Wizard Taro EP3 Walkthrough, Hints and Tips for PC Games.

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 Wizard Taro EP3

Wizard Taro EP3


Living room:
Turn left, and then click on the floor, right side of the screen. 
The view will change. Take the screwdriver to the bottom right corner.
Look under sofa and take rubber stopper.
Look manual in the right square of white cabinet. Take red car from 
the last page.
Look marks on left window (you must go behid the sofa, round it and 
then turn left to see them)

Open the fridge and take banana, view the banana and peels it.
Plug the microwave. Turn on the microwave an note code and colour that appears.
Look in the cabinet under the outlet, and open the left door (the one that does 
not have knob). Take skewer on the down shelf.
See the banana and put the skewer on it. You’ve got a skewered banana.
Open the bottom right door of kitchen cabinet and see the hit about the screwdriver.
Turn on fire and cooks the skewered banana on the kitchen.
Turn right two times and go to the dinning room.

Dinning room:
Loock left arm chair of bottom left chair. There is a gap. Open it with the 
screwdriver. Push red button. A proyector will open on the table. Switch on 
an see the wall in front of it. Note the code an colour.

The Bathroom:
Go to the bathroom (in the corridor, the first door on the left)
Look the screwdriver, an open it, you will obtain a red key.
Use the key to open the bathroom.
Put the rubber stopper on the bath and open hot water.
Turn on right an see the mirrow. Put in open an note code an colour. 
Push in the middle of the code an take black key.
Go to the next door, the door of the corner.

Room of the corner:
Open the door with the black key
Take the cone. Look it an flip over cone weight and enter 2 digit code (18)
Take blue key.
Go to the study room (green door)

Study room:
Look hit about water under the table.

Safe: Put the cursor (without click it!) on the rignt/left side of the big circle
(the external one, not the small cicle) and an arrow will appear. 
Then click the arrow to put the code on the safe.
Code (R4L3R3).
Open the safe and get blue ball.
Turn right two times, and click down the library. Get handle on the last shelf.
Go to the end of corridor, in front of stairs.

End of corridor:
Look up the plant, and click over it. You see an incomplete switch. 
Put on the handle an switch on. You can go upstairs now.

Look downs bookshelve. Look at the image reflected on crystal. 
Click on it and you will got a remote controller.
Go down bookshelve. Take cd case under bookshelve.
Hang the picture with the game of cars on the wall. Put the red car on it. 
Start the game and note the numbers of cars.
Use remote with dvd player. A cd will appear. Take it.
Go to the little table with a blue flag on it. Push the flag,
Turn left an input the code to open the door.
Code (good)
Click the floor on bottom side. Take the step.
Go to the little window in front of stairs. Look at the bottom. 
Put the step on the floor. Look at the window.
You have to use the fried banana so Nakano can help you.
Then throw you a blue ball with the letters GG on it.
You can take it later downstairs, in the plant of the end of the corridor.

Look at the carpet on the middle of the room. It have several roman numbers on it.
Place yourself in the center of the carpet. Click in the lowest part of every sight 
up to seeing the Roman number in every side of the carpet. Note the four roman numbers.
Go to the brown door.
Every sight on the carpet fits to a picture of which you had seen below with the 
hour annotated in the straight corner.

You have to introduce the roman numbers following the hourly order of each sight.
Click under the numbers and the doors will open
Take the wheel on the left side.
Go to the column, and put the wheel in the hole of the column. 
A corridor will be opened in the ground floor.
Go downstairs and turn left two times. Go into the corridor.

How To get the golden key:
Go to the basement, and then go back to the stairs, and before you go up, 
click on the right side of stairs. There is a corridor with a hint behind the stairs 
(click on left side of screen).
The hint is for the code to the cd.
Go upstairs now, to the kitchen.

Look at the bottom right cabinet with the three buttons (below the outlet of microwave). 
It will say “set cd in the upper” (of cabinet).Insert the cd. 
Open the left door of cabinet. You’ll see the order you have to put the code.
Now you have to put on the code by following the hint of basement:

First button=?
Second button=ß
Third button=?

And remember to put in the correct order (ß2 ?3 ?1). 
If you need to “restart” you only have to open the drawer.
Open the drawer and take the gold key.

In the Basement:
Go down stairs to the pool.
Throw the ball with GG to the middle of the pool and a brigde or rainbow appears.
Go to the other side.
Do you remember the manual? Change the first “K” for a “N”.
See the blue man.

Here there are various different endings:
You can flip the men by pushing his leg. Depending on wich side are the men facing up, 
you will get one different ending. Put the blue ball for head of the men and turn 
around to see a new corridor.

To get the "good end":
1. After you get the gold key from the kitchen, go back down to the basement.
2. Cross the pool. Look around. One of the walls has a "gap"
3. Click the gap, a door will open.
4. Press the "R" once to reset. Press the "S" once to start.
5. Go back upstairs to the keypad door.
6. The corresponding numbers from the car game on the second floor will tell you what to do.
7. Just like a regular keypad, the numbers go across.
8. Click the numbers until you get the corresponding correct colors from the cars upstairs.
9. That would be: 1=Brown, 2=Grey, 3=Blue, 4=Green, 5=Red, 6=White, 7=Yellow, 8=Pink, 
   9=black, 10=Purple.
10. You're now unlocked! Use your gold key and get the heck out.

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