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  Hints and Tips for: Braveheart 
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 Braveheart Cheats


Cheat Codes:
In 3D mode press "Delete" key for sending AI messages, 
then type the codes below.

Code                    Result
sesquipidilian        - ai cheats enabled
bannockburn           - all enemies dead
the five hundred      - all own dead
dresden               - all buildings on fire
steve reeves          - all troops hard as nails
bucks fizz            - all troops retreated
bastille day          - all walls breached
haemorrhage           - blood disabled
killcam               - cameraman dead
lockup                - surprise

Easy points:
Play the game in multi-player offline mode. Advance through all the screens
until you get to where you can select weapons. Take as many expensive weapons
as you can, but do not put them in your army. Then, select "Back" while holding
the weapons to return to the previous screen. Go forward to the screen where 
you got the weapons, then put the ones you are holding back to where you got 
them. The points used number will go into negative values. You now have extra
points to spend. Repeat this as many times as desired to build your army.

AI Cheats 
For a smarter (and unfair) computer opponent, press DELETE in 3D mode, 
then type "sesquipidilian". 

Breach the Walls: 
To instantly breach all walls, press DELETE while playing in 3D mode, 
then type "bastille day". 

Instant Retreat: 
To instantly retreat all troops, press DELETE while playing in 3D mode, 
then type "bucks fizz". 

Kill All Enemies:
Press DELETE in 3D mode, then type "bannockburn". 

Kill Your Own: 
Press DELETE while playing in 3D mode, then type "the five hundred".

No Blood:
To disable blood and gore, press DELETE while playing in 3D mode, 
then type "haemorrhage". 

No Camera Man: 
To kill the camera man (and presumably lock the viewpoint), press DELETE 
while playing in 3D mode, then type "killcam". 

Set Buildings on Fire: 
Press DELETE while playing in 3D mode, then type "dresden". 

Tougher Troops: 
Press DELETE while playing in 3D mode, then type "steve reeves".

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