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  Hints and Tips for: Black & White - Creature Isles 
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 Black & White - Creature Isles Cheats

Black & White - Creature Isles

Submitted by: Muhammad Aizzat b. Rohimi

If you guys are bored with the creatures that you have,you can change your
creature by editing the "CTR" folder.First,explore the BNWCT file, open the
"data" and then open the "CTR" folder and rename your creature to any creature
you want.
Example, "Bape.CBN" to "brhino.CBN". Create a backup copy first.

Little creature Mega Blast:
While your creature cannot learn this, your creature's creature can. It is 
useful to learn this spell because it helps destroy the enemy's towns faster.

Easy bowling with Madino the Cow: 
When he bowls, pick up a rock and drop it in front of him. The ball will hit 
the rock and will not hit the pins. Remember to pick up the rock after the ball
has hit the rock. 

Find the rocks in the foggy pit near the cow challenge. Break it and take it 
outside the lane. Do not put it too close, or it will vaporize. Next, take the
rock when he is throwing the ball. Put it in front of the ball. If the rock is
big enough, it will stop the ball and you will win the mini-game.

Nazzel's Bear Rescue sub-quest:
Submitted by: conner54

To easily complete this, take over the Japanese village, move your creature near
the dogs, then cast a teleport miracle near the creature and near the bear. Then,
tell your creature to go through the teleport and trash the windmill the bear is 
leashed to.

Alter time:
Hold [Alt] and press "1" to slow down time or hold [Alt] and press "2" to speed 
up time.

Gauntlets Of Power:
At the dojo, have your creature fight each of the creatures at least one time 
each. A blue mushroom will grow under the plinths of those you have defeated. 
fter you have defeated them all, Naxo the rhino will appear and give your 
creature the Gauntlets Of Power. 

Little creature:
When you get the little you (your creature's creature), use him in battle. Have
him around and know the Lightning and Fireball spells. He will cast those on 
your opponent every once and a while, and will also heal you if given the chance.

Reach outside your influence:
When you slow down time, pause game play then go outside your influence. You will 
hear your influence draining. Put your pointer over something you want to grab. 
Just as you resume the game, if you click and hold [Action] and move the mouse 
fast enough, you will grab the item. You can steal your enemy's worshippers and 
make them live in your own village and worship you. You can drain enemy towns 
with this, and even put things down. You can take all the people out of an enemy 
town, then put a missionary in the town. It is difficult to make them be a 
missionary, but it is still possible. if you manage it, the town is yours.

Unlimited Food:
Submit by:Patrik Haha(Pratik Saha)

When you are given a farm to taught "Tyke" (your creature's creature) pick grain 
from that who much you want the grain will not finished.

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