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 Zork II - FAQ

Zork II - FAQ



The Optimized Straightforward Walkthru for Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz


This FAQ is copyright 2008-2009 by Stanley E. Dunigan (

This FAQ may be posted and used anywhere by anyone as long as it's unaltered,
but always check one of the official websites listed below for the latest

GameFAQs (
SuperCheats (
Neoseeker (


Like all of my optimized straightforward walkthrus, this FAQ is a complete
walkthru for the game that has been optimized and organized to make it as fast
and easy as possible to complete the game. I don't give any reference-style
information, like a list of all treasures, or encourage you to do unnecessary
things. In true walkthru fashion, I just tell you the answers without explaining
or rationalizing them. If you want non-spoiler-ish hints, see the Zork II hint
file on the Universal Hint System (UHS) website at:


This is just a slightly spiffed up final release of this walkthru.


This is the original release of this FAQ, so I have no special notes or credits
to report yet.


NOTE: This FAQ was written while playing the Zork II version that came with the
Lost Treasures of Infocom package that was released in 1991 by Activision. As
far as I know, everything will be the same for other game versions.

WIZARD NOTE: The extremely annoying Wizard of Frobozz will randomly appear and
cast random spells on you, some of which can be very annoying (even fatal in
certain circumstances). Due to this randomness, you should save your game
frequently so you can restore without losing much progress whenever the wiz
makes a pain of himself. (Note that you can stop worrying about it after
completing Step 4.)

*** STEP 1: Get the blue sphere. ***

In the starting area, pick up the lamp and sword. Go south three times, then
southwest, and then south again to reach a dark area. However, you don't need to
turn your lamp on. Just go SE to get to another well-lit area.

Enter the gazebo and take everything there (GET ALL), then exit the gazebo and
go south twice, then west. Turn your lamp on to find that you're in the carousel
room, which is another very annoying bit of randomness. Drop the sword,
newspaper, and matchbook (you'll get them back later when you need them), then
save your game.

You need to go north from the carousel room to the marble hall, so try going
north. If you end up in the wrong area, restore your save and try it again. Keep
it up until you make it, then save again right away.

Go north to the deep ford, then type GET WATER to fill the teapot you got in the
gazebo with water. Go north again and then up to reach a tiny room with a locked
door. Slide the place mat under the door, open the door's keyhole lid, and put
the letter opener into the keyhole.

Get the opener and mat, then get the key that fell off of the mat. Unlock the
door with the key, then open the door and go north. You can now get the blue
sphere. Also, drop the letter opener and key, since you're done with them.

*** STEP 2: Get the red sphere. ***

Go south, down, and south three more times to get back to the whirly old
carousel room. Repeat the save-and-try-again routine until you can make it
southeast to the riddle room.

To solve the riddle and open the big stone door, type SAY "WELL" (quotes
included). Go east to the pearl room and get the pearl necklace, then go east to
the circular room. Enter the bucket and pour the water out of your teapot (POUR
WATER) to get yourself elevated to the top of the well.

Exit the bucket, then go east to get to the tea room. Get the red, blue, and
green cakes from the table. Eat the green cake to make yourself smaller so you
can go east to the pool room. Throw the red cake at the pool to evaporate it
enough that you can take the package of rare candies.

Turn the lamp off to save power, then go west and eat the blue cake to regain
your normal size. Go northwest to the low room, then tell the robot to go east
(ROBOT, E). Follow him to the machine room, and have him press the triangular
button for you (ROBOT, PRESS TRIANGULAR).

Have the robot go south, then go after him to find yourself in a dingy closet
with a red sphere. Try to take the sphere, then tell the robot to get rid of the
steel cage that imprisons you (ROBOT, GET CAGE). Now you can actually take the
red sphere.

*** STEP 3: Get into the wizard's home. ***

Go north and west to return to the low room. It's now spinning like the carousel
room used to, so treat it the same way. Save your game, go SE, then restore and
try again if you don't make it to the tea room. Save after you make it, then go
west and turn your lamp back on.

Enter the bucket and get the water (GET WATER) in order to descend, then exit
the bucket and drop the teapot. Go west twice and then northwest to return to
the carousel room, which is now different. It's not spinning anymore, so there's
no more need to save before going somewhere from it. Also, there's a dented
steel box there that you can open and take a valuable violin from.

Go southwest to a cobwebby corridor and pick up the string before going
southwest again. In the guarded room, feed the candies to the lizard to get it
to go to sleep. Drop the violin, red sphere, and necklace, then return to the
carousel room by going north and northeast.

To reach the dragon room, go northwest and then north twice. To get rid of the
dragon, hit him (HIT DRAGON), go south, hit him again, go south again, hit him
one last time, and go west.

After the dragon stupidly drowns himself, go east and then north three times to
enter his lair. Try to open the chest, then try again if necessary. Once the
chest is open, you can take the gold dragon statuette.

Next, go south, east twice, then south three more times to get back to the
carousel room. Turn the lamp off, then go east and north twice to reach the
garden's north end. Wait until the princess gives you a gold key and a perfect
rose, then drop the rose (it's useless).

Return to the carousel room and turn the lamp back on. Drop the string and pick
up the sword, then go southwest twice to return to the guarded room. Unlock the
door with the gold key, then pick up the necklace, red sphere, and violin. Open
the door and go south to reach the wizard's workshop area.

*** STEP 4: Summon a demon. ***

Go west to find a workroom with three colored stands in it. Put the red sphere
on the ruby stand and the blue sphere on the sapphire stand. Go south to the
pentagram room and drop the violin, necklace, gold key, and dragon statuette.

Go north and west to reach the aquarium room. Break the aquarium using the
command HIT AQUARIUM WITH SWORD, then take the white sphere. Go east and put the
white sphere on the diamond stand. This will cause a black stand with a black
sphere on it to appear, so take the black sphere.

Go south and put the black sphere in the pentagram to get a demon to appear.
Pick up the treasures you dropped (GET ALL), then give them to the demon (GIVE
ALL BUT LAMP TO DEMON). If the wizard hasn't shown up yet, wait until he does.
He'll be stuck here from now on, unable to heckle you elsewhere.

*** STEP 5: Get some more treasures from the volcano. ***

Leave the wizard's home by going north, east, and north, then go north and
northeast to get back to the carousel room. Get the string, matchbook, and
newspaper, then go north and get the brick. Go south, northwest, and west to
return to the room where the dragon melted the ice for you.

Go west and get the moby ruby, then go south to the volcano bottom area. Enter
the basket, then open its metal receptacle and put the newspaper in it. Light a
match from the matchbook, then burn the newspaper with the match. That will
inflate the balloon, which will soon start rising.

Wait until the balloon is next to a small ledge. Type LAND, then tie the
basket's braided wire to the small hook that's attached to the nearby rock. Exit
the balloon and get the zorkmid coin that's lying around, then go south to the

Get the purple book and open it to find a valuable stamp. Take the stamp and
drop the book, then go north and enter the balloon. Untie the braided wire, then
wait until the balloon is near a wide ledge.

Land and tie the wire to the hook again, then exit the balloon and go south. Put
the string you have into the brick you also have, then put the brick in the
rusty box's hole. Light a match, then burn the string with the match. Go north
and then back south to find that the rusty box has been blown open.

Take the crown, then go back north and enter the balloon. Untie the wire, then
close the receptacle so that the balloon will descend. Wait until it lands at
the volcano bottom, then exit the balloon. You can now drop the matchbook.

*** STEP 6: Rob the bank. ***

To get to the bank entrance from the volcano bottom, go north, east twice, north
twice, and west twice. From the entrance, go northeast and east to get to the
safety depository area. Go south and take the painting, then go back north and
drop the painting.

Go north using the command WALK THROUGH NORTH WALL, then go south using the
command WALK THROUGH SOUTH WALL. Using the same wording, walk through the north
wall again to get to the vault area. Pick up the stack of zorkmid bills, then
walk through the north wall yet again to return to the safety depository.

Drop the zorkmid bills and go east. Go east again to return to the depository,
and pick up the painting and zorkmid bills. Walk through the north wall one last
time to get to the east viewing room, then go south and east to exit the bank
with its two treasures.

*** STEP 7: Kill the wizard. ***

Return to the carousel room by going east, south twice, and southeast. Then go
southwest twice, south, west, and south to return to the pentagram room. The
demon and wizard will both still be there, patiently awaiting your return.

Give the demon the treasures you have in your inventory (GIVE ALL BUT LAMP TO
DEMON) to finally satisfy his greed. Now you can get him to kill the wizard for
you by typing DEMON, KILL WIZARD. You're finally free of that pest!

*** STEP 8: Move on to Zork III. ***

Get the wizard's wand, then go north, east, north, north, and northeast to get
to the carousel room. From there, go south to the menhir room. Point the wand at
the menhir, then type CHANT "FLOAT" (quotes included) to move the menhir out of
the way.

Go southwest to find a weird kennel with a giant dog collar in it. Take the
collar, then go northeast, south, and down to reach the "oddly angled room"
maze. Go east until you reach a room with a long wooden club on the ground.

Take the club, then "run the bases" (of all the stupid things) by going
southeast, northeast, northwest, and southwest in that order. If you do it
right, you'll hear a strange rusty squeal in the distance. Try going different
directions until you make it back to the room with the marble stairway.

Once there, go down through the newly opened door to get to the Cerberus room.
Put the giant dog collar on the huge dog, then go east. Open the door and go
south to enter the crypt. Turn the lamp off so you can see the secret door. Open
it (OPEN SECRET DOOR), then go south to finish the game.

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