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  Hints and Tips for: Beyond Time 
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 Beyond Time Cheats

Beyond Time


The Scarab Amulet 
To be able to pick objects up, you must first find 
the Scarab Amulet and put it on the statue of Horus 
(bird). The amulet is located in the Great Court of 
Horus (interior), on the floor.You will be able to 
pick-up the amulet once you see a close-up view of 
the mural on the wall, to the left of the entranceway 
of the Great Hall. You will see the altar in the Great 
Hall on the right side of the screen. The cursor will 
allow you to point down. 

The Isis Chamber 
There are 4 different combinations to the Isis cylinder 
lock, each yielding a different item. All of the 
combinations can be found in the Great Court of Horus.

The Dark Way Element Keys 
These 4 keys (earth/wind/fire/water) can be found on 
the West Bank. Think about what the element is and then 
look for places or objects associated with this element.

Snake Puzzle 
There are several different solutions that match the 
criteria: each side of the triangle totaling to 26, 
and each pair of snakes equaling 13. However, there 
is only 1 solution that is considered to be correct. 
You will know that you have the correct answer when 
the drawer opens up revealing the Eye of Horus. Tiles 
numbered 10, 11, and 12 are fixed on the board to help 
you out. The left side of the puzzle (from top to bottom) 
reads 1, 11, 8, and 6.

Obelisk Puzzle 
There are 4 obelisks involved in this puzzle. You must 
turn all of the obelisk tops in the same direction. 
Listen to the Priestess as she gives you a hint: Beneath 
the rising sun.

The Air Tunnel 
There is no obelisk in this tunnel.

Boat Puzzle 
Start with the Hawk and then the Seed next. You will 
have to bring objects back to the West Bank that you 
have already taken to the East Bank. You can only take 
one offering on the boat at a time. Keep in mind that 
there is also an offering stand on the East Bank that 
looks similar to the one on the West Bank, so keep 
track of your moves.

Mummy Room Puzzle 
You can find the solution to this puzzle in the Book of 
Gates scroll on the West Bank.

Mandala Puzzle 
Like the Snake Puzzle, there are several different 
solutions that match the criteria: each lobe equals 
30, and each pair totals to 20. There is only 1 
solution that is considered to be correct. The first 
3 numbers in the top lobe are 8, 18, 4, ...

The Sarcophagus Chamber 
There is a typo in the Strategic Clues Booklet on page 
21. The last sentence should read, Find the hidden globes 
to fully open a secret niche in the hallway. 

The Power Room 
You only need 3 of the 4 power crystals to travel to 
the Space Station.

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