Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

FAQ version 2.0.0
by Andrew Schultz

Copyright 2000-2001 Andrew Schultz.  I am not affiliated with Broderbund 
in any way.  Please do not reproduce without my permission.  However if 
you would like my permission please include a polite request asking me 
by my first name, and I will more than likely oblige.  Thank you.


Tons of Apple stuff on a web page I made...

My web site:















  It's a good idea to know the countries and their capitals.  There are 
actually only thirty.  This will give you an inevitable advantage.  
Also, you shouldn't have a problem with time if you don't make any 
mistakes.  Searching any one place takes two to four hours, calling 
Interpol takes two to three, and plane trips take a varying amount of 
time, usually six hours.
  My advice is to write down any clues you are not sure about to 
facilitate further cases, because the game is small enough that they 
will crop up again.  But even if you miss out on a case, you get no 
  Also, note that with over ten cases before capturing Carmen you will 
definitely capture one henchman more than once.  You also have at least 
a 50% chance of having to rescue the same treasure twice.
P = 1 - (89/90 * 88/90 * ... * 77/90) assuming you never miss a case.


Your rank:
0 cases solved = rookie
1-3 cases solved = sleuth
4-6 cases solved = private eye
7-9 cases solved = investigator
10-13 cases solved = ace detective
14 cases solved : you get your name in the hall of fame.


Name            |Hobby  |Hair |Feature |Automobile
Ihor Ihorovich  |croquet|blond|tattoo  |limousine   |
Fast Eddie B    |croquet|black|jewelry |convertible |
Nick Brunch     ||black|ring    |motorcycle  |
Scar Graynolt   |croquet|red  |ring    |limousine   |
Len Bulk        ||red  |tattoo  |convertible |
Katherine Drib  ||brown|tattoo  |motorcycle  |
Lady Agatha     |tennis |red  |tattoo  |covertible  |
Dazzle Annie    |tennis |blond|tattoo  |limousine   |
Merey LaRoc     ||brown|jewelry |limousine   |
Carmen Sandiego |tennis |brown|jewelry |convertible |

Note that a lot of the options are, in fact, bogus.  The fake hobbies 
are music, skydiving, and swimming.  The fake features are limp and 
scar.  The fake automobile is the race car.  All hair types are real, 
but there are no brunette men or black-haired women.


   First of all, in any new city, you take two hours to visit the first 
location, three for the second, and four for all additional ones.  If 
you get a clue wrong and return, your next visit will be two hours.  
Visiting Interpol takes two to three hours for each inquiry.


Vice president
Bank guard

Hotel manager
House detective

Museum guard

  Sport Club
Tennis pro

Circulation clerk
Reference librarian

Flight attendant
Baggage clerk

Harbor Master
Customs officer

Tugboat captain
Sailor's parrot

Palace guard
Privy Councillor

  Stock Exchange

Street Merchant

  Foreign Ministry
Under Secretary



Here is the basic format of the hints.

* said * had always wanted to see []

* changed * money to []
* wanted a(n) [] dictionary.

* said * planned to study []

* said * wanted to []

* checked out all the books about [].

* left in a plane with a [] flag.

* left in a yacht flying a [] flag.

* left in a vehicle flying a [] flag.

* wanted to know the price of [].

* said * was a [] buyer.

* was looking for [].

* said * was taking a message to the [].


        **WARNING** with these spoilers the game will become trivial.

Data for China:

----Peking, with a population of about 8.5 million, is the second 
largest city in the People's Republic of China.
----The People's Republic of China, with more than one billion people, 
is the most populous country on earth.
----Welcome to Peking, the capital of the People's Republic of China.  
One of this nation's most famous landmarks is the Great Wall.
--Dictionary: Mandarin.
--Sights:the Forbidden City.
    Also Sights:the Great Wall.
    Also Sights:the Kunlun Mountains.
--Study:the Yuan Dynasty.
    Also Study:silkworms.
    Also Study:giant pandas.
--Activity:see a giant panda.
    Also Activity:visit Minya Konka.
    Also Activity:sail on the Yellow Sea.
--Read books on:the Shang Dynasty.
    Also Read books on:silkworms.
    Also Read books on:the Wuchang Uprising.
--Country flag: a red flag.
--Leader: Party Chairman.
--Buys: silk.
    Also Buys: jade.
    Also Buys: mercury.
--Looking for:Shang artifacts.
    Also Looking for:jade.

Data for Thailand:

----Thailand is about the size of Texas and is bordered by Burma, Laos, 
Cambodia and Malaysia. This nation used to be called Siam.
----Located on the Indochinese and Malayan peninsulas, Thailand is a 
country of rain forests and rice paddies.
----Welcome to Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.  Bangkok is laced with 
canals and dotted with pagodas.
--Dictionary: Thai.
--Sights:the Siamese Summer Palace.
    Also Sights:Siamese ruins.
    Also Sights:artifacts from the reign of King Mongkut.
--Study:Buddhist relics.
    Also Study:Siamese art.
--Activity:search for a lost Siamese temple.
    Also Activity:trap a deadly king cobra.
    Also Activity:fish the Chao Phraya River.
--Read books on:ancient Siam.
    Also Read books on:Buddhist art.
    Also Read books on:King Mongkut.
--Country flag: a red, white and blue flag.
--Leader: King.
--Commodity: pepper.
    Also Commodity: rice.
    Also Commodity: teak.

Data for Singapore:

----The Republic of Singapore has a population of about 2.5 million 
people, and is the site of one of the world's largest ports.
----The nation of Singapore, which consists of one large island plus 40 
smaller islands, has a smaller area than New York City.
----Welcome to Singapore.  Singapore is strongly influenced by Chinese 
culture: Three-quarters of the nation's 2.4 million residents are 
--Dictionary: Malay.
--Sights:one of the world's largest ports.
    Also Sights:the Raffles Hotel.
--Study:Malayan art.
    Also Study:British colonial rule.
--Activity:capture a venomous stonefish.
    Also Activity:dive in the Straits of Malacca.
    Also Activity:sail in the South China Sea.
--Read books on:venomous stonefish.
    Also Read books on:Malayan art.
    Also Read books on:rubber.
--Country flag: a red and white flag.
--Commodity: rubber.
    Also Commodity: ships.
    Also Commodity: lumber.
--Buys: rubber.
    Also Buys: ship.
    Also Buys: lumber.
    Also Buys: rubber.
    Also Buys: ship.
    Also Buys: lumber.
--Looking for:Malayan art.
    Also Looking for:Tamil artifacts.
--Leader: President.

Data for Australia:

----Welcome to Sydney, Australia's largest city, with a population of 
about 3.3 million people.  A well-known sight is Sydney's spectacular 
Opera House.
----An island continent, Australia is nearly the size of the United 
States but has only about one-fifteenth the population.
----The capital of Australia is Canberra, located in the southeast 
corner of the country between Sydney and Melbourne.
--Dictionary: English.
--Sights:the Opera House.
    Also Sights:the outback.
    Also Sights:wallabies.
    Also Sights:a koala bear.
--Study:the aborigines.
    Also Study:wallabies.
    Also Study:wombats.
--Activity:see a wallaby.
    Also Activity:visit the aborigines.
    Also Activity:explore the outback.
--Read books on:tiger snakes.
    Also Read books on:Tasmanian devils.
    Also Read books on:aborigines.
--Country flag: a red, white and blue flag.
--Commodity: wool.
    Also Commodity: lamb.
--Buys: wool.
    Also Buys: lamb.

Data for Japan:

----Tokyo is the largest city in Japan, with a population of about 8.3 
million people.
----Japan consists of four main islands, Honshu -- where Tokyo is 
located -- Hokkaido, Kyushu, and Shikoku.
----Welcome to Tokyo, the capital of Japan.  Mount Fuji, one of Japan's 
most famous features, is located near the capital city.
--Dictionary: Japanese.
--Sights:Mount Fuji.
    Also Sights:the Imperial Palace.
    Also Sights:Shinto shrines.
--Study:Shinto shrines.
--Activity:see Mount Fuji.
    Also Activity:see a volcano.
--Read books on:Shinto shrines.
    Also Read books on:shoguns.
    Also Read books on:volcanoes.
--Country flag: a red and white flag.
--Leader: Emperor.
--Commodity: rice.
    Also Commodity: electronic equipment.
    Also Commodity: automobiles.
--Buys: rice.
    Also Buys: buyer of electronic equipment.
    Also Buys: buyer of automobiles.

Data for Papua New Guinea:

----Hundreds of primitive tribes, including some that are head-hunters, 
live in the jungles and volcanic mountains of Papua New Guinea.
----Papua New Guinea's nearest neighbors are Indonesia and Australia.
----Welcome to Port Moresby, the capital of Papua New Guinea, a country 
of jungles and volcanic mountains.
--Dictionary: Melanesian Pidgin.
--Sights:the jungle.
    Also Sights:the Coral Sea.
    Also Sights:Mount Manam.
    Also Sights:Admiralty Island.
    Also Study:volcanoes.
    Also Study: taipans.
--Activity:catch a taipan.
    Also Activity:see Mount Karkar.
--Read books on:volcanoes.
    Also Read books on: taipans.
    Also Read books on:Dutch colonial history.
--Country flag: a yellow, red and black flag.
--Buys: gold.
    Also Buys: coconut.
    Also Buys: cocoa.
--Looking for:head-hunter artifacts.
    Also Looking for: taipans.
--Leader: Prime Minister.

Data for Mexico:

----About three times the size of Texas, Mexico has terrain ranging from 
rugged mountains to harsh deserts to tropical lowlands.
----About 15 million people live in the metropolitan area of Mexico 
City, the largest city in Mexico. One of Mexico's most famous mountains 
is Popocatepetl.
----Before its colonization by Spain, Mexico was the site of the 
advanced Indian civilizations of the Mayans, the Toltecs and the Aztecs.
--Dictionary: Spanish.
--Sights:Mount Popocatepetl.
    Also Sights:Aztec ruins.
    Also Sights:the Sierra Madre.
    Also Sights:the Rio Grande River.
--Study:Aztec ruins.
    Also Study:gila monsters.
--Activity:see Mount Popocatepetl.
    Also Activity:find a lost Aztec city.
    Also Activity:catch a gila monster.
--Read books on:the Mayas.
    Also Read books on:the Aztecs.
    Also Read books on:the Toltecs.
--Country flag: a green, white and red flag.
--Leader: President.

Data for Peru:

----About 3.1 million of Peru's 18 million people live in Lima, the 
nation's largest city. A well-known landmark is the colonial 
Archbishop's Palace.
----Peru is slightly smaller than Alaska and is bordered by Ecuador, 
Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Chile.
----Welcome to Lima, the capital of Peru.  This Andean nation was once 
the center of the Incan empire.
--Dictionary: Spanish.
--Sights:the Andes.
    Also Sights:Incan temples.
--Study:the Incas.
    Also Study:Spanish colonialism.
    Also Study:the conquistadors.
--Activity:photograph Mount Solimana.
    Also Activity:see Mount Huascaran.
    Also Activity:find a lost Incan temple.
    Also Activity:photograph a llama.
--Read books on:the Incas.
    Also Read books on:the Andes.
    Also Read books on:the Spanish conquistadors.
--Country flag: a red and white flag.
--Leader: President.

Data for Canada:

----Montreal is the second largest city in Canada.  A famous landmark is 
Notre Dame de Bonsecours.
----Canada ranks as the world's second largest country in land size, and 
is divided into 10 provinces.
----The capital of Canada is Ottawa, located in the province of Ontario.
--Dictionary: French.
--Sights:the St. Lawrence River.
    Also Sights:the Gaspe peninsula.
    Also Sights:Montmorency Falls.
--Study:French colonial history.
    Also Study:birds of the Laurentian Uplands.
--Activity:hunt moose.
    Also Activity:see a rare whooping crane.
    Also Activity:sail on Lake Mistassini.
--Read books on:moose.
    Also Read books on:whooping cranes.
--Country flag: a maple leaf on the flag.
--Commodity: uranium.
    Also Commodity: potash.
    Also Commodity: nickel.
    Also Commodity: lead.
--Buys: uranium.
    Also Buys: potash.
    Also Buys: nickel.
    Also Buys: lead.

Data for USA:

----New York is the largest city in the United States, with about 7 
million people.
----Over the years, multitudes of immigrants to the U.S.A. have been 
welcomed by the famous Statue of Liberty.
----The headquarters of the United Nations, located in New York, adds to 
the multi-cultural feel of the city.
--Dictionary: English.
--Sights:the World Trade Center.
    Also Sights:the Statue of Liberty.
    Also Sights:Grant's tomb.
--Study:the United Nations.
    Also Study:subways.
    Also Study:skyscrapers.
--Activity:see the Hudson River.
    Also Activity:catch a copperhead.
--Read books on:modern art.
    Also Read books on:subways.
    Also Read books on:skyscrapers.
--Country flag: a red, white and blue flag.
--Commodity: a seat on the stock exchange.
    Also Commodity: designer jeans.
--Buys: fashion.
    Also Buys: fashion.
    Also Buys: designer jeans.
--Looking for:modern art.
    Also Looking for:the latest fashions.
    Also Looking for:designer jeans.
--Leader: President.

Data for Brazil:

----Rio de Janeiro is Brazil's second largest city, and boasts a 
wonderful natural harbor highlighted by the well-known Sugar Loaf peak.
----Brazil is the largest country in South America, larger than all of 
the U.S.A.'s 48 continental states combined.
----The capital of Brazil is Brasilia, a new city built in the interior 
of the country.
--Dictionary: Portuguese.
--Sights:the Amazon Basin.
    Also Sights:Sugar Loaf.
    Also Sights:Brasilia.
--Study:the Amazon.
    Also Study:the indigo macaw.
    Also Study:barba amarillas.
    Also Study:bushmasters.
--Activity:capture a rare golden parakeet.
    Also Activity:raft down the Amazon.
    Also Activity:catch a bushmaster.
--Read books on:parakeets.
    Also Read books on:the Amazon.
    Also Read books on:thin-spined porcupines.
--Country flag: a green, blue and yellow flag.
--Commodity: coffee.
    Also Commodity: diamonds.
    Also Commodity: titanium.
--Buys: coffee.
    Also Buys: diamond.
    Also Buys: titanium.
    Also Buys: coffee.
    Also Buys: diamond.
    Also Buys: titanium.
--Looking for:a rare golden parakeet.
    Also Looking for:Indian art.
--Leader: President.

Data for Argentina:

----Buenos Aires is Argentina's largest city, with a population of about 
2.9 million people.
----The fertile Pampas, or plains, region in central Argentina provides 
an abundance of beef and grain.
----Welcome to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.  One of the best-
known symbols of this city is the obelisk at the Plaza de la Republica.
--Dictionary: Spanish.
--Sights:the Pampas.
    Also Sights:Patagonia.
    Also Sights:the Parana River.
--Study:Spanish colonial history.
    Also Study:gauchos.
    Also Study:Tierra del Fuego.
--Activity:see Mount Aconcagua.
    Also Activity:explore Tierra del Fuego.
    Also Activity:hike over the Gran Chaco plain.
--Read books on:gauchos.
    Also Read books on:Tierra del Fuego.
    Also Read books on:Spanish colonial history.
--Country flag: a sun on the flag.
--Leader: President.
--Commodity: cattle.
    Also Commodity: soybeans.
    Also Commodity: linseed oil.
--Buys: cattle.
    Also Buys: soybean.
    Also Buys: linseed oil.
    Also Buys: cattle.
    Also Buys: soybean.
    Also Buys: linseed oil.
--Looking for:gaucho costumes.

Data for Iceland:

----The Icelandic governmental assembly, the Althing, is the world's 
oldest surviving parliament.
----Iceland has vast areas of glaciers and lava desert, as well as many 
hot-water springs and geysers.
----Welcome to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, a picturesque seaside 
city with more than a third of the nation's 236,000 residents.
--Dictionary: Icelandic.
    Also Sights:geysers.
    Also Sights:a lava desert.
    Also Study:Viking artifacts.
    Also Study:hot springs.
--Activity:see Mount Hekla.
    Also Activity:see a volcano.
    Also Activity:see a hot spring.
--Read books on:volcanoes.
    Also Read books on:Viking settlements.
    Also Read books on:hot springs.
--Country flag: a red and blue flag.
--Buys: fish.
    Also Buys: turnip.
    Also Buys: lamb.
--Looking for:Viking artifacts.
    Also Looking for:volcanic rock.
--Leader: Althing.

Data for Norway:

----Oslo is the largest city in Norway, with a population of about 
----Norway, once the land of the Vikings, has deep fjords, or ocean 
inlets, along its coast, and mountains and plateaus in the interior.
----Welcome to Oslo, the capital of Norway, a country known for its 
beautiful fjords.
--Dictionary: Norwegian.
--Sights:the fjords.
    Also Sights:the Barents Sea.
--Study:Ibsen's plays.
    Also Study:Harald the Fairhaired.
    Also Study:Viking artifacts.
--Activity:kayak through the fjords.
    Also Activity:sail in the Barents Sea.
    Also Activity:learn Nordic skiing.
--Read books on:Vikings.
    Also Read books on:Ibsen.
    Also Read books on:fjords.
--Country flag: a blue cross on the flag.
--Leader: King.
--Commodity: paper.
    Also Commodity: pyrite.
--Buys: paper.
    Also Buys: ship.
    Also Buys: pyrite.

Data for London:

----London, with a population of nearly 7 million, is the largest city 
in Great Britain.  One of its landmarks is the Big Ben clock tower.
----Great Britain's ruling sovereign is the Queen, but the country is 
governed by a democratically elected parliament.
----London is the capital of the United Kingdom, which consists of 
England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
--Dictionary: Welsh.
--Activity:hear Big Ben.
--Study:Saxon ruins.
    Also Activity:punt up the Thames.
    Also Activity:see Loch Ness.
--Read books on:the Druids.
    Also Read books on:Big Ben.
--Country flag: a red, white and blue flag.
--Leader: Prime Minister.
--Commodity: whiskey.
    Also Commodity: tweed.
--Buys: whiskey.
    Also Buys: tweed.
    Also Buys: whiskey.
    Also Buys: tweed.
--Looking for:Druid artifacts.

Data for France:

----France, with a population of 54 million, is famous for its food and 
wine, fashion and art.
----With its wide, fertile plains, France produces the most food of any 
country in Western Europe.
----Welcome to Paris, the capital of France, and home of the world-
famous Eiffel Tower.
--Dictionary: French.
--Sights:the Eiffel Tower.
    Also Sights:the Louvre.
    Also Study:the ancient Franks.
--Activity:sail down the Seine.
    Also Activity:see Mount Blanc.
--Read books on:the Franks.
    Also Read books on:wine.
    Also Read books on:textiles.
--Country flag: a red, white and blue flag.
--Commodity: wine.
    Also Commodity: textiles.
    Also Commodity: perfume.
--Buys: wine.
    Also Buys: textile.
    Also Buys: perfume.
    Also Buys: fashion.
    Also Buys: wine.
    Also Buys: textile.
    Also Buys: perfume.
    Also Buys: fashion.
--Looking for:Frankish artifacts.
    Also Looking for:high fashion clothing.

Data for San Marino:

----The Republic of San Marino, with a population of 22,000 and an area 
of only 24 square miles, is the smallest and oldest republic in Europe.
----San Marino, located on the slopes of Mount Titano, is completely 
surrounded by Italy.
----Postage stamps and tourism are San Marino's largest industries.
--Dictionary: Italian.
--Sights:the oldest state in Europe.
    Also Sights:a postage stamp printing plant.
    Also Sights:Mount Titano.
--Study:postage stamp production.
    Also Study:the oldest state in Europe.
--Activity:see Mount Titano.
--Read books on:stamps.
--Country flag: a blue and white flag.
--Leader: Regents.
--Buys: stamp.
    Also Buys: woolen goods.
    Also Buys: ceramics.
--Looking for:stamps.

Data for Rome:

----Rome, the capital of Italy, was once the capital of the Roman Empire 
which ruled most of Western Europe until the 5th century.
----During the Renaissance, Italy was a vital center of art, science and 
----Welcome to Rome, the capital of Italy, and site of the ruins of the 
--Dictionary: Italian.
--Sights:the Po.
    Also Sights:the Forum.
    Also Sights:the Colosseum.
--Study:Etruscan art.
    Also Study:volcanoes.
    Also Study:Renaissance painting.
--Activity:see the Apennine Mountains.
    Also Activity:see Mount Etna.
    Also Activity:canoe down the Po.
    Also Activity:sail on the Tyrrhenian Sea.
--Read books on:the Etruscans.
    Also Read books on:volcanoes.
    Also Read books on:marble production.
--Country flag: a green, white and red flag.
--Leader: President.
--Commodity: shoes.
    Also Commodity: marble.
    Also Commodity: textiles.
--Buys: shoe.
    Also Buys: marble.
    Also Buys: textile.
    Also Buys: shoe.
    Also Buys: marble.
    Also Buys: textile.

Data for Mali:

----Bamako, with a population of 620,000, is virtually the only city in 
Mali, an arid country located in West Africa and extending into the 
Sahara Desert.
----Until the 15th century, Mali was part of the great Mali Empire and 
its ancient city of Timbuktu was a center of Islamic study.
----Welcome to Bamako, the capital of Mali.  This country is also the 
site of the ancient desert outpost of Timbuktu.
--Dictionary: Bambara.
--Sights:the Sahara.
    Also Sights:the Niger River.
    Also Sights:ancient Timbuktu.
--Study:ancient Timbuktu.
    Also Study:the Tuareg people.
    Also Study:the Mande tribes.
--Activity:kayak down the Niger.
    Also Activity:explore the Sahara.
    Also Activity:catch a desert horned viper.
--Read books on:the Sahara.
    Also Read books on:ruins in Timbuktu.
    Also Read books on:the Tuaregs.
--Country flag: a green, yellow and red flag.

Data for USSR:

----Moscow, with a population of 8 million, is the largest city in the 
Soviet Union. A famous Moscow landmark is St. Basil's church, on Red 
----The Soviet Union is the largest country in the world; it covers one-
sixth of the earth's land area.
----Welcome to Moscow, the capital of the U.S.S.R.  The massive Kremlin 
compound, once the home of the Tsars, is located in Moscow.
--Dictionary: Russian.
--Sights:the Kremlin.
    Also Sights:Red Square.
--Study:Ukrainian history.
    Also Study:Tsarist treasures.
    Also Study:the Ural Mountains.
--Activity:see Communism Peak.
    Also Activity:canoe down the Volga.
    Also Activity:sail on Lake Ladoga.
--Read books on:Georgian history.
    Also Read books on:Tsarist treasures.
    Also Read books on:Slavic traditions.
--Country flag: a red flag.
--Leader: Party Secretary.
--Buys: buyer of antimony.
    Also Buys: sugar beet.
    Also Buys: buyer of oil.
--Looking for:Mongol artifacts.
    Also Looking for:Tsarist treasures.

Data for Hungary:

----Budapest, with a population of 2 million, was once two cities -- 
Buda and Pest -- separated by the Danube River.
----Hungary, with an area slightly smaller than Indiana, is bordered by 
Czechoslovakia, Austria, Yugoslavia, Romania and the Soviet Union.
----Welcome to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.  A favorite stopping 
place is the Danube bridge decorated with an ornamental lion.
--Dictionary: Hungarian.
--Sights:the Danube.
    Also Sights:Gypsies.
    Also Sights:Magyar art.
--Study:the ancient Magyars.
    Also Study:the Gypsy people.
--Activity:sail down the Danube.
    Also Activity:ride across the Alfold plain.
--Read books on:the Gypsies.
    Also Read books on:the Danube.
    Also Read books on:the Magyars.
--Country flag: a red, white andgreen flag.
--Leader: Party Secretary.
--Buys: grape.
    Also Buys: bauxite.
--Looking for:Gypsy art.
    Also Looking for:Magyar artifacts.

Data for Greece:

----Athens, with a population of 3 million, is the largest city in 
modern Greece.
----In ancient times, Athens was a powerful city- state that warred with 
its neighbor Sparta and made lasting contributions in philosophy, 
science, drama and art.
----Welcome to Athens, the capital of Greece, and home of the famous 
--Dictionary: Greek.
--Sights:the Parthenon.
    Also Study:ancient Sparta.
--Activity:see Mount Olympus.
    Also Activity:dive in the Aegean Sea.
--Read books on:Plato.
    Also Read books on:ancient Crete.
    Also Read books on:ancient Sparta.
--Country flag: a blue and white flag.
--Commodity: olives.
--Buys: fig.
--Looking for:ancient Cretan artifacts.

Data for Egypt:

----Cairo, with a population of more than 5 million, is the largest city 
in Africa.
----Pyramids, built thousands of years ago by ancient Egyptian pharaohs, 
are one of the chief tourist attractions of modern day Cairo.
----Welcome to Cairo, the capital of Egypt.  Not far from the modern 
capital are the ancient pyramids and the statue of the Sphinx.
--Dictionary: Arabic.
--Sights:the pyramids.
    Also Sights:the Nile.
    Also Sights:the Suez Canal.
--Study:the Bedouins.
    Also Study:ancient Alexandria.
    Also Study:the Sinai Desert.
--Activity:take a barge up the Nile.
    Also Activity:search for a pharaoh's tomb.
--Read books on:the Nile.
    Also Read books on:the pharaohs.
    Also Read books on:ancient Egypt.
--Country flag: a red, white and black flag.
--Leader: President.
--Commodity: cotton.
    Also Commodity: limestone.
    Also Commodity: corn.
    Also Commodity: sugar.
--Buys: cotton.
    Also Buys: limestone.
    Also Buys: corn.
    Also Buys: cotton.
    Also Buys: limestone.
    Also Buys: corn.
    Also Buys: sugar.
--Looking for:Nubian artifacts.

Data for Rwanda:

----Kigali, the largest city in the east central African country of 
Rwanda, has a population of 150,000.
----The official languages of Rwanda are French and Kinyarwandu.  Many 
people also speak Swahili.
----Welcome to Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, a country of lush jungle 
terrain, and the home of rare mountain gorillas.
--Dictionary: Swahili.
--Sights:Mount Karisimbi.
    Also Sights:gorillas.
    Also Sights:the Tutsi people.
    Also Sights:pygmies.
    Also Study:the Tutsi people.
    Also Study:volcanoes.
--Activity:catch a black mamba.
    Also Activity:raft down the Kagera River.
    Also Activity:see a volcano.
--Read books on:gorillas.
    Also Read books on:pygmies.
    Also Read books on:the Hutu.
--Country flag: a red, yellow andgreen flag.
--Leader: President.
--Buys: coffee.
    Also Buys: tin.
    Also Buys: wolframite.
--Looking for:Hutu art.
    Also Looking for:pygmy art.

Data for Turkey:

----Istanbul, once called Constantinople, is the largest city in Turkey, 
with a population of 2.7 million.
----Turkey, which has hot dry summers and cold winters, is ringed by 
high mountains on all but the western border.
----Welcome to Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.  One of the most 
beautiful sights in the city is the famous Blue Mosque.
--Dictionary: Turkish.
--Sights:the Sultan's Palace.
    Also Sights:the Black Sea.
--Study:the Byzantine Empire.
    Also Study:ancient Constantinople.
    Also Study:Hittite civilization.
--Activity:swim in the Black Sea.
    Also Activity:see Mount Ararat.
--Read books on:the Byzantine Empire.
    Also Read books on:ancient Constantinople.
    Also Read books on:the Kurds.
--Country flag: a crescent and star flag.
--Leader: President.
--Buys: tobacco.
    Also Buys: fig.
    Also Buys: nut.
--Looking for:Byzantine artifacts.

Data for Iraq:

----Baghdad, with a population of 3.2 million, is Iraq's largest city.
----Iraq's neighbors are Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi 
----Welcome to Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.  This ancient city was 
founded by Arabs in the 8th century.
--Dictionary: Arabic.
--Sights:the Tigris River.
    Also Sights:the Persian Gulf.
    Also Sights:the Syrian Desert.
--Study:ancient Sumeria.
    Also Study:Arabian gazelles.
    Also Study:ancient Babylonia.
--Activity:hunt Arabian gazelles.
    Also Activity:raft down the Tigris.
    Also Activity:sail down the Euphrates.
    Also Activity:catch a venomous puff adder.
--Read books on:oil.
    Also Read books on:ancient Sumeria.
    Also Read books on:the Assyrians.
--Country flag: a red, white and black flag.
--Leader: Ruling Council.

Data for Comoros Islands:

----There are three Comoro Islands, one with an active volcano.
----The chief industry of the Comoros is perfume, made from perfume 
plants grown on the islands.
----Welcome to Moroni, the capital of the Comoros, a Moslem nation once 
ruled by the French.
--Dictionary: Arabic.
--Sights:Mount Karthala.
    Also Sights:the Mozambique Channel.
    Also Sights:vanilla plants.
    Also Study:perfume.
    Also Study:the Anjouan scops owl.
--Activity:see Mount Karthala.
    Also Activity:see a rare Anjouan scops owl.
--Read books on:volcanoes.
    Also Read books on:vanilla beans.
    Also Read books on:perfume.
--Country flag: a green and white flag.
--Leader: President.
--Buys: vanilla.
    Also Buys: perfume plant.
--Looking for:perfume plants.
    Also Looking for:Moslem art.

Data for Nepal:

----Kathmandu, with a population of 122,000, is located high in the 
Himalayan Mountains.  Mount Everest, the world's highest peak, is 
----Nepal was closed to the outside world for centuries, but can now be 
reached by plane and roads from India, Pakistan and Tibet.
----Welcome to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, located high in the 
--Dictionary: Nepali.
--Sights:the Himalayas.
    Also Sights:the Ganges Plain.
--Study:Hindu temples.
--Activity:see Annapurna.
    Also Activity:trek to the base of Baruntse.
--Read books on:the Himalayas.
    Also Read books on:Mount Everest.
--Country flag: a double triangle on its tail.
--Leader: King.
--Buys: quartz.
    Also Buys: hides.
    Also Buys: jute.
--Looking for:Tibetan art.
    Also Looking for:Gurkha artifacts.

Data for India:
----New Delhi, with a population of 5.2 million, is the third largest 
city in India, a nation of over 700 million people.
----Sixteen different native languages are spoken in India; Hindi and 
English are the official languages.
----Welcome to New Delhi, the capital of India, and site of the ancient 
Red Fort, the former Mogul palace.
--Dictionary: Hindi.
--Sights:the Ganges River.
    Also Sights:the Red Fort.
    Also Sights:the Taj Mahal.
--Study:Sikh temples.
    Also Study:wild yaks.
    Also Study:cobras.
--Activity:see a rare wild yak.
    Also Activity:see Nanda Devi.
    Also Activity:capture a saw-scaled viper.
--Read books on:Sikh temples.
    Also Read books on:king cobras.
    Also Read books on:wild yaks.
--Country flag: a red, white andgreen flag.
--Leader: Prime Minister.
--Commodity: cashews.
    Also Commodity: spices.
    Also Commodity: copra.
--Buys: cashew.
    Also Buys: spice.
    Also Buys: copra.
    Also Buys: cashew.
    Also Buys: spice.
    Also Buys: copra.
--Looking for:Sikh artifacts.
    Also Looking for:yak skins.

Data for Sri Lanka:

----Colombo, with a population of 1.2 million, is the principal city of 
Sri Lanka, an island nation located off the southeast coast of India.
----The principal crops grown on Sri Lanka are tea, coconuts and rice.
----Welcome to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, a mountainous island 
nation off the southeast coast of India.
--Dictionary: Tamil.
--Sights:tea plantations.
    Also Sights:Serendip temples.
--Study:ancient Serendip.
    Also Study:Veddah artifacts.
--Activity:catch a sea snake.
    Also Activity:find a lost Veddah village.
    Also Activity:sail in the Gulf of Mannar.
--Read books on:ancient Serendip.
    Also Read books on:Veddah artifacts.
--Country flag: a golden lion on the flag.
--Leader: President.
--Buys: tea.
    Also Buys: coconut.
    Also Buys: rice.
--Looking for:ancient Serendip artifacts.


Here are the treasures, with an estimate of where they can be found(I am 
only reasonably sure of four, which I have asterisked):

Peking, China:
  an ancient Tang horse
  a 1,000-year-old egg
  the Royal Peking Duck
Bangkok, Thailand:
  the Golden Buddha
  a sacred white elephant
  the Queen's Siamese cat
  a jade goddess
  Merlion, the golden lion
  a prize orchid
Sydney, Australia:
  an antique boomerang
  a black coral necklace
  the chandelier from the Opera House
Tokyo, Japan:
  a Samurai sword
  the Emperor's sword
  a prized royal carp
Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea:*
  a shrunken head
  a boar's tusk necklace
  an ancient tribal totem
Mexico City, Mexico:
  an ancient Aztec calendar
  the mask of Montezuma
  an Orozco mural
Lima, Peru:
  an Incan gold mask
  a silver llama
  an alpaca wall hanging
Montreal, Canada:
  the Stanley Cup
  a French trapper's canoe
  an Indian ceremonial rug
New York, USA:
  the Statue of Liberty's torch
  the Staten Island ferry
  the Rockettes
Rio De Janeiro(Sao Paulo?), Brazil:
  a rare stuffed parrot
  the Carnival Queen's crown
  the Christ of the Andes
Buenos Aires, Argentina:
  the Sword of San Martin
  an original gaucho costume
  a solid gold bola
Reykjavik, Iceland:
  the gavel of the Althing
  a Viking monument
  a precious Saga manuscript
Oslo, Norway:
  Ibsen's manuscripts
  a Viking helmet
  Harald the Fairhaired's sword
London, England:
  a copy of the Magna Carta
  the Crown Jewels
  the key to the Tower of London
Paris, France:
  the Mona Lisa
  the tip of the Eiffel Tower
  a gargoyle from Notre Dame
San Marino:
  the Regent's prized stamp collection
  a 4th-century robe
  an engraving of Mount Titano
Rome, Italy:
  the Pope's ring
  a marble statue of Caesar
  the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Bamako, Mali:
  the throne of Timbuktu
  rare Mali Empire pottery
  an Islamic manuscript
Moscow, Russia:
  a painting from the Kremlin
  Ivan the Terrible's crown
  a Siberian sable rug
Budapest, Hungary:
  Attila the Hun's saddle
  a Transylvanian folk art collection
  a lion guardian of the Danube
Athens, Greece:
  the Mask of Priam
  Achilles' heel
  a sibyl's secret
Cairo, Egypt:
  King Tut's mask
  Cleopatra's belly button jewel
  the plans of the Great Pyramid
Kigali, Rwanda:*
  a Watutsi king's headdress
  a rare white mountain gorilla
  a pygmy's poison dart
Istanbul, Turkey:
  the Sultan's emerald
  Constantine's jeweled cross
  a mosaic from Santa Sophia
Baghdad, Iraq:
  a Babylonian tablet
  Aladdin's lamp
  a flying carpet
Moroni, Comoros:*
  the Sultan's perfume bottle
  the plans to the Sultan's harem
  a prize coconut tree
Khatmandu, Nepal:
  the Abominable Snowman
  the Royal Quartz Collection
  a sherpa's map to Mt. Everest
New Delhi, India:
  Gandhi's glasses
  a sacred monkey
  a statue of Shiva
Colombo, Sri Lanka:*
  a Serendip ruby
  a rare tea plant
  an ivory fan


Map of plane flight in the game:

< and > mean connection across the screen(or the Atlantic.)

       /     / |  \            /     |
      /     /  |   \   TOKY----      |
     /     /  /     \   |            |

    \    /   /        \ |           |
     PARI   /          \|           |
    /    \ /          PEKI          |
  SANM    BUDA          |           |
     \      |      KATH |           |
      \     |      / \  |          MEXI
           |     |   |    /     LIMA  |
           |     |   |   /       |  \ |
          CAIR--BAGH | SING-PORT |   RIO
         /      /    |  / |  /   |  /
     BAMA      /     | /  | /  -BUEN
       \    MORO     |/   |/  /
        \  /        COLO SYDN-

List of plane flight times:
\ TO A B B B B B C C I K K L L M M M M N N O P P P R R R S S S T
 \   T A A A U U A O S A I I O E O O O E E S A E O E I O A I Y O
FR\  H G M N D E I L T T G M N X N R S W W L R K R Y O M N N D K
OM \ E H A G A N R O A H A A D I T O C D Y O I I T K   E M G N Y

ATHE X| | | |6| |5| |6| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |6| | | | |
BAGH  |X| | | | |7| |6| | | | | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
BAMA  | |X| | | |6| | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
BANG  | | |X| | | | | | | | | | | | | |6| | | | | | | | | |4| |6|
BUDA 5| | | |X| | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | |7| | | | | | | | | |
BUEN  | | | | |X| | | | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | |6| |
CAIR 5|6|5| | | |X| | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
COLO  | | | | | | |X| | | | | | | | | |6| | | | | | | | | |7| | |
ISTA 6|5| | | | | | |X|6| | | | | | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | |
KATH  | | | | | | | |7|X| | | | | | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | |
KIGA  | |6| | | |5| | | |X| | | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
LIMA  | | | | |5| | | | | |X| |5| | | | | | | | | | |6| | | | | |
LOND  | | | | | | | | | | | |X| | | | | |6|6|6| | |5| | | | | | |
MEXI  | | | | | | | | | | |5| |X| | | | |5| | | | | |6| | | | | |
MONT  | | | | | | | | | | | | | |X| | | |4| | | | |5| | | | | |6|
MORO  |6| | | | | | | | |6| | | | |X| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
MOSC  | | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | |X| | |5|6|6| | | | | | | | |
NEWD  | | |7| | | |5|3|5| | | | | | | |X| | | |7| | | | | | | | |
NEWY  | | | | | | | | | | | |6|6|6| | | |X| | | | | | | | | | |5|
OSLO  | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | |6| | |X| | | |6| | | | | | |
PARI  | | | |6| | | | | | | |5| | | |6| | | |X| | | | | |6| | | |
PEKI  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |6|6| | | |X| | | | | | | |6|
PORT  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |X| | | | |6|6| |
REYK  | | | | | | | | | | | |6| |6| | | | |6| | | |X| | | | | | |
RIO   | | | | |5| | | | | |6| |6| | | | | | | | | | |X| | | | | |
ROME 7| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |X|6| | | |
SANM  | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | | |6|X| | | |
SING  | | |5| | | |6| | | | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | | |X|5| |
SYDN  | | | | |7| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |5| | | | |6|X| |
TOKY  | | |6| | | | | | | | | | |6| | | |6| | |6| | | | | | | |X|



--I'm sorry, I have never seen the person you are looking for.
--No one like that has checked in here.
--Sorry, I haven't seen anybody like that around here.
--I don't think I've seen anybody like that around the library.
--It's awfully busy around here; I haven't noticed anyone suspicious.
--Sorry, I haven't noticed anything suspicious around the harbor.
--There hasn't been another person around here all day.
--No one like that has done business here today.


--All I know is that something suspicious is going on in town.
--The word is out: You're getting too close, gumshoe...
--The only thing I can tell you is to watch your step!



2.0.0 Submitted to 6/14/2001 with all hints in place
1.0.0 Submitted to 6/12/2001 [plane flights mapped and 
timed, locations described, complete hints very much forthcoming]
0.5.0 Submitted to 12/1/2000
[Future plans:  complete mapping of all plane flights as well as in-
depth hints]

CREDITS (as always for old Apple games!)
My middle-school computing class for introducing me to this wonderful 

Mail any comments to


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