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  Hints and Tips for: Clear Vision Elite 
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 Clear Vision Elite Cheats

Clear Vision Elite

Submitted by: David K.

First mission: 
Stanislav. Shoot guy on left first (right is asleep) then shoot right.

Second mission:
Tony. Shoot the little box connected to the wire to the upright of tony.

Third mission:
Ernst. Shoot the guy walking around. (not brushing his teeth) with the hat.

Fourth mission:
Athir. Let the guy in the white coat shoot the guy under the light.

Fifth mission: 
Anders. Shoot the black circle(head) in the second row, and from left to right
the thirteenth window.

Sixth mission:
Aace. Shoot in this order, up right, up left, down left, down right.

Seventh mission:
Johan. Zoom right between the 2 ppl on the left and shoot the left one then the
right. Then quickly kill the person to the far right before he kills you. Then,
look in the backround and shoot the person in she snowmobile in the head before
he gets away.

Eighth mission:
Mike. (Do quickly) Shoot the middle guy and quickly zoom between the far right
ppl. Shoot left then right. Now kill the person to the right of the 2 ppl on 
the left of you screen. Now kill the sleeping guy styger recommended. 

Submitted by: JADE91

Aace Bradley - shoot the one on the middle right on top of the ship. Then shoot
the guy to the right of him. Then shoot the next guy to the right and finish 
them all.

Ernst Zimmerman - shoot his hat from the window. He is walking in the middle part
of the mansion.

Athir Nostri - don't shoot just wait there is a guy who will shoot him

Tony Carter - shoot the power cord above his head and game over

Stanistav Petroy - shoot the sleeping one and then the other guy. For some reason, 
I could never get a successful mission from this though

Anders Mognussan - from the left to the right, count the 13th window and shoot

Mike fernando shoot the snipers before shooting mike. I found that going right to
left worked best. Get both snipers on the right in view first, and take them out. 
then take the rest of em out.

Johan Kristoffersson - shoot the goons first, and then take out johan on the snow 
mobile. I didnt zoom, I just got him while moving.

Unlockable Berett M701:
Submitted by: Megachains

Okay, seriously? Is this a .50 caliber or what? The scope is godly, and the thing
is so freakin' accurate I couldn't miss. It's easier to get if you beat 3 missions
with the starter weapon. Oh, and with Mike? Take him out last, he won't ever wake 

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