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 Wizardry 8 Solo Guide

Wizardry 8 Solo Guide

              *Expanded* Simplified Wizardry 8 Solo Guide             

Do anything you please with this guide.

Wizardry 8, one of the best RPG's ever, is (c) 2001 Sir-Tech Canada 
Ltd.  This game is an all-time great because of its unpredictability
and whimsy, which gives the game an addictive quality like no other 
in its time and very little since in the RPG world.  Wild swings 
between easy wins and figuring out an escape while running for ones 
life is commonplace.  Difficult tactical situations abound.

This guide doe not go into complete details except where necessary. 
It does go through the game step by step, but concentrates on critial 
path steps.  Following along with a detailed walkthrough (see 
recommendations) may be helpful for completionists.

The best detailed walkthrough of Wiz 8 is Guiler's at  

The best website for all things Wizardry 8 is Flamestryke’s at

The best all-around Wizardry resource is John Hubbard’s at

The best separate set of maps is at

Or, just click on a location at Flamestyke’s portal, which pulls up a 
map that matches the locations in Guiler’s walkthrough.
It is possible to get through Wizardry 8 solo without sacrificing a 
party member early on, or dual classing.  Following this guide will 
reach the end of the game sooner than the time it takes to level a
bishop's magic skills for 18 levels, and certainly less than a 6 
character game including a bishop.  On the other hand, it does get 
weird in places.


1. Spoiler alert!  No attempt is made to avoid spoilers.  Presumably 
the reader has played Wiz 8 more than once and has the basics down.  

2. No genetic modifications are performed, i.e. no character edits are 
needed or were made to complete this game solo!

3. For this guide the game difficulty stayed on Normal, never Novice.

4. No NPC's were allowed except for specific purposes, as noted in the 

5. My characters refuse to take part in the Al-Sedexus demon mom 
sequence, so we will endure some inconvenience to avoid that.

6. This guide uses a T'Rang-Umpani alliance ending.

1. Profession
Major considerations from the start and throughout solo, are stamina 
and resistance to both physical and magical abuse.  To avoid 
complicated class changes and training sequences, and to start 
working on stealth immediately we'll need a monk, rogue, or ninja. 

Two of the three best weapons in the game (Staff of DOOM and *Light* 
*Sword*) are useable by all, so eventually weapons are not the 
problem.  Rogue and ninja (but not monk) can level lock skill.  
Remember the 8-tumbler locks on Ascension Peak?  Monk and ninja (but 
not rogue) have the critical hit skill, which will be vital in long, 
exhausting battles. 

A ninja can acquire the heal and stamina spells at levels 5 and 6, 
train the water element for stamina at level 7 using cure lesser
conditions, and acquire knock-knock at level 9 to train alchemy.  
Rogue and monk can do none of this without class changes.  Since small
party experience shows that the early levels are hard and tedious, a 
ninja seems the best choice.

2. Race
Faeries have the best magic resists, and are naturally hard to hit.  
Since we won't have most of the buffs, the faerie's magic resists are 
a huge advantage--especially the 40% mental magic.  Only faerie ninjas
can use the best weapon in the game so hmmm, looks like we've decided.
Not too original, but at least practical.

3. Starting Stats
At creation faerie ninjas only have 5 points left to distribute.  What
to concentrate on?  Given our defensive spell challenges, and that we
will be pounded constantly and need lots of stamina, let's go with
piety and vitality.  The faerie's piety is pitifully low, but it does
govern stamina and so will have to be pumped.

Everything else is in decent shape, and iron skin and iron will are
great for solo even though iron will doesn't kick in until level 22. 
The difference between even 40, 50, and 60 piety have a big effect on
stamina loss.  So, 3 points to piety (all we can give it) and 2 to

Continue to pump both of these attributes exclusively until vitality 
maxes out.  Once vitality maxes out, pump dexterity.  When piety maxes 
out, put points in speed and senses to keep them about even.  See a 
sample point distribution table at the end of the guide. 

4. Character Voice
Pick the least annoying, we'll hear it a lot and probably change it 
from time to time anyway.  "I've got a situation here!!!" again...and 
again...and again, same fight.  Arrgh.

1. Fewer Random Spawns
Maybe half what a party of 6 would encounter in the early part of the 
game.  It is possible to run from the monastery to Arnika-Trynton Road 
without difficulty in a solo game.  However, the set battles such as 
the 3 starter crabs are not affected.  To offset this, we'll have most 
of the set battles out-leveled by the time we get to them and we'll 
avoid or postpone the rest.

2. Critters Give Up Easily
A party of 6 must run for 5 to 7 rounds (often into the next mob) 
before the pursuing mob gives up.  In the solo game, at least in the 
early to middle parts, it's more like 2 to 3 rounds and much less 
likelihood of running into the next adversary.  This is always the 
last resort if a fight is too tough.

3. Use of Terrain is Vital
It's more important than ever to avoid facing more than two of 
anything that is not puny or weak to the solo character early in the 
game--and even then be careful at least for a while.  Luckily this is 
almost always possible although it sometimes takes backtracking.  
Remember where the doors and narrow doorways are, save the game at 
tight crevices in outdoor walls.  

Keep a backup copy of the last totally safe spot, and a save after 
that to keep up with progress.  Do not update the backup copy until 
certain that the current location is safe--often after a progress save 
and then camping out just to be sure.  Generally update both copies 
just before changing zones.
4. Carrying Capacity
Is almost a non-factor in this solo game.  The faerie ninja does not 
carry anything but potions, powders, darts, throwing knives, and 
absolutely necessary quest items which are all light.  See next item.

5. Money and Loot
There is no need to pick up and lug around heavy loot because the 
faerie ninja won't need the extra gold.  Equipment purchases 
eventually will cost only 55k gold on the first visit to Crock, and 
70k more at Bela's.  We will not be paying off Don Barlone or buying 
our way past Amit and Pee-Wee.  The best weapons in Wiz 8 are free.  

After raising alchemy skill past level 50, which will happen soon 
after first reaching Arnika, we can acquire more than enough gold to 
finish covering purchases for the entire game using just three alchemy 
Heal       + Moderate Heal         = Heavy Heal
Heavy Heal + Cure Light Conditions = Cure Disease 
Heavy Heal + Cure Disease          = Renewal

6. Many Quests are Pointless
No need to return to Cierdan's Tomb with the wheel key.  What does a 
solo faerie ninja want with Cierdan's sword and great bow?  Ninja 
can't equip either, already has plenty of gold, and there is no xp 
quest reward.  

7. Insanity and Turncoat
These effects are much less significant in a solo game.  There are no 
other party members to attack.  Since it's still sometimes possible to 
fight and to cast spells while insane, insanity is still dangerous but 
only as a delay.  Turncoat simply puts the fight on hold until it 
passes.  It's fun to watch Soul Eater connect with turncoat and then 
wander off after a couple of turns, sometimes having to be reengaged.

For basic tips and techniques read Guiler's guide.  It's well written, 
and all of Guiler's advice is great.  A couple of other techniques are 
important in a solo game.

Investigate (and "pull") adversaries by stopping first and saving at 
the closest point out of sight, then hitting the start combat icon, 
party move icon, run or walk icon, and advancing (for less than half 
of the movement available) and returning to the starting point.  This 
will both allow a look at what is out there, and usually get it to 
move toward the character's starting position.

Solo fights get stranger as the game progresses.  Some, especially set 
battles as mentioned, become ludicrously easy.  Some, however, start 
to follow a pattern: Ninja and adversary almost cannot hit each 
other, Ninja will eventually get in a lucky hit, and effects of the 
lucky hit allow more damage which eventually will finish the fight.  

Later on, in this type of fight lucky hits happen less and battles 
become a matter of attrition.  Once equipped with the Cane of Corpus, 
poison helps--12 to 15 damage per round.  Keep up defensive spells and 
hang on as long as possible but bail out if necessary.  Enemies rarely 
follow far even late in the solo game, and by then our stamina control 
will be good enough that it won’t matter.

Critical hits, and extra damage due to paralyzation or poison will 
usually finish the later battles--not straight weapon damage.  The 
toughest battles are noted in the guide. 

Occasionally, the solo character will choose to initiate combat with a 
non-hostile NPC (Don Barlone, Rapax stockade guard, Al-Sedexus).  Do 
this by hitting the start combat icon, right-clicking the combat 
options icon next to the character’s portrait, and then clicking on 
the NPC about to be sent to another plane of existence.  
Restart the game from the select party screen until the first chest 
contains a bo (however, see next paragraph).  Collect unidentified 
potions and powders along the way, they are useful later.  Hang onto
at least one bag of faerie dust to use in Trynton.  

Choose (or unchoose) weapons.  There are 3 basic startup weapon 
configurations for the faerie ninja, all with pro’s and con’s, 
presented here in order of preference.

1. The faerie ninja deals by far the most damage from the outset if 
equipped with a bo dropped randomly in the starter chest on the beach. 
The staff and wand skill will start to develop immediately, but not 
dual wield.  However, dual wield can be pumped to compensate.  The 
sample point distribution chart at the end of this guide is based on 
starting out with a bo.

2. Faerie ninja does much better with bare hands and feet than with a 
faerie stick and dagger.  The disadvantage of an early martial arts 
approach, however, is that some extra time will be needed to level 
staff and wand skill after buying a hayai bo at Crock’s.  Staff and 
wand skill will not have time to max out using this option.  

3. Equipping the faerie stick and dagger in the starting inventory 
will build both staff and wand skill, and the dual wield skill.  
However, the damage dealt is pathetic and this option is not 
recommended.  A single try at this option was quickly abandoned.
In spite of thrown critical hits, ranged combat is not important 
because starting fairly early in the game Ninja will use a cursed 
melee weapon that is not practical to swap out.  In the meantime, 
it's ok but not really helpful to use darts and throwing daggers. 

Plan on spending attribute points toward piety and vitality, skill 
points toward critical hit, dual wield, and lock skill.  See the 
sample point distribution table at the end of the guide.

Ok, the starter crabs.  The crabs aren't bothering us, they won't go 
hostile unless we get close, and they would pwn us right now anyway.  
Ignore them.  Definitely leave alone the 5 soft shell crabs across 
the lagoon.  

Go through the door and close it.  Start checking the hallway and 
returning to the ("beach") door.  Save a backup copy and a progress 
copy of the game.  Get comfortable, this will be home for a while.

If chased down the hallway run away rather than fight.  Critters will 
retreat after two or three rounds and usually go back to patrolling 
the other side of the big entry room.  If critters do decide to wait, 
go back to the beach door and camp for 24 hours.  They will go away 
eventually and something new will be patrolling the hallways on the 
other side of the entry room.

If the pursuing critters do show up while camping, try sleeping 
outside--very little pops at the beach in a solo game.  Also, random 
battles that occur while camping are usually easier than other random 
battles.  If all else fails, restore and start over.

Remember to avoid facing more than 2 of anything for a long time.  
Rely on narrow doorways.  Wait until character level 4 or 5 to tackle 
the noxious slime in the desk room up the ramp, and the one in the 
green corner room with the chest.  When there's nothing patrolling the 
halls that can safely be fought, go back home and camp for 24 hours.

After resting, go hunting on the other side of the big entry room.  
Remember which way to run and escape.  Pick off whatever can be fought 
safely; rarely will it be possible to defeat more than one or two 
critters before having to run away.  Do not use potions for now, save 
them--stamina potions for emergencies, the 5 heals originally in 
inventory plus any found along the way, for later.  Retreat when 
stamina or health runs low.  

On reaching the big entry room during a retreat, take the drop to the 
bottom of the ramp and head down the hallway toward the beach door.  
The drop does not cause damage, and will leave behind whatever is 
following--it has to go the long way.

High solo xp awards for slimes, bats, and rats and will raise levels 
quickly in the beginning.  When encountering groups of stalkers, stand 
past the edge of a doorway and get shot at until running out of 
stamina or health.  Do this as much as possible, it builds stealth.  
It is also possible to get stalkers to line up at the edge of their 
range and let them shoot away until Ninja's health runs out.  This 
builds stealth quickly.

On reaching level 5, learn the magic spell heal and add points to the 
divine and water realm.  At level 6, learn stamina and add points to 
water realm.  It's ok to put points in the water and divine realms 
through level 7, but not at level 8 since then we will train these 
realms plus the alchemy book.  More on that later.  Be sure at each 
level to place 3 points into the critical hit skill until it hits 75.

Keep hunting until level 6 or 7 with stealth at least in the 50's, and 
try to have at least half a dozen light heals in personal inventory.  
There are a few lying around, and slimes will drop them occasionally.

It’s possible to get stealth much higher than in the 50’s with small 
stalker groups.

In any case, stalkers soon will show up more often.  They will prowl 
in one or two groups with 4 to 7 stalkers per group.  10 to 12 
stalkers in a two-group mob is typical.  When ready, pull a mob into 
the large entry room.  The more the better.  Go slow, they’ll follow.  
After all, they’re stalkers.  By now not too much damage should result.

Work back to the large entry room, go gradually around the ramp to the 
top of it, and wait.  When the stalkers follow, they will fan out near 
the door and start spitting from long range.

Once the mob is in place and spitting, stealth will increase quickly 
but Ninja will take damage.  Use spells rather than potions to keep up 
with damage as much as possible, since a faerie’s magic points 
regenerate over time.  The object is to build up stealth to 100, which 
is critically important in the solo game.  Stealth at 100 gives the 
character a bonus of 10 to armor class. 

With Ninja at level 6 (for instance) and 10-12 stalkers fanned out 
expect to use about 3 potions while stealth is in the 60's, maybe one 
while stealth is in the 70's, and keep up without potions after 
that--stealth kicks in and hits are less frequent.  Potion use will 
vary quite a bit depending on Ninja's level.

With 10-12 stalkers spitting away, 100 stealth happens in about two 
hours, somewhere around turn 1000.  Having fewer stalkers deployed 
will take more rounds to reach 100, but damage will occur less often 
and be easier to manage with magic regeneration.  

In any case, once this process is complete, head back to the beach 
door and sleep the stalkers away or just kill them off.  The stalkers 
are not hard to take on now.  Whack on the nearest stalker until 
stamina runs lows, walk away and be spit at until stamina returns, 
walk back and resume whacking, and repeat until the fight is over.  
If anything even starts to go wrong, bail out and run for the beach 

It's now ok to range farther to hunt--or sleep 24 hours by the beach 
door and wait for random crab groups to spawn (they’re easy now, at 
the beach door, one at a time).  The next goal is to reach character 
level 7 with enough xp for level 8 and proceed to the coffin room.  
Once reaching xp for level 8, don't distribute points unless alchemy 
is already 15 or more because we'll want the cure lesser conditions 
spell for training.  Why hold off at level 8 rather than level 7?  
Because the fights with Gregor and with the spiders guarding the red 
button to the exit door are noticeably easier.  

Here is the spell and magic training agenda.
1. Level 5 - heal spell
2. Level 6 - stamina spell
3. Before distributing points at level 8, alchemy skill at 15+
4. Level 8 - cure lesser conditions
5. Train alchemy to skill level 30 in the coffin room
6. Level 9 - knock-knock and cure poison spell
7. Train alchemy to skill level 60 at the locked bank door in Arnika
8. Level 12 - element shield and cure disease spells
9. Level 15 - portal, purify air, and body of stone spells
Purify air is for two or three fights only, but it's helpful in those 
to avoid the risk of instant death.  Body of stone is helpful on 
occasion, such as when a lot of archers are doing damage and they are 
not the first priority.  Choose other spells as desired, but be sure 
to leave enough spell choices for these.

The next safe point for camping is behind a door at one of the side 
rooms toward the SE end of the map after taking the rightmost 
corridor at the 3-way intersection.  Don't forget to search for the 
hidden ring with the armor class +1 in the 1st room.  Close the door 
before camping, and do a progress save before venturing out.  If 
whatever is lurking outside the door is too dangerous then run back 
inside, close the door, and camp some more or just restore the game 
if things get too hairy.  

Roaches are waiting in ambush behind the 2nd door.  A king crab lurks
behind 3rd door after a hike down the corridor and a right turn. 

It may take quite a few tries to reach the side rooms safely, but 
that's ok.  When low on magic and stamina return to the beach door, 
rest, and head out again.

When rested and ready, open the king crab room door from the side, 
select combat, and run up to the king crab (remember his range is 
longer than a ninja's not equipped with a bo).  This fight should be 
easy--crab cakes for dinner.  If not, do some more fights and come 
back later.  Gregor and the spiders are harder.  After the fight unbar 
the barred door if there is any more hunting to do.  No reason not to 
retrieve the resurrect powder from the waterfall, the fish are now 

Rest up and save, next is Gregor.  Take the stairs N from the king 
crab room, and up more stairs at the first right.  This battle should 
take place at level 7 with enough xp to reach level 8 as described 
earlier.  At level 7+ this fight should not be too challenging.
However, this battle takes on a pattern that more and more battles 
will follow--Gregor has a hard time targeting Ninja, but Ninja can 
hardly hit either.  Eventually a lucky shot by Ninja either will kill 
Gregor outright, or paralyze him and then it’s downhill from there for 
the unfortunate bug.

Follow the opening on the N wall to the coffin room, it's safe.  Go to 
the middle coffin on the left.  If alchemy is not already at skill 
level 15, open or close the coffin lid and cast heal at the lowest 
power setting until healed.  Keep working the lid and casting heal, 
resting when magic runs out, and keep this up until alchemy is at 
skill level 15.  Make use of Shift-M which repeats the prior spell at 
the prior settings.  Lift lid, cast, lift lid,

With alchemy skill at least at 15, distribute points for level 8 and 
learn the cure lesser conditions spell.  Now there is no need to 
distribute skill points into magic except for the air realm--we're 
about to train water and divine realms, and alchemy.  Open and close 
the coffin lid, cast cure nausea when nauseated and then cast heal 
until healed, both at the lowest power setting.  When magic runs out, 

Do this over and over until alchemy is 30, which is needed to learn 
knock-knock at character level 9.  This is a pain for a party of one, 
sorry about that.  We're doing this here, now, as opposed to in 
Arnika, or another time, because the nausea effect allows us to train 
the water realm for stamina, and we're not coming back until much 
later.  Water and divine realms will be around 40 and 50 respectively 
when alchemy reaches 30.

Don't sell unidentified items to Burz.  We'll soon use them to train 
Vi Domina's identify item spell.  There's no need to visit Burz at 

Next is the room with the red switch that opens the exit door.  Go 
through the opening in the SW corner of Grigor's room, take the 
first right, and wind up the stairs to the right.  Spiders drop from 
the ceiling and throw paralyzing webs but only do minor damage.  
Finish them off and push the red button to open the gate to the upper 
monastery on the W side of Grigor's room.   Congratulations!

Fighting in the upper monastery consists of set battles with 
variations in levels and numbers of opponents.  Compared to the 
previous level with its numerous random encounters, this level 
is easier.  However, the initial rat group (perhaps after a couple of 
rabid rats) can be trouble.  It will be some combination of gnawer 
rats, rabid rats, and pestilent rats.  

Pestilent rats have hit points in the 70’s and inflict nausea, poison, 
and disease effects.  The rabid rats have the same effects, but far 
fewer hit points.  So, take position carefully at doorways when 
engaging mobs on this level.  Many of the doorways and corridors in 
the upper monastery restrict adversaries to attacking one at a time.  
Take advantage of this especially with the rats.

Proceed carefully, see what’s in the rat group by looking, or by 
engaging it from a distance by clicking the combat icon.  If the group 
looks too tough, retreat back to the coffin room in the lower 
monastery and camp for 24 hours, return, and see what the next group 
looks like.  Camping in the upper monastery does not change the 
composition of the rat group.

Once the rat group looks doable, start in.  If there are any pestilent 
rats, after killing one of them without getting diseased retreat to 
the initial stairway nearly to the point of reentering the lower 
monastery and wait for the battle to end.  The rats, thankfully, will 
not pursue past the stairway. Rest, save, carefully reengage the rat 
group, repeat until finishing it off. 

Most likely sometime between this fight and early in Arnika Ninja will 
reach level 9.  Learn the knock-knock spell, put skill points in 
critical hit, dual wield, and air realm.

Proceed through the upper monastery.  No need to bother with crates 
and chests.  Head through the W opening with the small archway and 
continue to the big room with the statue of Phoonzang. Don't kill off 
the stalkers in the courtyard between the Phoonzang statue and the 
chapel where Altheides appears.  We'll need them later.  No need even 
to bother with Altheides here.  Head for the exit W of the statue, do 
saves, exit through the door and continue W through the huge stone 

With a party of 6 at level 8, this leg of the journey can be a major 
struggle.  With a solo character, it really isn't since there are far 
fewer random groups.  Expect to encounter only 4 or 5 groups on the 
way, any of which can be outrun since they give up quickly.  Since 
there are fewer groups, running usually works better than walking.  
The side trip with the Higardi bad guys guarding a chest is optional, 
it's a winnable set battle but there is no useful loot.

Near the main road (green hills, then an intersection with a sign) and 
onward, move from crevice to crevice and do progress saves.  At the 
intersection head SW, S to the Arnika-Trynton Road exit.  This segment  
is a run.  Many adversaries such as a Queen Ant are, for now, close to 
impossible to defeat.  Most random encounters will be with groups that
will quickly hurt us and delay progress until (their) friends show up. 

S and W, stay left.  Run into maybe one group, take care.  Be sure 
to pick up the pink potion near the left wall just before the Arnika 
entrance, also on the left.  It is an unidentified renewal potion, 
and is especially useful.  Enter Arnika. 

Admire the statue, tell Myles "No".  He'Li's Inn, just NW of the 
central Phoonzang statue, is safe with the door closed.  Take the room 
He'Li offers or sleep at the bar.  In general, fights with random Dark 
Savant androids will be easy and those with random Higardi baddies can 
be tough.  Be aware of the location of Lay Brothers and HLL guards.  
The HLL help a lot by tanking and using their k.o. ability, but they 
seriously drag out the length of fights.

In Arnika we can make money by merging and selling potions, but our 
artifact skill is (and will remain) pitifully weak.  We also have 
unidentified items in our inventory now and will have others soon.  
The best way out of our plight is to rescue Vi Domina and have her 
use magic to do id's.  She is close to being able to do that now.  

So, go rescue Vi.  First do a progress save, then break into Vi's 
holding cell inside the wrecked ship N of the Phoonzang statue.  Vi 
never seems to get in trouble here so don't do anything rash.  Recruit 
Vi, equip her with the awl pike, and situate her behind Ninja in the 
party formation window (may save a couple of hits--or not).  Vi is 
prone to taking most of the damage in a fight--adversaries prefer to 
target her, rather than a ninja with a much higher armor class.  Now 
visit Braffit in the temple just SE of the statue, then He'Li, and 
then come back to the holding cell--which is now safe--and rest when 
needed.  This is home base while Vi levels.  

Vi is at level 6, she's only 22k xp from character level 7, and her 
divinity skill is below 15 points.  So, we'll have to train divinity 
to skill level 15 and power level Vi to level 7 for her to get the 
identify item spell.  None of this takes long.  Go to the fires 
inside the crashed vessel, toast the party to sustain damage, back 
off and have Vi do the healing at the lowest spell power setting.

Rest in the holding cell as necessary, repeat until Vi's priest book 
reaches skill level 15.  If Vi happens to acquire enough xp to reach 
character level 7 before her divine book reaches skill level 15, don't 
distribute points yet.

Now go pick fights, preferably with Dark Savant androids until Vi 
levels unless that has happened already.  Remember that Vi is fragile. 
When Vi is leveled with priest book skill at level 15, distribute her 
points (including 3 to the mental realm) and have her learn the 
identify item spell.  Go to He'Li's and have Vi practice on 
unidentified items in inventory until they're identified.  This will 
take a while since the unidentified renewal potion is a relatively 
high level item.  

However, leveling Vi's mental realm up through enough to id renewal 
potion will come in handy very shortly.  Now take Vi into the 
corridors leading to He'Li's rooms, close the door, walk in a little 
way, and dismiss her.  Go back to the bar, and Vi is standing near 
He'li.  Ninja now has all Vi's weapons and armor in party inventory.  
Leave them in a rotating stack next to Vi for another day.   

Time to level alchemy again.  If not at level 9 already, continue to 
pick fights until Ninja does reach level 9.  Select the spell 
knock-knock.  Distribute skill points to air realm, critical strike, 
and dual weapons.  Proceed to the jail, N of the statue and on the 
right before the spaceship.  Pick the lock, enter, pick another lock 
inside, enter, push the button to disable the force field, enter, 
push the middle button to disable the force field on the middle cell, 
enter the cell, open a panel in the floor, and drop down to into a 
tunnel, kill the spewing slime, follow the tunnel and drop into a 
room with a heavily locked door to the bank.  

Access the lock and start casting knock-knock at the lowest power 
level.  Rest here when needed, the room is safe.  Do not somehow 
open the lock--guides warn about it, but likely this is impossible at 
Ninja's level of lockpick skill.  Luckily this is the easiest training 
sequence in Wiz 8, and will go quickly.  Raise alchemy at least to 
level 60, with earth at about 80.  Higher than this is even better 
for casting element shield and body of stone later, say around 75/95 
or 85/100 alchemy and earth.

Do saves, teleport to the street.  Make sure the street is safe for 
Vi, recruit her, and head over to Braffit's and buy complete sets of 
2 light heals, 2 moderate heals, and 1 cure light conditions until 
gold (or an ingredient) runs out.  Do the merging in Ninja's carried 
items, sometimes there is a problem with items merged in party items 
disappearing.  Merge the light heal with moderate heal to get 
(unidentified) heavy heal.  Have Vi identify heavy heal, and then 
merge it with cure light conditions to get (unidentified) cure 
disease.  Keep resting and having Vi identify unidentified potions. 
Now merge--alchemy is over 50 now!--heavy heal with cure disease to 
get (unidentified) renewal.  Have Vi identify the renewal potions, 
camp as needed.  Sell renewal potions to Braffit, or shuttle over to 
He'li's for a slightly better price.  

Repeat until Braffit is cleaned out of one of the ingredients.  Sleep 
for 24 hours and let Braffit's inventory restock, and continue.  125k 
gold is enough to cover purchases through the end of the game.  Be 
sure to have at least 55k gold before moving on.  However, the 
money-making is easy and getting to 125k gold is no problem.  Watch 
Braffit’s inventory during this process and buy up all magic nectars 
and pick-me-up potions from him now, and from him and all other 
vendors for the rest of the game.  

When finished dismiss Vi, leave Arnika, head SE and then E for the 
Trynton exit.

There are very few groups, proceed as before.  S, SW, W, move from 
crevice to crevice and do progress saves.  Take on whatever seems safe.  
Clearing the graveyard isn't recommended.  It's nearly pointless, and 
encountering a mob of level 9 trynnies with a level 7 sige won't be 
healthy.  To clear the graveyard anyway, don't forget the hidden vial 
of holy water near the two trees at the SE corner of the graveyard 

Proceed through Trynton as usual, but stop before encountering Madras.  
Remember the ring with armor class +1 in the river headwaters S after 
a search, but also that the only way out is into the bay and back up 
by climbing a rope. The entrance to Trynton is past Chief Gari on the 
S side of the huge S central tree.  It's easiest to agree to help him.
To get through the ladder maze, take the ladder up.  Take the second 
ladder down, the one behind some boxes.  Take the ladder up.  Take the
leftmost of the three ladders up.  Climb the rope back to open air.

From here until the Rattkin tree entrance, the Trynnie guards are a 
major asset.  Be aware of nearby groups and be prepared to pull 
difficult fights to them if possible.  They can finish off several 
tough battles to save a lot of time and trouble.
Proceed to a tree lift, pull weight to head up to the second bough.  
Continue through a tree to find a building S with a sunburst emplem, 
and a fountain out front.  Fuzzfas's shop is W to the right.  Select 
the fountain for a riddle, "mind" or "memory" upgrades Int +5 points.  
The building is occupied by 4-5 Tree Sprites.  Either run to the left 
side of the door to engage them singly, or set up a counterattack with 
the help of Trynnie Champions if any are approaching.

Inside the building collect two Short Gooda Vines from over the 
firepit and merge them into a Gooda Vine Rope.  We don't need anything 
from Fuzzfas's shop but it's ok to stock up on any magic nectar or 
pick-me-up potions he has for sale.  Continue N, eventually reaching a 
building with a bloodsplat in front and a path along the right side.  
Just past the building is an ambush by a creeper.  There are several 
random fights not far ahead that can be tough, this is another good 
place to follow Trynnie Champions going your way.

Head right past the 3rd bough sign through another tree to reach some 
cages.  Past the hogar on the left is a meat dispenser.  Take a chunk 
of rotten meat and merge it with faerie dust from the startup or pick 
some up in the faerie cage (over objections from the faeries).  The 
result is drugged meat.  Unlock and close the hogar's door, Place the 
drugged meat in the food bin after which the hogar eats it and goes 
to sleep. Enter the cage, pick up shiny ball, leave and close door.
Continue generally N up and down a staircase with a building on the 
right.  At the T intersection take a right and a quick left.  The 
next intersection leads to the 4th bough (left), to Madras (straight), 
and the fifth bough (right).

It's important to continue on to Don Barlone, but the breeder quest 
given by Madras is a problem.  At the moment, completing "Operation 
Extermination" by eliminating the breeders is not difficult.  The 
breeders don't always swing, rarely connect on hits, the hits are 
not lethal, and there is time to cast heal. 

Getting out of Rattkin Tree afterward, however, is extremely tough.  
The Rattkin goons are unimpressed with Ninja's fighting skills and 
hardly get hit at all, and then for not much damage.  They, on the 
other hand, hit regularly for good damage, poison frequently, and 
between them and the snipers totally block the way out.  Either don't 
bother with the quest at all since the rewards are "um, minimal", or 
complete it on the last return trip for the Astral Dominae. 

Anyway, take a right past the 5th bough sign and continue until 
reaching a ladder.  Climb up, turn around, and proceed through the NW 
opening on the right.  Frequently 4 Trynnie Hunters will get stuck in 
the opening and block it.  Camp briefly and interrupt, they'll be gone.  
Keep going until the bridge collapses.  Gooda thing we have that vine 
rope.  Use it on the broken bridge and continue to the Rattkin Tree 
exit.  Save before moving on, the next stretch can be difficult--the 
Rattkin Goons and Snipers run away and are not helpful.

Continue past a building on the right, to a right turn that dead ends.  
Walk off the end and take some damage, note that behind us is a rope
for the return trip.  Proceed straight and down and to the right and 
into a building.  Continue S through the first room to meet Milano 
Calzone.  Apparently Razuka have exaggerated Noo Joisey accents.  
Answer "Dark Savant".  Follow Milano and meet da boss.   

Talk to Don Barlone.  Isn't that the Cane of Corpus sticking out of 
his pocket?  Soloing Don Barlone, who is now at level 20 and highly 
capable with poison daggers, is just about impossible now and for 
quite a while.  So, note the deal for the Astral Dominae and we'll 
be back later wielding the Staff of DOOM and will know how to use it.

Leave Don Barlow and backtrack to the rope.  Climb up, and at the T 
intersection turn right and continue to a left turn ending in an
elevator.  Start the weight turning to descend, enter a tree and climb
down the rope to Trynton.  Head outside to the right, lower the rope 
by touching the spool, and climb to the ground.  The rope will stay 
deployed for use on return trips.  This tree is NE of the huge Trynnie 
tree.  Head SE to the Swamp exit, be ready for a Swallower attack.  
Save before taking the exit.

This is a run to Crock's, and then through the Mine Tunnels to 
Marten's Bluff, to open up the T'Rangeporter and do the Z'Ant quests.  
Move carefully and save often, there will be a lot of exposure along 
the way.  Very little can be safely fought at Ninja's current level.

The initial route is mostly due east, but be sure to walk onto cracks 
in the roads near the center of the map until the Dark Savant appears 
and drops the fake Astral Dominae, signaling that Don Barlone has the 
real one.  Pick up the fake, continue E and a bit N to Crock's. 

At Crock's purchase a Hayai Bo, the 4 ninja suit items, 4 Amulets of 
Healing, and of course Eau D'Rapax perfume.  Sleep for 24 hours (save 
prior to the last 8) until each Amulet of Healing shows up, as well as 
a Hayai Bo if one was not in Crock's inventory to start with.

Equip the Hayai Bo, ninja suit, and the two Amulets of Healing.  Look 
at that bump in armor class!  Head WxNW to the central bridge, cross, 
and then NE to the Mine Tunnels exit.  Head for the bridge if pursued.

Proceed S and then W until the path opens up to a hill on the left and 
a lake ahead.  A set battle commences where random critters may wander 
in to reinforce preset foes.  The only defensible position from which 
to take on the initial wave of Tanto Wasps, androids, and others is up 
the hill and inside the shed behind RFS-81.  

Run up to reach RFS-81 and squeeze into the corner behind him and 
fight the battle from there.  Do not revive RFS-81 yet, although 
we'll need to do that later.  Climb up the ridge SE and follow the
path SE, SW, and then S until reaching the rock on the left that opens 
the Control Center just before the pressure plate trap.  Enter the 
Control Center and push the orange button to close the door.

On the metal platform near Tantris T'Rang, push the upper    +-------+
left pink button to lift a hatch showing a diagram of the    | V * * |
switch settings, shown to the right, for the shuttle car.    | > V * |
Use these settings to program the shuttle car route after    |   V   |
reaching the terminal.                                       +-------+   

Leave the Control Center by pressing an orange button near the NW 
corner to shut off the yellow beams bocking the way.  Head generally 
W on a twisting path to the shuttle car terminal.  Enter, proceed to
the switches on the NW wall and set them.  Hop into the open shuttle 
car, pull the release, and awaaaay we go.  

Hike to the Lower Marten's Bluff exit.

Massacre the millipedes and save before opening the door by pressing 
the green X on the door panel.  Save, not because it may be dangerous
beyond, but because it may be annoying.  We'll only be doing a long 
walk through this level once, thankfully, which is patrolled by large 
groups of friendly T'Rang.  

During an attack they will advance, retreat, shuffle around for a 
better shot, run for their lives, and so forth for a small group of 
easy enemies.  It's best to save often, reload, sleep, and start over 
if we get into a major one of these--fair warning.

There are four doors to the left.  A Pulse Pick is behind the 2nd door 
(collect that).  Through the 4th, for which we would need the Pulse 
Pick, is a way to Z'Ant and other to-do's.  We're taking a trek 
through the hallway directly N for now, however.

Head down a straight corridor that ends in a sharp left turn.  Take 
the left turn before that, which will lead to a stairway up to 
Marten's Bluff.  Save before moving on, the next part could need 

Enter Marten's Bluff carefully, a random group of undead will attack 
and we want to confront as few at a time as possible.  Retreat if 
needed.  Proceed to a main corridor and head S to a slight zig to the 
right, in front of some boxes.  Continue through a room with a column 
that shoots ignorable arrows, turn right at the T, enter a room with 
a switch.  Throw the switch, it opens an access that we'll need later.  
Leave, head E past the T intersection and head downstairs.

Continue W down the hall past the broken T'Rangeporter in search of 
a repair part.  At the end of the corridor head up the stairs back 
to Marten's Bluff and into a room with a switch, a ladder, and a 
hatch.  Throw the switch to open the hatch, this will be an easy 
way back to the T'Rangeporter for a long time to come.

Climb the ladder, head W, N, and E around the building to a catapult.
Start the crank, release the rope, and watch beam flop over onto the
wall of the keep.  Walk up the beam and onto the roof.  Circle
counterclockwise around the tower we're facing, and N downstairs at
the back into an otherwise inaccessible portion of the keep.

Turn left in front of the pool to a T'Rang corpse full of arrows, 
mind the arrow trap.  Collect the Red and Yellow Wires and the T'Rang 
Arm.  Turn around, head S into the courtyard.  Turn left and proceed a 
short way to a machine with a red and a green button on it.

Shall we take care of a Z'Ant quest now?  Sure.  Head into the small 
alcove left of the machine and pull a lever by the piston near the 
glass to deploy a crude Rapax dummy on the other side of the glass. 
Note that the machine on the right can be activated.  Return to the 
first machine and press the green button to open the glass door.

The blue panel in the middle of the floor is the elevator down, don't
step on that yet.  Apply the Eau D'Rapax perfume to the dummy, and 
return to the machine by the lever and get situated to watch through    
the glass.  Eventually a sex-crazed Raven Rapax will show up.  
Activate the machine which will squash him.  Collect his head.  Now 
step on the blue panel to descend into Marten's bluff.

Proceed E and to the right, use the Pulse Pick to open the door.  
Continue, take an immediate left, cross the area, and turn left at 
the wall.  Up a short ramp is Z'Ant T'Rang, talk to him.  "Yes".  
Enter "Strategy" in the "Talk About" box at the lower right.  Then, 

We'll do all the Z'Ant quests up through the Black Ship coordinates 
before signing up with the Umpani, to avoid complications.  Reporting 
to Z'Ant while working as a double agent for the Umpani can go badly 
at random even if He'Li is paid off. 

Sometime during this round of quests Ninja will reach level 12 and 
should choose the element shield and cure disease spells.

Return to the elevator, the door now opens at just a touch.  Take the
elevator up and proceed N.  The glass door may close, bump into it to  
reopen.  Head through one of the openings to the front gate, save, 
open the gate, and step outside cautiously.  This gateway is the most 
defensible spot nearby.

Head left and around the keep to the newly-opened trap door and drop 
into the room with the ladder and switch.  Proceed downstairs, through 
the corridor, and right at the slime trail to the T'Rangeporter.  
Repair it by placing the Red and Yellow Wires next to the blue wire.  

Set switch #2, step onto the blue pad.  We're off to open up the 
T'Rang house near Arnika which has a teleport back here that we'll 
use several times as a shortcut.  Open the door on a S side wall by 
pressing the small door panel.  Step onto the blue pad to return.

Set the T'Rangeporter to switch #1, now we're off to collect a flag 
from the Umpani.  Head N to the Umpani Base Camp exit, and save.  The 
next area can also have long, tedious fights courtesy of help from the 
IUF.  Head NxNE to the camp door until stopped by Private Panrack to 
answer questions.  The replies make no difference whatsoever, "Yes" 
answers are funnier.

Head into camp, and enter the first building on the right.  Ninja has
a hard time with the step, it may take several tries to get in.  Go
left and buy a promo Umpani Flag from Sergeant Kunar.  Leave the same 
way we came in, save before stepping outside.  Proceed SxSW to the
Northern Wilderness exit.

Cross the bridge and head SW, we'll come out eventually at the N end 
of Arnika Road.  The road winds its way to the exit.  Traverse Arnika 
Road from N to S.  Be careful not to get mobbed, run or find a crevice.  
Take the Arnika-Trynton Road exit, continue S and the E past Arnika, 
S and E again to the T'Rang house on the left that we just opened up, 
teleport back to Lower Marten's Bluff.
Leave the room, head left for the hatch, proceed W and clockwise to 
the front gate, enter, S around the wall to the elevator down.  E and 
through the door on the right, left and up to see Z'Ant.  Trade, give 
him the flag.  Now he wants Raven Rapax's head.  Hmm, we may have that 
in our backpack.  Break off, reengage Z'Ant, give him the head.  Now 
he wants the Chaos Moliri in Arnika, so back to the T'Rangeporter.

Leave Z'Ant and go right, up and through the door back to the 
elevator.  N, bump open the glass door and head out the front gate 
and counter-clockwise to the hatch.  Walk in, downstairs, corridor 
to the slime trail, right.  Set switch #2, the T'Rang house.  Step 
onto the blue pad.  

Out the door, W and N to Arnika.  Mook HQ is just E of the crashed 
ship.  Walk to the door and a hologram engages, give it the T'Rang
Mook Letter.  Enter and talk to Screg.  E to the metal door, open it, 
approach the Chaos Moliri.  Collect it, take the fake Astral Dominae 
out of inventory and put it on the pedestal.  Leave the compound.

Be sure to have 70k gold before leaving Arnika.  Pick up NAS-81 to
revive RFS-81.  It will be dropped by one of the patrolling androids 
behind the Dark Savant's tower on the W side of town through a break 
in the city wall.  Leave Arnika, go S and E to the T'Rang house and 
teleport back to Lower Marten's Bluff.  

Leave, head left for the hatch, proceed W and clockwise to the front 
gate, enter, S around the wall to the elevator down.  E and through 
the door on the right, left and up to see Z'Ant.  Show Z'Ant the Chaos 
Moliri.  The next assignment is to acquire the Black Ship coordinates 
which will need a trip to Bayjin.  However, before trekking to Bayjin 
there is a lot to do first.

To start with, we don't (and won't) have soul shield and so are 
vulnerable to the mental magic that Rynjin throw constantly.  We have 
40% natural resistance, will acquire an item soon with a 10% boost, 
but need more.  The Helm of Serenity (which we'll need eventually 
anyway) is good for another 30% boost, which will be as good as it's 
going to get.  That adds up to the equivalent of a full power soul 
shield on at all times, plus a bit.  So, we need the helm now rather 
than later.

Before going after the helm plus everything we need to do first and 
then taking on Bayjin, we'll want a weapons upgrade and a stop by 
Bela's for a Cloak of Many Colors.  That's what the 70k gold is for.  
Set the T'Rangeporter for the bridge by the Umpani Base Camp 
entrance, teleport, and then head east to Mountain Wilderness exit 
in the middle of a long bridge guarded by a Marble Golem.

The Marble Golem is not difficult by now.  Before taking the Mountain 
Wilderness exit, however, camp twice, do saves, and camp again.  This 
is so that if totally overwhelmed on the trail we can reload the backup 
save, camp once, and try again with a new deal.  When encountering 
groups that inflict element damage (acid wings, scorchers, fire ants) 
remember to cast element shield.  

Hike E and take the first left up to see Bela.  Buy and equip a Cloak 
of Many Colors and head back to the main trail and turn left to 
continue E.  When the trail doubles back, there are two ways to 
approach our next destination, the waterfall.  Either stay on the 
trail and keep going until reaching the Granite Golem in the small 
lake to the W, or drop down the side of the hill (no damage) from the 
top of the turn.  The latter is a good detour if anything nasty is on 
the trail, which is visible downhill for a long distance.

Either way, proceed W to the small lake where the Granite Golem is 
stationed.  The Granite Golem is a bit tough for us as we are (doable 
with a long fight), but he is easy to run around.  After either 
running or stopping to fight, cross under the waterfall into the 
hidden weapon stash.  Take the staff and the wand.  

The staff will turn out to be the Staff of DOOM, and the wand the 
Winterwand which will eventually become Ninja's end-game secondary 
weapon.  It's better not to equip the Staff of DOOM right away, we'd 
have to uncurse and unequip it very soon.  If DOOM proves 
irresistible, do not discard the Hayai Bo.

Play the same 2 camps and 2 saves gambit, the next hike can be really 
tough.  Head W up to the top of the trail, double back E and proceed 
to the Mountain Wildeness exit on the long bridge.  Now trudge across 
the Northern Wilderness to the Arnika Road exit on the other side of 
the map to the SW.  Hike N to S on Arnika Road, it's now safer to take
on opponents here.  Follow Arnika-Trynton Road S and E past Arnika, S 
and E to the T'Rang house, and teleport back to Lower Marten's Bluff. 

Now we have a big problem.  To acquire the Helm of Serenity we have to 
pick up the stone idol off its altar to take it to Shaman Das's on 
the 6th bough in Trynton.  Picking up the stone idol solo is a one-way 
ticket to the "Your party has been defeated" screen of death.  What's 
almost as bad, is that when Ninja has a NPC helper or helpers, the 
game insists that the solo player character is the one to be 

This means one or two NPC's will have to perform the rescue, i.e. run 
the swamp and take out Brekek.  Brekek is level 9 with nearly maxed 
physical stats.  There is more than one way to proceed, but this guide 
will go with RFS-81 solo since this is, after all, a solo game and 
RFS-81 is the best solo NPC for several reasons.

He (at least Al-Sedexus thinks he's a he) has natural stealth, 
critical hits, resistance to damage, is level 10, and will go to 
Marten's Bluff and the Swamp without complaining.  To cross the Swamp 
by himself and solo Brekek without undue hardship, however, he will 
need his stealth skill boosted, and to equip the Staff of DOOM.  It 
will be best to equip him with DOOM right away, because he will tank 
and Ninja will be the healer and backup fighter for a while.

Set the T'Rangeporter to button #4 and beam out to N of Marten's Bluff 
front gate (or just go out the side hatch).  Head N and NW to the Swamp 
exit, then squish through the swamp NxNW to the bridge and NE to the 
Mine Tunnel exit.  Proceed S and then W until the path opens up to the 
hill on the left. 

Climb up to RFS-81's shed and initiate dialogue: friendly, trade, 
give him the NAS-81, recruit.  Equip him with DOOM (or the Hayai Bo 
if Ninja couldn't resist equipping DOOM) and two Amulets of Healing.  
Return to Marten's Bluff.  Take it easy and run away when possible, 
RFS-81 is relatively fragile now--same situation as with Vi earlier.

Retrace E, N, E to the Swamp exit, SW to the central Swamp bridge, 
S to the Marten's Bluff exit.  Continue S toward the keep, swing W 
around it, into the hatch, and E to the T'Rangeporter...

Sometime during the trip to Arnika or shortly afterward Ninja will 
reach level 15.  Choose portal, purify air, and body of stone spells.

As soon as possible set a portal at the T'Rangeporter.  It will stay 
here for a while, by far the most convenient location.  It is possible 
to train the air realm now, but this guide assumes putting enough 
points into the air realm to avoid having to do the training.  

Alternatively, to train the air realm without using points do as 
follows: at the portal just set, cast the set portal spell again (if 
possible), rest, hit quick save (Q) and then quick restore (shift-Q, 
this step resets a timer).  Recast set portal, now by hitting shift-M 
as a short cut, rest, Q, shift-Q, and repeat until hypnotized.  Get
rid of the quick saves when finished. pick up where we left off, set switch #2 for the T'Rang house 
and teleport.  If Ninja has DOOM equipped, zip W and N over to Arnika, 
remove it with an uncurse scroll from Braffit, requip the Hayai Bo, 
and equip RFS-81 with DOOM.  Remember, RFS-81 will tank and Ninja 
will be healing part time.  

Not a bad idea to stop by Arnika now anyway to stock some heals and 
cure poisons for RFS-81's solo run.  Also, some scrolls of remove 
curse (they fizzle a lot) to take back DOOM later and then remove it 
at the next weapons upgrade.  By the way, Anna sells suede armor, fur 
armor, buskins, and skull caps all of which RFS-81 can equip although 
she may not have everything stocked initially.  These items are cheap.  
Leave Arnika, head S and E to Arnika Road, turn E at the sign and 
head E to the Monastery exit.  Continue E to reach the upper monastery.

Go straight to the courtyard beyond a door behind the Phoonzang 
statue.  Lure the stalkers back through the door we just came in by, 
and move about halfway to the outdoor exit.  The idea is to have the 
stalkers spitting at us from the edge of their range.  Stand out in 
the open and be spit at.  

This time however, healing will not be needed at all as long as 
everyone is wearing their Amulets of Healing.  If stalkers aren’t 
moving around, now seriously is time for the user of this guide to 
eat dinner, watch a movie, or knock off for the evening...later, 
RFS-81 will be at stealth 100.  It's a personal call whether or not 
to wipe out the stalkers afterward for their trouble.  

Head back outside, W to the Arnika Road intersection, S to the exit,
S and E past Arnika, S and E to the T'Rang house, and teleport back 
to Lower Marten's Bluff.

It's ok to run around and defeat critters to level up RFS-81 and boost 
his staff skill, but it's not necessary.  RFS-81 can solo Brekek now 
as is, and will have to avoid being mobbed regardless of level.  

When ready, proceed to the stone idol room.  If wandering around, get 
over to the front gate of the keep.  If at the T'Rangeporter leave, 
head left for the hatch, proceed W and clockwise to the gate. Enter, 
S around the wall and past (not down) the elevator.  

Continue straight ahead, up a slight ramp which would have blocked us 
if we hadn't thrown that switch earlier.  Proceed around the square 
column on the left to a slight zig N and then E up a narrow ramp.  
Continue onward to an altar on which rests an ominous-looking Stone 
Idol.  Make sure RFS-81 is stocked up with potions, um, just in case.
Pick the Idol, fade to black, and (shock!) Ninja is missing. 

Go back downstairs (note the blue flower, a clue!)  Head N past the 
elevator, bonk past the glass door, out the front gate, and N then NW 
to the Swamp exit.  Proceed N and NE to Crock's.  Hmm, blue flowers 
outside.  Talk to Crock, who wants Brekek, the giant frog, dead.  It 
might be a good idea to do the 2 camps and 2 saves here, the run 
through the Swamp might go just fine, or it might not...
Head WxNW to the bridge, then NW, W along the road, and S at the T in 
the road.  This road will lead to an enclosed lagoon where lurks...
guess who.  Brekek isn't that tough for a souped-up RFS-81.  Pick up 
the Giant Frog's Leg and return to Crock's.  the easiest way back may 
be out of the lagoon, W with rocks on the left, Sw in front of the 
fallen tree to reach the bridge, cross, ExSE to Crock's.

Dialogue, "Yes", turn in the Giant Frog's Leg.  Get Ninja back.  Ninja 
should take back DOOM (how is it that a faerie can equip a 12-pound 
staff?) and presumably off sell the Hayai Bo, excess potions, and 
extra Amulets of Healing rather than drop them on the floor or cart 
them around.  We're done with them but we're also done with gold.  

Pitch or sell thrown weapons if any are still on hand, we won't be 
able to swap them out with cursed melee weapons.  Dismiss RFS-81, he 
might settle up with Crock later for the blackmail.  Crock has to 
sleep and he doesn't.  Remember to keep stocking up on magic nectars 
and pick-me-up potions, they’re especially useful at long Rapax 
battles and on Ascension Peak.  

Solo again!  Head out straight E and a little N to the Trynton exit.  
climb the rope dangling from a big tree NE of the huge Trynnie tree.  
Into the tree, take that rope to Rattkin Tree.  Out to the elevator, 
pull the weight, going up!  On to the T inintersection, right and 
onward to the Trynton Upper Branches exit.  Continue until inside the 
with a ladder and an opening to the S.  Take the openening.  Sometimes
4 guards are stuck here, camp and they go away.  

Head to the first building, note the altar with a familiar face.  
Place the Stone Idol on top, a door opens enter and chat with Shaman 
Das.  "Marten", "eternal trust survives the soul", collect the Key of 
Serenity.  Head N back the way we came, to the Rattkin Tree exit.  
March ahead to the first door on the right, turn in and wind around to 
find a locked door.  Yup, open it with the Key of Serenity.  

The 5 Rattkin thieves inside appear to be lost in time and space, 
squeeze by them to the right and check out a mat labeled "Knowledge". 
Search it a 2nd time and it moves to reveal straw.  Step on that and 
fall through.  On the stand is a chest.  Open it and take the Helm of 
Serenity.  Equip it now, no change in AC but mental resistance just 
went from 50% to 80%.  No, it still isn't time yet to visit the Don.
We are ready for Bayjin so it's back to the Swamp again.  Out the door 
E, wind around to a locked door N, open that and head out to the T, 
left and up the rope, right at the next T to the next left and the 
elevator down.  Into the tree to the Trynton exit rope, outside, take 
the rope to the ground, SE to the Swamp exit.  The bridge is ExNE...

Ninja should be level 15 by now, and hopefully has set a portal at the 
T'Rangeporter in Marten's Bluff.  If she hasn't reached level 15, grind 
for XP in the Swamp for a while, it won't take long.  Head to the 
Marten's Bluff exit at the S central end of the Swamp, continue S 
toward the keep, swing W around it, into the hatch, and E to the 
T'Rangeporter.  Set a portal at the T'Rangeporter to stay with this 
guide, and then return to the Swamp.  The bridge is N. 

Proceed to the bridge.  Next travel NxNE into a curlicue after 
passing to the left of 2 shacks.  This goes N, swings around left and 
S, then swings around right and N.  After the first turn an overseer 
and 3 thralls approach, rush the overseer.  Around the next corner are 
5 sentries and an empath, best to pull the sentries.  N beyond them is 
a cave that leads to the Bayjin exit.

At the cave entrance on the Bayjin side find 3 sentries and 2 thralls.
Dispose of them and head N up the beach with the bay on the left.  
Pass a chest on the right and head E around or over foothills to a 
crashed ship.  Go inside, pick up Black Box and portal spell back to 
the T'Rangeporter.   
Set the T'Rangeporter to switch #2 and teleport to the T'Rang house 
and scoot over W and N to Arnika. Once inside turn right and proceed E 
to the spaceport entrance on the right.  Vandalize the sign, open the 
locked door and enter the opening W.  Wind around left to a machine 
with a square hole in the front, stick in the Black Box.  Note the 
tracking coordinates that are read out, 1X 1Y 2Z.  

Leave, go S toward the spaceship, and follow the sidewalk when it 
turns right.  Enter the elevator, take it up.  At the W wall on the 
right is an indentation where Bobo's Shiny Metal Ball goes.  Place it 
there.  Take the option to "Calculate".  Enter 1X 1Y 2Z.  Note orbital 
coordinates 10:24.  "Exit".  Portal back to Marten's Bluff.       

Go see Z'Ant.  Leave the room, head left for the hatch, proceed W and 
clockwise to the front gate, enter, S around the wall to the elevator 
down.  E and through the door on the right, left and up to see Z'Ant.  
Dialogue, enter "10:24" in the "Talk About" box.  Portal back to the
T'Rangporter (yes, lazy.  Rest up, air magic is low for some reason).  
Reset the T'Rangeporter to switch #1 and beam out to the bridge below 
the Umpani camp.

March N into camp, NxNE to the IUF compound, check in with Sergeant 
Balbrak first door on the left (mind the step), left side, enlist, 
ignore Private Sparkle, report to Sergeant Rubble at the building NxNE
with 3 Umpani in the doorway.  He's on the right.  

Proceed N behind him to the obstacle course, bane of players in Iron 
Man mode.  Save!  The obstacle course is linear, go through, none of 
it is hard but watch the timings on the obstacles that require it.  
After the platform over the lava, some Training Dummies will animate.  
Open the locked door S, continue, pick up the security pass, open the 
door by holding the pass and touching the slot on the door panel with 
it.  Return to Balbrak SxSW at the IUF Recruitment Center on the 
right, left hand side after entering.

Balbrak wants something 100% Trang.  Hmm, we may have something like 
that in our backpack.  How about the T'Rang Arm?  Dialogue, trade, 
give.  Report to Rubble for more IUF Special High Intensity Training 
(note acronym...) Nothing that we need is at the commissary.  Head 
into the big building N with the red banners.  Open the door N with 
the level 3 pass.  N to the lift, activate with same pass.  Open the 
next door by pressing the orange button.  Umpani soldiers will always 
help with battles in these caves, and sometimes are very useful.

S to the signs, E, N, E until forced to turn S.  S, E, enter the room
on the left, do the 2 camps and 2 saves.  This is the last point to
camp before entering a dangerous area.  Continue E, then S a jog W 
and S again.  Where the tunnel opens up may get tough, pull critters 
to soldiers if needed or just restore and camp again for a new deal.
Contagion Bats are level 20 for example, and we can't take them yet. 

Continue S, W at the T, S, W to the lift.  Activate with the pass, 
open the door with the orange button.  E, N, another door that needs 
a pass.  Continue N, take the first right E, N at the T, E, S, E to 
a scannerin the middle of the path.  Place the pass on the scanner 
screen, oops, the scanner is broken... 

Proceed around to the back of the scanner, touch the green wire then 
the blue wire then the white wire.  Place the pass on the scanner 
screen again.  Continue E through a 4-way intersection, S, E, report 
to Rubble.  Dump the Rocket Launcher and Rockets, leave W, N, W, N 
at the 4-way, report to Rubble again.
Proceed  N, E, S, to a door with an orange button.  Open and keep
going generally counter clockwise, this area is linear even though it 
doesn't look like it.  Refer to the automap (tab key) to avoid 
confusion.  Wipe out 5 critters (a Morax, Apus, Swallower, Flint 
Golem, and Djinn) and collect the flags behind them.  End up with 5 
flags or go back and look for any that were missed.  End at a door
with a blue button, go through and report to Rubble yet again, just 
before the 4-way.  

S to the 4-way, retrace W, N, W, S, W at the intersection, S at the T, 
open the door and continue, S another door, and S to the lift. This is 
the last time to save and camp before returning through the open area. 
Use a pass on the lift to activate.  E, N, E, N at the intersection, 
through the open area and continue N, short E, N.  E through an 
intersection, N, E through an intersection, S, N at the intersection,
though a door, open the lift and in, activate lift.  Exit S, back 
to Balbrak into the building right, and then left.  Another Mook 
mission up next.  Return portal to the T'Rangeporter.  

Set the switch for #2, the T'Rang house, teleport.  Out the door, W 
and N to Arnika.  Mook HQ is just E of the crashed ship.  Enter and 
talk to Screg, give him the Mook Alliance Offer.  Wonder if he 
recognizes us?  If so, he doesn't let on.  Surely he must be pissed 
about the Chaos Moliri.  However, he gives you the Mook Alliance 
Acceptance.  Return portal to the T'Rangeporter.
Set Switch #1 and teleport near the Umpani Camp, N into camp, NxNE to 
the IUF compound, check in with Sergeant Balbrak first door on the 
left, left side.  Give him the Mook Alliance Acceptance.  Next report
to General Yamir, who is in the caves NE of the training area.  N to
the building N and take the lift down.  It's easy to follow the 
automap now, same situation as before.  S to the signs, E, N, E, S, E, 
S, W at the T, S, W to the lift.  Activate with the pass, orange 
button door, E, N to the next door, continue N.  W, N, W at the T, N 
to a door that needs the latest pass.  N, W to a big chamber, S to an
orange button door, E to another.  Enter, talk to General Yamir.  Next
up is to rescue Sergeant Glumph in Bayjin. 

The game is designed to approach Bayjin from Mt. Gigas by way of the 
water tunnels.  However, we don't need the *Light* *Sword* or anything 
from Davey Jones's locker, and so can take an easier option and 
postpone the Nessie battle until the trek to the Sea Caves near the 
end.  Do this by portaling to the T’Rangeporter and hiking to Bayjin 
by way of the Swamp.  If choosing to fight Nessie as a side run after 
hiking in, remember to do so before recruiting Glumph (to take him 
home) or Nessie will evaporate him.  Ninja would need to liberate a 
scuba tank in one of the Bayjin sheds if taking the side trip.

Return portal to the T'Rangeporter.  Set it for switch #4 and teleport 
to N Marten's Bluff, continue W and N to the Swamp exit.  Ninja can 
take on most anything in the Swamp now if not totally surrounded by 
strong enemies.  Watch for Oozites, yellow on the radar in ones or 
twos,  for lots of XP.  N to the bridge, NxNE into the curlicue, N to 
the cave and on to the Bayjin exit.

In Bayjin head generally E along the beach with the bay on the right, 
eventually swinging N until buildings come into view.  The next set 
battle can get congested  so pull away anything wandering close by and
dispose of them.  Sneak up on the neutral group, keeping the nearby 
hut between you and them.  When ready, run around the corner and  
charge the Rynjin Chief.  Finish off the group and anyone else in the 
vicinity then head S to the locked hut showing 2 green dots on the 
automap.  Open the lock, enter, close the door.  

Behind locked door #2 is Jan-Ette, looking much worse than last we saw 
her in Wiz 7.  If we speak to her she'll gasp out her last breath 
after a lengthy monologue.  Once is enough for that...behind locked 
door #3 is Sergeant Glumph who is exceptionally grumpy for someone 
being rescued.  Recruit him and by all means portal out to the 
T'Rangeporter.  Glumph may complain...

Set switch #1 and teleport near the Umpani Camp, NxNE into camp, N to
the building, N to take the lift down.  Follow the automap as before, 
but now Sgt. Glumph is quite fragile so do camps and saves, run from 
everything, and follow soldier groups when practical.  S to the signs, 
E, N, E, S, E, S, W at the T, S, W to the lift.  Activate with a pass, 
orange button door, E, N to the next door, continue N.  W, N, W at the 
T, N, W to the big chamber, S to the orange button door, E to the 
other.  Enter, talk to General Yamir and endure Glumph's posturing.  
It's almost time to go see the Don, but let's set a portal by the 
Rapax door at Ascension Peak before collecting the Astral Dominae.  
Portal back to Marten's Bluff, T'rangeport to the Northern Wilderness 
still from setting #1, cross the bridge S and head E over to the 
Mountain Wilderness exit.  

Hike E and take the first left up and past Bela to Ascension Peak, 
then N, W, N, E, SE, gradually E and through some evergreen trees.  
Ninja can't miss the Rapax door once it's in sight.  This is a good 
spot to set the portal because it's well away from the roadblock and 
critters don't patrol quite this far.

This portal, although we give up the portal at the T'Rangeporter to 
get it, allows us to bypass the Rapax roadblock triggered by 
collecting the second of the three major artifacts--in our case the 
Astral Dominae--and not have to, um, deal with Al-Sedexus.

*Now* go see the Don in Trynton. The long trek by Arnika is easiest. 
Retrace W, Nw, W, S, E, and S to the Mountain Wilderness exit.  Back 
we go across the Northern Wilderness to the Arnika Road exit on the 
other side of the map to the SW.  Hike N to S on Arnika Road, follow 
Arnika-Trynton Road S and E past Arnika, S and E to the T'Rang house     
and generally S, SE, E (follow the automap) to the Trynton exit since 
we're close to Trynton anyway, 

Cross the bridge, SxSE to the tree with the rope dangling from it, NE 
of the Trynnie Tree.  Climb the rope, go into the tree and climb the 
rope to the Rattkin Tree.  Head out to the elevator, pull the weight,  
out to the T, turn right.  Take the first left, walk over the edge.  
Continue E, down to the right and S into Don Barlone's hangout.  E, S, 
W, N, W, N, W.  Save.  Start combat, select the Don, Start Round.

The fight with Don Barlone is one of those annoying stand-off type 
battles, but a lucky hit will finish it sooner or later.  This may 
have to happen more than once, the Cane of Corpus doesn't always drop. 
Once it does drop, uncurse and unequip DOOM then equip the Cane of 
Corpus and Winterwand.  

That's it for weapons and equipment, except spiked boots at the Sea 
Caves.  Get the breeder quest and finish it off if that sounds like 
fun.  The Rattkin Goons can't handle us now.  To complete the quest 
be sure to pick up the Ratt key on the way out, it's in the next room. 
Out the door, S, and W.  

Otherwise Leave the Don's current resting place then E, S, E, S, E, N, 
W, N and up to the left and on to the rope.  Up and on to the T, right, 
then left to the elevator.  Down, into the tree, take the rope to 
Trynton.  Outside, and take the rope down.  SE to the Swamp exit, ExSE 
to the Marten's Bluff exit.  S to the keep, W around to the hatch, E to 
the T'Rangeporter.   

Set switch #3 and teleport to the Rapax Rift entrance, S to the 
Mountain Wilderness exit, S, W, S to the South East Wilderness exit.
Hike S, W, S, W to a Gazebo.

Mostly for fun, Ninja can proceed from here SW to clear out a temple. 
The temple battle is optional because it isn't necessary and will 
require strategic pulling since Ninja can’t quite do the entire battle 
in one pass yet.  It is doable, however, and is easier than with the 
standard party of 6.  The initial combatants are a Sorceress Queen, 
2 Death Lords, and two groups of 3 cultists.  Ninja is resistant to 
death wish and death cloud, but should clear death cloud (the red 
icon) whenever it is appears, using the purify air spell.  The Scythe 
and 3 mummies are downstairs NW.  When finished, return to the Gazebo.

Zigzag generally ExSE until a left turn at an intersection and a 
straight shot ExNE and a left turn to the Mountain Clearing exit.  
Sometime during the next operation Ninja is likely to level up.  
Consider learning the resurrect spell in case a future recruit gets 
dead during a future return trip.

Enter, save.  The Rapax taking over the Mountain Clearing was triggered 
by us collecting the second artifact.  The area is much easier clear 
by starting at the back, but, having only one portal, we have to enter 
through the front. Approach the welcoming committee until they issue a 
warning to keep out.  Run past them while staying to the left: Start 
Combat, Party Move, Run, Start Round, advance.  The Rapax do not go 
hostile (yet).

Head far N by starting out WxNW to the right of a tent, N to a guard 
tower, past it and continue N into a ravine.  ExNE and around a rock,  
thread through trees and some passable rocks to a pool in a clearing, 
NE through a ravine, hook S to an stockade on stilts.  Wait until 
patrolling groups are out of sight, then initiate combat with the 
stockade guards.  Start Combat, select one, Start Round.  Finish off 
the group and collect the stockade key.  

Return to the ravine we came in by, out of sight from the lookouts, 
and take out patrols until no more show up.  Later, it is ok for Ninja 
to wait under the first lookout post until combat breaks off, then 
climb up to take out the archers. Battle will recommence with the 
other lookout posts (and friends), but Ninja can jump back to the 
ground taking little or no damage.

Now combat can break off in the stockade area.  Return the the ravine,
save often.  Gingerly venture onto the rocks to pull selectively.  Use 
Start Combat, Party Move, Walk, advance less than half the blue bar,
retreat.  Do not end a pull where archers in the lookout posts can see
us, that will start combat with everyone not in a tent, i.e. 15 or so
mostly Templar Knights.  

Use element shield in combat, the knights are expert at elemental 
magic.  Watch earth magic points, when they're low use magic nectar.  
Do not camp since that spawns more Rapax. 

Once Rapax are no longer pulling when we're almost in sight of the 
nearby lookout post, it's a good time to take out the archers in the 
second lookout post accessible from the stockade area.  Save first, 
if too many ground troops go into combat mode try again later, 
otherwise finish off the archers and return to the ravine. 

When sneaking out to pull, Ninja may "sense something moving", which 
means that ground forces are advancing.  Generally back up so that 
fights can be finished out of sight from the last lookout post. 
Keep this up until no one pulls.  Check by saving, ending in sight of 
the lookouts, seeing how many initiate combat, and reloading if 

Once all or nearly all of the outdoor troops are eliminated, finish 
off the archers in the last outpost.  Now proceed from tent to tent, 
plus the 3 Templar Knights out front.  In a big tent E of the S 
lookout post the Prince will disappear again and leave his concubines 
to fight.  In a similar tent W the King and an advisor can be trouble,
best sneak in to the left side which will pull them one at a time to 
the doorway.  Use a key the King drops to release the queen from her 
cell in the nearby NW mountainside, she's funny.     

After the Rapax Away Camp is cleared out, return to the stockade 
through the rocks or by opening the door using a lever in the S 
lookout post and taking the trail.  Use the Stockade key on the first
lock and pick the other two, starting out very close to the locks.  
All that lock leveling pays off here.  

Recruit Drazic and Rodan and place them in back of the formation, one 
or the other of them usually gets picked on and this helps with melee. 
Equip Drazic with shurikens and darts for what that's worth.  Be 
careful on the way out, more Rapax spawned during the jailbreak.  It's 
best to avoid them, but in any case leave the camp generally S and E 
to the South East Wilderness exit.  

We'll hike back to see Z'Ant by way of the Swamp so there is a chance 
of getting Drazic and Rodan out alive.  If the NPC's don't quite make 
it, a resurrect or two may be needed.  First, back to the gazebo.  
SxSW, then generally NxNW through the zigzags.  Head up a path WxSW 
behind the gazebo that turns S, take a right at the intersection and 
W to the Swamp exit.  

Continue W, keeping rock walls on the left until pointed SxSW.  Stay 
on that heading until reaching Marten's Bluff exit.  Continue S to 
Marten's Bluff.  Enter the front gate and proceed to the blue elevator 

If the glass door is locked, circle W and around to the catapult ramp. 
Onto the roof, around the tower and down the back, right at the pool, 
left, another left at the Rapax dummy, onto the blue pad and down.  

Either way, continue E and zig right, through the door and left into 
the corridor, and left up the ramp to Z'Ant.  After much dissscusssion 
acquire the Z'Ant Treaty and T'Rang Tracking Device. 

circle back around W, through the door and back up the elevator.  Bonk 
through the closed glass door, out the gate, and circle around W to 
the hatch.  Downstairs, first right, switch setting #1 to the bridge 
near the Umpani camp, and we're off.  

NxNE into camp, N to take the lift down.  Our charges are not as 
breakable as Glumph, but they won't withstand a mob.  Still follow 
soldier groups into danger, use the automap.  S to the signs, E, N, E, 
S, E, S, W at the T, S, W to the lift.  Activate with a pass, orange 
button door, E, N to the next door, continue N.  W, N, W at the T, N, 
W to the big chamber, SW to the orange button door, sE to the other.  
Enter, talk to General Yamir.  

N, NW to the chamber, NE to the corridor, E, S, E, S at the 
intersection, E, S, E before the door, S at the T, E, S to a door. 
Use the pass we just received, proceed to the Mt. gigas Peak exit.  
Continue, use the pass again, out doors through the chicken wire gate,
N to the gun.  Cirle around E to get to the gun's controls on the W 
side.  Bad things can happen when trying to wiggle through directly.
Use the T'Rang Tracking Device on the orange button at the controls.

Kaboom.  Back around the gun and S, the E through the chicken wire to 
the Mt. Gigas Upper Caves exit.  Dowmstairs back to the tunnels, N, W 
at the T, N, W at the intersection, N at the T, W, N, W at the T, N, W 
to the big chamber, SW to the orange button door, SE to the other.  
Enter, talk to General Yamir.  Yeah, yeah, like we weren't anyway.  
Drop Drazic and Rodan's junk on the floor, leave...the long way, 
back to the T'Rang house past Arnika.    

N, NW to the chamber, NE to the corridor, E, S, E, S at the 
intersection, E, S, through the door, W through a door, to the lift.
Save, in case of Ensnaring Spiders and groups of Contagion Bats.  E, 
N, E, N at the intersection, W, N, w, N, W past the intersection, S, 
W, N at the signs. Take the lift, S to leave the compound, SxSW to 
the Northern Wilderness Exit.  

Cross the bridge and head SW to the Arnika Road exit.  N to S on 
Arnika Road, follow Arnika-Trynton Road S and E past Arnika, S and E 
to the T'Rang house.  Beam over to the T'Rangeporter, set switch #3
for the Rapax Rift entrance and step on the pad.  

Our only goal here is to collect the king's apartment key and disarm 
the bomb in Arnika.  Oh, and optionally to grab a beckoning stone to 
enter the temple of Al-Sedexus and put her out of our misery.

Use element shield for fights that include either samurai or battle 
mages.  N through the archway, wipe out the welcoming comittee.  E 
into the tunnel until fire ants drop in.  N up a ramp, N through the 
jaws.  A large group may be waiting there and this fight is buggy and 
may crash, especially if pulling and the Rapax veterans don't behave 
normally.  It may be best just to run in and take everyone on.  

N through more jaws and into a cell area, W, SW to a bridge.  Initiate 
and priestess magic usually poses no problem.  Cross the bridge, N onto 
carpet.  None of the fights in this area are difficult, but all we 
need is a key guarded by 3 priestesses inside the door after the second 
right.  Collect that, head back out, and SW between the 2 stanchions 
that do not have a chain between them.  

Down to the courtyard, slaughter the Rapax fighters, NW to the leftmost
of 2 openings.  A cavein will occur leaving a lava-filled opening N and
a vertical post with an angled-in prop post S.  Walk around W of the 
prop and select it.  Rocks now block our back way but allow passage 
over the lava.   

Cross the lava passage to another carpeted area, N, W, N and up, W and 
up, S and up, W, N.  To the 2nd left is a fight with a dozen or more 
priestess types.  Run past or take them on, use element shield if only 
because hundreds of spells will be thrown...but the battle is not 
difficult and it's worth ~800k xp.  

Walking into the N teleport is completely optional, it's to collect 
the beckoning stone and take out (kill, not date) Al-Sedexus.  This 
is not difficult, and is in worth upwards of 2 million xp if 
Al-Sedexus calls in 2 sets of templar supplicants during the fight.  
Otherwise, take the teleporter E on the right and skip the next 5 
paragraphs, bypassing the temple instead of using the beckoning 
stone on it. 

So, walk into the N teleport. take out the 2 priestesses, open the 
door with the key we collected.  N, don't enter the empty pool area 
yet!  Save in case the following goes wrong.  Check the trapped panel 
on the right.  Attempt to disarm until the trap trips, reload if dead 
(unlikely).  Select the workings once the panel is open, nothing seems 
to happen but this disarms the fatal lava-in-the-pool trap ahead.  

Continue N and up one of the ramps, a high priestess and friends wait
inside.  Consider running in N and to the side to remain undetected, 
advance along the side, and then run in around the corner.  Start 
Combat, Party Move, Run, rush the high prestess and select her, Finish 
Move.  Element shield.  The High Priestess drops the 3rd best staff in 
the game, oh well.       

Continue N and collect the Beckoning Stone in the SW corner of the 
room.  It seems to be safe here to camp and replenish magic.  Return S
until outdoors, W through the teleport, E into 2nd teleport from 
earlier.  Approach the temple NW, stick the Beckoning Stone into the

Keep up element shield and stamina, whack away at El Dorado.  This is 
another battle of attrition.  El Dorado falls unconscious for a couple 
of turns at a time near the end if the fight goes the distance, which 
speeds it up some.  Al-Sedexus is waiting in the center of the temple 
on the other side of a pillar.  It seems safe to camp inside the 
temple to replenish magic before engaging Al-Sedexus.  

Walk up to the demoness and intiate combat.  Start Combat, Attack, 
select her, Start Round.  Keep up element shield, soon Al-Sedexus will 
invite supplicants, and sometimes more later.  She's a heave hitter, 
body of stone isn't a bad idea either until she's down.  Once everyone 
is wiped out, camp to restore magic and head back outside.

Proceed up the passage to the NE side of the temple, through 2 archers 
to the Rapax Courtyard exit.  N, E, stay off the trapped gratings in  
the passage.  N, E, and up a ramp.  Once up, body of stone at least 
until the archers are thinned out.  Chase down the lone samurai first.  
When finished, go back down a ramp, hook around E and very close to 
the door to reach the Rapax Castle Main Level exit.

First save, then camp to replenish magic, and enter.  Either start to 
one side of the archway and start pulling, or run ahead.  Nothing is 
especially dangerous, but a lot of enemies at the same time make for 
long battles.  

Either way, make for the opening to the SE.  S, E.  Detour S, E, S to 
check out Ferro's inventory if convenient, he might carry a few magic 
nectars in addition to some great stuff we don't need...return N, W, 
N.  Continue E, S, and up a ramp to an Upper Rapax Castle exit.

Enter.  Caution, the automap will help not help on this level.  W, a 
quick right N, W to the 2nd right, N, W to the end, N to the end 
(unless choosing to again annoy the Prince in the door to the right), 
E down a ramp, N, E up a winding ramp, S, W to an outdoor zoo.   
S and around a cage to a SE opening E, then S to another outdoor area.
W to a building on the left with a locked wooden door.  Enter, go 
behind the mannequin, touch the key to wind it, go back around front 
and touch the spearhead.  The mannequin exposes an opening in the 
floor, walk in, slide down the chute, and take the key off the table.  

Pull the lever by the door N to open it, N, W down a ramp, open the 
door S.  Across the room SE is a wooden panel.  Left of the panel is a 
tiny keyhole in the wall.  Use the key just acquired on the keyhole 
from very close range and the panel opens to reveal a passage and a 
teleport to the Savant Tower exit.

Save, camp to restore magic.  the King isn't around for some reason. 
Oh yeah, he's dead.  Teleport to meet another welcoming committee.  On
the NE side of the central opening are 4 buttons.  Press the triangle 
and then the square.  Besides deactivating the bomb, we've summoned a 
lift.  Enter from the W toward the middle.  Going down...splash.  

Exit w, circle S to more androids.  Keep up body of stone once the
Behemoth and Slashers engage.  On to another lift, enter fron the SE.  
We conveniently have returned to Arnika.  E through the wall, ExSE to 
the central statue, SE to see if Braffit has any magic nectar or 
pick-me-up potions in stock.  This is the last stop in Arnika, or 
with any vendor.   

Leave Braffit's, S, W, S to the exit.  S and E to the T'Rang house 
teleport.  Camp, save, switch setting #4 for N Marten's Bluff, 
teleport, hike N to the Swamp exit.  NxNW to the bridge, NxNE to the 
curlique and around N to the Bayjin exit cave.  

On to Bayjin, E along the beach swinging N to the Rynjin huts.  Grab 
Scuba Gear from the first hut W behind the big one where Glumph was 
being held, and head NW up the causeway and NE to the Bayjin Shallows 
exit.  Equip the scuba tank for now, enter.  Proceed generally ExNE 
until reaching a drop-off.  

Nessie is beyond to the E.  Step off, sneak from behind a rock and 
rush her.  Keep up stamina and element shield, and flail away.  After 
Nessie bites the sediment, ride bubbles up at the S end of the lagoon.  
Continue ExSE to the Sea Caves exit.    
The following is paraphrased directly from Guiler's guide, it's hard
to remember even during repeated paythroughs.  first re-equip the 
Amulet of Healing, we're done with the Scuba Gear.

Head SE, S along the beach to a cave. enter, W then SE to a T.  Left 
to a pool, grab the Hook and Line.  Return W, N at the intersection, 
NW and E back to the beach, N, W past a Sledgehammer, WXSw, collect 
a plank.  Continue WxSW the S to a cave just before a waterfall at the
end of the beach.

Into the cave, E, N at the T, keep going until back at the beach.  
NxNE for a short way then double back SW into a ravine.  SW, E at the 
intersection where a wall appears to the S, then SE at the Y, slide 
into a hole.

W, S, W, S, SW to rocks with arrows and a bag between them.  Attach the 
Hook and Line to the crosspiece above and climb up.  E, S to a chamber 
occupied by the Keeper of the Crypt and friends.  When done with them 
enter the tunnel E, close to our entry point into the big cavern.

Start inspecting corpses after each of which its former inhabitant 
will pop.  Continue generally E and keep this up until in possession 
of a key, and spiked boots.  Equip the latter now.  Enter the passage 
W, also close to our entry point into the big cavern.  

At the dropoff use the plank to make a bridge.  Continue to a door, 
use the Key to Marten's Tomb on it.  Go on in and chat with Marten, 
"marten", "destinae dominus".  Place the Destinae Dominus in personal 
inventory.  Bwahahahah.  

We might actually have used the Sea Cave Gate Key and a hole in the 
wall that the Sledgehammer opens if we were leaving conventionally, 
but we're not.  Portal straight to Ascension Peak. 

From the Rapax door W, N, W, N at the T to a set of 3 statues.  Get rid
of the group of 6 Savant Henchmen. E to a locked gate.  

E to the Knowledge Temple.  E, then N to Amit who demands a fee.  We're 
not paying the 142k.  "No" and he calls in Pee Wee, a gigantic golem.    
Generally N to the Knowledge Temple.  Aletheides appears, "knowledge", 
"man".  A door opens, continue, teleport.  Rest to restore magic, place 
the Destinae Dominus, turn around and advance to be teleported back to 
the statues.

SW to a locked gate.  On to the Chaos Temple generally SW, swing N.  
The Soul Eater waits Where the path opens up.  He is best encountered 
solo, try to ensure that the area is clear before engaging him.  If 
unable to do that, run away.  He'll usually chase farther than his 
random friends.  He can also be pulled.  Continue generally N, then 
NE to the Chaos Temple.

At the Chaos Temple 3 Djinnis throw cloud spells constantly.  When a 
death cloud appears (the red icon), cast purify air.  Enter the temple, 
Aletheides appears again, "change", "dark savant". A door opens, 
continue, teleport.  Rest to restore magic, place the Chaos Moliri, 
turn around and advance to be teleported back to the statues. 

NW to a locked gate.  On to the Life Temple, but first...W, S, W, N 
to an opening where the Rapax Prince is waiting.  It's possible to 
walk up until just before the Prince engages, and then rush him.  
First, however, be sure that random groups have been pulled clear of 
the area.  It's a thoroughfare for Trees, Elementals, Sprites, and so 
on.  The Prince casts death spells so start with him.  Keep up elment 
shield throughout, and body of stone until the archers are down.

from the NW corner of the clearing continue NE, N to a tunnel, through 
it and very generally NE.  The Furor has 1200+ hp but paralyzes easily. 
continue NE to the Life Temple after a quick turn S into a green area.  
Enter, Aletheides, "life", "phoonzang", a door, a teleport, rest.  
Place the Astral Dominae, turn around and advance back to the statues.

Back to the NW exit and retrace W, S, W, N to where the Rapax army was 
wiped out.  Exit NE and follow the left wall N, W, S, W to a fork and 
turn N.  The fork is easy to miss, it has trees covering it.  Retrace 
if stuck at a dead end, stay on the right coming back.  Either way, 
proceed up, up, up a winding path.  

A temple will appear in the the distance.  Approach it to trigger the 
finale but prepare and save first.  Another last chance or two will 
present themselves, but don't forget!  Follow Bela into the portal.  
The final battle is easy for a balanced group, but difficult for a 
solo Ninja.  Dark Savant is hard to hit, and constantly calls up 
minions.  They rarely hit, but the situation becomes untenable 
eventually.  DS's stats don't mention fire resistance, but he is for 
all practical purposes immune to magic.

So, as soon as the cut scene is over it's time to evacuate.  Do this 
by running through the door, and keep running until out of sight.  If 
the fight isn't over keep initiating a walk to see if DS pulls (see 
next paragraph).  If the fight ends, save.  Sorry Bela!  There are a 
couple of locations at which the Dark Savant doesn't get a response 
when he calls for minions ("no room").  However he's hard to pull.  
If he can see Ninja he'll blaze away without moving.  

The best location to catch DS is on the lower part of the blue ramp 
that goes straight out from the Cosmic Forge alcove.  There are other 
possible locations on the circular walkway but the lower ramp is 

So, from behind the edge of the doorway across from the entrance to 
the Cosmic Forge alcove, peek around the corner (Start Combat, Party 
Move, Walk, Start Round, out, look, and duck back, Finish Move) until 
DS is on the ramp, then charge him.  He’ll stop advancing and 
recommence blazing away.  If DS is able to summon minions once he's 
engaged, restore and try again.  

Once the battle begins, DS has a hard time targeting Ninja but he’s 
also hard to hit.  Dark Savant has several spells that can cause 
massive damage to a faerie ninja, and death cloud can instantly kill 
so keep up element shield at all times and cast purify air when death 
cloud (red icon) appears.  

Be patient and keep up health, stamina, and element shield and body of 
stone.  Use magic nectar as needed.  Damage goes much faster if poison 
kicks in, but that happens only rarely.  DS can be paralyzed, but that 
happens even more rarely and doesn’t last long.  Oh, and DS 
occasionally casts heal all.  Don’t panic though.  The fight can go 
over a hundred rounds although Ninja's level makes a significant 
difference (see notes below) but eventually the big bad villain falls.

Which ending did you choose?  Congratulations again!

In the sample ending stats below the first entry ends at level 29, 
played through with just following the steps in this guide.  When 
played through doing extra leveling while traveling through an area, 
especially the Swamp and Marten's Bluff outdoors after acquiring the 
Staff of *DOOM* and later the Cane of Corpus, the game ended at just 
over level 31, the second entry below.  It takes a little longer 
but is more fun.

While doing the casual leveling described, on the last trip through 
the Swamp the Oozites at 200k xp spawn frequently and in groups of 
3.  At Ascension Peak while closing in on the finale, the random 
battles are much easier.

To continue extended leveling at Ascension Peak without using potions,
start from the portal.  Proceed until just before the cosmic Circle 
temple (or anywhere, really, but this route has almost no adversaries 
with cloud spells), or until magic runs low, then teleport back to the 
portal. Rest.  Levels through 32 usually take one run.  Levels 33 to
35 take one or two runs, levels 36 to 39, 2 runs.  Xp per fight levels 
with PC until 40, which took 4 runs and was not worth it.

Approximate number of rounds to finish off the Dark Savant:
Level 28 -- 125 rounds (and nearly get killed)
Level 29 -- 100 rounds
Level 30 --  80 rounds
Level 31 --  57 rounds (paralyzed Dark Savant near the end)
Level 32 --  25 rounds (DS paralyzed several times, one compounded)
Level 33 -- DS pulled before Bela was down, DS was paralyzed and down 
            by round 12 even with the back and forth.  Bela survived.
Level 34 -- Fought at Cosmic Forge, Bela fled but survived, 30 rounds 
            and 2 dozen henchmen (body of stone) before DS went down.
Level 35 -- Same, DS down in round 17.  Easier now, level to taste.
Level 36 -- No buffs, DS down in round 16 on straight damage only.
Level 37 -- No magic, DS down in round 11 on straight damage only.
Level 38 -- No magic, got in a paralyze, DS down in 5 rounds
Level 39 -- No magic, DS down in round 8 on straight damage only.
Level 40 -- No magic, DS down in round 8 on straight damage only.
Level   29                                  Alchemy         83
XP      75,333,318 (includes DS)            Water Realm     76
HP      273                                 Air Realm       72
Stamina 408                                 Earth Realm     92
                                            Divine Realm    66
Kills   1229                                Staff & Wand    99
                                            Locks & Traps   49
Close Combat    99                          Stealth         100
Dual Weapons    86                          Iron Will       56
Critical Strike 123                         Iron Skin       47
Level   31                                  Alchemy         90
XP      98,273,474                          Water Realm     76
HP      291                                 Air Realm       74
Stamina 425               extra training >> Earth Realm     100
                                            Divine Realm    68
Kills   1300                                Staff & Wand    100
                                            Locks & Traps   49
Close Combat    99                          Stealth         100
Dual Weapons    94                          Iron Will       75
Critical Strike 125                         Iron Skin       51
Level   40                                  Alchemy         94
XP      493,462,092                         Water Realm     79
HP      373                                 Air Realm       84
Stamina 500                                 Earth Realm     100
                                            Divine Realm    84
Kills   1843                                Staff & Wand    100
                                            Locks & Traps   64
Close Combat    100                         Stealth         100
Dual Weapons    99                          Iron Will       87
Critical Strike 125                         Iron Skin       75
                                            Reflexion       43
Lv|Where                |St|In|Pie|Vit|Dx|Sp|Sn|IS|IW|DW|Cr|Lk|Wt|Dv|Ai
 1|Startup              |50|55| 38| 52|55|60|50|  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
 2|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 41| 55|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3| 3|  |  |
 3|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 44| 58|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3| 3|  |  |
 4|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 47| 61|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3| 3|  |  |
 5|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 50| 64|  |  |  |  |  |  | 3|  | 3| 3|  
 6|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 53| 67|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3|  | 3|  |  
 7|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 56| 70|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3|  |  |  | 3
 8|Lower Monastery      |  |  | 59| 73|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3|  |  |  | 3
 9|Upper Mon. or Arnika |  |  | 62| 76|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3|  |  |  | 3
10|Trynton              |  |60| 65| 79|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3|  |  |  | 3
11|Old Mine Tunnels     |  |  | 68| 82|  |  |  |  |  | 3| 3|  |  |  | 3
12|Marten’s Bluff I     |  |  | 71| 85|  |  |  |  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  | 3
13|Chaos Moliri Quest   |  |  | 74| 88|  |  |  |  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  | 3
14|Mt. Wild I, to RFS-81|  |  | 77| 91|  |  |  |  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  | 3
15|To Arnika or After   |  |  | 80| 94|  |  |  |  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  | 3
16|Rynjin, or in Bayjin |  |  | 83| 97|  |  |  |  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  | 3
17|Z’Ant Bayjin Reward  |  |  | 86|100|  |  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  |  |  | 3  
18|General Yamir Quests |  |  | 89|   |58|  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  |  |  | 3 
19|Asc. Peak portal run |  |  | 92|   |61|  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  |  |  | 3 
20|SE Wilderness Temple |  |  | 95|   |64|  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  |  |  | 3 
21|Rapax Away Camp      |  |  | 98|   |67|  |  | 3|  | 3|  |  |  |  | 3 
22|Yamir, or on the way |  |  |100|   |70|  |51| 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
23|Rapax Rift           |  |  |   |   |73|  |54| 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
24|Rapax, or DS Tower   |  |  |   |   |76|  |57| 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
25|Shallows to Sea Caves|  |  |   |   |79|  |60| 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
26|Sea Caves, to Amit   |  |  |   |   |82|63|  | 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
27|Up thru Chaos Moliri |  |  |   |   |85|  |63| 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
28|Up thru Rapax Army   |  |  |   |   |88|66|  | 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
29|Before Cosmic Circle |  |  |   |   |91|  |66| 3| 3|  |  | 3|  |  |  
Lv|Where                |St|In|Pie|Vit|Dx|Sp|Sn|IS|IW|DW|Cr|Lk|Wt|Dv|Ai

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