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  Hints and Tips for: Cafe Crush 
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 Cafe Crush Cheats

Cafe Crush

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K 

Basic Guide:
Written by Drunk Bunny Games

A simple introduction to the gameplay of Cafe Crush, as well as a few basic 
tips to get yourself prepared for your week of work at Kitty Cafe.

Welcome to Cafe Crush! An interactive visual novel, packed with mini-games, 
quizzes and three cute girls to win the affection of.

Work a week at Kitty Cafe, serving customers, learning new coffees, helping 
in the kitchen - and get to know Lily, Emilia and Josie, the three girls 
who run the place.

This is a quick guide to the game play of Cafe Crush, there are no 
spoliers or cheats here - just a simple runthrough of the mechanics of 
the game, in case you're not sure what to expect.

-=Interacting with the Characters=-
Throughout the week, you'll be working with and chatting to three girls: 
Lily the bubbly waitress, Josie the aloof and straight-laced barista and 
Emilia, the clumsy and shy baker.

You have to try and make the right choices when they ask you questions, 
in order to win the heart of the girl you like the most. Remember - you 
will be able to take note of how a girl has reacted to your choices by 
looking out for the notification on the top-left corner of the screen. 
She'll either like it, love it, not like it or hate it. Get too many 
'hates' and your Crush Point score will plummet which will make it much 
harder for you to score a date at the end of the week.

Keep an eye on your relationship status with each girl using the notebook 
which will get updated at the end of every day - just listen out for the 
scribbling pencil sound.

Listening to the girls and paying attention to certain details is the key 
to success - try and consider what each girl might prefer to hear. 
Being too lazy, rude or lacklustre when you're working won't impress them 
so be careful! You only have a limited amount of time!

-=Mini Games=-
Cafe Crush is a reasonably unique visual novel in the sense that there 
are mini games, puzzles and quizzes to take part in, as you work in the 

Some of these are timed - so act quickly to succeed.

Being successful with the puzzles and quizzes in Cafe Crush will help 
gain favour with the girls. Just be sure to concentrate the most on 
impressing the girl you would most like to date.

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