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  Hints and Tips for: Championship Manager 2007 
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 Championship Manager 2007 Cheats

Championship Manager 2007

Recommended team:
Submitted by: RM

At the start of the game choose to manage Chelsea (recommended, 
as they have less players or Real Madrid. Put Club Benefactor on. 
Then, buy these players: 

Philip Cocu (PSV)      for £1.5 million
Rivaldo (Olympiakos)   for £650,000
Simao (Benfica)        for £14 million
Dani Alves (Sevilla)   for £14 million
Jazier Zanetti (Inter) for £4.5 million
Solari (Inter)         for £11 million
Luca Toni (Fiorenta)   for 15 M
Fabien Barthez (free transfer) 
Alessandro Del Piero (Juventus) for £12 million
Vincent Kompany (Hamburg)       for £10 million

Some young players have superstar potential and they are playing really wonderful:
Submitted by:  Ozgur Sahin

* Some players in youth team
* They are cheap players;)

Theo Walcott         - Arsenal - 99
Fred                 - Olympique Lyonnais - 96
Carlos Vela          - Salamanca - 95
Slobodan Rajkovic    - Chelsea - 95(Loan on OFK Beograd)
Fran Merida          - Arsenal - 95
Mikel John Obi       - Chelsea - 95
Dos Santos           - FC Barcelona - 94
Goran Slavkovski     - FC Inter - 94
Vagner Love          - CSKA - 93
Micah Richards       - Manchester City - 93
Serge Kouadio        - ASEC Mimosas - 93(Very cheap player)
Eduardo Ratinho      - SC Corinthians Paulista - 92
Mata - Real Madrid   - 92
Anthony Vanden Borre - RSC Anderlecht - 91
Gareth Bale          - Southampton - 90
Salvatore Foti       - Sampdoria - 90
Lucas                - Grêmio FBPA - 90
Isaac Promise        - Gençlerbirligi - 90
Andrei Ionescu       - Universitatea Craiova - 90
Victor Moses         - Cyrstal Palace - 90
Fábio Paim           - Sporting Lisbon - 90
Kaz Patafta          - Benfica - 90
Manuel Fischer       - Stuttgart - 90
Sergio Tejera        - Chelsea - 90
Daniel Sturridge     - Manchester City - 90
Tom Taiwo            - Chelsea - 90
Danny Rose           - Leeds United - 90
Gabriel Torje        - Politehnica AEK - 90(Very cheap)

Some young,cheap and superstar potentialed players:
Submitted by: Özgür Sahin

Note: These Players for "CM 7 Patch". Some of them both Patched and 
Not Patched versions.

Theo Walcott---Arsenal--99
Cesc Fabregas---Arsenal--98
Gonzalo Hugain---Real Madrid--96
Igor Akinfeev---CSKA--95
Sergio Ramos---Real Madrid--95
Aiden McGeady---Celtic--95
John Obi Mikel---Chelsea--95
Slobodan Rajkovic---Chelsea--95
Carlos Vela---Salamanca---95
Fran Merida---Arsenal--95
Nathan Porrit---Midlessbrough--95
Nuri Sahin---B.Dortmund--94
Dos Santos---Barcelona--94
Kun Agüero---Club Atlético de Madrid--94
Diego---Werder Bremen--93
Ferdinand Anton--West Ham--93
Aron Lennon---Tottenham--93
Mauro Matías Zárate---Vélez Sarsfield--93(Super player)
Micah Richards---Manchester City--93
Lucas(Pezzini Leiva)---Grêmio Football Porto Alegrense--93
Serge Kouadio---ASEC Mimosas--93(The Cheapest STAR)
Efraín Juárez Valdez---FC Barcelona--93(Reserve Team)
Ferdando Gago---Real Madrid--92
Eduardo Ratinho---Sport Club Corinthians Paulista--92
Mata---Real Madrid--92
Alexandre Pato(Alexandre Rodrigues da Silva)---Sport Club Internacional--92(Mini Superstar:)
Alex Song Billong---Charlton Athletic--92
Anthony Vanden Borre---RSC Anderlecht--91
Yoann Gourcuff---AC Milan--90
Arda Turan---Galatasaray--90
Tom Huddlestone---Tottenham--90
Nicola Pozzi---Empoli FC--90
Manuel Fernandes---Everton--90
Davide Chiumiento---BSC Young Boys--90
Steven Smith---Rangers--90
James Vaughan---Everton--90
Joe Ledley---Cardiff City--90(Cheap Player)
Johan Djourou---Arsenal--90
Matthew Connolly---Arsenal--90
Oscar Alfredo Ustari---Independiente--90
Gareth Bale---Southampton--90
Zdravko Kuzmanovic---Fiorentina--90
Salvatore Foti---Vicenza Calcio--90
Febian Brandy---Manchester United--90(Bad Ability But Big Potential)
Victor Moses---Cyrstal Palace--90(Bad Ability But Big Potential)
Fabio Paim---Sporting Lisbon--90
Kaz Patafta---Benfica--90
Manuel Fischer---Stuttgart--90
Sergio Tejera---Chelsea--90
Daniel Sturridge---Manchester City--90
Tom Taiwo---Chelsea--90
Aaron---Valencia FC--90
Danny Rose---Leeds United--90
Jack Rodwell---Everton--90
Adel Taarabt---Racing Club de Lens(Loan on Tottenham)--90

Submitted by: RD

Good Player :
Tuncay Sanli (Turkey)
Mitsuo Ogasawara (Japan)(scout 1st)
Masashi Motoyama (Japan)(scout 1st)

Free Player @ Beginning:
Munteanu (GK)
Guilherme (SC)
Dario Silva(FC)
Flavio Conceciao(DMC)

Rivaldo (600k)
Jens Nowotny (400k)
Ailton (350k
Pancaro (500k)

Submitted by: Sudhanva

As soon as u start go to southampton and sign Bale as Approach to sign nd 
just accept whatever is he will be 17 in a week from then he will 
sign for u for free....

Submitted by: Nathan Reeve

* I would say be Newcastle United and you start with 27 million but somtimes you only
  get 10 million if you do sell a load of players but DO NOT sell martins as he becomes
  brilliant! and somtimes goes over 25 million

* Buy Karim Benzema from Lyon he will score loads of goals and soon he will be 20 million.

* Buy Johan Djourou from Arsenal he will soon be 18 million and have a star next to his 
  name. Also get Elano and in the next season he will be 17 million and you only pay 1 

* Buy Jack Hobbs from Liverpool Reserves for 2 million.

* Buy Carlos Vela from Arsenal Reserves,(it dose't matter that he is on loan at Salamanca)
  for 3.5 million.

* Buy Anthony Vanden Borre from RSC Anderlecht for 1.5 million.

* Buy Gareth Bale for 600k from southhampton.

* Buy Nani from Sporting Lisbon for 3.2 million.

* Buy Issame Buelinckx from RSC Anderlecht for 200k.

When you get to the next season buy Danny Rose from Leeds United and Vincent Kompany from 
Hamburg because Danny Rose is to young and hamburg have only recently added Vincent Kompany
to their squad. 

Submitted by: fergus gibson

Amazing young players to buy who will soon be worth a lot of money.

Submitted by: : Nathan Reeve

Buy Wilfred Bouma for 6.25 million, he's HELISH!

Submitted by: paddy

Youngsters what you will get for free but have to pay compensation their values what will 
go up about 7 times:

fran merida (arsenal) sergio tajera (chelsea) tom taiwo (chelsea) micheal woods 
(chelsea) danny rose (leeds) gareth bale (southampton) daniel sturridge (man city) 
jorda (psv) goran slavovski (inter) also sign adam hamill, paul anderson and craig 
lindfield in your first season off liverpool they will turn better then any other 
players on the game.

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