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  Hints and Tips for: Captain Forever 
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 Captain Forever Cheats

Captain Forever

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

It seemed easiest to stay very small, load the front/sides down with 
weapons, and load the back down with boosters. Some of the large ships
are designed so that you can pretty much just sit in front of their 
face, and their guns will be far enough apart that they won't be able
to touch you.

Ignore the green parts you start out with (excepting 1 engine). Stick that
one engine on the back of your pod. The pod laser is 2 levels better than 
green. Ignore the crappy green ships and go after a yellow or orange one 
(they will ignore you until you attack). Ultimately, you want to have red 
or purple guns or engines. If you get messed up, strip down to the pod with
a single, powerful engine and a purple gun.
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