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  Hints and Tips for: BC Kings 
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 BC Kings Cheats

BC Kings

Hint: Defeating the enemy:
My tip is to build alot of guard towers around your town and keep
your hero in the back of the town for protection. you also should
have massive amounts of warriors and keep half in your village and
send the others to destroy your enemy's village.

Tip 1:
The easiest way for me to defeat the enemy is to get alot of workers
in groups of 4 to quickly build and fully upgrade tons of towers 
around the outer edge of your camp. As you advance build more and go
back and tear down the old ones (it gives you half materials back). 
This way allows you more time to harvest and upgrade other buildings 
without having to buy a huge army.

Tip 2:
Send out the Archers, Catapults and Birds to do most of the work. If
you have them stay far enough away they can take out the towers and 
other buildings undetected. It may take more time since only a few 
can gather around without being seen, but it works.

Make a lot of dino riders:
You should also make lot of warriors archers knights and stone throwers.
Divide the dino riders into three groups. The warriors archers stone 
throweres and knights into two groups. Keep a group of dino riders to 
defend your place, the next two groups of dino riders should be kept for
the fight of enimies. The warriors archers stone throwers and knights 
one group to defend your place, the other to fight. As i said there are 
three groups of dino riders two for fighting and one for defending on 
of the fighting group of dino riders should be kept for taking the 
enemy monsters with the like you first take them around the enemy village
and let all their figters be taken away from their village. 
Then take the group of fighters to attack the enimies village. You will 
offcourse win because all their fighters are lost someware in the map.
Dont Worry It Will Always Work.

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