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  Hints and Tips for: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 
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 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Cheats

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Craft Weapons:
Unlike survival games like DayZ, H1Z1, or even Rust, crafting in Call of Duty: 
Infinite Warfare will be a bit more streamlined and easy to use. Players can 
craft new Prototype versions of the base weapons they unlock using ‘Salvage’,
a new in-game currency that can be earned through various means. Once players 
unlock the base version of a weapon, they can put their Salvage towards unlock 
better versions of it. Currently players will be able to craft four different 
levels of Prototypes, COMMON, RARE, LEGENDARY and EPIC. Each tier will include 
its own combination of special perks, with the EPIC weapons containing the most
sought after perks. This will allow players new ways to customize their loadouts
to their playstyle, giving them even more ways to dominate the battlefield.

Don't Waste Keys:
While it may be tempting to purchase ALL of the basic 10-key weapon crates as 
you can, don't. You're guaranteed better drops - and more of them - if you 
wait patiently to unlock the 30-key crates instead. 

Zero-G Fisticuffs:
The most efficient way to eliminate enemies in zero-gravity is to get near 
medium range and use your grappling hook to pull yourself into melee range.
This can often be chained together for maximum efficiency.

YOLO mode:
Successfully complete the campaign on the Specialist difficulty to unlock 
the YOLO difficulty. In YOLO mode, you die just as quickly as you do on the
highest difficulty, but when you die for the first time, you start the game
from the beginning. Although you cannot reload checkpoints or restart after
death, you can pause and save and exit the game to return and play it again 

Getting Salvage points and crafting weapons:
Salvage is a new currency that you can earn multiple ways in Multiplayer mode.
Salvage is used to craft variants of weapons (common, rare, legendary, and 
epic) to create new prototypes with bonus perks and abilities (such as improved
damage, control, less recoil, and accuracy). To craft weapons, you must gain 
access to the Prototype Lab and unlock the base model of the desired weapon 
you wish to craft before you can craft its prototype versions. You can earn 
Salvage from Supply Drops. The amount of Salvage points you get depends on 
the rarity of the Supply Drop. You can also get it from duplicates you get 
from Supply Drops. The third way to get it is from completing challenges. You
will get certain challenges (such as getting a certain number of headshots 
or kills) depending on the team you have joined in Multiplayer mode. You can
keep track of the challenges in the top right corner. Higher level players 
get more Salvage points. Certain challenges are limited to certain types of
weapons -- so keep rotating your loadout. Do not keep playing the game with
the same weapons and loadout to complete more challenges and get more Salvage.

Easy "Captain's Log" achievement:
During the Retribution: Aftermath mission, you will have to move some debris
out of the way with your teammate. After that a cutscene will play. When the
cutscene finishes, you will be in a room with a computer. Interact with it 
to get the "Captain's Log" achievement. This is hard to miss because the 
computer is marked as an objective, but you can still ignore it and go straight
to the bridge. If you go too far, you will get locked out of the room and have
to restart the checkpoint.

How to Unlock legendary David Hasselhoff:
David Michael Hasselhoff, nicknamed "The Hoff", is an American actor, singer, producer,
and businessman. The Legendary David Hasselhoff will be joining us in our fight with 
Zombies only if we complete the N3IL Robot's all the side quests. So here si the Step
by step process to unlock David Hasselhoff.

* Leave the Spawn Room and Enter the Central Area.
* Find N3IL Robot in the Middle(before deactivating teleportation portal).
* Bring N3IL's Missing Head back(Behind candy cluster stand).
* Complete all 5 N3IL's Challenges.
* Initiate the Knight Industries Protocol.
* Wait and Watch N3IL bring David Hasselhoff along with him.
* Enjoy.

You Know Nothing:
The actor portraying Admiral Kotch is Kit Harington, perhaps most well known for his 
role as Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones television show. The trophy/achievement titled
"You Know Nothing" is a reference to the quote "You Know Nothing, Jon Snow." In the 
television show, the Wildling character Ygritte spoke those words to Jon Snow.
In order to earn the trophy, you will have you kill Admiral Kotch.

Pack-a-Punch Portal Locations (Zombies Mode):
There are four Pack-a-Punch portal locations, which you can activate to reveal a new
portal that will take you to the machine itself. You can use it for 5000 points, 
within a match. You can find the portals (and switches to activate them) in the 
following locations:

Astrocade      - In the Journey Into Space area, make your way to the arcade and 
                 check the wall for the power switch. You will find the portal 
                 just to its right.
Galaxy Journey - In the Journey Into Space area, follow the path behind the DJ to
                 reach the switch. Then backtrack to the DJ to find the portal.
Kepler System  - Starting from the center of the map, open the first door on the 
                 left in the Kepler District and proceed upstairs. The switch is 
                 on the wall, and you can find the portal downstairs.
Polar Peak     - Look upstairs in the Polar Peak district. First unlock a door 
                 so you can go upstairs, then look for the power switch on a wall.
                 Finally, head back downstairs to access the portal.

Invest in Up'N Atoms (Zombies Mode):
Early in a round, the best purchase you can make is Up'N Atoms. Once you spawn in 
the map, head to the far left and enter the small office, then turn on the power. 
Exit the office and make your way to the right to find the perk machine. You can 
purchase the Up'N Atom to revive yourself in single-player (the cost is $500), or
to more quickly revive fallen allies in multiplayer ($1,200).

Souvenir Coin Combinations (Zombie Mode):
You can combine the colored souvenir coins you find in different combinations to 
access powerful traps and items, as noted below (turn in coins in the order 
indicated for the particular reward you want):

Blue, Blue, Blue     - Sentry Gun 
Green, Green, Green  - Repcrator 
Red, Red, Red        - Medusa Device 
Blue, Blue, Green    - Electric Trap 
Blue, Green, Green   - Boom Box 
Green, Green, Red    - Sentry Turret 
Green, Red, Red      - Boom Box 
Red, Red, Blue       - Fireworks 
Red, Blue, Blue      - Window Laser Trap 
Red, Blue, Green     - Kindle Pop

Tuff 'Nuff (Zombies Mode):
You can withstand more hits from zombies if you secure the Tuff 'Nuff perk. 
You'll have to visit the perk machine first, however. To do so, enter the Journey
Into Space portion of the park (it's located to the left of the main teleporter, 
as you face it). Inside that area, make your way up the flight of stairs just 
beyond the Galaxy Journey portion. Look in a corner to the right to find the 
machine, and prepare to spend 2500 points to activate the valuable perk.

Easy Points (Zombies Mode):
In the early rounds, before things get crazy, it pays to earn as many points as 
possible while defeating your foes. A melee attack is typically enough to dispatch
a zombie, but you're better off shooting a zombie several times first. Zombies 
start out able to absorb four shots to the chest before a fifth one kills them.
You can thus rack up points by shooting them four times, then taking them out 
with a melee attack. In later rounds, you can employ a similar strategy, while
using more bullets before dealing the killing blow (since the zombies gradually
grow tougher).

Secret Modern Warfare song in Spaceland:
To hear the secret Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare song in Spaceland, search for the
Employee Of The Month boards. A teddy bear photo will be pinned onto one of these
boards. Shoot it to randomly spawn another teddy bear photo on one of the other 
boards. Check the nine possible locations the three photos can appear:

1.Spawn Area: In the ticket booth where the Quick Revive (Up 'N Atoms) is located.
2.Astrocade: Go up the right stairs to the upper level and look in the zombie spawn 
  window on your right. The board is on the wall across from the window.
3.Journey Into Space: Near the doors to Rover Rampage, look for a zombie spawn 
  window with the "All Dead" bloody message —- the board is on the wall opposite 
  the window.
4.Underground: In the break room in the maintenance tunnels that lead to the 
  Kepler System.
5.Underground: In the first room you reach when going into the underground from 
  Kepler System. Turn right to see the board on the white wall.
6.Underground: In the second room you reach when going down into the tunnels 
  from Kepler System. From the stairs, turn right at the bottom and look in 
  the "Employees Only" room. The board is on the right wall behind the movie 
7.Kepler System: Go up the stairs and turn right at the Chromosphere. Cross 
  the bridge and look in the zombie spawn window on the left. The board is on 
 the opposite wall.
8.Hyper Slide: At the top of the slide that leads back down to Cosmic Way, look
  for a brightly lit employee room behind a zombie spawn window to the left of 
  the slide.
9.Polar Peak: Behind the counter to the right of the roller coaster ride boarding 

Shoot the three teddy bear photos to hear a remixed version of the Modern Warfare 

Surviving higher rounds solo in Spaceland:
In Scene 17-20+ while playing solo, go to the teleporter platform in the center 
of Cosmic Way (hub) and continuously run in circles around the portal to get the
zombies to follow behind you in a large group. Always check your front and back 
before shooting. Even while turning to shoot them, always back-up. Once there is
a large group of zombies behind you, sprint forward and dodge any incoming zombies,
and periodically turn around and kill a few before turning to sprint and circle 
again. Do not try to kill too many at a time. If too many spawn at once, it will 
be difficult to dodge them if they run at you from the front. You need the zombies
to stay behind you while you continue to sprint. When zombies drop power-ups, you 
can grab them as you circle the platform. This is an easy and safe method to avoid
dying while playing solo. Watch out for the Nuke power-ups, as killing too many 
zombies at once could result in you getting surrounded since the zombies spawn 
from areas all around you.

Diamond camo in Multiplayer:
Unlock the Gold camo for all weapons in a specific class (e.g. Assault Rifle) in 
Multiplayer mode to unlock the Diamond camo for all weapons in that class.

Secret Black Sky camo in Multiplayer:
Unlock the Diamond camo for all weapons in Multiplayer mode to unlock the Black 
Sky camo for all weapons.

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