Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood 
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 Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood Cheats

Brothers in Arms - Earned in Blood

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: DJNJ
Submitted by: David

Use a text editor to edit the "bia.ini" file in the "system" folder in
the game directory. Look for the "[Engine.GameInfo]" heading, then enter
the line "bCheatsEnabled=True" below it. Then, look for the 
"[Engine.Console]" heading and change the 

"ConsoleKey=0" line to "ConsoleKey=192". 

Then while playing a game, press ~ to display the console window. Enter
one of the following cheats to activate the corresponding cheat function.
Also, there is no confirmation that a code has been entered correctly. 

* You must reset the cheats every time you play (i.e., retype everything
with the exception of the line "bCheatsEnabled=True"). You must move it 
under "[Engine.Console]" and must re-enter "ConsoleKey=192" in order for 
the console and the cheats to work properly in the game.

* If you change the "default.ini" file as well as "bia.ini", you do not 
have to change it back when you restart your game; it simply rewrites 
"bia.ini" from "default.ini". 

Result                 Code
God mode              - god
God mode for squad    - supersquad
Flight mode           - fly
Disable flight        - walk
No clipping mode      - ghost
All weapons           - allweapons
Extra ammunition      - allammo
Togle invisibility    - invisible [0 or 1]
Kill everyone         - killall
All items             - loaded
Remove all items      - unloaded
Old Movie mode        - oldmovie
Toggle blind AI       - blindai [0 or 1]
Toggle deaf AI        - deafai [0 or 1]
Map select loadspmap  - [map name]
Spawn indicated item  - summon [item name]
Select map            - loadspmap [map name]
Spawn indicated item  - summon [item name]
Toggle blind AI       - blindai [0 or 1]
Toggle deaf AI        - deafai [0 or 1]
Toggle blind enemies  - blindenemies [0 or1]
Toggle deaf enemies   - deafenemies [0 or 1]
God mode for squad    - supersquad

Unlock All Levels:
Enter "2ndsquad" as a profile name to unlock all levels and extras 
including "Infinite Ammunition", "Super Squad", and "Old Movie" modes.

Full team health:
Die four times after a save point and you will be asked if you want to
heal your squad.

Item codes:
Use one of the following entries with the "summon" code. 


The All-Americans:
This level is separated into two parts, and you get an unlimited supply of 
Panzerfausts. Even if your squads get wiped out by the time you get to the 
second part and you are low on health, you can still complete the game by 
carefully and patiently using the Panzerfausts at long range. The general 
strategy is simple. Grab a Panzerfaust from the nearer of the two crates 
and slowly approach the enemy position until you see the red "unsuppressed" 
circle above them. Stay out of their range or take cover, and aim directly 
above the circle -- slightly if they're close or way above if they are a 
long distance away, and fire. Use situational awareness mode to see if you 
hit or missed, then repeat the process. With trial and error you should be 
able to wipe out all four groups of Nazis, including the one manning the 
88, all by yourself while taking little damage.

Various Unlockables:
Unlockable                    How to Unlock
Infinite Ammo Cheat         - Beat the game on Normal mode.
Old Movie Cheat             - Beat the game on Easy mode.
Super Squad Cheat           - Beat the game on Authentic mode.
Unlock Authentic Difficulty - Beat the game on Difficult mode.

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