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  Hints and Tips for: Cargo - The Quest for Gravity 
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 Cargo - The Quest for Gravity Cheats

Cargo - The Quest for Gravity

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Bonek

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. To 
view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then "My 
profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement                         How to unlock
Bazinga                           - Create 1.000.000 FUN.
Blow, winds,and crack your cheeks!- Create the Tornado.
Butt-Head                         - Kick 1000 buddies.
Caution Its a white-hot comet!    - Get the Comet out of the stratosphere.
Chainreaction                     - Get a 5-Buddy-chain.
Chattanooga Choo Choo             - Get the Train out of the stratosphere.
Come together                     - Get a 50-Buddy-chain.
Curse of the Black Pearl          - Get the Ship out of the stratosphere.
Double Helix                      - Get a 10-Buddy-chain.
Easy Rider                        - Built a vehicle and try to reach the 150 km/h.
Eggplant                          - Find eggplant.
End Day                           - Get the Collider out of the stratosphere.
Flower Power                      - Finish spring.
Full Trottle                      - Built a vehicle and try to reach the 250 km/h.
Get the party started             - Create 25000 FUN.
Godfather of FUN                  - Create 250000 FUN.
Hit The Road Jack                 - Built a vehicle and try to reach the 50 km/h.
Hit the Winter                    - Start volcano.
I have a dream                    - Get the Statue of Liberty out of the stratosphere.
Inventor of the Mechanics         - Build up a vehicle out of 100 parts.
Jingle Bells                      - Finish winter.
King Kong lives                   - Get the Skyscraper out of the stratosphere.
Let the leaves hit the floor      - Finish autumn.
Little by little                  - Get a 25-Buddy-chain.
Londons Calling                   - Get the Big Ben out of the stratosphere.
Macarena                          - Make 50 Buddies dance at the same time.
Master of Ceremony                - Create 100000 FUN.
Master of FUN                     - Finish game.
Master of Gravity                 - Finish game.
Master of the Transformers        - Build up a vehicle out of 250 parts.
Mechanic                          - Build up a vehicle out of 25 parts.
My heart will go on               - Get the Iceberg out of the stratosphere.
Nightmare                         - Built a vehicle and try to reach the 300 km/h.
No Chainpiece missing             - Get a 15-Buddy-chain.
Omg.....                          - Create 500000 FUN.
Ottawan                           - Make 25 Buddies dance at the same time.
Party Introduction                - Make 5 Buddies dance at the same time.
Party on                          - Create 50000 FUN.
Play with Winter                  - Start volcano.
Red Butt-On!                      - Kick 250 buddies.
Shish Kebab                       - Get the Earth Axis out of the stratosphere.
Speeddeamon                       - Built a vehicle and try to reach the 100 km/h.
Star Truck                        - Built a vehicle and try to reach the 200 km/h.
Super Kicker 100                  - Kick 100 buddies.
Super Kicker 50                   - Kick 50 buddies.
Supreme Mechanic                  - Build up a vehicle out of 50 parts.
That's not ours!                  - Get the UFO out of the stratosphere.
Thats what I call a party         - Make 10 Buddies dance at the same time.
The Legoman                       - build up a vehicle out of 150 parts.
The Rear End                      - Kick 500 buddies.
Turntablerocker                   - Make 15 Buddies dance at the same time.

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