Backyard Football 2004 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Backyard Football 2004 
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 Backyard Football 2004 Cheats

Backyard Football 2004

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: conner54 

Unlock Players:
Enter "REELSTARZ" as a coach name to unlock new players such as Randy Moss
and Terrel Owens. 

Perfect Player:
Enter "THOR HERRINGTON" as a name when creating a player in season play.
Enter "03/01" or "March 1st" as a birthday, throws right, and he will have
all perfect skills. 

Tons of sacks:
Submitted by: Rico#3

Get Brian Urlacher, and then whoever else. Put him at DL, and when on defense
use the play four drop. Take control of Brian before the snap, and blitz right
on by the OL for a sack. Trust me, you will get a sack on a passing play 90% 
of the time. 

Thor Herring:
Have a custom player get 500 rushing yards in one game. 

Super team:
In season play and when you are choosing players, scroll down to the very bottom.
Look for a blank face with a question mark. Click it and when you get to your 
skills, make one skill maxed out. The other skills do not really matter. Do the
same thing with all of your other players that you create. 
You should eventually have an awesome player for each position on your team.

Recommended player:
A good lineup should include Marshall Faulk. He is so fast that he can outrun a 
player that is about to tackle him. 

Spin your player:
Hold your left clicker (right-hand mouse) then hit the right clicker. This will
help you avoid being tackled by a defender when you run the ball.

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