Captain Quazar Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games.

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  Hints and Tips for: Captain Quazar 
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 Captain Quazar Cheats

Captain Quazar

Hint - Spin and shoot: 
Master the spin maneuver (hold down the "Delete" key while
firing and turning) to fire quickly in all directions.
But use this option cautiously: it eats up ammo big-time.

Hint -  Reconnaissance:
Stop the game regularly (with the "Esc" key) and study the map.
This gives you a chance to plan your move to the next primary
target before the clock ticks down and your chief recalls you.

Audio messages:
Pause the game and allow the screen to dim. The chief will say various phrases 
(including singing a line from Swing Low Sweet Chariots) to the player while 
the game remains paused.

Level 1: Teleporter codes:
Use the following teleporter codes. 

BBBBBBBB: Other section of main area
CCCCCCCC: Other section of main area 
BBAAAABB: Secret storage area 
CCACBCBB: First spice processing plant 
CCABACBC: Second spice processing plant 
BABAABBA: Boot camp 
ABCBCCAB: Secret rocket base 
BACACABA: Secret money safehouse 

Level 2: Teleporter codes:
Use the following teleporter codes. 

ABABBABA: Sector 3 
BBAABBAA: Spice mine 
CCBCCACC: Electric maze 

Level 3: Passwords:
Use the following passwords. 

AACBCABB: Secret mine area 
CCBBBBAA: Doobah's private elevator 

Level 5: Elevator to Zang's lair:
Use CCCCCCCC as a password. 

Level 8: Passwords:
Use the following passwords. 

AC: Money.
C: Supply drop.
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