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  Hints and Tips for: Bolt 
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 Bolt Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Enter the "Extras" menu, then select "Cheats". Enter one of the following
codes to unlock the cheat option. To toggle a cheat on or off, pause game 
play and enter the "Cheats" menu:

Code                                         Result
[Down],[Down],[Up],[Left]                  - Unlimited Invulnerability.
[Left],[Down],[Down],[Down]                - Unlimited Stealth Camo.
[Left],[Right],[Up],[Down]                 - Unlimited Enchanced Vision.
[Left],[Left],[Up],[Right]                 - Unlimited Laser Eyes.
[Right],[Left],[Left],[Up],[Down],[Right]  - Unlimited Gas Mines.
[Right],[Left],[Left],[Up],[Down],[Up]     - Unlimited SuperBark.
[Right],[Up],[Right],[Up],[Left],[Down]    - Unlimited Ground Pound.
[Right],[Up],[Left],[Right],[Up],[Right]   - All Game Levels.
[Right],[Up],[Right],[Right]               - All Mini Games.

Disney's Bolt Achievements:
Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore:

Atomic Core Critical (30)             - Bolt's power  bar maxed out.
Biological Enhancement Complete (30)  - Bolt's health bar maxed out.
Battery Upgrade Complete (30)         - Penny's gadget bar maxed out.
Beyond Awesome, it's Be-Awesome (100) - Completed the final level of Act 5 and 
                                        the Game (Oceania).
Combo Master  (50)                    - Attain a 30 hit combo.
Good Comrade (30)                     - Completed the final level of Act 3 (Russia).
Give em the ol' one-two, or six (5)   - Attain a 6 hit combo.
Hacktacular! (75)                     - Beat a mini-game level without taking damage.
Mad Combo Skills (15)                 - Attain a 15 hit combo.
Tame the Mainframe (25)               - Completed 10 Bonus Hack  Levels.
Time to increase recruiting (50)      - 250 of Calico's henchmen have been defeated.
Walking is Boring (5)                 - Penny successfully performed a wheel bar up,
                                        sidle, and cable.
No hack too hidden (35)               - All bonus hack levels have been found.
Party Crasher (10)                    - Completed the final level of Act 1 (Italy).
Power Overwhelming (5)                - Bolt successfully defeated 3 different enemies
                                        with Super Sonic Bark, Laser Eyes, and Ground Pound.
Security? What Security? (50)         - Completed 15 Bonus Hack Levels.
Sneaky Sneaky (50)                    - Penny completed RAISIN' A RUCKUS or HIDE AND SNEAK 
                                        without alerting any enemies without using cheats.
So you think you can hack (15)        - Completed 5 Bonus Hack Levels.
Well "Trained" (40)                   - Completed the final level of Act 4 (China).
Welcome to the Jungle (20)            - Completed the final level of Act 2 (Belize).

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