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  Hints and Tips for: Boarder Zone 
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 Boarder Zone Cheats

Boarder Zone

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Code                       Result 
siipiveikkoliitelee      - Enable Hard Tracks 
lee                      - Enable Hard Tracks 
hiihtoope                - Enable New Rider (Guide) 
ope                      - Enable New Rider (Guide) 
imhotepmaailmojentuhoaja - Debug Mode (Press E During Game) 
seivaavideograbbi        - Take a Photo 
exterminaattori          - Unknown 

Submitted by: clem clemmons

Im not sure what it's worth, but if you type  for the players name, 
you will hear audio of sheep "baa-ing".

Go easy on the Sharp Turn button. Holding it too long drastically
reduces your speed. Your best bet is to tap it occasionally when 
going into tough turns. You'll gain bonus points for big combos. 
Pull off as many grab tricks as possible by linking their appropriate
keystrokes together. For added points, add a multigrab combo to a 
spinning/flipping trick. 

There are numerous shortcuts on almost every slope. Use these hidden
trails to gain the advantage on your opponents when racing. You can 
spot these shortcuts by hugging the outside lane of each slope or by
watching the AI racers take them when racing on the hardest difficulty

Activate All Levels:
First open up the /Saved_Data/ map in your "Supreme" folder.
Then open up "Avaiable_Levels.txt" and change the offsets to:

Save and exit that file.
Then open up "Defaults.txt".
Change the line that says:

available_tracks = 3;
available_tracks = 7; 

Activate All Boards:
Go to your directory where the game is and go to the 
folder \saved_data. Open the file: Available_Boards.txt. 
Change what you find to this:

Avoid Falls:
When doing a difficult trick that appears that it will cause a 
fall when you land, press [Break Trick] just before landing.

Modify characters:
Use a text editor to edit the files in the "\Infogrames\Boarder Zone\Data\Characters\" 
folder. Select the "plrcnf.txt" file change the "max_jump_impulse " number to any 
desired value. 

Ride on rocksoil:
Use a text editor to edit the "rock00_material.txt", "rock01_material.txt" and 
"rock02_material.txt" files in the "data\levels\material_configs" folder. Open each
file separately and find the "Player Fall" line. Change the value "1" to "0". Do the
same with all three files and you will no longer fall while riding on rock.

Change clothes:
Use a text editor to edit the files in the "Infogrames\BoarderZone\Data\Characters" 
folder. Select Akiko, Karl, Keith, Mike, Ulrika, Vincet, or guide, go to the 
"plrmshcnf" folder, scroll all the way down to the bottom, then change the pants or
the jacket to one of the following values.

1. a_pants2
2. g_pants
3. ka_pants
4. ke_jacket
5. m_jacket1
6. u_bfgj1
7. v_pants

Higher speeds:
To reach a higher speed, press [Up] to crouch down and try to stay in a straight line.

All Levels:
First make a backup copy of the file "Available_Levels.txt", which is located in your 
Supreme/Saved_Data folder. Then open up the original with any text editor and make the
following changes:


Save and exit, and make another backup copy of the file Defaults.txt. 
Open the original with any text editor and make the changes below:

available_tracks = 3;
available_tracks = 7;

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