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  Hints and Tips for: Airline Tycoon - First Class 
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 Airline Tycoon - First Class Cheats

Airline Tycoon - First Class

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Epson_E
During the game, type these codes to activate the cheat.
If you're successful, you should here a sound.

Code           Result
atmissall    - Level select
crowd        - More people
donaldtrump  - More Money 
expander     - Expand airport
famous       - Better reputation
mentat       - All helpers active
nodebts      - Eliminate debts
showall      - See all flights
thinkpad     - Notebook
winning      - Level skip
bubblegum    - See people think
runningman   - Faster player
thinkpad     - Get a notebook
more stench  - stinkbombs only use down stairs
more glue    - super glue only use up stairs

Submitted by:JOHN BROOKS

* At about 1745 gametime go to the Airport Manager's Office and bid for 
  the Branch Offices available, Stay in the office until the end of the 
  day. When you return to your office the next day you will find that 
  your bid's for the Branch Offices were successful.

* Continue doing this and eventually you will have all the Branch 
  Offices available to you. 

* This prevents your competitors from buying the rights and when you 
  have all of the offices in your file you will never have to fly empty
  from an airport in order to collect passengers from another.

Easy money:
Go to the bank and click on the bin. Sometimes you can find money.

Get drunk:
Go to the Duty Free Store and buy a box of candy with alcohol. Exit
the shop and use the candy by clicking on it. Your character will 
eat it, and the cursor will wave all over the place, making it 
slightly harder to click on things. This usually lasts one or two
minutes in real time.

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