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 After Dark Cheats

After Dark

Swimming toaster:
Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Select the fish 
screen saver. Press [Caps Lock] after the screen saver 
activates. A flying toaster will eventually swim across 
the screen after the fish swim away. 

Scared fish:
Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Select the fish 
screen saver. Press [Tab] after the screen saver activates 
to scare away the fish. 

Alternate colors and backgrounds:
Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Press [Caps Lock] 
after one of the following screen savers activates: "Super Guy", 
"Hula Twins", "Out 'n About", "Bad Dog", "Swirling Magic", 
"Mandlebrot", "Satori", "Nirvana", or "Tunnel". 

Rock Scissors Paper battle:
Note: This trick requires After Dark v4.0. Select 
the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" screen saver. Press [Caps Lock] to 
display an option that allows you to select the rock, paper, or 
scissors in a game against the CPU. 

Santa Claus:
Note: This trick requires Totally Twisted After Dark. Set the 
system date to December 25. Select the "Voyeur" screen saver. 
Santa Claus will eventually fly by in the background.

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