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  Hints and Tips for: Champions of the Krynn 
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 Champions of the Krynn Cheats

Champions of the Krynn

Wrong icon:
On the sixth floor of the Gargath Keep, where the Dragonlance is supposed
to be found, but is not, the Two Handed Sword is a cursed Berserker weapon.
If you remove the curse yourself, and unequip it, it will change the icon 
on your character, even to a monster.

Item and character duplication:
This trick is best done at the main menu or at a Training Hall. 

Save the game. Remove one member of your party, so you have five remaining. 
Create a new character, for example "Bob", and add him in. Remove all of his 

Transfer all the equipment you want duplicated to Bob. Remove him, and quit 
the game fully -- do not save. 

Reload that game, and you will be back to your normal six party members, with 
the items you intended to copy. Remove that character again, and add in Bob 
again, and he will also have those items. 

Trade those items back to the party, and your party will have their items, 
and the duplicates that Bob had. 

Remove Bob and add in your other members, save, and you will be back into the 
game, with two sets of items. 

The character duplication trick is far easier, but only if he or she has not 
been in combat and can be modified. Rename your character using the "Modify 
Character" command, then remove him or her. Quit without saving, and reload. 
Your renamed party member will be in the pool of characters, and your original 
character will still be in the party. 

Hex Cheat:
Using a disk editor such as HADES (available from 
the Heath Users' Group), search the file GAME.OVR 
for the following byte strings, and change the
indicated bytes as shown.

16 57 9A 2F 07 B7 0B 74 03  <-- Search
                     EB     <-- Substitute

16 57 9A 2F 07 B7 0B 75 06 C6 46  <-- Search
                     90 90        <-- Substitute

When the game asks for a specific word from the 
journal, just type a return!

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