy Boost Collar pattern
Talk to Zee. Discuss patching balloon with space age fabric. Zee needs: 1 ruby 
(animal), 2 iron (Tropics ground), 8 glass (Tropics ground).
reward: 1914 fr. 
Balloon Patched! Fifth goal achieved. That'll stop those pesky birds, provided 
they avoid every other part of the balloon besides the patch.

Sixth Goal: Acquire Telescope:
Talk to Jeremy. Needs eyepatch for pink eye. Requires flax (Tropics garden). 
reward: 540 fr 
Talk to Heather. Wants tomato juice for Silas, gives recipe. Requires tomato 
(Grasslands garden). Bring to Heather. reward: 96 fr
Talk to Art. Wants to clean fountain: needs 2 lemon (Tropics tree), 2 lime 
(Tropics tree), 2 orange (tree). reward: 842 fr
Talk to Molly. Needs boombox to lure out sea monster, gives pattern. 
reward: 622 fr
Molly wants a megaphone to amplify boombox, gives pattern. reward: 622 fr 

Return to Tropics. Maddie wants a parasol. Gives pattern. reward: 816 fr 
Talk to Captain. Needs 20 batteries (store) to teleport satellite. 
reward: 10 fr. Moves satellite and opens southern bridge.
Capt now needs 4 iron (ground), 4 glass (ground), 4 plastic. 
reward: 2098 fr. Launches satellite, creates ramp to south beach. 
Capt wants snack - Coconut Chocolate Bar. Gives recipe. 
Requires coconut from new area to south. reward: 744 fr 
Capt needs potassium - bring 5 bananas (tree) found in new area to south. 
reward: 960 fr 
Capt now wants Coffee: 1 Latte, 1 Espresso, 1 Coffee. Coffee beans found in 
new area to south. reward: 1580 fr 
Capt wants goggles. Make and bring to him. reward: 516 fr 

Talk to Maddie. Needs 2 bananas and 1 oatmeal for exfoliating scrub. 
reward: 806 fr
Maddie wants 2 coconut juice. Gives recipe. reward: 966 fr 
Maddie needs 4 pineapple (Tropics tree), 4 coconut (Tropics tree), 4 vanilla 
(Tropics garden) for shampoo. reward: fr increase 

Talk to Trevor Scrimshaw on south beach. Needs lemonade and limeade to prevent 
scurvy. Lemons and limes are found on eastern beach. reward: 1972 fr
Trevor wants 2 paint for toenails. reward: 266 fr. 

Talk to Barbara on east beach. Asks you to bring Sally materials for a barrel: 
4 wood (ground), 4 iron (ground). reward: 1010 fr (Sally)
Talk to Sally. Wants ginger ale, gingerbread cookies. Gives recipes. 
Cookies require wheat grown in Grassland garden. reward: 1420 fr
Sally wants help with birthday presents for Barbara. Give Barbara 1 lemon tart,
 1 poncho. gives recipes. reward: 1070 fr
Sally wants 1 maple syrup and 5 lemons for Master Cleanse. reward: 894 fr 

Talk to Trevor. Wants 2 whipped cream for shaving. Requires vanilla from 
Tropics garden. reward: 580 fr
Talk about telescope. Trevor will give you his if you find his buried locker. 
Dig nearby. reward 10 fr, 1 telescope. 
Acquired Telescope. Sixth goal accomplished!

Seventh Goal: Acquire Compass:
Talk to Maxine Rose on western beach. Needs wireframe glasses. reward: 204 fr
Maxine wants 1 iced tea, 1 coconut juice, 1 Safari Hat. gives recipes. 
reward: 2284 fr 
Maxine needs 1 ruby (animal) to open tomb. reward: 398 fr 
Maxine needs 4 glass (ground) to fix magnifying glass. reward: 578 fr 
Maxine needs 4 gold (ground) to open tomb. reward: 1140 fr 
Maxine needs 12 lava (ground) to open final tomb, containing compass! Dig nearby. 
Well, actually, pretty much almost anywhere on that island. Which brings up the 
question of how lava could be flowing under everything just a few feet underneath. 
And how you're putting it in your backpack...with your bare hands. It's not worth 
much at the store, BTW. reward: opens tomb and gives you Compass. 
Compass Acquired! Seventh goal reached!

Eighth Goal: Acquire Heating Element:
Talk to Captain. Asks you to talk to Nico about his broken computer router. 
Deliver broken router to Nico. reward: 10 fr
Nico needs 2 gold (ground) to repair. reward: 1130 fr 
Return router to Captain. 

Teturn to Grassland. talk to Silas. He wants cookie dough and a latte. Requires 
coffee beans from Tropics. reward: 10 fr 
Talk to Heather. Needs 6 copper for TV antenna. reward: 268 fr.
Heather needs wrench for TV. reward: 922 fr 

Talk to Jeremy. Wants Sandwich Cookie and Peach for allergies.
Jeremy wants Orchid bouquet for online crush. Orchid seeds are dropped by spotted 
cats and birds in the Tropics. Take finished bouquet to Captain Whittaker in Tropics. 
Captain wants ring for crush. Bring 2 gold (ground), 1 diamond (animal). 
reward: 1 ring, 1052 fr 
Take ring to Jeremy.

Talk to Sally. Triggers Barbara to ask for 1 snickerdoodle, 1 caramel bar, gives recipes. 
reward: 1110 fr 
Talk to Sally. She asks you to talk to Professor in Grasslands.
Prof wants 2 lemons (Tropics trees), 2 pecans (Tropics trees), 2 bananas (Tropics trees), 
2 grapes (Grassland trees) for superfruit. reward: 1 lemocanana, 1074 fr 
Take lemocanana to Sally in Tropics. Oh, and it's impossible to eat it or give it away 
to anybody else. reward: 10 fr 
Sally wants ninja outfit to sabotage Professor. Needs Ninja Hood, Ninja Top, Ninja Pants. 
It doesn't have to be pink, but it'll make her look really funny if you do it. 
reward: 1308 fr 

Talk to Maxine on western beach. Wants Kababa's Vase Bouquet for ritual. Requires Lotus,
 Orchid, and Hibiscus flowers. Seeds can be found in Tropics animals and planted anywhere.
 Wrapping paper is bought at flower store. reward: 10 fr
Now Maxine wants 1 ruby (animal), 1 sapphire (animal), and 1 diamond (animal) for ritual.
 reward: 1184 fr 
Maxine wants Voodoo Mask, Jewel Wand for ritual, gives patterns. reward: 1326 fr. Maxine
 begins ritual. Volcano erupts and opens NW beach. 
Maxine tells you to search for heating element in animal in new beach. Find Kababa's 
Pet behind volcano. Charm - will drop heating element. Warning: It has the highest charm 
level of all creatures in the game. Tough battle for even a maxed out charm level creature. 
Give heating element to Maxine. reward: 598 fr, heating element. 
Heating Element Acquired! Eighth goal reached! The balloon is completely ready to fly! 

Ninth Goal: Fly Away
Talk to Maxine. She tells you to say goodbye to everyone.
Talk to Captain. This triggers goodbyes with everyone in the Tropics. Reward: 10 fr.
Return to Grasslands. Talk to Heather. This will trigger you handing over all your Balloon 
parts and the end of the game. You can continue to obtain all the medals, maximize all 
your friendships, and collect all the pets and recipes/patterns.

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