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  Hints and Tips for: Angvik 
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 Angvik Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy "Budgie" achievement:
Hatching a special bird may be dependent on the identity of your father. They are hatched 
like normal birds, except you only have a random chance to get a special bird instead of 
the normal umbrella cockatoo. The budgie hatches if you selected the bottler as your father.
Hatching a special bird may also depend on what hat you are wearing. For a better chance at
a budgie, wear the green hat from the trees. 

Easy "Bluebird" achievement:
Hatching a special bird may also depend on what hat you are wearing. For a better chance 
at a bluebird, wear the blue ice crown. 

Easy "Child" achievement:
Your son can be found in a hidden alcove at the start of the second level. Jump onto the 
first vertically moving platform you encounter. Instead of continuing to the right, look 
to the left to find some broken stones. Jump towards the stones to expose a secret 
passageway. Your son and his new home are at the top. Talk to him to earn "Child". 

Easy "Hatch 10" achievement:
As you collect eggs from defeated enemies, you can hatch them. Each egg you pick up places
itself on the hat of the bird that follows you. To complete this faster, select the Peasant
as your father when starting the game. The Peasant starts with three eggs at the start of 
the level, alongside your father. 

Easy "Helena" achievement:
Helena is located near the end of the first level. When you reach the river, travel to the
end. There is an area where you would usually jump up and enter some caves to continue. 
Instead, continue down the river to where it appears to end at a cliff, where the fish are
coming from. A secret passage will open, with Helena inside. Be careful when approaching 

Complete the following Tasks to earn the listed achievement. To view your achievements
and stats in Steam, select "Community", then search for the game hub that corresponds 
to [Angvik]. Select the "View Stats" drop down option, then choose the option for
your username's achievements.

Achievement    How to unlock
Bluebird     - Hatch a bluebird from an egg.
Bottler      - Win with a bottler as your father.
Budgie       - Hatch a budgie from an egg.
Child        - Find your son.
Cockatiel    - Hatch a cockatiel from an egg.
Crow         - Hatch a crow from an egg.
Galah        - Hatch a galah from an egg.
Hatch 10     - Hatch 10 birds from their eggs!
Helen        - Meet Helena!
King         - Win with the King as your father.
Lancer       - Win with a lancer as your father. 
Paladin      - Win with a paladin as your father.
Peasant      - Win with a peasant as your father.
Rank 1       - Win the game with the randomized option at 1 star difficulty.
Rank 2       - Win the game with the randomized option at 2 star difficulty.
Rank 3       - Win the game with the randomized option at 3 star difficulty.
Rank 4       - Win the game with the randomized option at 4 star difficulty.
Rank 5       - Win the game with the randomized option at 5 star difficulty.
Rosella      - Hatch a rosella from an egg.
Shepherd     - Win with a shepherd as your father.
Traveler     - Get past the first level.

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