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  Hints and Tips for: Cities In Motion 
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 Cities In Motion Cheats

Cities In Motion

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Locate the file named "config.script" in the folder "../My Documents/Cities in Motion/".
Open the file in Notepad and look for line: 

$debug = false; 
Change it to: 
$debug = true; 

Then add at the end of chapter line: 
$disableDebug = false; 

You may now use the following cheat keys in the game: 

Code     Result
[F1]   - Skip Day.
[F2]   - Force Objectives Completion.
[F3]   - Add 10.000 Money.
[F4]   - Skip Passengers (in Objectives).
[F12]  - Open Console.

Steam Achievements:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding achievement. 
To view your achievements and stats in Steam, select "Community", then 
"My profile", then "View all my games", then the game and view stats.

Achievement             Description
A Complete Collection - Own one of each vehicle available in the game.
A Lengthy Line        - Build a line covering 40% of any city.
Amsterdam Aid         - Complete all Amsterdam tasks.
Amsterdam Sightseeing - Have a working line going to Koninklijk Huis.
Berlin Sightseeing    - Have a working line going to Brandenburg Gate.
Bested Berlin         - Complete all Berlin tasks.
Bottom Feeder         - Have 0% reputation.
Bus it up!            - Build 5 bus lines on the same map.
Bus-a-holic           - Build 20 bus lines on the same map.
Chop-Chop-Choppa!     - Build 10 helicopter lines on the same map.
Don't drown in Debt!  - Pay 10,000 debt with monthly payments.
Drawing Lines         - Build 2 lines of any type.
Going Steady          - Earn 500 profit for three months in a row.
Good Coverage         - Have 10% coverage of any city.
Got it Covered        - Have 100% coverage of any city.
Guardian Angel        - Complete 70 petitions.
Helsinki Helper       - Complete all Helsinki tasks.
Helsinki Sightseeing  - Have a working line going to the House of Parliament.
High Income           - Earn 1500 profit for one month.
Honored Citizen       - Achieve a reputation of 100%.
Hopping Vehicles      - Have one passenger use all different vehicle types 
                        in a single journey.
I have a Tram         - Build 5 tram lines on the same map.
It's Underway!        - Build 4 metro lines on the same map.
Line Manager          - Build 10 lines on the same map.
Master of the Lines   - Build 50 lines on the same map.
Master of the Seas    - Build 10 water bus lines on the same map.
Metro Master          - Build 10 metro lines on the same map.
Not so deep in Debt   - Pay 20,000 debt with monthly payments.
On a Floaty!          - Build 4 water bus lines on the same map.
Plenty of Pennies     - Collect 15,000 money.
Rolling in Cash       - Collect 100,000 money.
Silver Lining         - Build 30 lines on the same map.
Trams Galore          - Build 20 tram lines on the same map.
Vienna Sightseeing    - Have a working line going to Hofburg Palace.

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