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ZWEI!! FAQ v0.6 by alamone (C)2002 may not be reprinted without author's
                                   written consent.
ZWEI!! is (C)2001 Nihon Falcom Corporation.
This FAQ uses Shift-JIS encoding for Japanese text.

Table of Contents:
  I. Intro
 II. Control
III. Walkthrough
 IV. Pet Monitor Guide
  V. Food Guide
 VI. Version History
VII. Contact info

     Arges is one of the floating islands in the world "Granvallen,"
   where the final battle of Great Sorcery War occurred 500 years ago.
  Today, the island is no more than a peaceful countryside blessed with
 nature and ruins. But one day, when a stranger arrived at Aplyes temple,
  the peace of Arges began to be disturbed. FALCOM presents... "ZWEI!!"

I. Intro
Q1) What is ZWEI!!?
"ZWEI!!" is a Action RPG PC game by Falcom released Dec 20, 2001.
DVD version uses uncompressed WAV for music, CD uses ADPCM.
The limited first edition has the following extras:
- Metallic silver box
- Original Soundtrack ZWEI!! (two CDs) - music by Sound Team jdk
- Arrange Soundtrack "Ys Healing" (one CD) - music by Sound Team jdk
- Fullcolor picture label on game disc (CD and DVD labels are the same)

There seems to be another edition coming out with an alternative cover,
including the Zwei!! Official Guidebook and the "Dokodemo ZWEI!! Goods
Full Set," because the Ltd. Ed. sold out already. See the Falcom website.

[ Zwei!! Original Soundtrack / Falcom Sound Team jdk ]
Original soundtrack to Zwei!! - Songs usually loop at least twice.
Release Date: 12/20/2001
Retail Price: Open
Disc 1: 56'01''
 1. 浮遊大陸アルジェス −Introduction−                              3'10''
    Floating Continent Arges -Introduction-
 2. 永劫の夢、大空の記憶 −Zwei!! 2人で大冒険−                      2'34''
    Dream of Eternity, Memory of Skies -Zwei!! Futari de Dai Bouken-
 3. プック村                                                         4'24''
    Puck Village
 4. 浮遊大陸アルジェス −Main Theme−                                5'37''
    Floating Continent Arges -Main Theme-
 5. パーヴェル庭園                                                   3'56''
    Pavel Garden
 6. カヤパの森                                                       3'26''
    Kapaya Forest
 7. クロップ洞窟                                                     4'07''
    Cropp Cave
 8. ケノーピ火山                                                     3'23''
    Kenopi Volcano
 9. 浮遊大陸アルジェス −夢見る秘宝−                                2'03''
    Floating Continent Arges -Dream of Secret Treasure-
10. コルベットのテーマ −ネコ言うニャ―ッ!−                        2'30''
    Colbet's Theme -Cat says Nyaa!-
11. Fight!! −壊してポックル−                                       2'46''
    Fight!! -Attack of Pockle-
12. ひとときの休息を                                                 1'54''
    Moment of Rest
13. ダプネ砂漠                                                       4'21''
    Dapne Desert
14. ヒポリタの丘                                                     4'52''
    Hiporita Hill
15. トリポカ湖                                                       3'57''
    Toripoca Lake
16. プシュケの屋敷                                                   2'48''
    Pshuke's Residence
17. おやすみ                                                           13''
    Oyasumi (Good Night)

Disc 2: 55'56''
 1. 妖精たちの村                                                     3'20''
    Fairies' Village
 2. スピリ古代迷宮                                                   4'27''
    Supiri Ancient Labyrinth
 3. 竜の眠る道                                                       4'25''
    Road to where the Dragon Sleeps
 4. アプリエス神殿                                                   4'51''
    Aplyes Temple
 5. エスピナ暗黒神殿                                                 4'06''
    Espina Temple of Dark
 6. 幻の大地 セルペンティナ                                          4'40''
    Mythical Land Selpentina
 7. 魔王の両腕 −ハンド−                                            2'38''
    Devil's Arms -Hand-
 8. 最後の闘い −魔王ヴェスパー−                                    4'34''
    Final Battle -Demon Vesper-
 9. 安堵のメロディ                                                   5'41''
    Melody of Relief
10. 花と風のうた                                                     2'42''
    Song of Flower and Wind
11. ムービー1 −光への誘い−                                           28''
    Movie1 -Invitation to the Light-
12. ムービー2 −闇への誘い−                                           20''
    Movie2 -Invitation to the Dark-
13. ムービー3 −降臨−                                                 33''
    Movie3 -Descent-
14. ムービー4 −大樹−                                                 47''
    Movie4 -Large Tree-
15. ムービー5 −崩壊−                                                 32''
    Movie5 -Collapse-
16. Zwei!!シューティング −遊んでピピロ−                            3'10''
    Zwei!! Shooting -Flight of Pipiro-
17. モナモ〜ナ                                                       2'32''
18. Theme of Adol 2001                                               2'02''
    Theme of Adol 2001
19. ボーナストラック:遊んでピピロ −Original Version−              1'49''
    Bonustrack: Flight of Pipiro -Original Version-
20. ボーナストラック:永劫の夢、大空の記憶 −Demo Version−          2'19''
    Bonustrack: Dream of Eternity, Memory of Skies -Demo Version-

[ Ys Healing / Falcom Sound Team jdk ]
An arranged soundtrack of favorite Ys music, in a relaxing manner.
Release Date: 12/20/2001
Retail Price: Open
Disc 1: 47'55''
 1. 永遠の希い 〜Feena〜                                             4'38''
    Eternal Hope -Feena-
 2. 永遠の眠り 〜A still time〜                                      2'34''
    Eternal Sleep -A still time-
 3. 淡い恋 〜Too full with love〜                                    5'08''
    Faint Love -Too full with love-
 4. 夜更けの神殿 〜Palace〜                                          6'30''
    Temple of Late Night -Palace-
 5. 虹色の瞳 〜Lilia〜                                               5'34''
    Rainbow Colored Eyes -Lilia-
 6. 氷のワルツ 〜Ice ridge of Nortia〜                               4'09''
    Waltz of Water -Ice ridge of Nortia-
 7. 月のサルモン 〜Palace of Salmon〜                                5'10''
    Moon of Salmon -Palace of Salmon-
 8. 黒い真珠 〜The last moment of the dark〜                         5'48''
    Black Pearl -The last moment of the dark-
 9. 女神の夢 〜Feena〜                                               5'25''
    Dream of Goddess -Feena-
10. 心の扉 〜Open your heart〜                                       2'59''
    Opening of heart -Open your heart-

[ "Dokodemo ZWEI!! Campaign" Goods Full Set ] Present!
1) Zwei!! Demo CD
2) Zwei!! 2002 Mini-calendar
3) Zwei!! Silver Book Seal
4) Zwei!! Clearfile Cover Illust by 七瀬葵
5) Zwei!! Clearfile Arges Illust
6) Zwei!! Pass case
7) Zwei!! Mouse seat
These goods are for promotion of Zwei!! and may be included with your
copy of the game. Extra goods are always fun!

For more information please visit Zwei!! official webpage (Japanese only):
Primary site:
Mirror site:

ZWEI!! is very popular in the sales ranking of Japan!
"Weekly ASCII" - #1 selling game
CD-ROM Fan     - #1 ranking game
TECH Win       - #1 sales ranking
Dengeki Daioh  - #1 PC game BEST 10

As best as I could figure out, the Zwei!! support programs (game patches):
- Fix display of Kenopi Volcano lettering not appearing.
- Fix Oopu's multiplication.
- Fix not dying after game over.
- Fix becoming unable to move.
- Fix desktop panel (pet monitor) closing.
- Fix when Uroboros (ウロボロス) stays in the game too long,
  magic stops coming out.

- Fix blue screen.
- Fix BGM dropout.
- Fix message appearing "Door is opened" when no trap is there.
- Fix strange records of best score in score book.
- Fix unable to get gold medal in route of Selpentina.

Q2) What are requirements?
Japanese Windows operating system - 98/2000/ME/XP.
It is confirmed game does --NOT-- work in Windows 98/98SE/ME English.
It works in Windows 2000/XP Eng. because of better language support.
for more information. Thanks to Kagami for this info. I am running
Windows XP Japanese version so I cannot help you with these problems.
It also seem to work in other Asian language Windows operating system,
for example Chinese and Korean. Thanks to "Worry Sorrow" for info.
It seems to crash with a Hercules soundcard "Gamesurround Fortissimo."
Pentium II-300 minimum requirement. DVD-drive required for DVD version.

Q3) Is there demo available?
FALCOM host a small WMV file, and you can get from large AVI.

Q4) Where can I purchase?
Direct order from Nihon Falcom -
Himeya -
The retail price for limited edition (SOLD OUT) is 7980 Yen.
Retail price for new package is 6980 Yen.

Difference between versions is content of extra goods:
Limited edition - OST Zwei!! + "Ys Healing" + Silver metallic box
New edition - Guidebook Zwei!! + "Dokodemo Zwei!! Goods Full Set"

Q5) What does "ZWEI" mean?
Zwei is a Deutsch / German (Doitsu) word for "two."
Falcom Action RPG history: Xanadu -> Ys -> Zwei!!
The tagline for ZWEI!! is "さ 、ふたりで大冒険!"
Which means, "Let's have a great adventure with two (ZWEI)!"

II. Control
ZWEI!! has three methods of control: Keyboard, Mouse, and Joypad.
Joypad support is not enabled by default so you must go into options
from the ZWEIPET game launch bar to enable it. The following are controls:

1 - 4   : Quick access submenu: Status, Item, Map, Option
          While in submenu, game action is paused.
Cursors : Movement
Enter   : Action / attack
F1 - F12: Quick use/equip item slot
Ctrl    : Skip dialogue
ESC x2  : Switch character

Left click : Movement
Right click: Action / attack

D-pad  : Movement
Button1: Action / attack
Button2: Cancel
Button3: Menu

I recommend using a joypad for best control. Keyboard is helpful to use
items quickly, and mouse is useful for item management.

III. Walkthrough

Table of Contents
01. Opening
02. Hiporita Hill
03. Kapaya Forest 1, LV 0
04. Pavel Garden 1, LV 1
05. Cropp Cave 1, LV 2
06. Kapaya Forest 1, LV 3
07. Kapaya Forest 2, LV 4
08. Kapaya Forest 3, BOSS
09. Puck Village
10. Toripoca Lake
11. Kapaya Forest 2, LV 5
12. Kapaya Forest 1, LV 0
13. Kapaya Forest, Sylph Forest
14. Pavel Garden 2, LV 5
15. Kenopi Volcano 1, LV 4
16. Kenopi Volcano 1, LV 6
17. Dapne Desert, Oasis Gallery LV 7 (optional)
18. Kenopi Volcano 2, LV 7
19. Kenopi Volcano 3, BOSS
20. Kenopi Volcano 2, LV 8
21. Kenopi Volcano, Salamander's Nest
22. Puck Village
23. Kenopi Volcano, Salamander's Nest
24. Toripoca Lake
25. Puck Village, Pshuke's Residence LV 9
26. Kapaya Forest 2, LV 8
27. Cropp Cave 1, LV 9
28. Kapaya Forest 1, LV10
29. Dapne Desert
30. Cropp Cave 2, LV10
31. Cropp Cave, Village of Gnome
32. Dapne Desert
33. Puck Village, Hospital
34. Cropp Cave, Village of Gnome
35. Kenopi Volcano 2, LV12
36. Pavel Garden 2, LV11
37. Pavel Garden 3, BOSS
38. Pavel Garden 2, LV12
39. Pavel Garden, Undine Land
40. Puck Village
41. Toripoca Lake: Underpass in Toripoca LV14 (optional)
42. Pavel Garden 1, LV13
43. Pavel Garden, Undine Land
44. Cropp Cave 2, LV15
45. Cropp Cave 2, LV16
46. Cropp Cave 3, BOSS
47. Puck Village
48. Cropp Cave, Village of Gnome
49. Feather of Rebirth (optional)
50. Dapne Desert
51. Hiporita Hill
52. Kapaya Forest 1, LV0
53. Kapaya Forest 1, LV3 (optional)
54. Hiporita Hill
55. Aplyes Temple 1, LV16
56. Aplyes Temple 2, LV17
57. Aplyes Temple 2, LV18
58. Aplyes Temple 3, BOSS
59. Unknown Passage
60. Espina Temple of Dark 1, LV18
61. Espina Temple of Dark 2, LV19
62. Espina Temple of Dark 2, LV20
63. Espina Temple of Dark 3, BOSS
64. Puck Village
65. Hiporita Hill (Inside Ancient Cedar LV21):
66. Supiri Ancient Labyrinth (optional)
67. Puck Village
68. Selp Ruins
69. Mythical Land Selpentina 1, LV20
70. Mythical Land Selpentina 2, LV21
71. Mythical Land Selpentina 3, LV28 (optional)
72. Cropp Cave 1, LV28 (optional)
73. Kenopi Volcano 1, LV29 (optional)
74. Pavel Garden 1, LV31 (optional)
75. Tower of Tomb, LV31 (optional)
76. Kapaya Forest 1, LV33 (optional)
77. LV20 dungeons (optional)
78. Mythical Land Selpentina 3, FINAL BOSS
79. Epilogue

01. Opening:
- Start a new game, and name your characters, defaults are Pipiro for the
  girl and Pockle for the guy. Choose between a cat or a dog for a pet -
  the cat is named Tama and the dog is named Pochi.
- Watch the nice introduction, and go through the opening dialogues.

[ Side explanation: Your House ]
Here's what you can do at your house:
- Talk to the other character to save your game.
- Look at the diary on the table. It has records of events you've seen
  and gives hints for progressing the story through greyed events.
- Store money in the safe. The reason to do this is if you die, you lose
  a lot of your money. Of course, if you die you can also opt to restore
  from a saved game instead to keep your money-.
- Store items into the chest. Items that are gathered by the pet on the
  desktop also appear here.
- Go to sleep. Restores HP.
- Use Pipiro's CD player to change the music.
- Leave your pet at home. I see no reason why you should do this though.
  The pet picks up coins, attacks enemies, and allows you to do the highest
  charge attack.
[ End of explanation ]

- Go to the church and talk to Sister Raspberry.
- Follow the mysterious man into Aplyes temple.
- Explore the town and get the following 6 items:
  From Brick - Item Dictionary
  From Aria - Character Notebook (Chara Note)
  From Kite - Monster Dictionary
  From Paul - Score Book
  Behind Pshuke's residence - Renamer
  In Pshuke's residence behind the windows - Pet Renamer
  Explore the lower-right forest area to get a best collection CD.
  You can put it in Pipiro's CD player to change the music.
  (New game plus is available after beating the game and continuing
   from the clear save data.)
- Note that in ZWEI!!, characters will mill around the town so they may
  not always be at the same place. Shopkeepers will usually be at the
  same place though. If you want to talk to them instead of purchase from
  them, you have to talk to them behind the counter.
- You start off with 1000 penny, purchase from the weapon shop the
  "Push glove" (costs 300 penny, -1 to all stats). You will need it later
  so keep it in your inventory. Buy something else with the rest of your
  money or save it - up to you.

[ Side explanation: Item management ]
  Your inventory consists of your backpack and 12 quick use slots, which
  are accessible with the F1 - F12 keys. Equipped items must be placed into
  the quick use slots - there are seven types of items you may equip:
  Magic stone, Hat, Armor, Arm/Glove, Boots, Amulet/Necklace, Scroll.
  You can increase the capacity of your backpack by an "Item Sack,"
  Use it to increase your capacity by 10.
[ End of explanation ]

02. Hiporita Hill:
Hiporita Hill is a little southeast from Dapne Desert. Check out the
well, then go into the tent and get the rope, then go back to the well
and rescue the pet from the well. You now have your pet! When you run
ZWEI!! next time, enable the desktop pet monitor and let your pet get
items for you. If you don't supervise your pet's actions, it will choose
randomly. Also, now is a good time to change the partner/pet AI - pick
"Ike Ike" (Go Go) - the 2nd option, to make them more aggressive.

03. Kapaya Forest 1, LV 0:
Nothing important here - you will do something here later. Get some candy
from the enemies and get used to combat here. Note that only Pockle can
move heavy objects like the large mushroom in the middle of the level. To
switch characters, left click on the portrait on the bottom-left, or press
ESC twice. Note that the LV plate is a suggestion for your level - as long
as your character is about that LV, you should handle the dungeon fine.

[ Side explanation: EXP and food ]
  ZWEI!! is unique in that EXP can only be gained by eating food. In
  addition to restoring HP, food also gives you EXP. Nothing else in
  the game gives you EXP, so food is a very valuable commodity. If you
  are able to get 10 of any food type, bring it to the Inn in Puck Village
  and click by the register. Pick the first choice, and the second choice
  to transform 10 food items into a higher level food item, worth more EXP.
[ End of explanation ]

04. Pavel Garden 1, LV 1:
There's a buff enemy in the middle of the level guarding a gate - be
careful not to get killed by it. At the end of the level you get your
first Item Sack. You meet Treasure Hunters Natalie and Tom and they leave
you a teleport item - "Adventure's Wing." These are useful - always keep at
least a few in your inventory (they can be bought from the standing man
in Puck village). They allow you to teleport to any sublevel of a dungeon,
or back to the village. Any dungeon has at most 3 sublevels - the entrance,
midway, and before the dungeon boss. !Caution appears before a boss.

05. Cropp Cave 1, LV 2:
Again, only Pockle can move that big shroom in the middle of the level.
After clearing, learn attack skill LV1 charge attack. Hopefully you
have a teleport item, use it to escape the dungeon once you clear it.

[ Side explanation: Charge Attacks ]
Charge attacks can be accumulated through increasing your combo meter -
the higher the combo you get, the higher the level of the charge
attack accumulated.
- LV1 looks like a yellow smiley.
- LV2 looks like a red smiley with spikes.
- LV3 looks like two stars side by side. "Shiipuraton"
  LV3 charge attack will vary depending on which character you are.
- LV4 looks like a purple smiley with lots of spikes. "Suriipuraton"
  LV4 charge attack requires you to have your pet.
Note that on bosses, 3rd and 4th level charge attacks will be ineffectual
because the boss will autoheal, however 1st and 2nd level charge attacks
are fine. However, if 3rd/4th level charge attack is able to do more than
99999 damage, the excess damage WILL be carried over. This is especially
useful if you can manage to do a critical hit with a LV3 charge - the
resulting damage will be in excess of 200000 if done properly.

06. Kapaya Forest 1, LV 3:
To open the way to LV 3, just step on the plate with the feet on it.
This plate appears in other places as well, and should be done similarly.
In the middle of the level you'll notice a big grey block with a sun on
top of it. You need to equip the Push Glove and be Pockle in order to
move it around. Do the same thing when this block appears elsewhere.
You'll also notice a green pillar blocking a passageway - don't worry
about getting past it yet, you need to use the opposite magic type to
remove those pillars (the pillar is Green/Wind, you need Brown/Thunder
to remove it). Obviously, you don't have this magic yet. At the end
meet Treasure Hunters Natalie and Tom again.

07. Kapaya Forest 2, LV 4:
Use the Push Glove to open the way to LV4 dungeon. There will be a 3x3
lever puzzle in the middle of the level - the button to the upper-right
resets the puzzle. The levers being arranged like this:
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
To open the left gate, the sequence is 1,7,5,6,9,3.
To open the bottom gate, hit lever 6.
The above assumes the levers are in the original state (hit the button
to the upper left to restore original state). Note that solving these
type of puzzles is easier with Pipiro, since she doesn't move when firing.
QUEST ITEMS: Wind Flower, Lure (fish)

08. Kapaya Forest 3, BOSS:
Meet Colbet, the Cat Magician Summoner! He will summon your first boss.
After beating the boss, collect the Earth Holy Statue.

09. Puck Village:
Return the Earth Holy Statue to the proper Altar (lower-left) in Aplyes
temple. Then, head to the east area of the town (there is a split in the
mountain where you can pass through) to see an event with Miles crashing
his plane.

10. Toripoca Lake:
Talk to Jiyunoo. You will give him the Lure. He will give you the item
"Hook Rope." Remember those posts you saw in Kapaya Forest 2, LV 4?
You can use the Hook Rope to cross gaps with those posts. You can get
a Tamago (Egg) if you go back to that part.

11. Kapaya Forest 2, LV 5:
Return to the 2nd sublevel of Kayapa Forest using a teleport item.
Use the Push Glove to open the way to the LV 5 dungeon. By the way, you
might be wondering what the use is for those "Pull Top" items and maybe
Soda Cans you keep collecting from pots and chests. You will need them
later to create Aluminum Equipment so don't throw them away. After you
beat the dungeon, you reach the Sylph Forest.

12. Kapaya Forest 1, LV 0:
Save the Sylph Ripple from the post in the middle of the dungeon.

13. Kapaya Forest, Sylph Forest:
You can teleport directly to Sylph Forest from the Kapaya Forest submenu.
Talk to Enpurufu to receive the "Key of Water".

14. Pavel Garden 2, LV 5:
Use the "Key of Water" (1st option) to open the locked gate. On the 2nd
level of this dungeon, kill all the enemies surrounding the munchkin on
the post to open the gate. If you kill the munchkin on the post, the gate
will not open. At the end of the dungeon, receive the Magic Stone Treasure
Jewel of Arctic. Equip it to allow Pipiro to use Water Magic! Water Magic
shoots a cloud of bubbles directly in front, can destroy Fire (Red) Magic
Pillars, and does extra damage to Fire based enemies.

15. Kenopi Volcano 1, LV 4:
Use Water Magic to destroy the Red Fire Pillar blocking your way.
At the end of the dungeon, learn the attack skill LV2 charge attack
(obtain by 10 hit combo).

16. Kenopi Volcano 1, LV 6:
Nothing interesting in this dungeon. At the end, meet the Treasure Hunters
Natalie and Tom again, and get the item "Sandbag".

17. Dapne Desert, Oasis Gallery LV 7 (optional):
Go to the outcropping into the oasis in Dapne Desert, and use the Sandbag
(right-click). A passageway will appear. This dungeon is OPTIONAL but you
will want to go through it to get the scroll at the end. If you are not
confident about your boss fighting ability, you may want to save this
dungeon for a later time, perhaps after you finish all the Kenopi Volcano
dungeons. At the end you fight the Giant Fire Dragon, and after you beat
him you will get the Scroll of Fire which shoots a 4-way fire stream from
your character when equipped.

18. Kenopi Volcano 2, LV 7:
Teleport to midway through the Volcano and use the Hook Rope to cross to
the LV 7 dungeon. Note that some of the enemies may ABSORB water magic,
so in that case change to Pockle and use melee attacks OR deequip Water
Magic so that your magic is neutral element. Also, if you have the fire
scroll equipped it may also heal fire-based enemies, so be careful.
Sometimes in the level when you pop a balloon some spikes will fall from
the sky - you have to follow the path of the spikes and move faster than
the spikes in order to get past a gate.
QUEST ITEMS: Fire flower, Pull Top x3

19. Kenopi Volcano 3, BOSS:
Beat the Phoenix to receive the Water Holy Statue.

20. Kenopi Volcano 2, LV 8:
On the last floor where you see a LED marked "Zony," the top LED signifies
the target number and the bottom LED signifies your current status. In
this case, the numbers refer to number of barrels destroyed, but in other
places it could refer to something else. Make both numbers match 6 in
order to open the gate.
QUEST ITEMS: Pull Top x3, Empty Soda Can

21. Kenopi Volcano, Salamander's Nest:
Talk to Salamander Volkan.

22. Puck Village:
Return the Water Holy Statue to the middle right altar in Aplyes temple.
Go to your home and change your character to Pockle, then look at the
book in your room to receive the Picture Book.

23. Kenopi Volcano, Salamander's Nest:
Talk to Salamander Volkan. Exchange the Picture Book for Key of Wind!

24. Toripoca Lake:
Talk to Joodo to get Nameko Mushrooms. Use them to add a LV2 charge attack.

25. Puck Village, Pshuke's Residence LV 9:
Talk to Pshuke to get a Magnet. Go to the basement (the stairs to the
basement is now clear) and use the Magnet to move the statues from your
path. On the 2nd floor, do NOT open the chest to the right next to the
sign. On the 3rd floor, you must put something into all 4 open chests
to unlock the gate in the middle. After you beat the dungeon, don't relax
just yet because 5 maids will ambush you in the large room afterwards -
make sure you are ready for them. The maids have an attack that can dis-
orient you, making you move in the opposite direction you want to go.
At the end of the dungeon, receive an Item Sack. NEW GAME PLUS ONLY:
Instead of receiving an Item Sack, get a amulet that protects you from
all elemental attacks.

26. Kapaya Forest 2, LV 8:
Use the Key of Wind to open the way to the LV 8 dungeon. At the end of
the dungeon, receive Magic Stone Wind Magic! Wind magic shoots in a
circle around you, is strong against Earth enemies, can destroy Brown
Earth Pillars.

27. Cropp Cave 1, LV 9:
Use Wind Magic to destory the Brown Earth Pillars. The large rock in the
dungeon can be destroyed by a bomb. When you see a candle by a gate, light
the candle using the 4-way from the Fire Scroll OR use Pipiro's neutral
shot (no magic stone equipped). Meet Natalie & Tom again.

28. Kapaya Forest 1, LV10:
Use Wind Magic to destroy the Brown Earth Pillar. At the end of the
dungeon, learn attack skill LV3 charge attack, "Shiipuraton!" The attack
is different depending on which character you are, Pipiro or Pockle.

29. Dapne Desert:
Buy some Dynamite from the shopkeeper in the desert. 5 or so is good.
Buy a LOT of extra bombs as well from Puck Village. 10 just in case.

30. Cropp Cave 2, LV10:
Use the Dynamite to destroy the obstruction to the LV10 dungeon. During
the dungeon, use a bomb to destroy the large rocks and use dynamite to
destroy the hexagonal shaped rocks. If you run out of bombs, dynamite
will also do in a pinch, but use bombs when you can since they are cheaper.
If you didn't buy enough bombs and dynamite, you might run out in the
middle of the dungeon, and that is not fun since you have to backtrack.

31. Cropp Cave, Village of Gnome:
Talk to one of the gnomes to receive a Battery. Talk to Siegfried.

32. Dapne Desert:
Talk to Pyotr at the right end of the screen.

33. Puck Village, Hospital:
Talk to Peacharm to get a bottle of "Beautiful Blue Year"? (美青年)

34. Cropp Cave, Village of Gnome:
Talk to Siegfried to exchange the "Beautiful Blue Year" for a Key of Fire!

35. Kenopi Volcano 2, LV12:
Use the Key of Fire to open the way to LV12 dungeon. For the Zony LED, the
condition is # of enemies killed. After beating this dungeon, receive Magic
Stone Fire Magic! Shoots in a straight line, strong against water based
enemies, and destroys Blue Water Pillars.

36. Pavel Garden 2, LV11:
Use the Battery you obtained from the Village of Gnome to enter the LV11
dungeon. To solve the button puzzle, press them down in the following
order: Top, Upper-right, Lower-right, Lower-left, Upper-Right, Bottom.
You will know if you are getting the right order if the button stays down
when you hit it. If it doesn't, you have to start over from the top.
QUEST ITEMS: Flower of Water

37. Pavel Garden 3, BOSS:
Colbet will summon Leviathan. Be careful, because Leviathan has a special
attack where the entire screen is covered with a damaging wave. Hide
behind a stone blockade to prevent getting damaged. After beating the boss,
receive the Fire Holy Statue!

38. Pavel Garden 2, LV12:
Use the Battery to get to LV12 dungeon entrance.
QUEST ITEMS: Tuning Fork, Pull Top x2, Empty Soda Can

39. Pavel Garden, Undine Land:
Talk to Lapis to get a Poster. You can also play the minigame "Zwei
Shooting" at the arcade for 100P. There's only one level to the minigame.
It plays a little like R-Type: your "force" is the propeller, hit button 2
to launch it off. It absorbs bullets, and can also attach to your rear.
There are three powerups available: Speed, Missile, and Laser. Laser has
three levels of powerup: single star, dual stars, and single star with
laser. If you manage to beat the level without dying, you get a special
bonus. You also get a ship bonus for amount of ships left after winning.

40. Puck Village:
Talk to Curaiirai (in the Inn behind the counter) to give her the Poster.
Also, take this opportunity to drop off the Fire Holy Statue at the temple.

41. Toripoca Lake: Underpass in Toripoca LV14 (optional):
Go to the little pole to the upper-left of the lake (you have to go behind
the forest area to get to it) and use the Tuning Fork next to it. This
opens up a passageway by the lilies. After beating the dungeon, fight the
Giant Water Dragon. After beating him, receive the Water Scroll. Equip it
to absorb HP from enemies.

42. Pavel Garden 1, LV13:
Use Fire Magic to destroy the Blue Water Pillar blocking the LV13 dungeon.
For the series of foot plates, press the button to see the pattern, and
follow the same pattern with the same timing to open the gate. For the
first Zony LED, the # is how many times the chest is opened, and the
second, the # is how many times the gate you just came through opened.
After beating the dungeon, obtain LV4 charge attack "Suriipuraton" and...
a sandwich.

43. Pavel Garden, Undine Land:
Talk to Lapis again to get a Key of Earth!

44. Cropp Cave 2, LV15:
Use the Key of Earth to unlock the door. To light the candles in the
dungeon, use neutral shot or Fire magic. Water magic will put out the
candles, but I see no reason why you need to do this. After beating the
dungeon, receive Magic Stone Earth (Thunder) Magic! Shoots out a lightning
bolt which causes an electric field to stay and damage enemies. Strong
against Wind based enemies, and can destroy Green Wind Pillars.

45. Cropp Cave 2, LV16:
QUEST ITEMS: Flower of Earth

46. Cropp Cave 3, BOSS:
Watch out for the tail of the boss and the fire breath. Otherwise, I have
no other pointers for you. After beating the boss, watch your first FMV
cutscene, showing the side door to Aplyes Temple being opened. Collect
the Wind Holy Statue.

47. Puck Village:
Upon arriving the village, a event occurs. Return the Wind Holy Statue to
the temple.

48. Cropp Cave, Village of Gnome:
Gather all the Pull Tops and Empty Soda Cans and bring them to Michael
by the forge. He will convert them into Alumi (Aluminum) Equipment! They
are pretty good equipment so I suggest equipping them. Every piece gives
+2 to your defense. The equipment you will get are:
 30P - Alumi Wrist
 50P - Alumi Boots
 70P - Alumi Helm
 85P - Alumi Suit
100P - Alumi Guard

49. Feather of Rebirth (optional):
 0) Buy LOTS of Adventure's Wings (Teleport item).
 1) Undine Land : Talk to Gurana to get a "Pairlook" (ペアルック)
                  A "Pairlook" in Japanese is matching outfits.
 2) Puck Village: Talk to Riizahha (リーザッハ) and exchange Pairlook 
                  for Wedding Bouquet.
 3) Sylph Forest: Talk to Ripple to exchange Wedding Bouquet for
                  Fishing Pole.
 4) Puck Village: Talk to Brick to exchange Fishing Pole for Baseball Set.
 5) Salamander's Nest: Talk to Volkan to exchange Baseball Set for Fan.
 6) Supiri Ancient Labyrinth: Talk to Joodo to exchange Fan for Sake.
 7) Village of Gnome: Talk to Rock to exchange Sake for Bowl of Fish?
 8) Puck Village: Talk to Yuudeito (ユーディト) to exchange Bowl of Fish?
                  for Megane (Glasses).
 9) Undine Land : Talk to Rubini to exchange Megane for Slippers.
10) Puck Village: Talk to Puramu (east area of town, past mountain split,
                  near tree) to exchange Slippers for Feather of Rebirth(?)
                  When you drop this item on the floor, if you die you will
                  be resurrected.
Note that if you do this sequence at a later time, the locations of some
of the characters may change.

50. Dapne Desert:
Rejinefu has a new storefront and some new items, among them...
a complete set of Santa equipment o_O

51. Hiporita Hill:
Miles is trying to construct a new plane, but needs a Propeller and
an Engine. Off you go to retrieve said items...

52. Kapaya Forest 1, LV0:
At the end of the dungeon you will see a Green Wind Pillar, destroy it
using Earth Magic. The theme of this dungeon is counting, but if you don't
feel like counting, the answers for each floor in order are 20, 15, 24.
NEW GAME PLUS ONLY: On the 3rd floor past the "24 gate," after killing the
2nd wave of munchkins you will have to fight a super powered version of
the munchkin which is VERY powerful and has attacks that can kill you
in ONE hit. However you are allowed to use your charge attacks. I recommend
staying clear from this area, because unless you are very powerful you
will probably get killed. Should you want to take this guy on, I suggest
you stock up on LV4 charge mushrooms and use the LV4 charge attack
repeatedly. Use the LV4 charge about 15-20 times should take care of him.
When the super munchkin is at about 1/8 life, it will use a desperation
attack that hits the entire screen and does 75 damage about 4 times. So,
when he does this, use your LV4 charge attack and be prepared to heal
yourself repeatedly. If you manage to beat him, he will drop Bromide #1:
Pipiro. After beating the dungeon (well - meeting a dead end), you should
have both the Engine and the Propeller.

53. Kapaya Forest 1, LV3 (optional):
Now that you have Earth magic, you can destroy the Earth Pillar blocking
a passageway in the middle to get an armor worth 5000P.

54. Hiporita Hill:
What would these guys ever do without you? They gladly accept the
Engine and the Propeller. The plane is still not done yet, though.

55. Aplyes Temple 1, LV16:
Go back to Puck Village and go to the side door to the Temple that was
opened during the FMV sequence. You'll meet Paul there, and a teleporter
that will take you above into the clouds...

56. Aplyes Temple 2, LV17:
After beating this dungeon, receive the Magic Stone Light Magic!
Shoots in a forward 3-way pattern, strong against Dark.

57. Aplyes Temple 2, LV18:
Nothing interesting here...

58. Aplyes Temple 3, BOSS:
This boss can only be damaged by physical attacks, so use Pockle and make
sure to exhaust any stored magic you might have absorbed. After defeating
the boss, see the second FMV where the stone face wall disappears. Collect
the Light Holy Statue.

59. Unknown Passage:
Go through the passageway that was opened during the FMV. If you look
closely, there is an Item Sack hidden in the upper-left corner.

60. Espina Temple of Dark 1, LV18:
To deal with the black hole on the 2nd floor, light all 4 candles on
each corner. I suggest using Light Magic on this dungeon (obviously).
Light Magic can also light the candles for you. Tom & Natalie again.

61. Espina Temple of Dark 2, LV19:
At the end of the dungeon, receive Magic Stone Dark Magic!
Shoots in 4-way cross pattern twice (2nd delayed), strong against Light.

62. Espina Temple of Dark 2, LV20:
Again, to deal with the black hole, light 4 candles. The candles are a
little harder to get to this time, however.

63. Espina Temple of Dark 3, BOSS:
Relatively easy boss - use Light Magic. After beating him, see your 3rd
FMV showing the floating island appearing above Selp Ruins. The mysterious
man gives you the final Dark Holy Statue and you automatically take the
unconscious woman to the Inn in Puck Village.

64. Puck Village:
Drop off the Light and Dark Holy Statues in the Temple, talk to Pshuke,
and buy some charge attack mushrooms from Joodo if you want.

65. Hiporita Hill (Inside Ancient Cedar LV21):
See the plane completed and receive an unlimited teleporter item from
Miles as a reward. Now you don't have to keep buying teleporter items!
Also, you can use the Item "Ladder" here by the opening in the tree to
enter the Ancient Cedar. Defeat the Giant Wind Dragon at the end to get
the Wind Scroll, which increases your chance for critical hit.

66. Supiri Ancient Labyrinth (optional):
If you want to take a crack at it, try it. There are three courses.
Each course has treasure boxes with money in them and one box with a
special item - the layout of the treasure is random, and you have a
limited amount of time to explore each labyrinth.
Easy    -  1000P - Special Item "Clock"
Hard    - 10000P - Special Item "Calculator"
Special - 50000P - Special Item "Calendar"
After beating all three, pay again for "Special" and notice a new
passageway in front of the stairs (do not go down the stairs). Beat the
boss at the end (weak against Light Magic) to get Game #1:
"Mona Mona Lovely Mona-Kun Puzzle Game," launchable from ZWEIPET.
The goal of the game seems to be to move "Mona" up to the top.

After winning an item, you can enable its function from the ZWEIPET app.

67. Puck Village:
By now the woman should have woken up, and introduces herself as the Light
Goddess "Tiara El Valence." The mysterious man is known as "Paradise."

68. Selp Ruins:
Tiara automatically takes you here. Put the 6 Magic Stones into each
pillar. Afterwards, Tiara collapses from the strain. The man that kept
powering up your charge attack finally introduces himself as Sairas.
After finishing talking, recollect your Magic Stones and cross the bridge
to the teleporter gate.

69. Mythical Land Selpentina 1, LV20:
This is the final dungeon area. Be careful, the enemies are accordingly
tough. Keep your HP high and be wary of enemies that absorb elemental
magic - try using neutral magic or Pockle to defeat them. Also, don't
worry about areas you can't seem to get to at first using the rotating
angel platforms - sometimes the floors will crack and you will fall to
a lower level.

70. Mythical Land Selpentina 2, LV21:
Higher and higher you go - take care not to get killed!

71. Mythical Land Selpentina 3, LV28 (optional):
This is what I consider the "secret dungeon," since it's hard to notice.
Before reaching the last boss you will notice going through a long fenced
corridor. Right before the corridor ends, the fence widens just a little
bit - wide enough for you to go through on the right side. Go through.
Hint: try hugging the right fence moving diagonally down-right.
NEW GAME PLUS ONLY: Go around to the bottom-left area to see a treasure
chest containing a bag worth 10000000P, the maximum P allowed.
Go behind the tree to see the pathway to dungeon LV28. The only thing
in this dungeon is a "super-munchkin," although it is nowhere near as
powerful as the super-munchkin in Kapaya Forest LV0. Use about 2 or 3
LV4 charge attacks and it should go down easily. After beating it,
collect your booty: a necklace that gives +2 to all stats and grants
status immunity (same effect as anti-status potion), and the final key
to unlock the highest level dungeons.

72. Cropp Cave 1, LV28 (optional):
At the end of the dungeon, collect your booty, an armguard that raises
all stats by 2.

73. Kenopi Volcano 1, LV29 (optional):
At the end of the dungeon, fight a rather difficult boss. Its most
dangerous attack is when it begins to rear into the air, then jumps up
and stomps down into a circle of fire. If you get caught in that, you get
disoriented and move in opposite directions, which is very dangerous to
your health. When the boss trys to charge you, simply run tight circles
around him to avoid getting mowed over. After defeating the boss,
collect your booty, a helm that gives +2 to all stats.

74. Pavel Garden 1, LV31 (optional):
For the boss of this area, make sure Dark Magic and Water Scroll equipped. 
Before fighting the boss (on the same screen when it says !Caution), drink
an anti-status potion to avoid getting frozen (these can be bought from the
various villages in the dungeons). Then, simply run tight circles around
the boss - you will kill it eventually. After defeating the boss, collect
your booty, boots that give +2 to all stats.

75. Tower of Tomb, LV31 (optional):
Go to Craproot Sanctuary and put down the 4 elemental flowers. A passageway
will appear. Pick up the 4 elemental flowers and proceed into the dungeon,
called Tower of Tomb. Be warned, this dungeon is very tough. It seems your
maximum LV is also 30, so I'm not sure how you advance past LV30 anyway.
After reaching LV30, the "next EXP" status is just ????????. After reaching
the top, fight the Giant Earth Dragon. After a long battle, collect
your booty, the Earth Scroll, which causes a large rock to encircle you,
doing earth element damage. Personally, I'd stick to the Water Scroll.

76. Kapaya Forest 1, LV33 (optional):
At the end, fight Beelzebub. His attacks like "Big Bang" and the sonic
waves will cause tremendous damage, and sometimes your attacks will only
do 1-2 damage for some reason. Your best hope for survival is to use the
LV3 charge attack with critical - the excess damage over 99999 will be
carried over. Thanks to Zepy for the tip. After beating Beelzebub, collect
your booty, armor that gives +2 to all stats.

77. LV20 dungeons (optional):
If you want to challenge them, now is the time to try and challenge the
LV20 dungeons of all 4 of the main elemental dungeon areas. You must be
able to beat *four* loops of a single dungeon, getting the bronze, silver,
gold, and platinum medals for each successive loop. The dungeons are
randomly generated and contain lots of high powered monsters that can
often kill you in 1 or 2 hits. My suggestion is to bring lots of LV3
charge mushrooms for the bosses, and some LV4 charge mushrooms to kill
the monsters in the dungeon part. And don't forget to bring food, and
lots of it. Water scroll is best since it heals you. You *cannot* leave
the dungeon once in it, if you hope to beat the dungeon. If you leave
the dungeon midway, next time you enter it you will have to start over
from loop 1 and fight the bosses all over again. If you manage to beat
any of the LV20 dungeons, you will obtain various books that are
apparently little stories (they all start off going "むかしむかし"
which is like "once upon a time" in English). Thanks to "Nobody Texture"
for this info.

78. Mythical Land Selpentina 3, FINAL BOSS:
This is your last chance to get ready and do everything you want to do.
In any case, when you are ready, forge ahead, talking to a wounded Paradise
first. See a FMV showing you getting sucked into the tree and into some
other space. Fight the two flying bosses - I suggest using Dark Magic for
this one. Once they have been defeated, see another FMV of the giant eye
collapsing, then finally you begin to fight the true final boss, armed with
Rainbow Magic. Munchkin devils will appear and drop +50HP potions to help.
As long as you keep your HPs up, this battle should be no problem. Take
care when the boss swoops you from behind, he can do about 50 damage in
one swipe.

79. Epilogue:
You are left only with the four statistics books you got from the very
beginning of the game - you can go through them if you wish. Talk to
everyone if you so desire - you can go anywhere except the dungeons.
Of special interest is Colbet hanging around Pshuke's place. When you
are ready to finish up, go to Selp Ruins to trigger the ending. Enjoy
the cute ending animation, and when the credits finish, you have the
option of saving your clear data. When you load from that clear data,
you begin NEW GAME PLUS, which has the following differences:
- You keep all your experience and levels from the previous game.
- You keep all your penny (money) from the previous game.
- The automaps are already filled from what you've explored previously.
- You have a much larger variety of pets to choose from, including the
  Mona mascot from Lord Monarch.
- The weapon store now sells a very very expensive item that boosts
  all your stats by 2. However, the accessory sold in Dapne Desert does the
  same thing, plus granting elemental protection and tripling HP recovery.
- And some other tidbits that were labeled "NEW GAME PLUS ONLY" in the FAQ:
  - Best collection CD in Puck Village.
  - Receive an amulet in Pshuke's Residence instead of an Item Sack.
  - Supermunchkin guarding Bromide #1 (Pipiro) in Kapaya Forest LV0.
  - 10000000P treasure chest in Mythical Land Selpentina 3.


IV. Pet Monitor Guide

When you first run the ZWEI application, it first loads the ZWEIPET app,
from where you can enable the Pet Monitor (you must select a save slot
for which to associate the Pet's actions). This little minigame will let
you obtain some unique items and is the only way to increase your pet LV.
The first choice is always the positive choice - "go in," "open chest,"
"beat up enemy pet," "beg for food," "go north," etc. If you do not
highlight a choice when prompted, the pet will choose on its own randomly.
If you leave the pet monitor on for a long period of time without doing
anything, the ZWEIPET application will shut down automatically. Sometimes,
a pet will be guarding a treasure - if you fight the pet, you will win
if you have the corresponding elemental pet collar (thanks to Atest
for this info). Otherwise, you will get beaten up -_-. If you win, the
treasure will be some type of pet food, which will increase the LV of
your pet when used. I am not sure what the maximum LV of your pet is.
Otherwise, treasure will be one of the following:
- Bomb.
- Teleporter Item (Adventure's Wing).
- Pull tops or Empty Soda Cans. (Just enough to get 100 points)
- Random food item (highest food level type is 3).
These items will be placed into the treasure box at home the next time
you load your game, assuming you setup the pet monitor to the correct
savedata. If you don't have your pet yet in the savegame, the pet will
just stay at home. If you do this, sometimes the pet will look like it's
tripping on drugs and the background will rotate quickly!

Use a monospaced font to view the maps properly.

R - Road
F - Pet Collar or Food
Z - Dead End
T - Treasure

           -->R3  -->F2
           |   |  |
           |   -->R4
           |      |
       -->R2      -->Z1
       |   |
       |   |        -->F3
       |   |        |
       |   |     -->R7 -->F4
       |   |     |  |  |
       |   |     |  -->R8
       |   |     |     |
       |   |  -->R6    -->T1
       |   |  |  |
       |   |  |  -->F5
       |   |  |
       |   -->R5
       |      |
       |      -->F6
       |        -->Forest
       |        |
       |     -->RB -->Temple
       |     |  |  |
       |     |  -->RC
       |     |     |
       |     |     -->T2
       |     |
       |     |     -->Volcano
       |     |     |
       |  -->RA -->RE
       |  |  |  |  |
       |  |  |  |  -->T3
       |  |  |  |
       |  |  -->RD -->Cave
       |  |     |  |
       |  |     -->RF
       |  |        |
       |  |        -->Z2
       |  |
       |  |     -->T4 -->Ruins
       |  |     |     |
       -->R9 -->RI -->RK
          |  |  |  |  |
          |  |  -->RJ -->Espina
          |  |     |
          |  |     -->Z3
          |  |
          -->RG -->Castle
             |  |

         |  |
         |  -->T2

         |  |
         |  -->T2

          |  |
          |  -->T2

       |  -->T2
       |  |

        |  -->T2
        |  |

        |  -->T2
        |  |

         |  -->T2
         |  |

V. Food Guide

To obtain a higher level food, you must exchange 10 of the lower level
food at the Inn in Puck Village. Once you have 10 of any Level 4 food,
the innkeeper will give you a reward for free.

LEVEL 1       LEVEL 2          LEVEL 3         LEVEL 4         REWARD
Candy      -> Puccu Berry   -> Lemon        -> Ramen        -> Bromide #12
Onigiri*   -> Banana        -> Mikan*       -> Chow Mein    -> Water CD
Takoyaki*  -> Surome        -> Chicken      -> Casutera*    -> Fire CD
Purin*     -> Persimmon     -> Ipuri Egg    -> Onsen Egg    -> Bromide #14
Rencon*    -> Chaahan*      -> Milk         -> Ebi Lobster? -> Dark CD
Tempura    -> Donuts        -> Tuna Nigiri* -> Ice*         -> Mythical CD
Yakitori*  -> Mackerel Miso -> Masucatto*   -> Shrimp Bowl  -> Light CD
Chocolate  -> Ringo*        -> Melon        -> Beach Grill? -> Mansion CD
FrancePan* -> Sandwich      -> RoastOnigiri -> EelCabayaki* -> Game #2
Cherry     -> Sausage       -> Meat on bone -> Pizza        -> Bromide #15
DryBonito  -> Dorayaki*     -> Okayu*       -> Ame*         -> Bromide #16
Curry      -> Fillet Steak  -> Ichigo Cake* -> HieshiCyuuka -> Illusion CD
-          -> Meat Dumpling -> Hamburger    -> Dorian*      -> Wind CD
-          -> Ayu*          -> Ika Somen*   -> Turkey       -> Bromide #13
-          -> Tamago*       -> Ichigo*      -> Parfait      -> Earth CD

Onigiri   = Riceball / Sushi
Mikan     = Mandarin
Takoyaki  = Octopus Dumpling
Casutera  = Sponge Cake (Castilla)
Purin     = Pudding
Rencon    = Lotus root
Chaahan   = Chinese Fried Rice
Nigiri    = Sushi
Ice       = Ice Cream
Yakitori  = Grilled Chicken
Masucatto = Muscat is a type of grape.
Ringo     = Apple
FrancePan = French Bread
Cabayaki  = Eel dipped+broiled in soy-based sauce
Game #2   = "Typing of Ys" game
Dorian    = Looks like a melon
Dorayaki  = Pancake with sweet bean filling
Okayu     = Gruel
Ame       = Hard Candy
Ayu       = Sweetfish
Ika Somen = White noodles
Ichigo    = Strawberry
Tamago    = Egg

VI. Version History
v0.6 - Added Kagami's Windows XP Japanese setting info to requirements.
       Added info about LV20 dungeon storybooks.
       Added info about "Pairlook" and fixed some food descriptions.
v0.5 - Added links to contact section.
       Added more info about limited and new version package.
       Added support program (game patch) info to intro.
       Added info about LV20 dungeons.
       Added info about pet collars.
v0.4 - Added Aluminum (Alumi) equipment guide.
       Added Beelzebub strategy.
       Added Supiri Ancient Labyrinth secret.
       Added tracklists for Zwei!! Original Soundtrack and Ys Healing.
       Fixed some formatting.
v0.3 - Added all 4 giant dragon locations.
       Added Selpentina secret dungeon and final dungeons for main areas.
       Added pet monitor map.
       Added food guide.
       Fixed errors.
v0.2 - Fixed some errors, thanks to duckroll.
v0.1 - First public version.

VII. Contact info
Updated version of this FAQ available from:
- alamone's HP

I only guarantee the latest version at my homepage!

E-mail to alamone:

Need infos:
- Location of enemy pets in pet monitor
- How to get bromides #2-11

Links to other Falcom fansites:
- "SUGIMO's homepage Falcom Game Daisuki!"
- "Korea Falcom"
- If you have good FALCOM / ZWEI fanpage, please e-mail URL.

Although I will try my best to respond to your inquiry I will make no
guarantees! Any information you contribute will of course be duly
credited. Thanks!

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