African Safari Trophy Hunter Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: African Safari Trophy Hunter 
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 African Safari Trophy Hunter Cheats

African Safari Trophy Hunter

Cheat Codes: 
While playing in 3D mode, activate the following cheats by typing in 
the corresponding code. (Note: Enabling a cheat disables the score!)

Cheat                          Code
Create a Herd of Animals     - SPAWNALL
Flight Mode                  - VULTURE
Hunting License (Eland)      - LICENSE1
Hunting License (Elephant)   - LICENSE3
Hunting License (Kudu)       - LICENSE4
Hunting License (Zebra)      - LICENSE2
Infinite ammunition          - HUGEGUNS
Make Party Invisible         - HGWELLS
Mark all Unlicensed Animals  - FLAGALL
Mark Current Position        - GPS
View Kill Zones              - XRAY
Mark all animals             - flagevery

Free Money:
For some free money, move the cursor to the upper left-hand corner and press 
Ctrl-4. Be sure the mouse is all the way in the corner or it won't work. 

Poaching on the Plains:
Normally, poachers are arrested as they attempt to smuggle spoils out of the 
country. But the savvy hunter can take home poached animals by retiring to 
their hut (and sleeping) for the reminder of the expedition!

Change Villager's Clothes: 
When you are in Africa and can go to the shop, inn and the small village, 
click on the village. It should take you to a screen that shows a man. Click
on him about 4 times. He should talk about hunting and his shorts will turn 
black. Click on him 4 more times and he will put a shirt on.

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