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  Hints and Tips for: Cards And Castles 
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 Cards And Castles Cheats

Cards And Castles

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

* To win a match, you only need to destroy your opponent's headquarters.
However, the more towers you bring down, the more card points you will 
earn at the end of the battle. If you destroy a tower all the way, it 
will become yours. However if the enemy destroys that tower during their
turn, it will become theirs again. 
* During the later stages, make sure to add cards to your deck that will 
draw cards at the end of a turn. This is useful when your enemy still has
several warriors available in battle and you only have one.
* When building your deck, mix in fighting units. Also consider units 
that can do splash damage, such as Pyromancers. It is important to 
eliminate multiple enemies and building cards such as headquarters and
support buildings at the same time. 

New card types:
During the first few scenario missions, you will have a pre-built deck. 
After those introduction quests are completed, you will unlock the Pirate
category cards. Note that each category of the chapters is named after 
the card type you will unlock for winning all of that category. To build
your deck the best way, keep playing through the scenarios. 
You are limited to using two factions per deck. 

Besides as rewards from matches, you can purchase new cards using CP. 
CP is also gained by completing matches, but you can also earn them by
finishing quests. 

Each faction has a different specialization that should be utilized. 

Focused on brute strength, with high attack power, attack power buff cards,
and unit buff cards dealing with wind knockback and area attacks. 

Holy warriors that fight with light on their side. They are defense-oriented
and also have numerous healing or regeneration spell cards. 

Focuses on debuffs that weaken opponent units. They also include some 
gold-related cards that help with gold income. 

Feature deadly area of effect cards. Fire Whirl, Pillar of Flame, and Wall
of Fire are all useful area of attack spells that inflict good damage. 
The Pyromancer unit card's basic attack does damage in a small area, 
hitting all nearby enemies. 

Focused on surprise attacks that utilize the battlefield to their advantage.
Cards such as Shadow Katana, Stance of the Swift Mantis, and Lunge increase 
movement rate. They also have access to unique effects, such as the Vanish 
card which can return unit cards you have already played back into your hand. 

These cards have no faction and are common units. They usually have no 
special bonuses and can be used as fodder when you are out of faction cards
to fill your deck.

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