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  Hints and Tips for: Can You See What I See 
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 Can You See What I See Cheats

Can You See What I See

Tips & Tricks:

Zoom Feature:
This game is unique in that has a ZOOM feature (yay! ). I suggest you USE
the zoom feature as it DOES NOT take away from your score/time to utilize
it, and trust me, you'll need it! 

Many of the items are actually "part of something", in other words, a fork 
might actually be an arm, a tiny hammer might be held by another object, 
etc. I may only circle a portion of an item for large, strange shaped, or 
overlapping items.

Your friendly, toy, robot helper! Find him in the different levels to get 
EXTRA HINTS! He DOES NOT move. For example, the 2nd time you search Dinosaurs 
he will be in the same spot as the 1st time you searched it.

Hmm, what can I say about riddles, a riddle is a riddle! If you get stuck, the 
answers are below under RIDDLES. Once you solve the riddle you will get to read 
Mr. Carfuffle's journal entry about the rare item and then proceed to a new mini
game. NOTE (for riddles): you can get HINTS if you find Seymour and click on him, 
but NOT before he prompts you! He will highlight the part of the screen where the 
item is hiding, after that it's up to you! 

Mini Games:
Mini Games Explained (at the end of the mini games, except the Jumble Jar, a code 
box will appear, for the first part of the game you can leave this blank):

Jumble Jar: this gets your EXTRA HINTS. You can't access this game until you've 
            finished the first "order" and then you can find it at the bottom right 
            next to the journal (on the bins/order screen). You drag the objects from 
            the jar into their matching boxes. You can only play this TEN times (you 
            get more as you go along, but 10 is the max)! 
Match Game: self explanatory, match the PICTURE CARDS or COLORS (sometimes it wants 
            you to match pictures, other times just colors). 

Be sure to read the ending, there is a little surprise that will keep you playing 
even after you finish the game! So is it really "the end" then?

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