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  Hints and Tips for: AstroAvenger 
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 AstroAvenger Cheats


The Bonuses:
Every once in a while, you’ll be able to snag a bonus after destroying 
an enemy ship. Bonuses are usually extra money or missiles but you can 
also get special shields that make you invincible for a short time or 
repair bonuses to your shields. The key is to snag the bonus without 
getting hit by enemy fire. The best way to do that is bide your time… 
you’ll have a little bit of time to snag the bonuses so wait until it 
gets a little closer and then zoom in, grab it and zoom back out.

The Missiles:
There are 5 different missiles you can buy (or earn as bonuses). As you 
can probably guess, they increase in price and damage factors. 
NOTE: The prices I’m listing are different that the prices in the screen 
shot. They are:

- Straight – Cost = $120 – This fires two missiles in a straight trajectory 
  so you need to be lined up with your target. 
- Smart – Cost = $400 – The Smart Missile seeks out the enemy target on 
  it’s own 
- Medusa – Cost = $750 (approx) – Bigger missile causes bigger damage. 
- Swarm – Cost = $1200 – The name says it all. This unleashes a swarm of 
  short-range missiles that do heavy damage 
- Nuke – Cost = $2400 – This is the Big Kahuna! These are expensive so save 
  ‘em for the bosses. 

The Boss:
Every round, you’ll come up against a bigger enemy ship that’s hard to destroy. 
This little sucker will dart around and fire three different weapons at you:

- Straight Lasers: Two solid streams of lasr fire that last for a few seconds. 
  These lasers are spaced pretty close together so if you try to position 
  yourself between them, no dice… your wings get fried! 
- Scatter shot – A bunch of lil’ green plasma balls… There’s pretty much no 
  way to dodge these but the damage is less than the straight lasers. 
- Missiles – A slew of missiles that fly in arrow formation. Chances are that 
  you’ll be able to dodge most of ‘em but dodging all of ‘em takes skills! 

The key to destroying the boss is to learn the timing of each weapon being fired 
at you and dodging as much fire as you can while laying down some thick weapon 
fire while blasting it with your missiles. 

It is wise not to use overly powerful weapons as it changes what shows up when
you blow up the drones. Some of those upgrades will not show if you start blasting
with nukes or over blasting with weapons. It helps to be frugal with your weapons.

There are only a few times to use nukes, for example during the second battle of
world 4, there are two rocks that go by after the first large ship that spits out
the little people in front. Only the nukes will destroy those rocks (asteroids).

Easy money:
Hit all rocks with anything except nukes. You will get paid for hitting rocks. 
If you use nukes, you will not get any points or money credits.

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