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  Hints and Tips for: V Rising 
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 V Rising Cheats

V Rising

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Console Commands:
How to open enable console?
Press ` (the key to the left of 1 on the keyboard)

-=These are all the Weapons, Armour & Resources Console Commands=-
Type give or giveset -> press space -> use the arrow keys to choose -> press 
right arrow -> press space -> type the quantity and press "enter".

-=These are all the Teleport Console Commands=-
* TeleportToChunkWaypoint
  12, 15 - Dunley Farmlands Waygate East
  13, 13 - Dunley Farmlands Waygate South-East
  13, 19 - Cursed Forest Waygate
  14, 11 - Farbane Woods Waygate North-East
  14, 8 - Farbane Woods Waygate South-East
  15, 13 - Hallowed Mountains Waygate
  6, 16 - Silverlight Hills Waygate
  8, 8 - Farbane Woods Waygate South-West
  9, 10 - Farbane Woods Waygate West
  9, 13 - Dunley Farmlands Waygate South-West

* TeleportPlayerToMe (User) 
  - Teleports a player to your location

* TeleportPlayerToMousePosition (User) 
  - Teleports a player to current mouse cursor position

* TeleportToChunk (Unnamed Argument) 
  - Teleport player to chunk co-ordinate

* TeleportToNether 
  - Teleport to nether

* TeleportToPlayer (User) 
  - Teleport to player location

-=These are all the Player Console Commands=-
Alias (Alias, Command) 
- Removes target alias

- Admin privileges

- Relinquishes admin privileges

bancharacter (Character Name) 
- Bans the user

- Lists all banned players

banuser (Steam ID) 
- Bans the user

Bind (Key Combination, Command)

- Accept clan invite

- Decline clan invite

- Clears all text from the console

- Clears out all key bindings

claninvite (Unnamed Argument) 
- Invites Player to clan

- Leave clan

Connect (address or steamid, port, password) 
- Connects to a server

- Disconnects from the server

- Teleports all allies to mouse cursor position (including yourself)

- Teleports all allies, to mouse cursor position

- Teleport all non-allies to mouse cursor position

- Teleports all players to mouse cursor position 
(including non-allies and yourself)

- Teleports all players, to mouse cursor position

give (What, Amount) 
- Set value on the nearest entity

giveset (What) 
- Set value on the nearest entity

hidecursor (Unnamed Argument) 
- Cursor hidden or not

kick (Character Name) 
- Kicks a player

Kill - Suicide

List (Optional: Category) 
- Lists all existing commands

listusers (Include Disconnected) 
- Active users

localization (Language) 
- Set localization language

MultiCommand (Commands) 
- Executes multiple commands separated by the semi colon (;)

- Teleport player to mouse cursor position

- Reconnects to the server

setadminlevel (user, level) 
- Admin level of a user

Unbind (Key Combination) 
- Delete target keybinding

unban (User Index) 
- Unbans a player from the server. 
You need to run the banned command first to get a list of banned players

-=These are all the Debugging Console Commands=-
adminonlydebugevents (Unnamed Argument) 
- Debug Events are limited Admins or not

ClientBuildingDebugging (Unnamed Argument) 
- Enable building debugging on client

Copy (Command) 
- Copies the output of the subcommand





DebugViewEnabled (Unnamed Argument) 
- Debug view

depthoffield (Unnamed Argument) 
- Depth of field

DumpArchetypeInformation (Which, Num to print, Full info) 
- Dumps the archetype information

DumpBlobAssetMemoryInfo (Which) 
- Dumps the blob asset's memory footprint

DumpChunkFragmentation (Which, ExtraDebugging) 
- Dumps the fragmentation state of the chunks

DumpComponentMemoryInfo (Which) 
- Dumps the component memory footprint

DumpDynamicBufferMemoryInfo (Which) 
- Dumps the dynamic buffer's memory footprint

DumpEntity (World, Entity, Full Dump) 
- Dump full information about target entity

DumpEntityQueries (Which) 
- Dumps all the entity queries

DumpEverything (Which)

DumpPrefabGUIDEntities (World, Component, Include Disabled, Include Prefabs) 
- Dump information about all PrefabGuide entities

DumpQueryArchetypes (Which, OnlyRequired, AlsoLogToConsole)

DumpSystemMemory (Which, AlsoLogToConsole)

garbageCollectArchetypes (Which) 
- Garbage collect all archetypes that are empty

- GcCollect

JobThreads (Threads) 
- Job threads used by the unity job system

logdestroyevents (Which, State) 
- Log all the destroy events

lowqualityatmosphere (Unnamed Argument) 
- Toggle Low quality atmosphere

measureSystemPerformance (Unnamed Argument) 
- Toggle system performance measuring

motionblur (Unnamed Argument) 
- Toggle motion blur

- Open the folder for crash dumps

- Open the folder for log files

- Current console profile info

performanceTestChunks (Jump Distance, Test Mode) 
- Test performance for all or selected chunks

performchunkdefragmentation (Which) 
- Perform fragmentation for all chunks in the specified world

- Print all active sequences


- Print all sequences

printdestroyevents (Which) 
- Print all the destroy events for the current frame

- Prints the current dynamic resolution settings

- Prints some info regarding the sun VFX's state

setmipmaplevel (Unnamed Argument, Unnamed Argument) 
- Set the mipmap level on all RenderMesh textures

setresolution (Unnamed Argument, Unnamed Argument)

setsystemenabled (Which, Unnamed Argument, Enabled) 
- Enable or disable a system in a world

startbuildwallpaper (Unnamed Argument) 
- Starts the building of wallpaper

texturestreamingenabled (Unnamed Argument) 
- Toggle texture memory streaming budget

texturestreamingmaxlevelreduction (Unnamed Argument) 
- Sets the texture streaming max level reduction

texturestreamingmemorybudget (Unnamed Argument)
- Sets the texture streaming memory budget

ToggleDebugViewCategory (Unnamed Argument) 
- Toggle specific debug view modes

toggleobserve (Mode) 
- Toggle being observer

ToggleSetting (Setting Name, Optional Setting Values) 
- Toggles a setting

- Unload all unused assets

useoptimizedqueries (Which, State) 
- Enable or disable faster queries

How to Make Golems Work for You:
Written by Varian a la Aviaire

With the amount of bases dotted across the map of course a lot of them 
are going to have one of these big lugs camping outside, and those 
locations are the key to fast & free loot my friends!


The might of our giant Buddy!

Weíve all seen how these fabulously dynamic NPCís are constantly fighting 
each other, and our buddy here is no exception!

The stone golem is a very territorial beast, capable of wiping out whole 
groups of enemies who dare to approach.

The whole concept here is finding yourself a base that comes packaged with 
your very own stone buddy just outside!

Now preferably by a road-side where he can sweep up as many groups as possible, 
hell Iíve even seen buddy solo bosses and come out clean, so thatís free upps 
for you my friends, especially if youíre just starting out!

Now buddyís a big slow lug, and he ainít got good hands for pickiní up all 
that loot lyiní around, so he wonít mind you goin in and picking it all up 
behind him when heís done with all the killiní.

Just be quick about it.

Bow donít worry so much if your base hasnít come equipped with its own buddy, 
he still has a lot more to give for his friends.

Behold, The Hardened Harvester!

No matter where he is Buddyís always happy to lend a hand! just direct him 
to the nearest pile of resources and heíll Smash them right up for you! 
Saving plenty of time and effort, Thanks Buddy!

Remember, Always protect your Buddy!

How to move fast:
The V Rising map is quite large and has many different areas, which you can 
explore. The most efficient way to move around the map is the fast travel 
system. This is an MMO, where you will have to visit many areas back and forth,
to find resources, bosses and complete tasks. In this guide, we will cover 
everything, what do you need to know about, how to move fast.

-=How to move fast=-
The fast travel system in V Rising is via the Vampire Gate. The most 
interesting, that you can also build your own Vampire Gate. You can move between 
different gates to navigate the map.

There aren't many vampire gates in the world, so the best way to move quickly - 
create your own. To create your own Vampire Gate, you need to defeat Fire God

Boss, in question, located in Gleaming Meadows, west of Farbane Woods. 
Killing the boss, you will be able to create gates. To make a vampire gate, 
you will need the following materials.

* 10x Gem Dust
* 20x Board
* 20x Copper Bar
* 200x Blood Essence

Vampire Gates you create will link to other existing gates. 
It should be noted, that other players on the same server will not be able to 
use your vampire gate.

How to Change Clan Size:
Written by Tsuru

When setting up a dedicated server there is a file that it uses in:

Itís called ServerGameSettings.json

Inside that file is text line that reads "Clan Size" with Default being 4.

You can change it with 10 being the max.
There is also another file to check:
C:\Users\\AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\ServerSettingsPresets

In there there is the rule preset file that get created once you host for the 
first time a game. Check it too. The Clan Size can be edited it too.

How to skip huge servant hunt time tips:
Written by sigma male

The only way to skip huge servant hunt time.

-=Easy as that=-
I found the solution to skip 24 hours of servantís hunt - you have to open 
the console and type "adminauth" command.
Then type "addtime 12" multiple times (this command skips 12 hours of ingame 
time which are equal to 9 minutes of real time and it affects servantís hunt). 
Enjoy yourselves.

Deleting Save Files:
I deleted my own old saves and history this way. Execute at your own risk!

This file is "server history":

C:\Users{USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Settings\ServerHistory.json

Rename it to back it up if you like, otherwise delete it 
(game will create a new one over time).

If youíre feeling rowdier your saves are in this folder:
* C:\Users{USERNAME}\AppData\LocalLow\Stunlock Studios\VRising\Saves\v1
Each save is in its own folder with a wonky looking GUID name.

The ServerHostSettings.json file inside the folder has the ďnameĒ of your save that 
shows in-game.

You can kind of tell which save is most recent by the date/time of the folder itself 
but I wouldnít trust that Ė check the file to be sure you donít delete you favorite 

You can also edit your (single player) game settings thru the save game folder 
(ServerGameSettings.json) Ė but itís not so obvious (to me at least) which setting 
changes to make.

I started a new game with the settings I wanted and ďmigratedĒ those into my main 
save to ďeditĒ it a wee bit. Worked like a charm.

Unsullied Heart Farming:
They drop from the stronger mobs in villages and towns. Some enemies have the small 
hp bars, Unsullied Hearts drop from the ones with the big HP bars and are usually 
harder to kill. Dive into towns and murder everyone you can find and youíll have 
plenty in no time.

Note: I believe they even hotfixed the drop rate for the hearts a few days ago.

Also, they are nearly a guaranteed drop from V blood carriers.

If youíre high enough level, you can bypass farming the hearts and craft the greater 
blood essences yourself.

Happy hunting!

Gameplay Tips:
* Start on a PVE server, unless youīve a mate to team up with on a 1-2 PVP server.
* Most of the game is pretty simple to learn, Grind ressources, ďspecialĒ ressources 
  you find mostly at bandit camps and alike, with ďmĒ you can see the map and hover 
  over the camps and see what loot they drop.
* New skills and building are unlocked mostly by defeating Bosses you can track down 
  with an early building, teached in the tutorial.
* Kill/destroy everything in the starting area then in area after the first set of 
  doors. This will give you bones and other items that you will need.
* Craft a bone sword and other bone weapons plus the bone armor to help you kill 
  things and to help protect yourself.
* After you leave the training area kill the wolfs that you fine for bones, hides 
  plus when they are low on hit points hit F to drink their blood to fill your blood 
  bow, bottom center of screen. Plus surplus blood goes into your inventory for other
* Also during this time chop down trees for wood and break stone pillars for stone 
  for building your home.
* Next will be the hardest, that is finding a place to build your new home. Donít 
  know if you will be playing on a PVE or PVP server. Build your new home in the 
  bottom fourth of the map. After you cross a bridge you are moving into a higher 
  level mob zone that get higher the farther north you go.
* Once you find a spot to build you will need to clear off the land to place the 
  heart of your building. Press B for building items. When the heart of your 
  building is up and running click on the blue square and place them around the 
  heart, this becomes the floor of your building.
* Next comes building wooden walls and 2 or more doors points to get into and out
  of the building.
* Lastly comes building items to place in your building. Follow what the game tells 
  you what you need to make them.

Gameplay Tips for the Budding Vampire:
Written by GambitUK

Today, weíre diving into the nitty-gritty of V Rising. These are the tips and tricks 
thatíll turn you from a fledgling bloodsucker into a seasoned nocturnal predator. 
So grab a cup of your favourite A-negative and get ready for some insider knowledge.

-=Tip 1: Prioritize Your Harvest=-
Having a large garden in V Rising isnít just for the aesthetic appeal. It can 
significantly impact your gameplay, especially when it comes to what you harvest 
first. You see, thereís a little thing called a Ďseed cooldowní thatís designed to 
prevent you from amassing too many seeds. So, if you have a field of roses and cotton, 
for instance, your choice of which to farm first matters. Harvest roses first, you 
get rose seeds. Harvest cotton first, cotton seeds are your reward. Always farm the 
plants you want most, FIRST. Itís like choosing dessert before dinner.

-=Tip 2: The Ratís Treasure Trove=-
Thereís a secret stash tucked away in the silver mines. Hidden behind a blocked 
passage, thereís a rat-only looting place teeming with chests. So, if youíre feeling 
a bit ratty (pun intended), morph into rat form and plunder away.

-=Tip 3: Economise Your Coins=-
Listen up, because this is a game-changer. Early to mid-game, you should be spending 
your copper coins on forge and alchemy flooring. Thatís a given. But donít go on a 
shopping spree with the rest of your coins just yet. Instead, invest them in Miner 
Maces and Lumberjack Axes. Why, you ask? Because when you salvage these items, they 
yield 12 silver coins each. This little trick can catapult your Act 2 progression if 
youíve stocked up on maces and axes.

-=Tip 4: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work=-
In the servant mission, the -100 difficulty and +20% loot modifiers apply to the 
entire team, not just individual members. That means you need only one participant 
with that tag for all servants to reap the benefits. Itís like the vampire equivalent 
of a group discount.

-=Tip 5: Bottling Blood=-
Hereís a fun fact: you can bottle creature blood. Simply capture werewolves during 
the day (when theyíre in human form), and voila! They double as worker blood. Itís 
like a 2-for-1 deal on blood.

-=Tip 6: Raid the Rich House=-
In Silverlight City, thereís a posh house near the north entrance. This place is a 
goldmine, boasting a chest and about six cupboards. Itís like a vampireís version of 
a shopping spree.

-=Tip 7: Blood Efficiency=-
Did you know that the blood percentage defines the range for the efficiency roll on 
servants? This efficiency not only boosts the fighting strength of the servant but 
also provides a loot bonus. The highest roll Iíve seen is 41 efficiency, which 
translates to 21% more loot. Itís like a vampire performance bonus.

-=Tip 8: Spiderlings and Mutant Rats=-
Forget manual farming of silk and mutant grease. Itís as pointless as a vampire in a 
tanning salon. Instead, try the new mob recipes in the vermin nest: Spiderlings and 
Mutant Rats. Once you try them, youíll never go back.

-=Tip 9: The Shroud of the Forest=-
The Old Wanderer in the swamp unlocks the ability to craft a cloak variant that allows 
you to view the map while youíre in the Cursed Forest. Itís like a vampire GPS.

-=Tip 10: The Power of the Bear=-
Hereís a fun fact: Bear form can break large rocks without bombs. Who needs explosives 
when you have the strength of a bear? Itís like having your very own wrecking ball.

Deleting Characters on a Privately-Hosted Server:
* Find the target userís 17-digit SteamID, e.g. 76561198515939315. It can be found 
  in the serverís VRisingServer.log, or even from ingame.
* Shut down the server, preferably gracefully.
* Copy the serverís latest save file to local, and ungzip it.
* Open this file in your favorite hex editor.
* Search for the userís SteamID as an integer number in little endian mode. See Figure 2. 
  It should find 8 bytes, with the userís characterís name showing up 18 bytes after the SteamID.
* Modify the found SteamID to something unique (e.g. change the last byte to FF), and save.
* Upload the edited save to the serverís save folder as-is, or gzip it first, doesnít matter. 
* Remember to overwrite or increment the save number, and to update the fileís read/write 
  permissions if the server is running under a different user account.
* Restart the server, and the user should encounter the character creation menu upon login.

Note: Obviously, this method doesnít actually delete the character, just un-assigns the 
character from the player.

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